This story was inspired by Penelope Wendy Bing's Funny Little Fruit. If you haven't read it, check it out. It's awesome!

A Sugar Cube's life was never easy. You were always at risk, and often you were put into a brown, liquidly thing (Pssst. It's called coffee). But luckily, you had a limited sense of touch, so all you felt were tingles. Then you proceeded to dissolve, and soon you were part of the liquid that your kin were being tossed into. And they melted and merged with you…awkward. But you didn't have many feeling, either, so, that was okay. You did, however, have a limited attention span, so "Hey, nooo! Not Fred!" –

One Sugar Cube in particular was having a really bad day. He was sitting happily – well not happily, since Sugar Cubes didn't have much feelings, but as close to happy that a Sugar Cube could get – with his friends in a bowl. Bowl. Such a funny word. Ahem, anyway, he was sitting happily with his friends in a bowl, when something grabbed him and he felt himself rising. His friends "oooohed" and ahhhhhed". At first he thought he had grown Super Sugar Powers – seriously, how dumber could you get? It's obviously he's being kidnapped by aliens – but as he continued to rise, he felt mutely scared. He heard a voice purr silkily, "Have a Sugar Cube." And then suddenly he was not longer in the air, but in a chamber where big monsters were biting him. Big white monsters. He felt himself melt, and to his dismay, his so-called friends did not come to his rescue. He felt himself moving down a dark tunnel, and then there was light. Bright, bright light. It was so pretty. If only he could reach out and –

"Man, I hate being a Sugar Cube."

Tell me about it.