Many things happened in the few seconds after Rin's announcement.

Kaito had to restrain Meiko as she lunged at Rin and Len, sobbing, "They're too young for this! I will destroy the one who tainted the twins' poor, innocent minds!" The Eevee was surprisingly strong, and it took all the blue Umbreon's strength to hold her back.

Neru and Haku stood silently in front of Rui and Rei, eyes blank and mouths wide, much resembling Hachune's fixed expression. "S-So," Haku quavered, almost flinching from Rei's sudden glare. "You two are together? H-How nice, very- Rei, don't kill me!" The Glaceon wailed, leaping into a nearby tree.

Teto and Miku simply sat, exchanging knowing expressions. "Good thing we already knew, huh?" the Flareon smirked, flapping her crimson wings.

"Yeah, good thing we're in contact with the other stray Vocaloids. That Espeon and his shiny sister; Gakupo and Gumi, right? They know their gossip."

Kaito glanced over to the two teenage Vocaloids, while Meiko still whined at the twin Jolteon. "Honestly, you two, what did we tell you about conversing with the outcasts?"

"You only call them outcasts because they don't have Vocal-Changes, and you know it," Miku replied sassily, a defiant pout on her face. Teto giggled as their Umbreon "father" stepped back slightly. Everyone knew that Kaito had a soft spot for Miku, since he had taken care of her even before all the Vocaloids had met up.

"The old days, huh?" Teto breathed, a smile on her slightly flushed face. "Before we all got together as the new Vocaloids, before Meiko and Kaito got together and acted as our "parents" even though they aren't..." She sighed, giving way to the surge of memories that had arrived to bombard her.

"Teto-oneechan!" a voice piped up, and a small Flareon turned around, the barely visible wings flapping through the soft yellow fur that wound around her neck.

"What is it, Ted?" The younger Teto asked, hovering a few inches off the ground as she waited for her younger brother to join her.

"The Vocaloids are here!" Ted cried out to her, his small red ears drooping. "Do you think they'll take you away? You're... like them," he continued softly, hot pink eyes blinking innocently at his sister.

"They might," Teto replied grimly, landing on the ground and ruffling her wings. "Being born in a Vocal-Change form is unusual. But we'll find a place for you before then, okay?"

"Okay!" Her brother chirped, smiling. "I believe my sister!"

The Chimera Flareon sighed. I wonder how Ted is... she thought to herself sadly. "Ted..." Another sigh slipped from her throat, and Miku shot her friend a sympathetic glance.

"I miss Mikuo too..." she breathed, smiling sadly. "But we know that those two are safe with the Pitchloids."

The Pitchloids were a collection of stray Vocalmon, often the younger or older siblings of the members of other groups. Most abandoned Vocalmon stayed there, in the huge protective tribe of the Pitchloids. They were the altered pitches of the other Vocalmon, opposite gendered doubles.

Teto flicked her ears, dark fuchsia eyes half-lidded. "Yeah, I guess," she agreed grudgingly, and her Vaporeon buddy flashed her another smile. With a grin of her own, Teto bowled her over, and the two collapsed in a fit of giggles. ~I'm lucky I have Miku as a friend...~


"Slowly... S-Slowly..." Haku murmured, slowly leading the Fanloids out of the Vocaloids' camp. Well, leading Rei and Rui at least.

"No, lemme go! Our attack isn't finished!" Neru wailed, and it took all the Glaceon's strength to drag her with them.

"Let's call it off w-while we can, N-Neru," Haku stammered, her icy tail swishing nervously. "Hurry, before Meiko a-and the Umbreon s-see us."


"Rin," Len started, an almost weary look in his beautiful cerulean eyes. "Why compelled you to say that? You embarrassed Rei and Rui, and I believe you gave Meiko a mental breakdown. She is currently recovering." He cocked his head to one side, his eyes taking on a jewel-like glow in the setting sun.

Rin stared at the sapphire orbs
before her a moment before smirking at her brother. "I felt like it," she purred, leaping at Len. The golden-furred Vocaloid dodged with a sigh, but soon gave in to his sister's wishes. After all...

Who can resist Rin's puppy dog eyes?

Author's Note: Okay! :D Finally got off my butt and decided to write this. And I was bored. Went to Calistoga for 5 days with my family, the weather there is 40 degrees warmer than what I'm used to... gah, nearly boiled.

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