Cat's leave paw print's on your heart

Quanktumspirit: "This story is made up by me. I am making up how Puss grew up and fell in love. He is telling this story to Donkey, Shrek, Fiona, Dragon, (Dragon and Donkey's children), Bananas, Peanut, Parfait, Coco, (Shrek and Fiona's children), Farkle, Fergus and Felicia. I own nobody except the title and the story. Oh and sorry if I might write the story in a wrong perspective. But I will try and write his telling story in Puss P.O.V."

It was a very relaxing day in Far, Far away. The fair queen has sadly passed away a few years ago and Artie ore as he was now called Arthur ruled Far, Far away really well.

Shrek and Fiona both settled to a family life inside Shrek's snug little home. Dragon and Donkey were over there right now and telling story's to there friends and Family.

Puss stopped by for a meal and quietly listens to the entire fantasy story his best friend whips up. Donkey just finished the last part of his tale: Jack and the bean stalk.

"And Jake chopped down the massive stalk and the giant was killed." Donkey finished his story.

"Wow. What an excellent story." Fergus beamed happy.

"Totally. Like where Jake sold the cow for the beans and in return got riches beyond his wildest imagination." Bananas said happy.

Fiona and Shrek smiled as the children really pictured the story out in there own imaginations. Suddenly Parfait looked over to Puss who was very quiet and seemed to be looking outside of the window.

She smiled and had an idea to gain more information out of Puss.

"Hey Puss. Can you tell us a story of one of your own adventures? As you were younger?" Parfait asked the cat.

"Yeah. From your home town." Coco asked the Spanish cat.

"No… I… I better not…" Puss said as a bad memory came back.

"What's wrong friend? Something is heavy on your mind. Am I right?" Donkey asked him.

Puss looked amassed at Donkey and nodded. Puss never knew how, but Donkey could read him like a book.

"It was a mistake I did a long time ago. This adventure has been engraved into my heart and very soul that it will never leave me." Puss told them sad.

"Wait I just noticed something. I am married and have kids with Shrek. Donkey is married and has his own family with Dragon. But you don't Puss. Why?" Fiona asked him confused.

"I thought the three Diablos were your children?" Bananas asked him confused.

"The three Diablos… yeah. They were my first real family I had in ages. But I had to leave them behind… and for the answer of the true love… I have found the on she cat that is more amassing in her own way like no other female can ever be." Puss told them.

"Please tell us the story." Everybody asked Puss excited.

"I will tell you the story… of my one and true love." Puss said still a bit upset.

Donkey got of the chair and placed Puss into it. He got out an old guitar and smiled down at the others.

Then he strummed it correctly and started his tale.

Quanktumspirit: "Yes this romance story is about Puss and Kitty Soft paws. They both are really cute. I own nobody. Please review."