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Sick Days

'heRsheys Chocolatier

"Oh my gosh! Mommy, is daddy going to die?"

Meelo's eyes widened at her sister's words then looked at his mother with horrified eyes. "Die?"

Pema watched as Tenzin winced at the shrieks and shouts of Ikki and Meelo. She turned to grab hold of Meelo as he started to crawl on the bed. "No, Meelo, you're father's not going to die."

"He's not? Really?" Ikki scrambled over to her mother's side who was seated at the edge of the bed. She looked at her father who's face was flushed red.

"No," Pema repeated as Jinora walked inside the room with a bowl. "He's just really not feeling well right now. " After placing Meelo back on the floor, she reached for the towel on the bowl.

Meelo hurriedly ran over to Ikki, leaned on the edge of the bed and watched their father. "Daddy's sick?"

"Eeh? Daddy's sick? How come? Is he going to be all right? Will he be laying in bed for days like I did when I was sick? Are you going to give him medicine, too?"

Remembering the last time he, too, drank medicine, Meelo grimaced. "Ehk! So yucky!"

"He won't be feeling any better if you don't keep your voices down," Pema placed the cloth on her husband's forehead and smiled as she saw the relieved expression on his face as their children lowered their voices.

"Oh," Meelo said in almost a whisper, "Sorry, daddy."

Mentally thanking Pema, Tenzin reached over and laid a hand on Meelo's on the bed. "I'm all right, Meelo. I just need some rest." He looked over at Pema, "Though, I don't know why. I still have some duties at the council."

Pema frowned, "Oh hush, Tenzin. The council won't get sick if you're here resting even just for a little amount of time."

Accepting defeat, Tenzin laid his head back on the soft pillows.

Ikki laid her head on her folded arms, looking at his father. "Are we going to read you stories like you and Mommy do when we're sick? You're going to drink herbal medicines, too, right, Daddy?" She giggled as she thought of her father drinking medicine and wondered what his reaction would be like.

Pema dismissed the look on her husband's face and turned to Jinora, holding out the bowl for her to take. "Why don't you all go out to play and let your father have his rest?"

Jinora nodded then reached for Meelo's hand. Before they could even go out from the room, Meelo broke free from his sister's grasp and went scrambling back onto the bed where their father lay.

Almost on his hands and knees, Meelo gave Tenzin a kiss on the forehead. He grinned down at his father's (surprised) face, his incomplete teeth showing. "Get well soon, Daddy."

Tenzin face softened and he smiled as he watched his children walk out from the room. This time, he grabbed hold of his wife's hand, kissing the inside of her palm. "Thank you, Pema."

She smiled as warmth spread through her hand, "What is it now?"

"For everything. For Jinora, Ikki, Meelo," With his free hand, he reached over and placed a hand on the bulge of his wife's tummy, "And this one."

Pema leaned on Tenzin closer, her lips merely a breath away from his, "When are you going to stop thanking me, Tenzin?"

Tenzin hummed and closed his eyes, anticipating Pema's lips on his, but it never came. "Never." Opening his eyes, he took her mouth in his.

"Pema, the council-"

"Are we still going to talk about that, Tenzin?"

With what little energy he had left, Tenzin lifted a shoulder. "Hopes springs eternal."

"Well, you're going to need that hope on a very different reason if you don't shut up right now."

Not one word came out from Tenzin's mouth for the whole day after that.