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Two years later...

Sherlock burst through the door of Bart's morgue Laboratory. Molly looked up from her work, "Oh Hi Sherlock." She mumbled shyly.

Sherlock ignored her and stormed further into the lab. "Okay then..." Molly muttered under her breath.

Sherlock just sat down at a desk, when a man stormed through the door, glaring straight at Sherlock, "Who are you and what do you think you are doing in here? This is not a fun park for your amusement." The man demanded.

Sherlock remained silent, gathering the equipment he required, including a microscope, getting no answer the man continued. "Excuse me, Put that back! Molly what is this man doing here?"

"Ummm. Mike this is Sherlock Holmes, he has permission to use the hospitals facilities." Molly smiled.

"Why haven't I been told? Who gave him permission?" Mike asked.

"He has permission from the top. You can't argue with them. Their word is law." Molly said.

Mike nodded, "True. But I didn't know sorry. What are you here for then Mr Holmes?"

Sherlock glanced up, "Sherlock please. And isn't it obvious?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

Mike gave Sherlock a confused look, "Not really. I don't see how it could be, when I've only just met you and all you are doing is gathering equipment."

Sherlock chuckled, "How boring. It's easy if you open your eyes." Mike shook his head not believing Sherlock. Sherlock just sighed, "Fine. You're Mike Stamford, you teach here at Bart's. You were transferred he about six months ago. You were also taught here yourself, you taught somewhere else for a while but when the marriage fell through you came back here. Somewhere familiar, somewhere you knew people. Do I continue?"

Mike sat shocked for a moment like everyone else that Sherlock deduced, "How?" he murmured.

"As Molly said your name is Mike. Stamford? Oh well that's easy, I've seen you around before with a briefcase with 'M. Stamford' embossed on it. Mike is probably short for Michael. Six months? I like to take a walk around the hospital every now and again, helps me think. I see everyone who comes in and out, the hospital is almost like a second home I am here so much. You appeared wandering around the corridors about six months ago. Teacher? Simple, lab coat though much neater than anyone like Molly here for example, so more for show then. Lecturer then, medicine lecturer actually, I've past a few of your classes, the typical medicine lecture spiel. Trained at Bart's? When I first saw you, you were confident when travelling from place to place. Also a couple of lecturers seem to know you from somewhere; they were most likely your old lecturers, judging by the age difference, probably not your normal friendship group. Marriage fallen through? You keep rubbing your fourth left finger, and then you will stop and pull your hand away. You forget that you are no longer married, or still want to be. You weren't the one who broke it off, your wife filed for divorce. Six months ago was when the divorce filed through, you moved back here, to get away from your ex because you still love her, but she's moved on. So you are getting as far away from her as possible, but you want to know some people, so it brought you back here."

Mike looked at Sherlock with so many expressions on his face; confusion, shock, slight anger, hurt. Sherlock looked pleased with himself and his deductions and stood with a slight smile on his face. Mike finally composed himself, able to react, "You know what. Piss off." Mike stated before bidding Molly and goodbye and leaving.

Sherlock didn't flinch, used to the harsh words and snide comments he had received for years before.

Molly shook her head, "That wasn't very nice you know. He is normally a nice guy but you talked about a sensitive and private topic, so he snapped." Molly said, trying to make excuses for Mike's actions, before carrying on with her work.

"I don't see why I should care about niceties, it's not like anyone bothers with them for me. And besides I don't see why it's a sensitive topic, he should be over it by now."Sherlock mumbled, without raising his head.

Molly sighed, "You really don't understand do you?"

"There is nothing to understand. Life is how it is; people need to learn to deal with it. Bad things happen, get over it." Sherlock growled, he glanced at the computer screen which was wired up to the microscope and smiled.

Gathering his stuff together quickly, Sherlock headed straight for the door, not turning around to say goodbye to Molly.

A few hours later...

Mike went into the lab, finding Molly working at one of the computers, "Hi Molly." Mike muttered grabbing her attention.

"Oh Hello Mike. Can I help you?" Molly asked smiling.

"Yeah umm, where is the guy from earlier?" Mike asked.

"Sherlock? He's gone. Left not long after you did." Molly stated.

"Oh. Can I ask you a question? Did he find out all that stuff about me from you or-"

Molly cut Mike off, "No. I have never said anything. He is just like that. One glance and he can see all your secrets. I think it is amazing how he does it."

"But it's slight weird.."

"I don't thin he can control it. He just comes out with these things, not thinking about how others will react to hear them." Molly said trying to defend Sherlock.

"Yeah, about my reaction, I felt guilty about the way I reacted to him." Mike muttered, scratching the back of his head.

"I don't think he cares. I am pretty sure he's use to it. Just maybe not such a harsh comment next time." Molly teased.

Mike smiled slightly, "I'll keep that in mind."


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