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Chapter 3: lap of the gods

At the secret dojo of the utrom shredder:

The four brothers Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael had arrived but for their surprise karai arrived too. They got shocked what and why they are there. Moreover, they were about to began a battle, if haven't black shadow cut-them off.

"Well…well, my friends it seems that you are so excited to meet again. Right?" black shadow said, then walked to them and evil filled in eyes. He stood a few inches from them and threw his sword to the end of the room, at first the brothers and karai astonished but they threw their weapons to the end of the dojo. After that, a cold, hard silence passed with hard stares filled of fear. Suddenly, karai broke the ice with her question: "why are we here?"

Black shadow laughed and asked: "who is ayame Saki? And how much she means for you?"

The turtles beside karai got puzzled what the hell is he talking about?

"Speak karai," said coldly black

"What?" said the surprised karai.

"Now" yelled black storm

"Hai…hai, ayame Saki is my oldest sister and my twin" answered karai

"And you turtles" said black storm turning to face them

"She is my dearest friend since childhood and she means for me like a sister," said Leo

"Ayame is a very sweet kind hearted girl and she means for me a great friend and partner," said Raph but looking to the wooden floor just thinking of her.

"Ayame is smart and funny girl who is loved to be around to, she helped me in my experiments and in venations, she's a great comrade and friend" said don

"She's the coolest girl I've ever met, she brought for me video games, pizza, burgers and comics, she means for me like a big sister and dearest friend," said Mickey

Black shadow smiled and nodded his head in agreement: "as I expected from you"

Suddenly a great light flashed in the dojo, and their sight is gone. The turtles, karai and other people appeared in a different place to see master splinter, ancient one, and the tribunal, who said welcome to 'lap of the gods'.