So, to make the long waiting up to everyone I´m updating all of my stories at the same time.

I woke up a few times during the evening and night. The first time, I woke up, I heard the others from downstairs. I was gonna check the clock. But I had fallen asleep again, before I had the time to sit up and reach for it. The second time was like the first time. The third time too, but the third time. I couldn´t hear the others, and it was dark outside, so I guessed that it was night. But over again, I fell asleep again before I had the time to check the watch.

I woke up early the next morning. Sunday morning, but I couldn´t fall asleep again. So I stood up, reached for the last of the boxes that Leon had brought a couple of months ago. I took of the lock, and reached for something on the top of the things. A writing block that Jonas had used for school. I had taught him to read and write already before he started going to school, so I knew that I would find some texts that he had written. I laid it to the side and stood up. I changed my jeans and T-shirt that I had worn the day before, but never had the chance to change, to sweat pants and another T shirt. Then I pulled a big, green- grey jacket out of the box. And a hat, in the same color and pattern as the jacket.


When you were little, you always wanted to sleep in these clothes, when Levi came home every once in a while. He, he tried to tell you that you couldn´t but you insisted. You liked the smell of him. Why you chose these clothes instead of something more comfortable is was a question for all of us.

But as you know your dad never could say no to you when you wanted something, so he let you sleep in the clothes. He thought you would stop with that when you grew up, but you never did. The last time he came home from Afghanistan, to go back in a few weeks. Last Christmas, you took the jacket and cap immediately .

I still have the pants, and all the security- equipment. But I thought that you wanted these. If someone asks you why you´re wearing soldier´s clothes. Tell them the truth, and be proud.

Love you loads, take care.

I put the paper on my desk, and held the jacket in front of me. It had been washed, but it hadn´t made it very much cleaner. It had dirt and holes all over it. "L. Peterson" stood on a bit of a curtain on the chest of it. I opened it slowly, and pulled it on. The jacket reached down to my knees, and the sleeves were, way too tall for my arms. It wasn´t very comfortable, because it was really heavy, but I loved it, it made me feel proud to be my dad´s daughter. I pressed the hat onto my head, almost immediately it fell down and covered my eyes. I pulled it up. Rolled up the sleeves, and took Jonas´s school book. I still couldn´t hear the others. I looked at the watch, Gina wouldn´t wake up for another half an hour. I opened the door to my room, and downstairs. I sat down onto the bench in the kitchen window. And opened Jonas´s notebook to read.

So, something new about Emma´s life before TDG, I´m not sure if soldiers get to take home their clothes when they come home between shifts, but I don´t write my stories to get everything just right, so I don´t want any hater on me, saying that I´m wrong, and whatever.

This is actually the first time, that you know the name of Emma´s dad. It´s actually the first time I know his name too. I´ve always thought of him as "Emma´s dad" Actually, Emma´s mum is still nothing else than Emma´s mum to me. But, his name´s Levi, as you can see. Because you know, Leon and him were brothers, so I wanted names that were kinda like each other… Levi… Leon… you get it.

So, that´s the first chap I wrote for my, "update- all- of – my- stories- at- the- same- time- project." Yay, just six more to go.