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Asagiri stared at the moonstone bracelet in her hands. It was all that was left of her Ukyo. Her best friend had killed the love of her life. She remembered the last sentences he had ever said. 'I always loved you, Asagiri. You were the only one for me.' he had said. Recalling those words, she closed her eyes and held the bracelet tighter. Her heart ached for the only man she ever loved.

Each breath she took was harder to take than the former. She really wished he was still alive. Her eyes were puffier as ever as she looked up into the night sky. Since that day, she had stopped crying. She wanted to let her feelings out but she couldn't bring herslef to. She had retreated to her room for that evening to mourn after her beloved.

In her room, she sat silently at her writing desk and took a piece of parchment out. Closing her eyes once more, she took a deep breath. Then she started writing.

Dear Ukyo,

I know this letter will never reach you. But as I stared into the night sky, I felt that you were there. Always there. I know that from where you are you be looking down at me. Many feelings have been overflowing this few days so I write this secret letter to let my feelings out.

For one thing, I just wanted you to know that I've always loved you too. I remember each and every single thing we ever shared. Every kiss, every bit of time. I miss it all.

Sometimes, I wish I was never sacrificed. I know that I would not know Sakurahime san then, and I never did regret knowing her. But I wished we had a happier ending. I would gladly spend the rest of my life together with you. It would be a simple life, but I know only you could make me that happy.

When I saw you dying in front of me, I made my promise to you. I promised myself and you that I would live my life as best as I could to make your sacrifice worthwhile. I will always love you and never forget the precious days we spent together. And I know I will be able to keep that.

Although I might never see you again, I will always believe that we will meet one day, once more. And I seriously cannot wait for that day. I promise that when my time comes, I will look for you. I believe that the red thread of fate will always eventually lead me back to you, my love.

All this years, I thought you were dead. And I dearly missed you. I wished we had more time together. I never told you this, but I think you are the bravest man ever. You sacrificed yourself to save me. It was the best thing ANYONE could ever do and I love you alot for that.

I won't ever forget us.

I love you.

Yours even after death,


With that, Asagiri rolled the parchment up and held it with the bracelet. She stared once more into the night sky and finally, a tear rolled down her cheek.

'I will never forget you Ukyo.'

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