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Clint Barton was having a somewhat normal day.

As normal as you could classify it within the Avenger Mansion as they had decided to call it.

For the first hour of his day within waking, Tony had pulled an apparent All-nighter repairing his suit which had gone through slight damage- apparently it was not Nick-Fury-proof as he had claimed before.

During those repairs, one of his machines in which Clint could not tell if it's actual name was 'Dummy' or if Tony was just calling it that- ran over his perfectly weighted quiver of arrows. Custom made arrows.

Tony of course then had to explain why the arrows where there in the first place in exchange to the wall mount set in Clint's room.

Bruce however stepped in before Clint could take a long metal rod Tony had been smoldering on and use that in substitute of an arrow and stab it straight through Tony.

And Clint, knowing better that to argue with green tinted eyes, stepped down, stomping up the stairs before heavily flopping onto one of the cream couches, earning a lifted eyebrow from Steve who had the phone Tony issued him on his lap, apparently he was trying to understand how to work it.

"What's wrong with you?" Natasha stated from on the other couch, leaning back against the lounger and flipping through some report Fury had sent them earlier.

"Stark broke my arrows." Clint ground out, hands digging into the couches arm rests as Steve let out a sigh, not sure whether to be annoyed by the constant behavior, or just apologize on Tony's behalf.

The team had gotten used to this somewhat.

"Hey guys- should I be concerned that Thor is destroying Tony's cupboards?" Bruce asked, apparently having followed Clint up the stairs.

"Leave him- Tony can pay it off." Steve called back, watching as Bruce sat down on the other available couch while holding a cup of what appeared to be black coffee.

"Friends! Friend Tony Stark has replenished the storage boxes of food! Do you wish for some?" Thor boomed from the kitchen area connected to the living room, a navy blue wrapper barely visible in his palm while crumbs of his obvious treat were present on his face.

"Nah- we're all good here." Bruce called back, leaning against the back of his chair with a sigh, obviously having not relaxed all day.

"I take it you've been bus-"Natasha stopped, the papers in her hand halting in mid motion, her eyes locked on something. Clint immediately followed her gaze, paranoia boiling quickly as his eyes searched, followed by Steve and Bruce, who hadn't noticed anything out of the sorts.

"…When was that box here?" Natasha asked, reaching for her side to pull out a sleek gun, causing Clint to shy away in surprise.

"You carry a gun on you everywhere?" He hissed lowly, and she ignored the question, keeping it pointed at the strangely shaped box, getting out of her seat and slowly approaching.

"Friends?" Thor quizzed, noticing the silence before he too entered the area, noticing Natasha's caution he reached for his hammer which was hooked gently onto the straps of his jeans.

Natasha swiftly knocked it over with her foot, and it fell with an airy noise, barely making any noise. Nudging it once, she frowned, not seeing any movement from the brown wrapped package.

"Jarvis- when did this get here?" Bruce asked, not exactly remembering when it arrived.

"I have no information regarding the appearance of this device, Dr. Banner."

Bruce frowned, and Clint now noticed the oddness. Steve shifted, not yet completely use to the AI.

"Nothing?" Clint asked, and Jarvis did another scan.

"No visitors have been recorded entering or exciting the premises for the past 48 hours. The device has no logged point of entry or point of exit."

"It just…got here? Appeared out of nowhere?" Natasha asked, not lowering her gun.

"Correct, Agent Romanoff. My sensors detect no heat, nor bombs or any sort of weaponry inside."

"Thanks Jarvis." She added, reaching down and picking up the box, weighing it in her hand before frowning, pressing on the middle.

"What is it?" Steve asked, on edge from his seat.

"It isn't made of anything strong- it's like a plastic, like a movie box." She confirmed, before tugging at the wrapper hesitantly, tearing the paper off completely to show what she had suspected.

A completely black movie box.

"A movie? How would a move box get in here?" Bruce asked with a frown, Steve having a faint idea over what was happening while Thor watched with interest.

"No idea." She murmured, prying open the side with a loud snap, as the plastic opened, showing the inside.

"…It's empty." She declared in surprise, frowning at the empty area where the disk usually would be.

"Maybe Tony forgot to put the disk back in?" Clint offered, but Bruce shook his head.

"No, he has that 'On Demand' thing with Jarvis; this is the first movie box I've seen in this mansion ever. Natasha, does it say anything? At all? Look at the flap between the cover and the box." Bruce offered and Natasha bent the cover more, allowing a normal white piece of paper, folded just right for it to slip between the two surfaces, to fall to the ground.

Natasha hesitantly picked up the paper, now realizing that it couldn't hurt her, and opened it, eyes widening as she read the first line.

"Dear Avengers,

The rest of this letter must be read with all of you present, if any need to be fetched, I highly advise so now. Please note, that Tony Stark must not be present."

Natasha read, thinking before turning to look at the steps to Tony's workshop, and seeing Thor, frozen on his apparent quest to relieve Tony of the metal he was probably working on.

"Does this seem a little odd to anyone?" Bruce asked, taking the entry of the paper and reading it himself.

"The Man of Iron cannot watch this moving image with us?" The blonde God asked, looking down at the hallways where he was going not that long ago.

"Let's just see what it wants, and we can get Stark if we need to, later." Clint added, voice still sour when talking about a certain suit builder

"Keep reading Natasha." Steve calmly stated, nodding to the spy who opened the other folded half of paper.

"This letter has bypassed all security codes and networks needed to avoid detection. It has also sent the disk that is missing into the closest player, a high probability into the closest network mainframe-"

"Jarvis?" Bruce asked, frowning as the AI answered what he did not want to hear.

"Sir, I have no records of any external influence. The information is not available. The disk has appeared in little less than 7.5 seconds and counting to this point, ago."

"But that was when you read that aloud." Steve pointed out, understanding that part at least.

Natasha quickly continued reading before anything could be said.

"The disk is to be viewed. You have not noticed, but to this point, all external communication has been blocked. Security has been breached and you are now in what is classified as Lock-Down-"

"Sir, I cannot access the security. I have no power over the controls the phone network or interne-"

"What about Stark?" Steve asked, not exactly sure on where to look as he glanced all throughout the room.

"He is occupied in the lab. I cannot reach through the mainframe to alert him of this occurrence. I still maintain an audio and visual security feed."

"So Man of Iron is not in danger?" Thor asked, having sat on the other cream couch.

"Seems not, Big Guy." Clint sighed, leaning back and relaxing slightly.

"Due to circumstances and availability of information, this video has been selected. The amount of information of all excepting one Avenger is of common knowledge due to computer hacking or of trust between one or more-"

"Computer hacking? Anyone want to bet it's Stark?" Clint growled, and Natasha rolled her eyes.

"That's a losing bet, Clint." Bruce laughed, causing Clint to halfheartedly glare at his friend.

"Focus boys!" Natasha shouted, before sighing and reading once more.

"This video has a high chance of bringing out unsettling emotions or emotional situations-"

"Unsettling emotions? How is a moving image able to cause harm?"

"Remind me to let you watch Titanic."

"I highly urge you not to judge during the first part of the movie. None of you are allowed to leave this room before the movie is over. It is near two hour movie. Food and Drink are not needed, and stops will be made frequently for purposes you see during the movie."

"Stops?" Bruce asked with a frown, now fearing it was hidden footage of Loki's attack.

"It can't be too bad- and if it were, Stark would be here." Steve offered, although none seemed to agree with his claim.

"Please sit back and enjoy. For your convenience the Hulk cannot interfere."

Bruce looked stunned at that last statement, and Natasha frowned at the lack of signature, instead the tossed the paper onto the coffee table that also seated the empty box. She looked at Clint and Steve who sat on one couch, Bruce on the other, and she who claimed the lounger.

"We ready?" She asked, and with a few nods and a bored sigh, a virtual screen displayed in front of them, all of the lights dimming before Jarvis announced the disk was in motion.

And at once, an uncanny feeling of slight foreboding slipped into each of the Avengers-

This wasn't a normal movie night.

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