Author's Note-

This story will progress pretty fast, since I work on it for 2 hours every day in the Camp I go to. I work on it in Creative Writing Class. It will be very random, and it's a Vocaloid/Pokemon crossover. Vocal-Changes are a form only the Vocaloids and Fan-Loids have, which is an upgraded form specially made for singing. The character list is as follows:

Vocaloids: (Main Characters)

Miku- Vaporeon (Vocal-Change: Rhythm Vapor)

Rin- Jolteon (Vocal-Change: Right Mirror)

Len- Jolteon (Vocal-Change: Left Mirror)

Teto- Flareon (Vocal-Change: Chimera Blaze)

Kaito-Blue-furred Umbreon (Vocal-Change: Cream Sapphire)

Meiko-Eevee (Vocal-Change: Crimson Sash)

Fan-Loids: (The 'gang' of the Vocal-mon world)

Neru-Jolteon (Vocal-Change: Texting Thunder)

Haku-Glaceon (Vocal-Change: Timid Frost)

Rui-Shiny Umbreon (Vocal Change: Night Gatherer)

Rei-Umbreon (Vocal Change: Shine Protector)

Pitchloids: (All the pitch-edited Vocaloids, it's a tribe.)

Mikuo- Vaporeon

Nero- Jolteon

Dell- Glaceon

Luki- Shiny Vaporeon

Kaiko- Vaporeon

Ted- Flareon

Gumiya- Leafeon

Gakuko- Espeon

SeeWoo- Eevee

Akaito- Flareon

UTAUloids: (Um, the UTAUloids minus Teto. Nothing else to say.)

Defoko- Espeon

Sora- Jolteon

Others: (Includes Vocaloids not included in the main group)

Gakupo- Espeon

Gumi- Shiny Espeon

Luka- Shiny Vaporeon

Piko- Shiny Eevee

Miki- Flareon

SeeU- Eevee

Yuki- Eevee


When the Pokémon World was young, one Pokémon decided that it was superior to the rest; Eevee. "Since I can evolve into so many forms, I could easily take over this world," the First Eevee proclaimed. The Legendaries, seeing the danger, created a floating island for the arrogant Pokémon. They sent Uxie to guard it, and wipe out anyone who came to destroy it. The Floating Island's name?

Fogbound Lake.

On the island, the Eevee split itself up into many, creating a colony of Eevee eggs. And so, the isolated species lived on. They separated themselves by type, species, or; surprisingly enough; singing ability. And these singing ones? They called themselves:

The Vocaloids.