Monday mornings usually started out the same way for Quinn Fabray. Wake up about a good 30 minutes after her alarm had gone off, a quick application of makeup after hastily throwing on clothes she brought to her nose for confirmation of how clean the garment was, then rushing off to school. She wasn't one of those girls who cared about status or what others thought of her. In fact she tended to shy away from things that would make her quote popular unquote. Frankly, she just didn't give a damn. So that was how her life usually worked.

Not this Monday morning however. Quinn Fabray was waking up on time today because her mother, Judy, had wanted her daughter to arrive precisely on time to school today because it would Quinn's first day at William McKinley High. Sure, of course, whatever you say mom, is what Quinn had said when her mom asked for Quinn to act more like a civil teenager instead of the mess of social disorder she was but Quinn hadn't meant it. Judy had been silently referring to Quinn's bubblegum pink hair, Quinn's sullen bad girl exterior, and the scantily distasteful wardrobe of her choice. Quinn knew her mother really hated how Quinn acted, how she dressed, she especially hated finding burnt out cigarette butts lying in the driveway but never outright asked Quinn to stop. Both Judy and Quinn knew that she never would either because Judy knew it would be overstepping her bounds. After all that happened, Judy was barely keeping Quinn from running away to join a biker gang. So they cooperated to a certain level, Judy looked past all of Quinn's nasty habits if Quinn's promised to get good grades and stay out of trouble. A silent promise of course because Mother and daughter never spoke to one another outside of casual, light topics like school or work.

So that was how Quinn found herself sitting on the edge of her bed lacing up her boots in a half asleep daze while Judy stood in the doorway wringing her wrists. Daughter was plotting how she was going to get through this first day without committing some kind of murder while also wondering if she wanted her coffee black this morning. Whereas Mother Judy was sending up prayers that her daughter would shape up soon or at least make a friend who didn't share the vulgar habit of smoking Quinn did. She was really getting tired of scrubbing the windows and continuously ridding the house of the acrid odor.

Hazel eyes lifted briefly from black fishnets hugging slender legs and the shiny leather of her boots, "Mom," Quinn straightened her posture, running her fingers over her skimpy white stripped skirt as she did so, "You don't have to hover. I'll be done when I'm done."

Judy Fabray gave her daughter a tired smile, "I know that dear. I'm simply excited for your first day. Aren't you?"

A lifeless "No" was all Judy got as an answer before the pink haired beauty stood from the bed and pushed past her mother to slither down the steps into the kitchen. During her lacing process Quinn had decided on black coffee. She was just to damn tired today, she would need the extra kick if she was going to survive the hell of a new school. Judging from the way Quinn's cousin, Brittney Pierce, had described the school it would be hell. A hell that desperately clung to the social aspect of teenage life. Which in short meant it was going to be a place Quinn would hate every second of every day she was forced to spend there. Still, Quinn Fabray was no pansy so she hadn't begged her mother to let her stay or picked a different school, she just expected her fate.

Hot steam rose from the ultramarine cup gripped tightly in one pale hand as Quinn poured the caffeine filled pick me up in. She wouldn't have time to drink it all here since she had to be leaving in a couple minutes so she clapped a lid on it only after taking a few tentative sips. Hummed praise at the delicious warmth seeping down her throat reverberated around the kitchen quietly until the pink haired girl noticed what she was doing.

Now properly prepared for the days probable warfare, coffee in one hand, her messenger bag in the other, Quinn was ready. She leaned against the counter sipping from the generously sized cup until Judy entered the kitchen, looking bother uncertain and sour. Quinn barely batted an eyelash.

"Quinnie, dear, don't you think that skirt is a little…um…inappropriate?"

Quinn glanced down at the black Deadmau5 shirt, cut so that it fell just above her navel and fell loosely over one shoulder. Considering all of her other shirts? This one was the least 'inappropriate' choice in her closet.

Looking back at her mother, Quinn shrugged, "No. I don't."

Defeated, Judy meekly nodded and took her keys off the hook near the door in a silent encouragement to coax the teen out the door. As if Quinn needed coaxing.

The ride to school was awkward. As per usual when it came to the Fabray mother and daughter. There was no talking about the reason behind their abrupt move to Lima Ohio. Nor was there a talk about how this sudden change was having an effect on Quinn's already unstable mental health. Hell, they didn't even talk about the damn weather. Judy simply kept a 10 and 2 death grip on the wheel, keeping her eyes visually trained on ahead of her at all times. Quinn slumped in her seat, blasting loud music through her rather expensive over ear headphones. Once, though, Judy could remember asking Quinn what kind of music she was listening to but it fell on deaf ears as the music was far to loud to hear anything over. Judy never tried again, simply leaving her daughter to her music. Today it seemed louder than usual, Judy could hear each definite note of the song as well as the perfectly clear singers melodious overtone. Not different than any other time Judy worried for her daughters hearing but, not unlike usual, said nothing.

Soon enough they arrived at the school that should have been daunting in the distance yet didn't seem to bother Quinn beyond normal. The pink haired girl merely treated it as another day of school, no different than the rest spent at her old school. Shouldering her bag Quinn gave a halfhearted wave goodbye to her mother before exiting the sedan. Judy waved her off but to no avail seeing as Quinn had already turned her back and was making her way through the entrance. The mother sighed, silently wishing her daughter a wonderful first day of school.

There were many different kinds of looks Quinn received instantly upon pushing her way into the school, as was to be expected of course. She was so use to it by now she barely even bothered to take notice anymore even if she did give a crap about it. Which she didn't. The buzz of chattering drama queens swirling around her like bees clamoring in hive never seemed to end. Little snide comments about her hair, how atrocious her outfit was and god, didn't she ever smile? None of it phased her, that's what the music was for. If she could hear them then her music obviously wasn't loud enough. Music was her armor to combat the senseless and cruel remarks made about her. If she didn't have music, she fell upon the ice cold glares she could call upon within an instants notice.

Stalking the halls in all her glory, Quinn had her ipod cranked nearly loud enough to deafen her while also sporting a perfected deadpan expression until she reached her locker. Once there she let herself grow somewhat lax but only slightly seeing as the day wasn't over yet. Indifference was her perfect competence to daily life for her. So far it had been working like a charm and had no future desire to change that soon.

She fiddled with the lock for a bit, noticing that it liked to stick a little when she rounded it the second time but she still managed to pop it open after some rough jiggling. The locker itself was a lot smaller than the one she had used at her old school but she wouldn't need a lot of space anyway seeing as she usually kept all her things with her. All she would really be using her locker for was storing a few pictures she might look at when she was feeling particularly down on dark days, her cigs, a couple books and some supplies. Maybe gym clothes if it turned out she had that class. Hopefully not because Quinn didn't like getting F's and she knew if she had that class she wouldn't participate unless forced. That done, she slammed it shut and turned to lean her back against the cool metal, sipping on her coffee and people watching.

The students of McKinley were definitely a sad lot, not daring to step outside the hierarchy of status deeply established. Jocks sporting proud red lettermans strutted around like they owned the place, heads held cockily high. Said 'studs' already were irking Quinn beyond expressive words. Cheerleaders here lived in their uniforms but Quinn already knew that because Brittney had told her so seeing as the bubbly blonde was on the squad. Funny thing actually, Brittney had tried in earnest to get Quinn to join. That had ended in one giant ass but still soft hell, fucking, no. As well as a never, ever going to happen. Brittney was only temporarily put out before resuming her adorable speech about how excited she was for her cousin Quinn to be going to the same school as her.

Mixed in with the more popular group of kids here, were the social pariah of McKinley. Each one made themselves clear as daylight with the way they scuttled about, heads down low hoping to go unnoticed by anyone who sought to harm them with possible words or worst. Mostly though they just clung close to the lockers, staying out of the way of others. No one paid any mind to them so long as they didn't blimp on the radar of life. Watching them, Quinn had to say they did a good fucking job of not existing. That nearly irked her as much as the jocks had. Nearly.

Quinn couldn't stop herself from rolling her eyes around drinking her coffee in large gulps. Yup, this was hell alright. Quinn's hell.

Due to the extremely high decibel of music pumping through her headphones Quinn couldn't hear the slam, but she felt it vibrating through the lockers into her back. It had startled Quinn enough to pull her headphones from her head and whip her vision left and right until she met the cause of it.

Literally right beside her was a girl, a few inches shorter than Quinn herself, slammed against the locker by the fist gripping the front of her sweater tightly. Her expressive chocolate eyes were wide in fear while her glossy brunette hair didn't do much to cloud her face from showing the obvious distress. Looking up from her, Quinn followed the hand gripping her sweater to a taller brunette in a Cheerio uniform. Said brunette was bearing her teeth in obvious hostility towards the shorter girl, holding a threatening clenched fist in the air near her head. A crowd had gathered around the two brunettes, looking both afraid and excited for the brewing fight to bloom into a full force brawl. Though even Quinn, who didn't know these chicks from Adam, could tell the little one was far to afraid to even try defending herself.

"Just fucking admit it was you Troll and I won't kill you!" The Cheerio growled vehemently at the shorter girl who visibly flinched.

"S-Santana I assure you I didn't-" The words died out in the girls throat when the Cheerio, Santana, made to throw her hovering fist at the girls face only to be intercepted by someone standing behind the Cheerio. Santana whipped her head around to most likely threaten whoever dared intervene until, oddly, she slackened her grip and lowered her fist all in one gesture. It took Quinn a few moments to realize the girl who had intervened was in fact her younger cousin, Brittney. Damn, Brit had grown up. Like, really grown up.

"San," but her voice was still the same as ever, sweet like candy, "Rachel wasn't the one who called me dumb. I pinky promise."

Santana cast a furtive glare at Rachel, who had long sense shied as far away from Santana as she could which wasn't very far.

Her dark eyes remained locked on Rachel even as she addressed Brittney, "Your sure? 'Cause I will ends this little bitch right here, right now." Rachel whimpered in fear, her eyes tearing up slightly and darting around madly for someone, really anyone to come to her rescue. As it would seem, no one really cared outside the interest of a possible smack down. How very expected of high school.

"Yeah San I'm sure." Then Brittney smiled in that innocent, adorable Brittney way, knitting her fingers together behind her back and tilting her head to the side slightly, "Rachel is really nice to me. She wouldn't ever call me dumb."

Suddenly it clicked in Quinn's brain what they were really talking about and she was furious. There were very few things Quinn actually gave a rats ass about and her cousin was one of them. No one got away with fucking with Brit so long as Quinn had a say in it. Someone had called her dumb? Motherfucker better run for the hills and pray to god that Quinn never found them. Stepping foreword into the little spat, Quinn made her presence known by folding her arms and locking eyes with Brittney's cerulean ones.

"Who said that about you Brit?" It was out of Quinn's mouth before she had a thought to pose.

All at once Brittney rushed foreword with a screech of Quinn's name, embracing her cousin for all she was worth. Behind her, Santana narrowed her eyes into tiny slits, regarding Quinn with a cool misplaced hatred. Rachel just looked pleased that all the attention was off her. Only after enduring moments of Brittney's bone crushing hug did the angry Cheerio slip in between the reunited cousins to prod at Quinn's chest with a single digit.

"Who the fuck are you?" She hissed it. Quinn's indifference bloomed into a smug smirk just before she swept the Latina's touch away from her personal space.

"None of your fucking business. Who the fuck are you?" A round of gasps could be heard all around them but Quinn kept her eyes on the furious girl in front of her, obviously wanting nothing more than to lunge at Quinn. That led to feed Quinn's smug smirk.

"Quinn," The pink girl in question snapped her attention from the streaming Cheerio to a frowning Brittney, "Play nice. San is just trying to help in her way."

All Quinn did was scoff at that, resuming her previous stance of folded arms and indifference, "Can you tell her to do it away from me? I'm so not in the mood for it."

"Oh you bitch, Ima cut you-"

Just like before Brittney stopped the Latina mid punch, "Come on San. I need you to walk me to class. I still can't remember which way it is."

It took a few moments but the Latina managed to compose herself, nodding at Brittney but shooting dagger one last time at both Quinn and Rachel.

"I'll see you later okay Quinn? Be good until then. I missed you!" Brittney clapped happily, hugging her cousin one last time before rushing off with Santana in the way of whichever class she had. The moment they left, the crowd dispersed with a round of disappointed ahs. What an eventful way to start her day. Honestly Quinn had been looking foreword to seeing Brittney again but she really hadn't wanted it to be on those terms nor had she wanted to reunion to be so quick. Hopefully she'd get to see her again so they could catch, maybe find out why Brittney was hanging around such a hostile girl. That Santana chick had some serious issues that was for damn sure. Coming from Quinn of all people!

A rather loud sigh of relief reminded Quinn of Rachel's presence. The girl was looking relieve, sagged against the locker with a hand pressed against her heaving chest and her eyes shut tight while she sucked in haggard breaths. Now that she wasn't being accosted Quinn could give her a nice up down and she had to admit she was pretty. Beautiful even. She really liked how the girls simple black skirt with a little silver bow attached to the hip showcased her surprisingly long, tan legs. Sure, the girl dressed somewhat like a toddler but it seemed to fit her. And it peaked Quinn's interest in what kind of figure Rachel was hiding under that hideous sweater. Not bothering to hide her ogling Quinn leaned against the locker and continued to speculate what Rachel would look like naked and writhing.

Oh, and yeah, add that to the list of reasons why Quinn was an outcast. She was extremely, so very, gay. And if Quinn found a girl who managed to make a dent in Quinn's armor then that girl had better damn well be marked because Quinn Fabray got what she fucking wanted and fucked what she wanted. This girl may become Quinn's target but it was still a little to early to decide just yet.

Rachel composed herself after a bit, taking care to notice Quinn so casually looking her over, and managed a broad smile in her direction.

"Hello," Rachel shot her hand out in greetings which Quinn, after moments of consideration, shook, noting the softness, "I'm Rachel Berry. I believe I heard your name was Quinn?"

"Right. Quinn Fabray."

Rachel beamed, folding her hands in front of her in a very childish way yet seemed suited to this girl well, "It's nice to meet you. I'd hope I am correct in assuming your new here but I'm not so sure seeing as Brittney seemed to know you. Though I don't remember seeing you and I believe I would remember you if I saw you."

Quinn felt her lips twitch into a very small smile at the girls somewhat cute rambling, "I'm new. Brittney just knows me 'cause we are related."

"Oh well that makes much more sense then. If I look close, I believe I can see some resemblance. You both have a build to be jealous of."

"Ah, thanks." In her peripherals Quinn noticed the approaching well dressed boy and darker skinned girl. They stopped beside Rachel, looking only slightly distraught over something.

"Rachel," The boy with a surprising feminine voice spoke, "We saw what happened. Are you alright? Satan looked like she was going to kill you."

"Yeah," The other girl who had come over joined in, "I was seeing myself with a lot more solos in the future."

Rachel huffed indignantly, stomping her foot a little but easily digressing to her former posture of friendliness, "While I'm grateful for your worry I assure you Santana would not have hit me hard enough to kill me, and even if she did I would still have my solos. I'd haunt you Mercedes."

The three chuckled while Quinn just watched like a creeper. That is until the boy took notice of her, wrinkling his nose in distaste at her appearance.

"Oh right," Rachel noticed the boys interest at the same time Quinn had it would seem as the brunette moved towards Quinn and touched her arm lightly to display her to Mercedes and the boy, "This is Quinn, she's new here. I expect the two of you to be courteous now and introduce yourselves."

"Kurt Hummel," Kurt again looked Quinn over in distaste, "We must do something about this look you have going on." He sounded about as gay as Quinn.

"Yeah, no. Not gonna happen." He shook his head sadly as if he had anticipated this answer.

"I'm Mercedes. I'm totally feeling the pink you got going on there." The girl gestured at Quinn's hair. Quinn nodded her thanks.

Rachel gathered Quinn's attention once more with her noticeably loud voice, "Quinn I was wondering, do you sing?"

Kurt chuckled lightly at Rachel's question while Mercedes rolled her eyes even though she was smiling. Rachel completely ignored them, keeping her focus on Quinn as she waited for her answer.

"Ah…yeah. I guess. Why?"

Rachel clapped joyously in a way that reminded Quinn of her cousin, "That's marvelous! The school has a Glee club that meets after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We three are in it and Brittney so happens to be in it as well. She's a very gifted dancer. You should consider joining Quinn. I think you may like it."

"Yeah, that's doubtful. Thanks for the offer though."

Rachel's hands, as well as her smile, fell, "Why not?"

"Because I don't do stuff like that."


"Shouldn't you going now? Class is about to start."

Rachel paused, glancing behind her to watch Kurt walk off with Mercedes then turning back to Quinn, biting her lip slightly in thought, "Which class do you have?"

"AP Biology."

The short brunette let go her of her lip in favor of smiling once more, "That's great. So do I. I'll walk you."

Quinn sighed, hoisting her bag further up her shoulder, "Fantastic."

"Just so you are aware Quinn, I don't intent to give up on you. I'll get you to join glee one way or another."

"Again, doubtful. But you can try I suppose."

Rachel nodded happily, falling into step with Quinn's long strides. While they walked, Quinn pondered whether she wanted to make Rachel her target or not. After seeing the determined look Rachel had when she had told her she would get Quinn in this club was quite attractive. Maybe Rachel would be her target yet.

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