Deleted Puss in Boot's story scenes

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First chapter deleted scene

The Dream Work's director: "Light's, camera, action."

Fiona: "Wait I just noticed something. I am marmalade and have cakes with Shrek. Donkey is marmalade and has cakes with Dragon. But you don't Puss. Why?"

Puss laughing: "Because I prefer to eat a fish and drink milk Fiona. Not cakes and marmalade."

Fiona: "What?"

The actors and the Dream works director laugh. Fiona noticed she spoke her line wrong out.

The Dream Work's director: "Cut."

Second chapter deleted scene

The Dream Work's director: "Light's, camera, action."

Puss P.O.V

On one fine morning I was sitting in my home in Spain and a old man entered my room. He looked about 80 ore 90. He was blind and looked around the room.

Me: "Um good morning sir."

I said. The old man looked around and found a chair in front of my desk with looking around and sitting on it.

The Dream Work's director: "Cut. Where is his blind stick?"

Man: "What?"

The Dream Work's director: "You are blind. Not a seeing person."

Man: "Oh. Sorry."

The third chapter deleted scene

The Dream Work's director: "Light's, camera, action."

Puss P.O.V 1

After I recovered from being whacked by a broom I returned to a cat club. I got myself a drink of milk and scanned the other cat's of to see if I could find the black she cat. But no such luck.

But just as I was about to leave the cat club heading back to the Poison apple where I lived, a white Tomcat came up to me-

The Dream Work's director: "Cut Puss."

Everybody: "Why he did it good?"

The Dream Work's director: "Puss yes. But the cat should be gray. Where is his make up artist?"

The cat's make up artist: "I'm coming."

After 20 minuets of redecorating it carried on.

Puss in Boot's P.O.V 2

I got of the chair and got my blade. Then after paying for the milk I walked to church witch was only a few miles walk from here. Once I reached it, it was already dark and raining. I hate rain, but my challenger was really there waiting for me.

The Dream Work's director: "Cut. Where is the rain? Andrew."

Andrew: "What?"

The Dream Work's director: "The rain should be falling. And we have 50 degrees in bloody sun shine."

Andrew: "Oh sorry."

The forth chapter deleted scene: Part 1

The Dream Work's director: "Light's camera action."

Kitty: "Thank you. Where are you actually heading?"

Me: "Oh I was actually on the search for you."

I handed her the wanted poster. She took at it and then instead of looking scared she laughs me out. I glared her mad. I should put her behind bars, get the cash and then leave. And she was laughing that she was wanted? What does that mean?

Kitty: "I have a nice beard and eye patch."

Me: "What? Hahaha. Diablos."

The Diablos have drawn over the Wanted poster and they needed a new one now.

Dream Work's director: "Cut."

The fourth chapter: Part two

The Dream Work's director: "Light's camera action."

The horse was not that keen on carrying us with a barrow full of whisky. But he road us back to the guards. They were playing cards as they noticed us approaching.

Guard one: "Hey Peter. Look. Steven what are you doing out?"

Kitty whispers to me: "Puss take your left hand and hold it to the back and tap it at the barrio."

Guard two: "Well?"

Kitty in a deep voice sounding more like a man: "Hi Guy's. I just brought you some of the finest whisky. So that your evening won't be so long."

But instead of tapping on the barrier I hammered on Kitty's head.

Kitty in her normal voice: "Puss. Ouch."

Dream Work's director: "Cut."

The fifth chapter deleted sceen

Director: "And action."

Everybody stared in amazement at Puss. He was truly in love with this Kitty Softpaws. Suddenly Fergus noticed a cut wound on Pusses arm that was covered by fur, but still bear.

Fergus: "Puss. The cut wound you got there. Is that from Kitty Softpaws?"

Puss: "No… but it is from Perla."

Director: "Cut get the first aid man here and the make up artist."

Everybody: "Why?"

Director: "Puss arm has really got a cut on his arm. And it is supposed to be make up."

Puss: "Oh. My bad."

The sixth chapter deleted scene

The scene in the prison cell.

Perla: "Wait. Puss do you still have the key's from the last time we met and bury you into your grave?"

Me: "Oh yeah."

So I shook my head as best as I could… I shook my head. My hat fell of… and nothing.

Director: "Cut where are the key's gadget guy."

Gadget guy: "Yes?"

Director: "Where are the key's?"

Gadget guy: "I locked them save away in the Celle."

Director: "What. Have you got the key for it?"

Gadget guy: "Yeah. Wait here."

Everybody followed him and the Celle had 20 padlocks on it.

Director: "Great. Get it open."

And what a surprise. No key's that he had fitted. He left them at home in Italy. And we were in bloody Hollywood. AAAAAAHHHH.

The seventh chapter: Deleted scenes part 1

The scene in the forest.

The guards left and Anderson coughs up in the bushes a hair ball. Me and the others thought his actions were cute.

Then he signalled to us that the last guard was gone and we could come out.

First I was out with the horses, then the three Diablos and last Kitty Softpaws.

Director: "Careful… carefully…"

Horse: "WHIEHR!"


The horse fell out of the tree and it took the film crew 2 hour's before they caught it again.


The seventh chapter: Deleted scenes part 2

Director: "Camera's action."

Puss P.O.V

I nodded and left with my father. He smiled at me and I could tell there was more to this walk then gathering fire wood. He wanted to spend some quality time with me.

In the dark wood's we quickly got to work, by slicing down a few thick branches and dragging them back to our camp, then Anderson got out a small piece of glass and pointed it to the moon.

The three Diablos, me and Kitty Softpaws: "That won't work."

Anderson: "You guy's don't know the power of the light. If I hold it just right-"

To our surprise he managed to light the fire with the moonlight. Not a small flame. IT BURNED BIGGER AND WE HAD TO FLEE.


The eight's chapter: Deleted scene

Director getting tired: "Action."

Suddenly we felt a strong wind blow, I then noticed a metal connection between both ropes and my father just above it.

Anderson: "Guy's when you feel a wind let go of the rope."

Kitty: "You are mentally sick Anderson."

Anderson: "No just have more experience to death then you two. Come. Yeah."

We all screamed as my father broke the rope and we fell clutching for dear life on the rope. And we crashed directly in the middle and hung there above the mattress.

Director: "Cut. It need's a swing."

The ninth chapter: Deleted scene

Director: "Action."

Puss: "Who ever you are what do you want? You cat in Shrek's back tree just opposite from where I am sitting."

Everybody turned there heads and couldn't see anything. The cat eyes stayed in the same position. And suddenly they moved.

Puss pulled out his sword and creped after them. Then he jumped and got a right fright.

?: "Why would a son attack his own father? Puss it is me."

Puss: "A… A…. Anderson? My biological father? What are you doing here? Shit."


Puss accidently cut in his father's ear. He carefully removed his sword and helped his father to patch up.

Puss: "Sorry Anderson."

Anderson: "It's ok."

The tenth chapter: Deleted scenes

Director: "Everybody on there places. Alright. Action."

Suddenly all the kid's fell fast asleep on the armchair holding Puss and Anderson tight so that they won't move. Puss chuckled quietly and released himself out of there hold. Quickly as a replacement he placed two cushion's and they hugged it a bit tighter…

The next morning they noticed the kid's were still asleep.

Puss: "Morning kids… kids? Shit GET THE FIRST AID MAN BACK!"

Shrek: "What what's wrong with them?"

Puss: "Somebody drugged them."


The diamond sceen

Director: "Ok the diamond ring scene. Ready. And action."

Puss P.O.V

A few day's before I moved to Far, Far away it was Kitty Softpaws birthday. I walked around town to find for her something really special. I went to a ring shop and looked for the perfect proposal ring. Carlos (a gray tomcat and a friend of mine) promised to keep Kitty away from me whiles I was searching for her birthday present.

Kitty: "Hi Puss. How are you?"

Director: "Cut. Kitty this is not your scene yet."

Kitty: "Oh sorry. I thought we were still on coffee break."

After Kitty got of the stage again.

Director: "Ok the diamond ring scene part 2. Ready. And action."

Still Puss P.O.V

Shop assistant: "Wow… that must be the worlds most beautiful proposal ring ever made. Good job Puss."

Me: "Why thank you."

Shop assistant: "For who is the proposal ring?"

Me: "It is for my girlfriend Kitty Softpaws. I want to ask her if she would marry me."

Shop assistant: "How long have you two been together?"

Me: "For 2 year's."

Shop assistant: "Well good luck. And have a nice day."

Me: "I sure will. Thank you for your help."

I paid for the ring and then carefully placed it into a black ring box and then into my money bag. Then I went of to find Kitty Softpaws.

I found her behind a cow barn. But as I saw her, I felt as if my heart has been smashed by a sledge hammer. There in front of my eyes was Kitty Softpaws.

She was kissing Carlos-

Director: "Cut where is Carlos?"

Carlos: "I'm coming. Can't a cat do his business. I needed the toilet."

Director: "Ok, everybody back to there positions. Let's do this again and properly."

The birthday scene

Director: "Ready Kitty's birthday scene second tape. And action."

Peter: "Fine. Every body ready."

All the cat's stood in rows and waited patiently for Kitty Softpaws. Alex quickly ran back down to his place and grinned.

Alex: "She is coming. Everybody onto there positions."

Quickly all the lights were turned of as Kitty Softpaws and Carlos entered the cantina. I smiled as I was hiding in the furthest distance and was close to the stage to do my second song.

Kitty: "Hello… is anybody here?"

Suddenly all the lights came on and all the cat's jumped out in surprise. Kitty was quiet shocked you could say.

All cat's in the cat cantina: "Happy Birthday Kitty Softpaws! Hip, hip, hurrah, hip, hip, hurrah."

Director: "Cut."

All the cat's: "What? We did everything correctly."

Director: "Yes. But where is Puss?"

Puss poked his head out of the door.

Puss: "Wasn't I supposed to vanish before she find's me?"

Director: "Yes, but not that quick."

Puss: "Sorry."

Quanktumspirit: "Well. I had fun writing deleted scenes for them. This is now 100% the last chapter. I hope you guy's had fun reading this interesting story as I had fun writing it."