So, hi guys. I know that it's been a fair few months since you've heard from me and I'm so sorry for that. My life's been a bit hectic, and my inspiration level has been absolutely subzero. I've only recently found my email password and am absolutely overwhelmed and so touched by the fact that people are still reading and wishing I'd return to writing. It means so much to me that you still care.

After a fair amount of time on this account (on and off with writing) I've decided to leave it. I will not be leaving fanfiction, but I find that this account holds things that I am not completely proud of and that do not show off my abilities as a writer. I need a fresh start, and I've got loads of ideas swimming around in my brain.

If you would like to follow my future endeavors with fanfiction, my new username is: tombstone shadow

Once again, I apologize for being absent and thank you for your support. I hope that you'll continue to stick with me in the stories to come (on my new account).

If you have any questions (or complaints) feel free to message me.

Also, I will most likely be in the market for a beta, if anyone is interested.

Much love (or until next time),