After Ruu and Wanya left, I started realizing my true feelings toward my roommate. At first, I may have thought it as a simple crush just like his other fan girls who can't get enough of his looks and his charm. I have always thought that he is handsome that's why I tend to somewhat like him. But now, it's different. I already realized that he is the only person who could make me happy – the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Sometimes I hated him you know because he often teases me with all my clumsiness and my childish acts and oh especially when his stride remarks of I, not being able to do something. Everything about teasing me – he is the one to be called. But even with all of these, I have come to love him... I just want to be by his side.


I don't think we're a match.

He's the most popular guy in the school, known for his irresistible looks and brilliant intelligence while I am just an ordinary student.

* sigh *

"Hey, Miyu… you're drifting again" I looked up and came back to the reality upon Nanami's remark.

"Well, I was just thinking about something… hehe"

"Really? It's like the fourth time of the day. Just spill it out Miyu. What's bothering you?" Nanami asked showing a huge amount of curiosity. I saw Aya, nod in agreement.

"Nothing's bothering me! I was just thinking about our lessons we've discussed earlier"

"Hai hai hai, you're not good at lying you know Miyu" Aya interjected..

"Really guys!"

"You're being too loud Miyu…" Then came the subject of my drifting with his bestfriend Santa.

"Why you!"

"Hey guys!" Santa, displaying his wide grin, pulled out of his pocket a Momoland pamphlet. "How about this weekend? Let's have fun. The last time they opened, we did not come together… Kanata here was enjoying his precious time with Akira alone. How about spending time with us and her, Kanata?"

I felt a slight pain with that.

"I'm glad she's back Kanata. But still I was a little bit hurt because you were with her last night without telling me. Tsk tsk tsk."

So that was why he came home late last night.

So Akira is back. Then God is being good to me.

"Hmph… I'll tell her then. She told me she's gonna transfer here also."

"Great then! So Nanami? Aya? Miyu? What do you think? I've already asked Christine and Nozumu and they have agreed as well."

"Of course we're free!" exclaimed Aya and Nanami. They both looked at me as if I have something to tell..

"Ah! Oh yeah right of course!"

God is being good to me… I know…