So here I am guys, with my new fan fiction. It's AU, and characters will have different lives, different relationship, but I'll try to keep all of them in character as much as I can, considering they're living differently than they do in the show. I hope you'll enjoy it, and have fun reading!


„Elena" – she heard Jenna calling her name from downstairs. Her aunt was very loud when she wanted to be. „Wake up! You're going to be late for school!" – Jenna yelled louder than before so she would be convinced Elena heard her.

„I'm coming" – Elena yelled with a sleepy voice. She had put her pillow on the top of her head, squashing her ears so another sound wouldn't interfre with her waking up process. She wasn't a morning person. If she didn't wake up on her own, she would be moody for the whole morning. And the person who woke her up would be her target until she breathes some life in herself and forgets all about unpleasant waking up. She hated waking up early. But when she woke up late, that would mess up with her schedule that included hygine, which she had to do first until her brother wakes up and occupies the bathroom, and there's no way she's going in there after him, strategically planning her outfit for the day, doing her hair however she feels like that day, applying make up if she finds it necessary, and having a cup of coffee before Bonnie picks her up.

Elena threw the pillow of her head and opened one eye to glance at the alarm clock. 6:55am. Damn! She has only 35 minutes to get ready until Bonnie beeps the horn of her car to let her know she has arrived. She jumped from the bed in a hurry, running towards the bathroom. She opened the bathroom doors leading to the room of her brother, enough to see is he still in his bed. He was still sleeping. Good. That means she won't find any surprises in the bathroom. She locked both bathroom doors, ones leading to his, and the others leading to her room. Sharing a bathroom with a younger brother was the worst thing ever. Especially her brother, Jeremy, who was the messiest person she ever had a pleasure of knowing.

While she was brushing her teeth, Jenna's voice was still echoing in her head. If it were anyone else, Elena would be a first class bitch to them for waking her up, although they would be doing her a favor. How does that saying go? Let sleeping dogs lie? But she couldn't be angry or bitchy at Jenna. After all, she had dropped everything to take care of her and Jeremy, the least she could do was to not be a bitch to her.

She heard Jeremy's bed squeaking. That meant he's up, probably rolling out of bed as we speak. So she did what she had to do in a hurry, quietly unlocked his bathroom door, then disappeared from it, without leaving a trace she was there in the first place.

She opened her closet and frowned at it. Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. She grabbed her black, under the knee dress from the hanger and vanilla, v-neck jacket that was ending on her hips. She slided in the strapless, bell dress an put her jacket on? To button the last button on it, or not?

Unbutton. She frowned at her reflection in the mirror. Her breasts were popping out now.

Button. She frowned again. She looked like a nun now.

Unbotton? Button?


She had put her favorite black with white dots flats on her feet, decided to let her hair fall down on her back, grabbed her black, leather bag from the chair and hopped downstairs.

Jeremy was already downstairs, eating his cereal. Guys. They brush their teeth, well most of them do anyway, put some water on their face to freshen up, dress into the first thing they see and they're done. He could have at least brushed his hair.

Jeremy raised his head and waved at Elena, wishing her good morning. Elena smiled at him. Milk was dripping down his face. She gestured him with her hand he has milk on his face, and he wiped it off with the sleeve of his shirt. Disgusting.

„Morning sweetie" – Jenna turned around, holding a big cup of coffee in her hands, offering it to Elena.

Coffee is her salvation. It keeps her from killing everyone she sees in the morning. Just like sarcasm, Bonnie and Caroline keep her from killing every one of those idiots at school.

„Morning Jenna" – Elena smiled at her, grabbing a cup from her hands and taking a sip from it.

Extra hot. Her tongue and throat were burning up. Jenna was the worst coffee maker in the world. Elena could basically feel clumps of sugar in it. And where did she heat this coffee up? In hell? Whoever taught Jenna how to make coffee must have hated her. But that coffee had her wide awake in less than 10 seconds.

Jenna smiled back. „Is it good?" – she asked proudly, flipping her strawberry blonde hair behind her shoulders.

„Just the way I like it" – Elena patted her aunt on the shoulder with her free hand.

How could she tell her that her coffee makes her want to kill puppies with her bare hands when she pulled such a wide, proud smile across her face. Elena wondered does her aunt ever drink coffee, and if she does and likes it, she has the worst taste ever.

Jenna moved in with her and Jeremy two years ago, after her parents died. She's still in college, she's a psychology student and only few months keep her away from getting her degree. Good thing she's smart and doesn't have to make coffee because she would poison half of the town. Or cook. Jenna's cooking, the horror of all horrors. But Jenna is doing the best she can, being so young and unexperienced. To them, she was like a second mother, and she had basically put her life on hold to take care of them, and to catch the strings of paranthood. And there's not a thing Elena could do to pay her back. Except maybe make her own coffee and cook occasionally, but in the end, that was for their own good, so she didn't even know does that count.

As Elena took her last sip of coffee, she heard the horn of Bonnie's car in front of the house. She gave Jenna a kiss on the cheek, said bye to Jeremy although she's going to see him around the school and disappeared from the house.


„Did you see the way he looked at me? At me! – Caroline was squealing like a little child as they walked to their lockers.

It was their senior year, and Caroline decided she's going to take an advantage of it. She's going to do everything she missed out on while she stayed at home, watched The Notebook and stuffed herself with Oreos. She decided she's going to party and hook up with boys and do all the things it says other girls did on the bathroom doors. Elena knew Caroline would never actually do those things, she's too shy, but she had a big mouth, fast tongue and wild imagination, so Elena just smiled as she talked about her future plans. She would end up watching Notebook and eating Oreos every Saturday night anyway.

„I don't know Caroline, don't you think Mr. Rogers is too old?" – Bonnie said, giggling at her friends excitement.

Neither Elena or Bonnie were as half as excited as Caroline for their senior year. Bonnie wasn't interested in boys and partying. She was only interested in studying and playing computer games with her older brother who dropped out of college and is now living bohemian life. Seriously, he's even writing songs about it. It's only a matter of time before their father comes home from Europe and makes him go back to college. Her brother was kinda cute, with his deep brown eyes, bushy hair and full, pink lips. But he already had a beer belly, in his early twenties, and was completely immature for his age.

„And too gross? I mean, he wears a taupe" – Elena added. The man had the most obvious taupe out of all the people who ever wore taupes in the history of the world.

„And he is your teacher" – Bonnie made a loud statement.

Mr. Rogers was their old English teacher. Okay, he wasn't that old. But he was old enough. Anyway, Caroline was convinced he was flirting with her when he asked her to stay with him in the classroom after the class ended. He only wanted to talk to her about her grades and how she needs to get an excelent from every exam until the end of the school year in order for her to have a B in his class, but Caroline kept explaining to them it wasn't about what he said, but about how he said it. How he kept calling her by her first name, and how he kept waving his hands in her direction, and how he stopped every now and then because his look kept falling on her chest.

„Girls, Mr. Rogers is a well read and traveled older man. Sure, he is old enough to be my father, and he does have that old man smell, but he is also very smart and I'm flattered that kind of man would be interested in me. He's even been to Russia!" – she said the last sentence with pride.

„He told you he's been in Russia?" – Bonnie asked as she opened her locker to put her books in.

„Well.. no" – Caroline furrowed her brows – „I've kinda made him tell me the story."

Both Elena and Bonnie turned their heads around at Caroline and gave her a questionable look. Caroline bit her lip and looked at the floor.

„I've seen this little wooden doll on his desk so I asked him did his child made that for him because I didn't see a ring on his finger so I wanted to make sure he's not married, or that he's maybe divorced or something, I don't even know. But he frowned and said that'a babushka and that he got it when he was on a vacation in Russia, I mean who even goes to a vacation in Russia, if you have enough money to go to Europe at least take a vacation somewhere sunny, and how was I supposed to know that doll was profesionally made it looks like my little cousin made it for an art assignment in kindergarten, and I felt really bad so I asked him a lot of questions and he kept talking and talking and got all excited about how everyone should visit Russia because it's such a magical country with lots of history" – Caroline tried to catch her breath after the last spoken word since she said all of that in once breath. She did that often when she got excited. She just talked and talked and talked without stopping, like someone wind her up.

Elena bursted into laughter. „Oh Caroline" – she said while laughing, holding one hand on her locker door and the other on her stomach.

Caroline raised her head up and frowned at Elena. She looked at Bonnie and saw her silently giggling too. She exhaled and opened her own locker.

„Elena, what about you?" – Caroline smirked as she applied light, red lipstic on her lips.

„What about me?" – Elena closed her locker and leaned against it.

„Do you have an eye for anyone?" – Caroline asked although she knew an answer to that question very well.

Elena was not into boys either. But unlike Bonnie, she wasn't opposed to having one. But she didn't want to find one either, she wanted to be found. She didn't want to waste her time on this high school morons. Sometimes she had a feeling she doesn't want to waste time on real morons either. Well hello there, fangirl alert. She didn't want to fall in love with someone, give him everything she has, only for him to take advantage of her for sex and the give her up when something better comes along. Because that's what boys do. They don't think with their heart, but they don't think with their head either. Well, not with the one on their necks. She wanted a movie romance. She wanted to fall for someone while she's buying peanut butter, crunchy one, in local supermarket, or when she drops her wallet in the middle of the street and he runs into her and knocks her over as well as her heart. She wanted to have an adventure, she wanted to fall in love with someone she least expects to, she wanted to feel someone's heart on the palm of her hand and she was sure she's not going to find that in Mystic Falls High School.

„Elena, you have to get out of that tower of yours, because Prince Charming is not going to climb in it and take you far, far away in the freedom" – Caroline said while puckering her lips, looking herself in the mirror that was attached inside of her locker door.

Elena knew that. So why did she wanted it so desperately?

„Matt is cute" – Caroline said.

„And he is in love with your for quite some time" – Bonnie added.

Elena gave a look of warning to Bonnie. She went over to the enemy lines with Caroline. Yes, Matt is a cutie. And he's sweet and adorable and everything a girl would want from a boy. But he's also her best friend for as long as she could remember. They know each other since they were in diapers. She had seen his thing when they were swimming in a rubber pool in her back yard. She farted in front of him more than once. Not more than he did in front of her. And when he told everyone she did so, she told him he's lying because she's a lady, and ladies don't fart. And she was mad at him for a week, until he bought her a strawberry lollypop and lured her back into delicious web of friendship. If he started kissing her now, she would probably laugh, and it would be extremely awkward. And she felt sorry for him because he was so unfortunate to fall in love with a girl that is never going to love him back. Not like that.

„I know what Elena needs" – Caroline said with a wide smile on her face. She's about to say something stupid, Elena knew it. „There" – she pointed her finger at a boy who was standing in front of his locker, trying to remember his combination. Stefan Salvatore.

Didn't she knew Caroline is going to say something stupid? Whenever she had this dope smile on her face Elena knew she's going to go all Joey Tribiani on her. Stefan Salvatore was the most popular boy in the school. He was the captain of the football team, and his girlfriend was the head cheerleader. His hair was made out of gold, and he was wearing his letterman jacket. He probably even slept in it. Also, his body was sculptured by Greek gods, and he was driving a red Porsche, and his family was dirty rich. No, you didn't fall asleep and wake up in some lame ass teen comedy, this was probably written in his birth certificate, because when he popped out with his sunshine blonde hair everyone probably knew every girl will fall on her knees for him. Literally. If you know what I mean.

„Yeah, because I want a boyfriend who spends more time doing his hair than me" – Elena said while looking at Stefan who was scratching his head, not being able to remember his locker combination.

Caroline and Bonnie laughed and went on picking on their lockers.

But Elena glanced back at Stefan. No matter how cliche his life is, he does have that something. She didn't knew much about Stefan, and she thought he's as dumb as a post, but in Mr. Roger's English class he always had all the answers and he always read everything that was assigned to them. They also had Mr. Tanner's History class together, and Elena noticed that he's good with years and names. But in the end, he was a stupid jock who probably made fun of geeks and fatties and kids with glasses during lunch break and who had sex with the head of the cheerleading squad and who probably woke up every day three ours earlier to do his hair. Matt was in the football team too, but Matt was different. He was one of the good guys. He finally got his locker combo. Good boy. It seems that hamster in his head started running a little bit faster. Probably happens once or twice a day. But he did have those pretty green eyes. And that Italian accent that made all the girls drool like puppies.

„Staring much?" – she heard a sharp voice coming from behind her, waking her up from the trans she found herself in.

She turned her head around and saw a tall brunette standing there, with her hands on her hips, pouting her lips. Katherine Pierce. She was Stefan's girlfriend. And she was one of those people every girl wanted to know, and every guy wanted to have, but only Stefan got to have her. Well, not if it's to believe to the rumors. And Stefan looked dumb enough to stay with her even if the rumors were true. She was the head of the cheerleading squad, and she liked to give head, and not only to Stefan. Again, if it is to believe to the rumors. Katherine had a long, brown curly hair that was swaying in the wind even if there was no wind. She had brown puppy eyes, but her thin, pointy eyebrows made them look mean. She had a perfect waist and perfectly long legs. Okay, you get the picture, Katherine Pierce is perfect.

„Um, what? No, I was just.." – Elena lost herself in her own thoughts, distracted by Katherine even talking to her. She didn't do so in years.

Once upon a time, Elena and Katherine were best friends. It has always been her, Katherine, Caroline and Bonnie. The fantastic four. Until High School, when Katherine's boobs grew over the summer. Or when she bought them. Whatever. Anyway, she became the it girl over night, and soon enough she forgot her friends, which fell harder on Elena than it did on Caroline or Bonnie because Elena and Katherine were closer than anyone. Elena was afraid Katherine would tell everyone all of her secrets, but soon enough she became someone Katherine was ashamed to talk about, and soon enough everyone forgot they were friends. Even Katherine.

„You do realize that is my boyfriend you are staring at?" – Katherine said while cheacking out her nails, still pouting her lips.

Elena was speechless. Elena Gilbert speechless? Not something that happens often. Actually, that never happens.

„Gosh Katherine, are you always such a bitch, or do I have a fortune of running into you when you have your bitchy escapades?" – Elena saw a tall, blonde girl standing behind Katherine. When Katherine heard her, her eyes grew bigger and she froze into place.

„Rebekah" – Katherine said silently as the muscles of her face relaxed.

As far as Elena understood, Rebekah Mikaelson was Stefan's best friend. She didn't know much about her, just that she's from Great Britain, but that she moved with her mother to Mystic Falls when she was six. She still kept her British accent, though. Her brother, Niklaus, moved in with her and their mother when their father died. Up until then, he was living with their father in London. Niklaus became one of Stefan's closer friends, and he was too on the football team. Matt says girls melt when he opens his mouth, because of his pure British accent. Girls drop their panties because of that kind of stuff. The only man with an accent Elena would drop her panties for was Hugh Grant. I mean, who wouldn't?

„That outfit" – Rebekah pointed her finger at the cheerleading outfit Katherine was wearing – „Or the fact you are sleeping with the captain of football team" – and God knows who else – „doesn't make you the queen of the world" – Rebekah said coldly, her accent making her sound colder than any American would sound. She didn't even sound bitchy, she sounded smart. Guess that's what accent does to people.

Wait. What was she talking about? Katherine was Blair fucking Waldorf of Mystic Falls. But someone not falling on their knees to kiss the ground Katherine walks on was a delight to see.

Katherine crossed her arms like a child, pouted her lips in furry and shook her head. By the way, her curls didn't move. Were they made of rock? Were they insured for one million dollars? Is she going to sell her hair if her world class bitch act fails?

„Whatever" – she rolled her eyes and walked away in another direction.

Elena turned around to look at Bonnie and Caroline. They both bugged their eyes out in Katherine's directon. Caroline had a stunned look on her face, but Bonnie pulled a smirk over hers. Caroline was intimidated of Katherine, like the rest of the school was, but Bonnie hated her. She was never a big fan of Katherine when they were friends, either.

„Don't mind her" – Elena was nudged by Rebekah's voice that sounded little less British now. „Stefan probably only puts up with her because she makes him rise" – Rebekah rolled her eyes in the direction Katherine went. She didn't look too happy about Stefan and Katherine being together.

Elena looked at Rebekah confused. „Rise?" – she asked while furrowing her brows and wiggling her little, perky nose.

Rebekah looked at her and smiled gently. When it comes to beauty, Katherine was no match to Rebekah. Sure, Katherine was beautiful, but sometimes it seemed she tried too much to look beautiful. Her hair looked like it's made out of rock, which was freaky to see, and she wore too much make up. Plus, her attitude only made her look more fake than her appearance did. But Rebekah looked like an angel. She looked natural. Her skin was milky, and she had beautiful blue eyes that were a perfect match to her straight, blonde hair. She was tall, and she didn't have to walk half naked around the school to look attractive. And her British accent made her look mysterious, and her manners made her look elegant.

„She makes him hard. You know.. sex" – Rebekah tried to explain while keeping that gentle smile on her face. Smiling like that, she reminded her of Matt.

Sex. Of course she's talking about sex. What else would she be talking about? Another topic Elena knows nothing about. Well, except what they told them in school and what she read in Cosmopolitan, but how much can you believe a magazine that says pink is no longer in fashion? Lies. All lies. And by the way, it should be forbidden by law for P.E teachers to lead sexual education classes. The last time he was able to have sex was probably when dinosaurs still walked the Earth.

„Oh" – Elena gasped and smiled back at Rebekah. She could hear Caroline giggling behind her back. She's probably enjoying this.

Rebekah turned her head around and saw Stefan closing his locker and heading in the opposite direction. „See you around" – she waved to all three girls and ran in Stefan's direction, calling his name. When he heard her voice, he turned around and pulled a smile across his face. When she came closer to him, he had put his arm around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head.


After the bell for the last class rang, and after everyone, including her friends, went home, Elena headed to the tutor center. She started tutoring after her parents died so she would be able to pay for all the college expenses by herself, and although there was a big chance she will get a scholarship, she didn't want to risk it. She knew her parents left enough money for both her and Jeremy behind them, and that Jenna had a part-time job, but she also knew that money runs out quickly. She was afraid there won't be any money left for Jeremy to go to college, and there's no way in hell he's getting a scholarship. She found it selfish of her to spend all the money just because she's the first child. And even if there's enough money, extra money could never hurt. In the end, there were all those shoes waiting to be bought.

When she entered the tutor center, no one was there. She had put her bag on the counter, tied her hair in a long tail, and put the glasses on her face. There was no need for her to wear them anymore, and she did have her contact lenses, but they made her look smarter than she is. And they made her feel smarter than she is. Plus, she liked the way they kept falling on the tip of her nose, so her long eyelashes would pop out. She made herself comfortable in a chair behind a counter and cracked a book. She heard the doors opening and she frowned. She got up from the chair and saw a tall, blonde guy standing there, scratching the back of his head and looking at a piece of paper.

Stefan Salvatore. He was standing there in his leatherman jacket, tight jeans and tall, black boots with untied laces. Stay cool Elena, stay cool, she repeated few times in her head as she stood behind the counter, watching him looking confused at a piece of paper.

„Can I help you?" – she asked coldly, fixing her glasses with the tip of her fingers.

He raised his head and smiled at her. „Yeah" – he started walking towards her – „I'm looking for Elena Gilbert" – he was standing in front of the counter now. Her smelled like the boys locker room mixed with the scent of vanilla.

Wait, he's looking for who? Her? Is there another Elena Gilbert in the school? Not that she knew of.

„Well, you found her" – she said with a cold tone of voice, taking off her glasses and putting them on the top of the counter.

Stefan checked her out from waist up. „I need you to tutor me in math" – he said, smiling at her. He did look charming with that smile on his face, but she didn't want to admit it to herself. That way, she wouldn't be any different than any of those other girls in school.

Elena furrowed her brows, and a smile disappeared from his face. „I'm busy, I can recommend you to someone else, though" – she said while looking at her empty schedule. Okay, she was lying, she was nowhere near busy. Her last tutoring ended a week ago, and since then no one requested any help. But she didn't want to spend any time with Stefan. She didn't want to spend last months of her High School life explaining math to a slow jock who is going to get a D and get into a good college because of his football scholarship or thanks to his family's money. If she's going to help someone, it's going to be someone who really needs help, not someone who spent their High School life playing with a ball and opening a book once or twice in a semester.

Stefan frowned as he looked at her turning pages of her notebook. „But I've heard you're the best" – he said seriously.

She raised her head up to look at him, frowning at her like a child. He had a Caroline look on his face. And she's the best?

„I'll pay you double than you usually get" – he said, still keeping a serious expression on his face.

She pouted her lips at him, which brought a smile to his face. Does he think he can buy her like that? Does he live in a world where he thinks everything he wants he can get with money? Probably. And she does need the money. If he pays her double that will leave her enough for some extra necessities, like clothes. And shoes. And make up. And that adorable swimming suit she's eyeing for more than a month in a store on her way back home.

„Fine" – she said – „Under one condition" – she added seriously – „You have to promise you won't fall in love with me."

He looked at her confused. His eyes widened and his lips started trembling. Then the muscles of his face relaxed and he had burst into laughter. „Are you quoting A Walk To Remember to me?" – he said through laughter, frozing his look on hers.

A girl has to try. It's practically a law.

Damn. How does he even know about that movie? Did Katherine show him her still beating human heart under her ice queen exterior and made him watch it with her?

She was speechless. Again. Twice in one day. This is not looking good.

„That's not a problem" – he winked at her.

Elena woke up from her trans. Of course it's not.

„Here" – she started writing something in the notebook, then tore a piece of it and handed it to him – „My phone number. Call me on Thursday and I'll tell you when and where" – he took a piece of paper from her hands and put it in his pocket along with the piece of paper he was holding in his hand before.

„Deal" – he said, waved at her and disappeared from the tutor center.

She sighed as she watched him leave. Probably the biggest mistake she had ever done.


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