"Remind me again why you thought it was okay to invite Treasure Trail to sit with us?" The body beside Quinn tensed the moment the insult of a nickname dripped from Santana's pouting lips.

Quinn glared and pointed her plastic fork at the Latina in a threatening manner, "Don't call her that."

In kind to Quinn's threat Santana picked up Brittney's fork to point at Quinn, both scowling at one another, "I'll call her what I wants. What are you gonna do 'bout it?"

"Quinn," Rachel's usually boisterous voice was a timid whisper, "It's alright. Why don't we just eat lunch?"

Santana's narrowed eyes flickered to Rachel then Rachel's petite hands curled around her pink lunch pale. Something about how Santana smirked and tilted her chin up after made Quinn's insides set alight with that familiar fire of unadulterated anger. Sure she hadn't known Rachel for very long but damn it, why couldn't people just leave her alone? What had she done that was so horrible everyone had to treat her like shit? Plainly put, it was really starting to piss her off.

After the moment in the bathroom with Quinn laughing as Rachel squealed because Quinn wouldn't quit scooping up slushy from Rachel's hair to throw back at her, Quinn had asked Rachel if she would like to sit with her at lunch. Silence had taken over the bathroom, the only sound being the soft ka-plink each water drop dripping from Rachel's sopping hair made against the sink. Rachel's back was to Quinn and her hands gripped the sink tighter, her back bending a little as she leaned closer to the sink hiding her face in the mirrors reflection from Quinn's gaze. Moments passed just like this until finally Rachel straightened and turned to face Quinn where she went into a long, and pointless may Quinn add, speech about how Rachel didn't that would be a good idea. Quinn had been patient enough and listened to it all then told Rachel she had no choice. Rachel tried again in earnest to get Quinn to understand it just wasn't socially expectable. Where Quinn sat was with the cool kids-Cheerio's and the head ones at that-whereas Rachel was the lowest of the low here at the food chain of McKinley. If Rachel just strolled in and sat at that table all hell would break loose. All Quinn offered as a rebuttal was the most mischievous smirk and a little comment on how Quinn absolutely loved when all things went to shit. Thus leading to Rachel awkwardly sitting between a glowing Brittney and a…well Quinn didn't really do the whole emotions thing so she was just sitting between Brittney and Quinn. Santana had chose to sulk on the other side of the table because Brit had chose to sit beside Rachel instead of her. Either Brittney was oblivious to Santana's pouting, happily munching on Animal Crackers while Rachel watched aghast, or Brittney was simply ignoring her. Quinn wasn't much concerned nor did she care, she was just focusing on consuming her applesauce.

Something about the fiery Latina was off and while Quinn quietly ate the sugary stuff, she was pondering what it was. Obvious being Brittney not beside her aside, there was something more to it and if Quinn really looked, Brittney was off too. The always eager and smiley blond was a little more reluctant today and spoke much more quietly. Her glow was a dim and even if she was polite to Santana, she wouldn't meet her eyes. Santana flinched, barely, so small Quinn wouldn't have noticed if she was practically trained on her every whim, each time Brittney refused to meet her eyes. Something was up. So when Brittney asked Rachel why she was watching her eat her crackers like that and Rachel started a speech about animal cruelty, Quinn took that as her window to find out what was up. Her intensions were to questions the Latina while the others were directed. However, she was interrupted before she had the chance.

Coming from behind without a words notice, a darker skinned boy with a brown haired mohawk plopped down beside Santana. She flinched again but this was even harder to detect than the ones Brittney's negligence induced. Mohawk guy sent a sleazy wink and a grin towards Rachel and Brittney-whom had gone stoic the moment Mohawk guy sat down, Quinn took note of-before his eyes landed on Quinn. For a moment his brows shot up in confusion, obviously not have seen Quinn yet, then his eyes unapproved by Quinn, roamed her figure. A bit of bile crawled up her throat as he inspected her like a prized hound, his eyes finally coming back to meet her and he winked to her as well. Yeah, she didn't like this guy. Not even a little. She was quite relived when he finally turned and gave all his attention to Santana, cocky grin in place when he slid his hand up her thigh below the table.

"Hey babe." Quinn narrowed her eyes at the term of endearment, only sparing the briefest glance towards her cousin to check on her-Brittney looked white and she was staring at her clasped hands in her lap, eyebrows drawn low and shoulders hunched. Everything clicked then. Mohawk guy was Santana's beard. Poor Brittney. Quinn shot a glare at Santana even though the Latina had her head hung. As she should.

Brittney needed comforting but Quinn was to far away and it was making her skin crawl every passing second of silence that followed Mohawk guy's arrival because she could just see Brittney sinking lower inside herself, cowing from all the hurt caving in on her sweet heart. Quinn could take that kind of shit, Brittney couldn't and she didn't deserve to. In that instant, Quinn had never disliked Santana more and judging from how pained the smile Santana gave Mohawk boy was, Santana never hated herself more either.

Quinn nudged Rachel's thigh with her elbow to gather the brunettes attention then jutted her chin at Brittney when Rachel looked over. Thankfully Rachel understood and turned to Brittney, cooing quietly in her ear about happy things like ducks and shit Brittney liked and slipped a reassuring hand into the taller blonde's. Brittney, who may not have been the brightest girl, wasn't stupid. She knew what Rachel was doing and she was thankful for it, Quinn saw it in the way her cousin smiled at Rachel and nodded to some of the things Rachel said.

With that taken care of, Quinn returned her attention back to Santana who was staring straight at her. It was slightly unnerving. Quinn had seen many looks cross Santana's face but not one like this. Her eyes looked dead as opposed to the usual fire burning there, her lips were a thin line as were her brows, creased and her overall posture made her look like she wanted to be anywhere but there in this moment. Santana looked almost human with the vulnerability she was showing and when she caught Quinn's eyes, it was like they shared something. A small telepathic bridge was opening between the two and the just suddenly clicked into place. Before Quinn lay all of Santana's fears, her insecurities, her pains and regrets, as well as all the things the made her, her. In all this Quinn saw that Brittney was one of those things in fact Brittney was the glue that kept everything inside the Latina pieced together. Not until that very moment did Quinn let herself understand Santana, not until that moment did Quinn sympathize and really feel with Santana. The Latina was struggling to survive and it was a painful brutal battle that batted against Santana's defenses everyday. Not much different than Quinn herself in fact. Maybe that's why they had this, out of no where, just like that understood one another because they were in fact so much alike it was uncanny. Quinn understood Santana and now Santana could relate to Quinn.

Hazel eyes blinked, breaking the connection between them yet not the staring. Silently Santana gave a thankful nod towards Brittney's direction letting Quinn know she was grateful for what Quinn did, having Rachel comfort Brittney. Quinn merely nodded back.

"Yo babe," Mohawk guy waved his hand in front of Santana's face, "You in there?"

Santana blinked, once, twice, glanced at Brittney, then adorned the a most convincing false smile as she turned to Mohawk guy, leaning into him slightly and pecking him on the lips, "Hey Puck."

Puck nodded for no apparent reason and wrapped his arm around Santana's tight shoulders, "You didn't call me after you left last night. I mean I know I tend to leave the ladies speechless," He paused to wiggle his eyebrows in Quinn's direction effectively reminding Quinn of her gag reflex, "but you said you'd call."

"I was busy." Santana kept flicking her eyes in Brittney's direction whom by now even with Rachel's company was quiet and looking ready to bolt. Quinn didn't blame her. Rachel though, seemed caught between a cross hair. Her expressive eyes would stair up at Brittney with a swirl of different every changing emotions then stray to Santana momentarily, a brief look of frustration and sympathy consuming her features then she looked at Quinn and every faded to unreadable emotions. This little beauty might just be Quinn's undoing. The complete opposite of Quinn as far as feeling was concerning, when Quinn felt something she imploded and all things felt went to her center where she locked it up in a figurative door never to be seen again. Rachel, however, exploded and every little thing she felt she let loose with a flurry of hand gestures, expressions, those eyes, and her very vocal mouth. As terrifying as she found the revelation to be, a secret part of Quinn found herself envying Rachel's ability to feel so easily.

"Busy?" Puck's face contorted into a look of confusion that didn't suit him well, "With what?"

Another look from Santana was thrown in Brittney's direction and this time Brit had picked her head up in time to catch it. They shared something, it was to brief for Quinn to find out what it was, before Brittney bit her lip, stood, turned and fled the cafeteria all in one motion. Santana watched her secret girlfriend go with wide and, for once, eyes that showed how she was feeling. She looked like she was caged and uncomfortable with the way she trashed until she was untangled from Puck and hurrying after Brittney. Puck, thankfully, didn't stick around long after that. He looked frustrated he was blown off but not overly annoyed and Quinn watched him move to another table where he thrust his masculine arm around another girl. Typical. Man whore.

"Well," Quinn stopped mid glare at Puck across the cafeteria to look back at Rachel who had long sense popped open her lunch box and pulled out some seriously gross looking crackers (they looked like bird food), "that was…well I'm not really sure what that was actually."

"Prime example of high school melodrama?" Quinn offered. Rachel appeared to mull it over while she nibbled on her bird crackers. Quinn just wanted to know how she could stomach those things. They looked absolutely vile.

"I suppose that could be one way to word it though it lacks the proper musical numbers. Shame really."

Quinn chuckled lightly, dipping back into her applesauce, "Well I wasn't actually referring to that kind of melodrama." Rachel set her bird cracker down and gave Quinn quite a look, "I'm appalled. There shouldn't be any other kind of melodrama! That is simply the only kind I should like to believe in. Musicals are my life after all and the stage is my home, applauses my sustenance."

"Okay whoa. Chill. I can think of another kind of drama that starts with an M that would apply to you."

Rachel folded her arms in a, Quinn had to admit, adorable pout, "Are you insinuating I'm melodramatic Quinn Fabray?"


"Oh well that's-"

"I'm not insinuating at all, I'm saying you are." Rachel let out an indignant huff as she viciously took a bite out of the sandwich she pulled form her lunchbox. The bread looked like it had been dropped in a bucket of bird feed. Seriously? How did she manage to consume this shit!

"What? Is there something on my face?" Rachel blushed from her insecurities, quickly setting her sandwich down and wiping her face clear of nonexistent crumbs. Quinn had apparently been staring longer than she remembered.

"No. I was just wondering how you manage to eat that." Quinn waved her hand at the offending objects, sneering in distaste as she did so. Rachel looked mortally wounded, hugging her lunch pale against her chest.

"I'll have you know that my choice in food not only happens to be delicious but healthy as well. And while I know it doesn't appear so I can assure you it is in fact scrumptious. Have you ever tried an organic peanut butter and banana sandwich? It's to die for." To exemplify her point Rachel lifted it to her lips and took another bite, her eyelids fluttering shut and a small moan escaped. While it was obvious Rachel was only doing it to be dramatic it led to darken Quinn's hazel eyes to a burning umber and her hunger to grow but not for food. Quinn's lust addled mind drifted to thoughts of hearing that very moan only louder and in the form of her name, or perhaps seeing what else Rachel could do with those lips. After a few long, loud breaths Quinn had control of her hormones again.

"You know? I think I'll pass. Besides, organic? Are you allergic or something?"

Rachel let out a cute laugh, shaking her head with a bright smile and a smudge of peanut butter on her chin, "I'm vegan!"

"Ah." Quinn leaned closer into Rachel's space, happily noting how the smile fell to be replaced by something like shocked excitement. Quinn swiped the pad of her thumb across Rachel's chin and taking the peanut butter with it. "Lets see."

"Um, ahem, see what?" Quinn smirked and watched Rachel's wide eyes as she licked the organic peanut butter from her thumb. Okay, so it wasn't bad but it wasn't exactly good either. She was probably just use to regular peanut butter and actually she didn't even like real peanut butter so whatever. But watching Rachel gulp for air and continue to stair at her mouth long after she had retracted her tongue was satisfaction enough.

"Not bad." Quinn turned back to her lunch, grinning, "Not bad. But don't be offended if I don't start buying it."


"Well wasn't that just adorable?" Quinn very much felt like a cat who had just been rubbed the wrong way or a bird whose feathers have been ruffled. She was stiff and her bones were locked and she was positive if she had a mirror she'd see her hair sticking straight up like in cartoons. Back ramrod straight Quinn turned at the same time Rachel did to see a half moon of Titans jerseys surrounding them. More football players or hockey players-honestly Quinn couldn't tell the difference- were lined up like a firing brigade and a slushy in each of their hands aimed at both Quinn and Rachel. Behind the attackers, Quinn spotted the guy she had kneed in the face cowering and clutching his nose but also trying to glare at Quinn. Failing miserably of course, but it was a valiant effort.

Beside her, Rachel whimpered and clung to her arm, sinking into the bagginess of her hoodie in hopes of hiding herself there from what was about to happen. Twice in one day was bad enough but when the second time involved over 11 different colored slushys well, that was just fucking fucked.

"So I saw what you did to my bro." Tall, five head, baby faced, stubbly chinned guy was the leader in this pack, jutting his thumb behind him in the direction of the guy whom nose had been broken by Quinn's knee later that day. Quinn couldn't help but let a savage victorious smile grace her face. She made sure Broken Nose saw her wave at him.

"That's David Karofsky." Rachel whispered into the grey material she was gripping so tight, nearly cutting off the circulation of Quinn's arm. Quinn didn't like people who clung onto her but in this instance she allowed for Rachel to continue all things considered.

"What's up Doc?" Quinn shot David one of her most menacing glares. He faltered but only slightly, freezing under the glare but coming back to reality when one of his buddies nudged him.

"Whatever just slush these freaking lesbo losers!" And so they did.

Colorful. That was one word to explain the array of colors as they flew through the air. It was also a good way to explain the words crossing Quinn's mind when they were both doused. From head to toe she felt a burning shock biting at her skin, more so on her legs since she had worn black denim cuts offs today. Ice and different colors dribbling down her chin, plunking into the puddle in her lap. On another note, she quietly snickered in the recess of her mind, she wouldn't need a cold shower when she got home now.

"Let that be a lesson to you!" Quinn didn't see who said and she didn't care. Frankly, the entire football team was now on her list. And they were so dead. She really wanted to jump up and kick major ass in her boots right then and there but she was literally frozen and still had a twice as frozen Rachel clinging to her arm. Instead Quinn just watched them stalk off, laughing amongst themselves occasionally high fiving one another. Quinn only moved when she heard a muffled sob.

"Rachel?" No response but another, louder sob and the tan arms curled around Quinn's bicep tightened. Quinn awkwardly reached around to pat the top of Rachel's slushy covered head, smirking a little at the slosh sound it made even though it really wasn't funny.

"You look like the rainbow threw up on you Quinnie." The pink haired rebel whipped her head up to see Brittney standing in front of her, Santana beside her and their pinkies linked. There was a small frown on Brittney's face that, after Santana noticed it there, made the Latina frown as well.

Quinn however found it to be amusing, hilarious even and burst into a fit of laughter. Three sets of eyes looked at her like she was crazy, Rachel's were wet with tears and Brittney's seemed to be quizzical while Santana just looked at her like she was crazy. Which, she can be honest, she kind of is.

"I actually kind of feel like it Brit! Thanks!" Quinn shot her arms out, breaking contact with Rachel, "Want a hug?"

Brittney smiled widely and surged forward then stopped short, now frowning and looking at the blue/green/purple slush dripping off her cheek to join the rainbow puddle in Quinn's lap, "I don't think that's a good idea Q. But I want to!"

"It's the thought that counts!" Still highly amused because, well, Quinn had been waiting for something bad to happen to her, she reached behind her to grab a spoon off her tray and scoop up a spoonful of slushy from her lap and stick it in her mouth.

Sure, it seemed crazy because it was. And she was getting some really weird looks but only one counted and that happy teary smile from Rachel was it. After hearing first sob, actually after promising Rachel she'd protect the girl form events just like this, Quinn had wanted to make it better. Now that they were both covered in the shit and pride both mortally wounded, Rachel was in tears and Quinn was kind of an emotional dud so the only way she knew how to combat tears was with comedy. She figured if she was silly enough she could lift Rachel's sprits enough to stop the tears and it had worked. Smiling Quinn scooped up another spoonful and offered it to Rachel who giggled and shook her head, running her finger along her cheek and putting the slushy gathered in her mouth.

"You two are crazy." Santana mumbled. Brittney giggled in response, bumping her shoulder against Santana's.

"I think they are cute. Q never smiles like that anymore. Rachel is good for her."

"Whatever you say B. Your cousin is still cray cray."

"Mmm!" Quinn pulled the spoon out of her mouth and tossed it over her shoulder, "That reminds me. I have no change of clothes. Isn't that fantastic?"

Rachel glanced down at her dripping wardrobe with a sigh, "I'm afraid I must admit I don't either. This was my only spare, I certainly wasn't expecting a double hit."

"Whelp, guess that means we are going to have to stay like this all day since my moms at work and I can't call her to come get us."

Rachel gave Quinn the most adorable look, it was probably only that cute because her cheeked were pinked and she was covered in slush, "You'd give me a ride?"

"Duh. We took the hit together. I wouldn't let you suffer."

"That's incredibly sweet of you Quinn. Most people…well I can no one else here at this school would be as kind as to extend such a courtesy. Perhaps I can return the gesture."

Quinn eyed her skeptically, both girls ignoring the fact that Brittney was barely containing her excitement as she watched and Santana faked not caring.

"How so?"

"As it were, I drove myself to school today so I can take you home to change or if you'd like I have some clothes at my home you can borrow and bring back to me tomorrow. Washed and dried of course."

Quinn shrugged, smiling just a little, tiny happy smile at the kind gesture, "Sure."

"Yay!" Brittney clapped happily, trying to get Santana to be as excited as she was. Quinn shook her head but chuckled at her cousins antics.

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