Since you liked my story, "when life changes." I thought it would be a good idea to write a sequel about Emma. In this story, Emma begins school. And everything doesn´t work out as planned. And just so you know, in Sweden, there are no school-uniforms, so I know just about nothing about them.

Chapter one

I gave Tee a hug and wiped away the tears that had came streaming down my face.

"Don´t cry Emma" Tee said. "You can come and visit us, whenever you like."

"B-b-but you´ll live so far away." I sobbed.

"No," she said. "it will only take like, twenty minutes to get to us, if you´ll get Mike to drive you."

"Don´t worry about that Em´," I heard Mike say behind me. "I´ll drive you." I´d get this new nick name a few weeks ago. Nowadays, almost everybody called me Em´. I didn´t mind, I liked it.

I nodded and then took one step to the right and gave Johnny a big hug. Then I couldn´t take it anymore, I started sobbing unstoppable and the tears came streaming down my face, so fast I couldn´t stop them anymore. Me and Johnny had been, what do you call it? Boyfriend and girlfriend for a month and a half now. And it was the last wednesday before the school started. Johnny and Tee were about to move in with their new foster parents.

When I let go of Johnny, Mike putted his arm around my shoulders, Tee and Johnny said goodbye, and then walked out the door.

"You´re alright Em´?" Mike asked.

"I´m fine." I lied and started walking upstairs.

"If there´s anything I can do for you…." He began. But I turned around and fizzled.

"I said I´m fine." Then I continued to my room, I laid down on my bed, and cried in my pillow, to suppress the sound. When my tears had stopped streaming, I stood up and grabbed a photo of me and Johnny, kissing. From the bulletin board, above my bed. I sat down on my bed and watched the photo. That was taken, a day when we had gone to the beach. For a single second, I could almost hear the laughs from that day. Just almost. And then the tears came streaming again. Then the door opened. It was Gina.

"I´ve already said I´m fine." I mumbled.

"I can see that you´re not OK." Gina said, "and we both know that you loved, both Tee and Johnny, very much. But you´ll meet again."

"It won´t be the same without them."

"I know. We all think that."

"What´s in the package?" I pointed at a packet, wrapped in brown paper, in Gina´s hands.

"Your new school-uniform."

I took the package, and opened it. In the package it was a red jersey, a white skirt and black jeans.

"It´s looks alright."I said.

"Come on, now." Gina patted my shoulder. "It´s lunch-time."