Well, as you see I´ve changed the title for this story. I have a plan you see. You know, the first story about Emma was called "when life changes" and now it´s this one that I call "When the past catches up" and there are going to be other sequels about her. And I know pretty much what they´ll be about. And I´ve planned to call them "when disaster strikes" and "when love returns". I´m not sure about that yet. I guess you are now wondering. "What´s going to happen in when disaster strikes?" But you´ll have to wait. But I can tell you this… it´s going to be loads, loads, darker, and certainly not as child- friendly as the other stories about Emma.

Now, I´ll have to stop writing, if not I´m going to write what happens in the other sequels.

"Emma," Mike knocked on my door a while later. "It´s lunch now, please come downstairs and eat."

"I´m not hungry." I muttered, but decided to let him in anyway. I pulled the bureau from the door and opened it.

"What did you say?" Mike asked.

"I´m not hungry."

"Well, come and try to eat something anyway."

"Alright, I´m coming." I followed Mike downstairs, still with the roundel in my hand.

"Don´t you think you should leave that in your room?" Mike asked when he saw it.

"No." I mumbled. He looked at me, and looked like he wanted to say more, but he kept quiet. And I put the roundel in my pocket. When I came into the kitchen, I sat down. I grabbed my fork, but instead of eating, I just sat there and pushed the food back and forth on my plate. With the other hand, I pressed my fingers against my forehead.

"Headache eh?" Gina asked. I looked up.

"I´m fi…" I could feel the phone in my pocket start to shake, and I pulled it up. "LEON" it said across the display.

"Gotta answer." I stood up and pressed the green button on my phone.


"Hi Emma, how are you?"

"I´m… I´m good. How are you?" I sat down

"You don´t sound that good. You´re sure everything´s fine?"

"I´m fine. Two new kids, siblings, arrived today."

"Are they nice then?"

"I haven´t talked so much to them."

"is school alright?"

"Yeah, it´s fine. Made loads of friends." I pressed my forehead, when the headache got worse.


"What?" The headache got worse again.

"I can hear there´s something you´re not telling me… Emma?... Emma?..." I heard his voice, but it seemed like it was so far away. Like he shouted from another room. I tried to answer, but then… I was falling.

I know it´s short.