chapter 2: the offer

When midnight comes and clocks shows 12:00 or 0:00, crime times begins which is time for the heroes to act but one of those heroes have something bothering his head. Something he felt or never tried to say 'love'. Love brings happiness in fairy tales at the end of the love story but love in reality brings happiness/sadness; but for our hero's condition, it brought sadness. Ralph or Raphael that turtle with a hot temper has gotten heartbroken 3 years ago. He wanted to tell ayame how much he loved her but now she's gone, he knew that she loved Leo not him.

While the turtles were ready to leave their hideout black shadow called on the turtles network.

"Hello, my friends I reckon that you want to battle me again hahaha"

"What the…" said Raph

"We will meet at the oroku Saki's dojo , if you're interested of course".

"Master splinter…what do you think about his offer" asked Leo his father

"You must go, I sensed he don't have a will to hurt you" said the wise master

"c'ome my brothers, let's go we've got a battle to finish it" commanded Leo, all the turtles nodded and went to their destination.