A/N: Tadaa! I don't know where I got the idea to do this from. I thought it'd be fun to write Wishfulshipping from Ash's perspective. I've written this as BW Ash of course, Kanto Ash is not as dense in romance (I accept that the writers brainwash Ash to filter things out from his memory every season). Enjoy~

Stupid Cupid


Ash was not a romantic. He was slow on the uptake and took an awfully long time to understand anything to do with romance if he ever did understand. He just really wasn't into that kind of thing, he was more interested in pokémon and gym battles and pokémon battling and eating and - did he mention pokémon?

He sincerely enjoyed the company of both is travelling companions in the way only Ash could be. Sure, sometimes he argued with Iris and sure, sometimes Cilan was a bit weird. All of his friends were like that though and it made his journey all the more fun.

So what exactly did his friends and romance have to do with each other? In reality: a whole lot. In Ash's mind: the thought of romance between both his friends would never cross his mind.


Bored. That was how Ash felt at that moment, sitting on his bed in their room at the Pokemon Centre. It was pouring with rain outside and another group of people were already using the centre's indoor training grounds. Meaning Ash couldn't train his pokémon. Meaning Ash's usually good mood had been taken down a level or two.

The only good thing to look forward to was Cilan's cooked dinner; he had been granted special permission to use the centre's kitchen by Nurse Joy.

Meanwhile, Iris was reading a magazine. Ash never liked reading and he didn't take Iris to be a fan either but she looked pretty absorbed by it. He stroked Pikachu behind the ears absent-mindedly. Man, I'm hungry…

"Hey Ash," Iris said, without lifting her eyes from the pages. "What's Cilan's horoscope?"

"His what?" He looked at Pikachu who was sitting beside him. His partner looked as confused as he did.

"A horoscope! You know, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces - stuff like that." Iris looked up, and then rolled her eyes at the blank expression he gave her. "You don't know them? You're such a kid."

"Why don't you ask him yourself, then?" Ash retorted. He should be used to being called a kid but it still ticked him off. "Why do you need to know anyway?"

She immediately put down her magazine and looked away. "No reason."

Even Ash could tell that it must have to do with the magazine. His natural curiosity getting the better of him, he dived from his bed to hers and tried to make a grab for it but Iris saw him coming.

She jumped off the bed and held it up in the air while running away from Ash who was still chasing after her. After a few rounds around the room Ash had nearly caught up with her (she's jumping like she's a Pansage or something!)when the door open and their older friend looked in at them.

"It's Dinner Time," he sang. He opened his eyes and blinked when he saw them, frozen in mid-chase. "Um, what are you two doing?"

Taking advantage Iris's momentary pause, Ash snatched the magazine away and quickly read the cover. One of the subheadings showed him exactly what he wanted. Waving it up in the air he shouted, "Compatibility test - What's his Horoscope?Iris wants to know your horoscope for a compatibility test!" His moment of victory then died down a little. "What's a compatibility test?"

A small 'eep' emitted from Iris and she pushed past Cilan, her face completely red. "I'm going ahead to dinner," echoed through the door.

The young trainer tilted his head in confusion. "What's gotten into her?" He thought.

He was about to ask Cilan when he realised that the connoisseur stood as still as a statue by the doorframe, his mouth slight open with a stunned look on his face.

He exchanged a look with Pikachu, who again did not know any better than his trainer. "Pika pi?"

"No clue." He tried to gain the attention of his older friend. "Hey Cilan - snap out of it!"

This jolted Cilan out of his state and he quickly gave Ash a smile. "Sorry about that. Let's go to dinner."

He rushed out of the room, leaving Ash to have to run to catch up with him.

Iris and Axew had already begun eating when the two arrived and she didn't give any sign that she noticed them when they sat down.

Glancing side-ways at Iris he could tell she was really concentrated on eating her food, at an even quicker rate than usual. She must be trying to challenge him! Hah - he was an expert eater. Ash gobbled down his food just as fast.

Chuckling at the two of them, Cilan was cutting up his food into perfect-sized pieces and taking his time as a connoisseur does.

Ash and Iris had both finished first and at this point he or Iris would usually start a conversation between the three of them. She looked up at her food at Cilan and opened her mouth, about to speak.

She closed it again a second later. Guess she changed her mind, Ash thought.

Oh well - he'd just have to do it today. He did have a lot to talk about! He was excited about his next gym battle and he wanted to discuss who it might be and what was the type of pokémon were in the gym.

Before he could though, Cilan glanced up as his food and looked across at Iris. Okay! Cilan would probably have something interesting to say (conversations related to pokémon were always interesting to the pokémon-master in training).

He didn't speak though, just stared at Iris for about a minute. His stare was the same one Ash recognised when Cilan wanted to figure out something.

It must be about what happened just now, Ash thought. Iris was acting pretty weird earlier.

Iris then saw his gaze and turned red again. To Ash's surprise Cilan's face also coloured slightly and he looked away. He wondered if they both had caught a bug. Iris and Cilan both didn't seem like they were sick.

The girl looked at Cilan again while he was still turned away. She looked back down at her plate just as Cilan looked at her. It continued like this for a while, without any of them actually looking at each other at the same time.


Five minutes. Five wholeminutes of the same thing. The silence was driving Ash crazy! He wanted to talk about pokémon but he knew Cilan and Iris both wanted to say something which seemed to be important. He had a gut feeling it had to do with the test Iris was doing earlier.

"Alright, if you guys have something to say to each other, just say it!" He burst out, making the other two jump.

Immediately Iris glared at him. "You're such a kid Ash! I can't 'just say it'!"

Ash huffed. "Why not?"

"It's not that simple," Iris said loudly.

"Explain it then!" Ash crossed his arms.

At this Iris looked like a timid Pikachu. She stayed silent.

"Fine," said Ash exasperated. "Cilan, could you tell me what's going on?"

Ash was sure Cilan would jump at the question but he hesitated before answering. "Well...it's kind of a secret recipe."

"A secret recipe?" He did not like being left out of a secret at all. "But she was doing a test in that magazine - how's that a secret? Is it bad to ask someone their horoscope?"

Cilan frowned. "It's not really about the horoscope; it's more of the test itself. The compatibility test."

Ash was growing frustrated now. "Okay, but what's a compatibility test?"

Silence - again. Then Cilan and Iris glanced at each other at the same time. They stayed like that for a while before they looked at Ash again.

"It's quite an unusual test," started Cilan. "It's-"

"A friendship test!" Iris shouted.

"What?" The boys said in unison.

Iris smiled nervously. "A compatibility test is to test how 'compatible' you are with a person as a friend. In the magazine you need to match someone's horoscopes with yours and it'll tell you how compatible you are. A fortune teller wrote the test and reads the stars to get the outcome." She gained confidence she continued speaking. "Sorry about running out of the room. I was kind of embarrassed to ask Cilan his horoscope, since he doesn't really believe in them. You know, with his whole science-connoisseur thing."

"Oh! So it's something to measure your friendship-power!" Ash laughed good-naturedly. "I thought there was something wrong. We were over thinking about it, weren't we Cilan?"

"I suppose so..." Ash thought that he saw Cilan having a disappointed expression but when he blinked it was gone. Must have imagined it.

Ash pointed at himself cheerfully. "You could do a friendship test on me if you want." Er – Cilan wasn't glaring at him, was he? Must be my imagination again. It's not like he has any reason to.

Iris shook her head vigorously. "It's okay! It was a childish test anyway. It could be totally wrong." It washis imagination after all – the feeling of a strong gaze disappeared suddenly.

The rest of the meal went by with Ash finally being able to talk about his upcoming battle, with Iris calling him a kid a few times at the pokémon he wanted to use and Cilan chipping in with useful information and strategies Ash could use.

"Pika!" Ash went over and kneeled on one knee to where Pikachu and Axew were. His best friend was done eating now, same as the small dragon pokémon. Pikachu climbed back onto his shoulderand smiled at him.

He then heard Cilan say in a low voice to Iris. "You know, I'm pretty sure the compatibility test in that issue wasn't a friendship test - I read it yesterday."

"O-oh really? I'm sure it was."


They saw that he was watching their exchange and Cilan stood up. "Actually - you're right; I think I was reading last week's issue."

"See!" Iris stood up as well. "I'll help clear up."

Cilan smiled at her. "I'd appreciate that."

Ash was about to offer help as well when Cilan told him to go ahead first. Pikachu yawned at that exact moment so he figured he would go back to their room. Just as he was leaving he heard Cilan say.

"My horoscope's Pisces by the way."

Walking along the corridor to their room Ash wondered if being a Pisces was good in that friendship-power test with Iris. Whatever it was Ash was sure that Iris and Cilan were very 'compatible' even without a test.


Iris squealed. "Yes! 100% compatibility. 'The arrow of love will surely pierce both your hearts."


"What a wonderful taste. This issue definitely has a romantic take on it." Cilan held the magazine, staring at it with a soft smile.


"Hey Pikachu! Do you think they have a pokémon friendship test in the magazine?"

A/N: No Ash...they probably don't, although you could probably find some online. Maybe we should make up a Wishfulshipping test 8D Anyway, hope they weren't (too) OOC. I'll try better for the next chapter!

P.S - I don't think Ash is stupid - just dense 8D -glomps him-

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