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Chapter Three

Rather than usually waking up to the sound of my horrid alarm clock, or Tibby pawing at my face for food, this morning I awoke to the my sister pulling the comforter off my bed and rudely telling me to get up. She was rambling on about me oversleeping but I was too tired to really notice. Getting up, I looked at the clock and realized I really had overslept. It was 7:12 and we had planned on leaving the house at eight.

Rushing around, I jumped into the shower. I didn't exactly have what I would call an enjoyable shower since I had to shampoo my and put conditioner on it all in about five minutes. It's quite difficult when you have hair as long as mine. Not to mention the fact that I had to wash myself too. In the end I was surprised that I didn't come out of the shower with shampoo still in my hair. Running back into my room I saw Hermoine standing there giving me somewhat of an evil glare. I couldn't help but laugh since ever since we were kids, I had always been making her late. Running over to the closet I pulled out my red sweater and a khaki coloured skirt. I began to get dressed but realized Hermoine was still in the room. Turning around, I gave her a look implying that I wanted her to leave. She sighed and looked at her watch and walked out of the room.

I got dressed as quickly as possible and ran over to my dresser. I applied the little bit of make-up I usually do and attempted to fix my hair. It was quite difficult since it was still partially wet. I looked at my watch. It read 7:47. I had exactly 13 minutes to make myself look presentable. So I unpacked my hair dryer and turned it on. I only needed to use it a little since my hair had partially dried from being in a towel, but even though it was only on for about four minutes, it was enough to make my sister come back up the stairs and tell me that we didn't have time. I sighed but at least my hair as dry. I suppose I could always style it in the car.

I grabbed my suitcase and looked around. This was the last time I'd be seeing my room for a while and I couldn't help but waste an extra minute or two reminiscing. My father was out side putting the rest of the luggage into the car so I tried to find my mother to say goodbye. I couldn't and I was quite disappointed. Outside, I received the classic pep talk from father.

"You no it's only for a little while." He began, "If you don't like it you can always come home. Tibby will be able to keep you company and you won't be completely alone because you'll most likely be in the same house as your sister. You're my little trooper Maggie. I know you'll make me proud. But you make sure you have fun to alright?"

"I will papa." I told him. "Besides, it's not goodbye yet. We still have a good hour in the car before we get to the train station." Then he kissed my head and I got into the car. I was frantically looking around for my mother and I saw her run out the door with Emma, my little sister in her arms, while she was waving like a mad woman. I smiled at the sight and we blew each other kisses. And with that, my father pulled the car out of the driveway and we were off.

"I'm sorry I was late Moine." I said to my sister.

"Classic Maggie." She replied. I could tell she was trying to look angry but she turned around from the front seat and smiled as she shook her head. I looked out the window most of the ride there and I was thinking back on all the good times I'd had in this city. Every so often we'd pass something familiar to me and I'd sigh. My dad would look at me through the rear-view window and wink at me. Then he'd reach his hand around to the back seat and I'd take it and give it a loving squeeze.

I always forget how beautiful London is until we're actually downtown. Everyone is always so happy-go-lucky and it's a real good place to grow up. I felt a little sad knowing that I wouldn't be coming back her for quite a long time. But I remained confident in my decision and continued believing it was for the best.

"You know where to go Hermoine so I won't go with you." Said my father once we arrived at the train station, "Remember Maggie, you can come home any time you want. But keep an open-mind. You were meant for this sweetheart. You were meant for this. I love you both." He said finally, "Now be good and stick together."

I gave him one last hug before following my sister off to platform nine. Looking back I could see him waving and giving me a thumbs up and I knew that I would miss him very much that year.

Upon arrival to platform nine, I asked Hermoine for my ticket. I enjoy sitting in window seats and I wanted to see if I was. Looking closely at my ticket, I saw that it read not platform nine, but nine and three quarters.

"Is this a typo?" I asked.

She sighed and gave me a look of frustration.

"No Maggie. It's written correctly." She answered.

"Well where are we supposed to go?" I asked again.

"Right through there." She told me pointing to a brick pillar.

Looking beyond the pillar all I saw were busy people hugging and saying their goodbyes. But nothing that remotely related to nine and three quarters.

"What are you talking about?" I questioned.

"It's simple just run straight through the wall. Would you stop asking so many questions?" She said rolling her eyes at my ignorance.

"Are you mad?" I asked her, "You must be crazy if you think you can make me run through a brick wall."

"Fine," she sighed, "Stay here then." And with that, she ran straight at the wall and went through.

I shook my head. Well, I might as well. What's the worst that could happen? I knew the answer to that but I didn't exactly want to think about it. So I closed my eyes and ran right through the wall.

When I opened them again, I was in a whole new world. It was all happening so quickly and it was quite difficult to grasp. Looking behind me, all I saw was a massive brick wall that didn't resemble a pillar at all. There were people hustling and bustling just like at the train station we'd been at earlier; kissing and hugging their goodbyes. Looking up, I panicked. I had lost sight of my sister. Wasn't she listening when dad had said stick together? Perfect. My first year at Hogwarts and I have no idea where or how to get there.

Frantic, I decided the only way to find her was to simply call out to her. I sighed thinking of what a horrible first impression I'd be making, but I swallowed my pride and opened my mouth, but just as I did so I heard someone call her name from behind me. I began to turn around but as I was, a boy ran straight into me. I began to fall back but arms kept me from doing so.

"I'm sorry," I apologized instinctively, "I didn't mean to be in your way. It's just-" I refused to tell the boys that I had been lost and looking for my sister. How pathetic could I be? "No matter. Excuse me for bothering you further but did you by any chance hear someone call out the name Hermoine?"

The boy who had run into me laughed.

"I should hope so," he told me, "Since we were the ones calling her name."

I could feel a sense of relief come over me. To think, I thought that I'd miss the train and be stuck at this train station forever.

"I'm Ron Weasley," he continued "and the boy standing behind you, that's Harry Potter."

I felt my cheeks flush as I realized that I was still relying on Harry to keep me from falling. Whipping around I smiled and held out my hand politely. He shook it, yet the awkwardness still lingered. As I adjusted my skirt and fixed my hair, Harry spoke.

"I haven't seen you at Hogwarts," he pointed out, "You're far to old to be a first year. How can that be?"

I opened my mouth and just as before, I was interrupted again. Only this time, not by my sister's name, but by the wailing of a train whistle. Harry smiled at me and told me that I'd better just tell him on the train.

"We'd better get moving," Ron said grabbing my wrist and motioning me forward, "or we'll be stuck sitting with the first years."

"But wait," I said, stopping abruptly, "Hermoine."

"Not to worry," Harry said, reassuringly, "I see her up ahead."

The three of us ran as fast as we could to the train entrance. But it was difficult what with all my luggage and with Tibby yowling and hissing like mad. When we got there a very large man greeted us. He welcomed Ron and Harry back, but as I boarded, he winked at me.

"We've been waiting five years for you Maggie." He said, "Now go on, take a seat."

If anyone else had said those exact words, I would've been horribly scared. But there was something about him. I don't know what really, but he didn't seem threatening at all. In a way, he was almost warm and cheerful. I smiled at him and followed the boys on the train. But my smile faded when I saw Hermoine.

"Honestly Maggie, if you think that I'm baby-sitting you all year," She started, "You can forget about it right now."

Leave it to my sister to ruin everything. Of course she had to embarrass me and let everyone think that I was an irresponsible, annoying kid. Just because the only time we had spent more then a week together was beck when I was 10 doesn't mean I was still that person. People grow up a lot in five years, but I guess all she saw me as, was a nuisance.

"Well I see you've already met Ron and Harry," she continued, "So there's no need for you to continue to hang around. Maybe you should simply change into robes and find a seat."

"Hermoine," Harry said in a concerned voice, "That's not really necessary."

I could tell that Harry was talking to Hermoine as if I wasn't even there. I mean, even though he was trying to defend me, he was doing it in the entirely wrong fashion. It was as though he was defending some lost puppy dog who chewed up his dad's slippers, or peed in the house. Not as though I was a person. I didn't like it when people talked down about me.

"No," I said sharply, they both whipped around in surprise, "She's right. I can't go my whole year at Hogwarts living in her shadow. I spent far too many years doing that. It's all right. I'm perfectly capable of making my own friends, and living my own life."

I could tell that she didn't exactly know how to re-act to this. She stood there speechless. I suppose what really got her was the way I was saying it in a calm, cool manner. I knew her to well and knew that she would've expected me to throw a fit. But she just didn't realize that I wasn't like that anymore. I subtly proved to her that I had grown up. Not to mention proved to Ron and Harry that I wasn't just some irritating kid sister. In a way, I may have even won there respect.

"Alright then," she said, "Well go on then."

With that I smiled as genuinely as possible and turned around to walk the other way. The only trouble was I had no idea where I was supposed to go, who I was supposed to sit with, or what robes were. But I couldn't help but laugh a little when I heard Ron yell out, bloody hell, she was your sister? Then it occurred to me exactly which one of Hermoine's friend he was. She was always telling my family about all the things they'd do at Hogwarts but I was horrible with names and didn't realize that Ron and Harry were actually her two closest friends. Laughing at myself a little more and shaking my head, I ran straight into someone coming down the aisle.

"I'm terribly sorry," I blurted out, for my second apology of the day, "I didn't see you there"

"Well I should hope so," the boy said rudely, his blonde hair reflecting the light from the sun through the window, "Make sure you never do again."

Now I'm not one to let people push me around like that, but I felt that I should keep my comments to myself for the time being. I didn't want to go and make enemies with the wrong type of people.

"But now that you have run into me, I might as well introduce myself, if you don't already know who I am." He said. "Draco Malfoy. Who are you?"

"Maggie." I said simply, trying to end the conversation.

"Do you have a last name to go with your pitiful first?" He said rolling his eyes. Yet his insult to my name seemed almost laughable coming from a kid named Draco.

"Granger," I told him, getting irritated, "My name is Maggie Granger."

A look of astonishment came over his face for about a second before it turned back into the cold stone expression he's maintained throughout the entire discussion.

"So they finally let you in did they?" He replied, "It took five years but now you're allowed to come to Hogwarts." I don't know what but there was just something about this boy. Usually I can tolerate people's discourteous behaviour, but I just couldn't take it. I had to say something.

"Actually Draco, I was the one who didn't want to come to Hogwarts," I told him slyly, "The kept sending me those little invitations but I refused them. Maybe you should think before you talk so quickly. If that's possible for you to do."

He seemed a bit taken back though he didn't exactly show it. I knew he would come back with some pitiful rebuttal, but I'd already won this argument.

"Well then I guess you're just plain stupid," he said, as I had expected, "Hogwarts is the best school you can go to and those who don't come are clearly mad."

He smirked and walked away. Funny how shocking it was that a person like that would leave before I could get my say in. Clearly he took the coward's way out. I just hope that all the people at Hogwarts aren't like him, or else I should just get off the train right now.

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