Summary: Whilst in the bookstore, April comes across a rather interesting book, a book about turtles...against her better judgment she buys the book, and learns more about turtles, and the guys, than she ever expected to...

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The Big Book Of Turtle Stuff

~April's POV~

It all started when I went to the little bookstore on 5th and Main. It was one of those days; one of those days being that the sky was grey, the temperature was quickly dropping to below freezing, and it would just not stop raining. After raiding through my DVD collection and leafing through my meagre shelf of books, I soon realized that I did not have a lot in the way of reading material. It wasn't very often I got a day off from working in the shop, or got a day to myself for that matter, so I was more than a little eager to have a, in my opinion, well deserved break. And what better thing to do on a cold, wet, rainy day than snuggle up in front of the fire and read a good book?

So after slipping on my coat and grabbing my purse and brolly, I quickly headed out into the foul weather. I would have taken a cab, but the bookshop I wanted to go to was only a block away from my apartment. I was sure I could brave the weather and save some money by not having to hail a cab. Well, six minutes later, shivering and dripping wet, and minus an umbrella, I stepped into the small bookstore, sighing in relief at the warm blast of air coming from the small heater in the corner. The wind was a lot stronger than I had first anticipated, and as a result of this, my umbrella had unceremoniously been torn from my grasp and sent spiralling away. Now I would have to hail a cab to get home. I didn't feel up to braving the tempest again.

Hoping I wouldn't drip too much across the stall, I moved off towards the 'adult fiction' portion of the shop and snooped around for any books that may capture my attention for longer than twenty pages. I was disappointed to find that most of the books were about vampires and 'forbidden love', and girls that obviously had a nice, sincere guy after them, only to like him for one minute and then turn her back on him and fly off into the moonlight with the 'mysterious bad boy' that showed up out of nowhere.

After about ten minutes of searching through vampire after vampire book, I finally came across something that was not listed under 'erotica' or 'romance' and 'drama.' It was a crime book, and I was a little sceptical at first. The crime genre didn't really interest me that much, but after realizing it was either this or a book about sparkling vampires, I went for the crime.

With my book safely tucked under my arm, I made my way towards the counter when something from the corner of my eye caught my attention. Stopping, I turned around and found myself in front of the 'textbook section.' And what had caught my attention was a thick, hard-covered book about...turtles. I stood there for about five minutes, just staring at the book, and having an argument inside my head with myself. It's sufficed to say that I lost the argument. It went something like this:

I wonder if I should actually get this. I'd learn more about the guys. I mean I hardly know anything about them, well the more 'animal' part of them anyway.

Nu-uh, no way girl. That is a total invasion of privacy. That was the more rational part of my brain. Sadly, it hardly ever wins arguments. Imagine what the guys would think if they saw you reading that!

They won't see me reading it. I'll hide it under my bed and read it when they're not around.

So with that last thought in mind, I grabbed the book and added it to my crime book and payed for them both. Tucking the books inside my coat so they wouldn't get destroyed by the rain, I raced outside, shielding myself from the rain as best I could with my hand, scanning the bustling roads for any signs of a taxi. I stood there for about five minutes, and when I still didn't see any taxis, I made a mad dash for my apartment, cursing the taxi services of New York all the way home.

By the time I did get home, in record time I might add, I was completely soaked. Slipping off my drenched jacket, I let it fall to the floor. Heading for the bathroom in need of a hot shower, I stopped to lay the two books in front of the fire. They had gotten wet during my mad dash home, and no, it wasn't because I tripped and fell in a puddle, (at least that's what I'm telling myself anyway.)

Opening them so that the pages could dry, I quickly made sure there were no turtles at my windows or in my apartment before striping off the rest of my drenched clothes and stepping into the shower.

I'd read my book later this afternoon.

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