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Inuyasha POV

'Dam it I missed him!' Inuyasha

Regular POV

Kagome the beauty with raven color hair was sitting at her chair when something (more like someone) caught her eye.

"Sensei-Chan may I be excused?" Kagome blurted out without thinking.

"Sure be back in time for the test." Sensei the old coot said while giving her a hallway pass.
"Thank you Sensei-Chan!" Kagome called while running out of the classroom.

Inuyasha POV

'What is up with Kagome she never leaves class without a purpose? Maybe I should follow her? Oh well I wait tell after class' (a/n I know what you guys are thinking " this is so not Inuyasha!" let's just say that Inuyasha isn't well prepared to see if Kagome ran after Miroku and NO THIS IS NOT A kag/Miro duhhhh read the god dam summary! Sorry I did not mean to lose my temper! Back to the story!)

Kagome POV

I ran until I saw her sister Kikyo.

"Kikyo what are you doing here!" I screamed at her

"Is that anyway to greet you twin SISTER!" The slightly uglier girl with straight hair called back (Kikyo)

"YOU LOST THAT RIGHT WHEN YOU KILLED FATHER!" Kagome was on the verge of tears she hated yelling at her sister HATED IT but she had nothing else that was more important than trying to revenge her father's death!

" ha what are you going to do hit me with your arrows you don't have the guts to kill me you never did even when you walked in on me stabbing father." The girl replied with lighting speed!

" d-don't you dare mention father you are a disgrace to the family name killing our father I told everyone that it was a burglar that he threaten t-to kill you if I told anyone…. Yet you have the guts to call yourself my sister TWIN AT THAT!" Kagome had tears running down her face at this.

Inuyasha POV

'I smell Kagome crying someone is hurting her!' I run out of the class not bothering to talk to teacher for a pass I just ran until I saw her well two of them anyway…. One looked cold hearted while watch one of them cry.

Kagome POV

"Don't talk to me like that I am your elder Kagome dearest." The girl replied noticing that Inuyasha was hiding behind the tear

"SHUT UP SHUT UP! YOU ARE NOT MY SISTER I REFUSE TO EXCEPT THAT YOU ARE! I-I- I HATE YOU!" Kagome yelled as she cried and cried she fell to her knees crying wishing that father was there to comfort her.

"Oh really Kagome you dare say that to your own sister shame on you after all you know god dam well that I can kill you with the lift of my finger." The girl with no heart replied

"you you lost the right to call yourself my sister" Kagome started getting up " you never loved the family you had after killing him you ran so I wouldn't kill you the next time I saw you, after all I was the best miko out of us! But no you just had to run I would have enjoyed killing you for ruining my whole life when I saw you kill father all I could think was 'dad dad wake up wake up!' but when I looked again you were smiling, SMILING! YOU KILL OUR DAD AND LAUGHED AT ME AND HIM AND DISAPPEARED NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN BUT YOU DARE COME BACK TO FACE YOUR BLOOD IN A WAR YOU HAVE NO DIGNETY DO YOU? DO YOU?" Kagome was about to explode with anger when she heard someone behind her say "Kagome…"

Inuyasha POV

Kagome the flower that never dare hurt someone was threatening to kill her sister after what happened to her father years ago I couldn't believe my eyes I was going to try and calm her by saying her name so I said "Kagome…."

She looked back to where I was with tears in her eyes not anger, hatred

"Innu-INUYASHA!" Kagome screamed as she step toward him but then she screamed in agony! Inuyasha ran to her screaming "KAGOME!"

Kagome POV

I knew once I saw Inuyasha that he heard everything I wanted him to comfort me so I screamed his name and tried to walk toward him but then I felt it Kikyo's energy hit me in full force to where it was hard for me to breathe all I could do was scream in agony when I heard Inuyasha scream my name I tried to get up but I couldn't until I heard Inuyasha say something when I closed my eyes he said

"Kagome don't leave me love don't leave me." Inuyasha said with hurt in his voice

All I could do was say one thing and one thing only "Inuyasha let me go unless you wish to get hurt when I unleash my powers."

He quickly let go and watched me get up and stare at Kikyo who was utterly shock by the look of her face!

"Kikyo sister dear it takes more than that to kill me." I felt my energy come out I watched as Kikyo fell to the ground.

"Kikyo I will let you be if you leave me AND my friends alone do you understand?" I didn't want to kill her so why not let her live in fear of me?

"o-oh-k-Kay Kagome please stop please" that's all Kagome had to hear from Kikyo to pull all her magic back in and watch as Kikyo got up with a smile on her lips

' crap she tricked me dam it I can't let my power's go unless I want to die with her shit shit stupid curse why why am I only allowed to let go of my powers once a month shit I am so dead!'

"Ha sister you thought I didn't know about your little curse? Well that was your fault" that's all Kikyo said before she looked toward Inuyasha and smiled

"Inuyasha don't look at her please just don't look or you will regret it when you see me next!"

Kagome watched as Inuyasha closed his eyes and she sighed and look toward Kikyo

"you know kinky-Hoe that if you wanted a man's attention you should really try to not take the one man that is mine cause that just gets me hells mad" I said this with a gleam in my eyes as I I looked up and called my bow and arrows to come (a/n I give Kagome a new power so what SUE ME!)

"Ha I see you gotten far in your Miko training bitch" Kikyo replied with a smirk

Inuyasha POV

'Did I just hear Kagome call me her man? Shit I wish I could open my eyes but I have a feeling that if I did that Kagome would HATE ME'

I mumbled something to the sound of "she may be a bitch but she is my bitch"

Kagome POV

'ok I am going to ignore the bitch part of what Inuyasha said and focus on the she is my bitch' after that all I could do was think of how he just basically called me his!

"Thank you Inuyasha thank you but I am afraid that I can't answer you because I have a sister to deal with" that's all I said then turned toward Kikyo

"So you wish to fight sister? If so come and get me!" I know how to get to Kikyo she hates it when I tease her about her powers and then what she doesn't know that with my bow and arrow every time her magic hits me it will just hurt her.

"really is that wise Kagome nod if you are sure cause you know I will hurt you beyond compare to you almost dying after what that Niroku 'incident' ha" that was all Kikyo had to say to make me flinch

I nodded and took a step forward knowing this might backfire on me I heard Kikyo say a spell I never heard them I felt the force of the power but 'as long as I can stand straight I know I can stay alive huh I swear I heard Inuyasha curse WAIT INUYASHA IS AFFECTED BY HER POWER SHIT SHIT!' I ran in front of Inuyasha to protect him with my body I whispered "Inuyasha open your eyes and look at me and only me" as I turned toward him knowing that Kikyo will take this advantage of me and put her powers in full force but I stayed straight and had my arrows on my back and a bow in my hands as I looked at Inuyasha he opened his eyes

Inuyasha's POV

"Inuyasha open your eyes and look at me and only me" Kagome said with fear in her voice that had to obey as I opened my eyes I saw that her eyes were filled with love as she protected me with her power and body that I just had to do something I looked at her and said one thing hoping that she would catch on

"K-kagome" is all I said and I knew right then Kagome knew what I meant.

I leaned toward her and kissed her on the lips

Normal POV

As the couple kissed Kagome put her arms around Inuyasha's neck and but her whole into the kiss only to find that her Miko powers grew stronger that Kikyo attack only felt like a poke that wouldn't stop as they kissed Kikyo cursed knowing what was happening and ran off. As the poke turned into nothing the couple pulled apart for air and the next thing you know they are both wondering what the hell just happened.

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Normal POV

The couple made their way to Kagome's mom who was a priestess until she married and had 2 twin kids that she passed all her power's to thought the oldest got most of the power (a/n Kagome was the first born if you guys were wondering!) As they walked into Kagome's house Kagome yelled something in Japanese that only her mother knew what she was saying

Kagome POV

"おかあちゃん!ママは私と 犬夜叉に何地獄が起こった!" That was all Kagome said when she saw her mom burst through the doors screaming "カゴメ!あなたはあなたの力を成長させることができる一人を見つけたあなたの仲間を発見!私はあなたに私の恋人のように誇りに思います!" Kagome froze when her mother said this (by the way if you can't read this here is what they said Kagome "momma! Momma what just happened with me and Inuyasha!" while Miko (the mom) said "Kagome! You found your mate you found the one person that could make your powers grow! I am so proud of you my sweetie!" you're welcome they will not be talking like this anymore!)

"Kagome what did your mom say? Kagome? KAGOME!" Inuyasha was wondering what happened but all I could do was look at my mom when she said that

"Momma I thought you said it was a legend! You are not telling me that Inuyasha is my other magic half! If he is then how come I didn't even sense his magic!" I screamed at my mom

"What other half Kagome what are you guys talking about!" Inuyasha sounded desperate so I turned toward him and I said one thing

"Inuyasha you are my mate." I looked at his face as it flickered to different emotion first surprise then sadness then happy but lastly it stayed at anger the one thing I hoped wouldn't happen.

"I am not yours you are not mine." Inuyasha said it as if he was trying to keep me from hugging me or loving him.

Inuyasha POV

"I am not yours you are not mine" that's all I said and I saw the expression Kagome was trying to hide when I said that she was hurt it was written on her face


'You hurt mate'

'She is not our mate!'

'Keep saying that you don't want guilt so you lie'

'I am not lying!'


'Oh shit! I said that out loud'

"K-Kagome I –" I tried to talk but she cut me off

"Save it Inuyasha!"

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