I'm starting this story as Harry's Seventh Year, Sirius is dead, and Ginny is his girlfriend, for now… No Deathly Hallow Plot-line…

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THIS IS AN OOC STORY. It has been done a thousand times before, so why not one more time? Harry accidently discovers a sinister plot that has mapped out everything about his future, his past and his present. Now, he must fight against everything he believes in and has been taught, to embrace his destiny. In the process he discovers, new friends, magic and a chance to finally have the life he's always wanted. All he has to do is destroy Voldemort and kill the puppeteer controlling the strings of his life, and to finally understand; it's always for the greater good!



This story is rated M. Please Enjoy.

The meaning and zymology of amethyst is one of spiritual contentment. It helps to strengthen the connection and communication between the mind, body, spirit and other worlds. It is very beneficial as a stone of protection because it neutralizes negative energy. Amethyst gemstones also assist people to become more flexible and adopt new ideas more easily.

Chapter One

Embracing Destiny

Lanterns gleamed and flickered high in the towers of the ancient castle, ruled and founded by magic, a few torches shimmered in the windows, north of where stood one lone figure, hidden from the rest of the world. Late as the hour was for a kingdom, where most people retired indoors with the coming of night, some lingering, hastened to make final work of their secret rendezvous. Lights also glimmered in the distance of the village, but very few people chose to walk the streets, this time at night. Centuries ago the then founders ruled the majestic ruin, leading the castle with power and intellect.

The moon had risen in a now-cobalt sky lording it over a host of attendant stars. The figure clad in black stood on a branch of a rather huge tree, the highest spread out and thick. A young man only seventeen years old, but tall and proud, surveyed the surroundings below keenly, he put a hand to his hood, and pulled the material down, his unruly hair spiked out in random wayward mannerism, as if controlled by a magic more mysterious than the man himself. Raising his eyes, the moonlight shone on bright emerald orbs, as the wind blew the hair around his face, a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt grazed across his forehead. His form was lean and thin, his eyes stood out, they were tense and alert; the eyes of an eagle, aware of every movement and every rhythm of change that struck the evening air. Wrapping his cloak tighter around himself, he narrowed his eyes, as he watched a lithe figure clad in dark form fitting clothes, run across the grounds, judging by the form and height, he clearly discerned it as a female, either that or a really young boy.

The stranger, had turned around, and darted behind a large tree, that stood on the edge of a lake, not quite far from where he stood. Scanning the horizon, he watched as two figures ran out, one an old decrepit yet powerful male sorcerer, the second a young woman, with graying-white hair, she held an odd cross in her hand, that seemed to follow and point directly to the young stranger, who upon spotting the couple, darted away from the tree, and using the shadow, ran towards the area, in which now the man frowned. Exhaling, he moved down the branch, and put a hand to his lips and whistled, a low but penetrating sound, that carried over to the figure. The stranger paused, ducking behind the first tree, he looked around. "Over here", the man called. The figure looked up, and nodded once, raising a gloved hand, ran with all their might and jumped at the foot of the tree, the force acted as propeller, the outstretched arm, gripped, and with strength of a warrior hoisted up, into his arms. "Shush!" he whispered, and indicated the two figures that appeared.

The old woman cursed heavily, as she turned to the older man, "This is not good, Dumbledore", the graying woman uttered, as she reached the foot of the forest, her companion nodded wisely, "That is but true. This was not to happen", he sighed. "The Lady was supposed to come directly to you, what is it that caused her to run off, and that too into a forest?" she queried worriedly, and cursed a second time, "I can't pinpoint her signature!" she shrieked and like a troubled child stamped her foot, whirling around she accused the older man, "You, what have you done? What could possibly scare my mistress off?" she yelled. Dumbledore sighed, "Come my child, do you honestly believe I could have done something to her", his words angered the man, who tightened his grip on the young woman in his arms, his soft placating voice sending suppressed rage through his veins, the tremor of anger travelled through his being, enough for the young woman to grip his robe tighter as she felt his venomous anger. "She must have been teased by one of the young students, not that it would force her to run off, she must have been scared by the magic, remember she is not used to our world", he explained. His words received the required reaction as the elder woman calmed down, "Forgive me Dumbledore, it's just I don't understand the reason why I cannot get a read on her magical signature, the amulet stopped working as soon as she entered the forest, she could be anywhere", she whined. Dumbledore nodded gravely, "Yes, it's the magic of the forest. We call it the Forbidden Forest, the magic in the trees, manipulate the waves of any magical signature passing through, and offers shelter to its creatures", straying a hand on the woman's arm as she stepped forward, "It would be unwise to enter without help, I'll have Hagrid scour the woods tomorrow, he will find her", he advised gently.

The young man, grit his teeth, and growled low, the sound carried through the wind, "W-What was that?" the aged woman asked. Dumbledore shrugged helplessly, "I would say a wolf or a fox, even a wild dog, some creature, who issues a warning", sighing he pulled the woman back, "Let us retire for the night, my child I will send a team out to locate your ward tomorrow morning, it is unwise for us to stay here", he tried to pull the woman away who wrenched her arm out of his grip. "Are you mental Dumbledore!" she yelled angrily. "There are creatures in your forest, possibly wolves and other wild dogs, and you wish for me to forget my duty and retire for the night. I will not sleep until I retrieve my mistress!" she announced angrily. Dumbledore sighed, "Do be reasonable child, there is not a thing you can do, it's late almost night, you would just get lost in the woods, if you venture forth", he advised gently, patting her on the arm. The woman slapped his hand away, "Do Not Insult me Dumbledore. I may not be a witch, but I do have magic to protect me, I will not sleep till my mistress is retrieved. Now get your hands off of me!" she turned around and stalked forward.

The young man's eyes widened and he slapped a hand on the young woman's mouth instinctively as at the same instant hers widened in shock a scream stopped, as Dumbledore attacked the aged woman, her body struck still and bound with flaming ropes. The old man's kind countenance snapped, and its place stood a man with anger and exasperation, snarling he stepped forward, "Do forgive me child", he snapped. Calming down he re-placed the mask, and moved to face the woman. "You are emotional and not thinking rationally, Calm down", as the woman struggled against his binds, Dumbledore glared, sighing he removed his wand from his sleeve, "I don't know how your ward figured out my plot, but believe me I will find out, and after I obliviate her of her memories, and feed her a cock and bull story about her destiny, to kill Potter, she will respect me and I will control her magic soon enough".

The young woman unconsciously buried her head in the Young man's chest, and let silent tears escape, as she listened to the man, "In the meantime, I can't have you playing hero. I need you to respect me, stay in my control, so together we can brainwash, your pathetic mistress", "That will never happen Dumbles, the prophesy will never let it happen! And I will never betray my mistress!" the woman yelled as she fought off the magical bind, however still stayed trapped in the flaming ropes. "Sigh… and I had such hope in you! Together we could have controlled two of the most powerful people in the world!" he laughed softly.

The woman spit on him, "You are mad!" she struggled against her bindings. Dumbledore laughed, "It is for the greater good", and he raised his wand. "Did I mention you're fucking delusional. My mistress will find you, she will unite The Magiks and will destroy your darkness, together with Potter, and they will destroy you!" she promised, and fell silent as in a fit of barely suppressed rage, Dumbledore, hit her with a spell, "Obliviate!" rendering her unconscious. The woman fell to her knees, and collapsed in a heap, "I tried to warn you", he lowered his wand and took off the bindings, as the woman came to she looked at him, and holding her head shook it was, "Ugh! I don't feel so good, what happened?" she asked. "You were hit by the magic of the barrier around the forest. Only wizards or witches can enter the forest. It's a precautionary method. Come, I've sent Hagrid in to look for your mistress, we should have you checked". The woman stood up, "I won't leave. I'm fine, and I'll wait here for my mistress to return", she stated.

Dumbledore sighed, "Dear me, I really hoped it would not come to this, but alas, you leave me no choice", the woman turned to him and raised a barrier to defend herself, yet before she could Dumbledore struck out a powerful spell, "Imperio! YOU will remain docile and frail, and will act like a mother grieving her lost child. Now do shut up, and follow me. If we're lucky the centaurs may have already killed your stupid mistress, or at least I'm hoping Aragog has got rid of her, by now!" he sighed. Turning to face the forest he exhaled. "Good Riddance, I don't know how she found out about my plan, but the forest will take care of her. Now to locate Potter, and play Granddaddy!" he laughed softly and walked back to the castle, unaware of an angry set of Green eyes, glaring at him.


Harry gently loosened his grip on the trembling female, and moved her back to the trunk, settling her, he stood back, giving her time to recuperate or calm down. Stepping away as he was seething, hatred clawed inside him, begging to be released, he did NOT wish to harm the young woman. Had he no plans for his future, selfish as those may have been, he would have killed the old fool that attempted to have control over him. The rage he felt was undeniably wicked, and had slowly begun churning for days. Simmering beneath his features, he glared at the Castle as he watched the old fool, amble towards the structure, "What's your name?" a voice asked him. Turning around Harry paused, the woman had a hood, he could see red lips beneath it. "My name is Harry", pausing he continued after a second's contemplation, "Harry James" he answered.

The stranger nodded once, "My name is Illiannahha Williams. Pleasure. Thank You for saving my life", she said, as she pulled on her cloak, the clasp that held her robe together morphed into an amulet, slipping the chain around her neck, she allowed the robe to fall away, the shimmering Green Cloak, Harry noted allowed her Dark Brown hair to escape and fall around her, the length fell to her waist, looking up, she allowed Harry to see her eyes, Golden orbs flashed briefly, with anger and pride, a dangerous combination, her recognized all too well. Knowledge and power simmered in her orbs, bowing low, he acknowledged her name. "Pleasure", he murmured, his eyes took in her features, travelling down her body, and his eyes took in every detail.

Harry knew she was returning the favor, as he perused her body, she was dressed in Form fitting Black tights, and her Black Boots laced up mid-calf. She wore a black Sweatshirt, Lined with Bright Green stripes along the collar of her V-shaped neckline, her skin was pale, and in the moonlight shone with ethereal beauty, her cloak was Body Hugging and caressed her body like a well-fitted Glove, the curve of her breast visible through the thin black material. The mounds not overly large, well balanced in her lithe figure, she was tall, shorter than his stature but tall for any average girl, he'd categorize her size around, Five Feet Nine inches, she was slim, but not delicate, her arms were strong, he could make out in the cloak that now rested at her feet as she slipped it off, he grinned as she smirked at him, her Cat-shaped eyes glinting in the moonlight, "Would you like me to turn around?" she asked. Harry smirked, "You're a fighter, a warrior?" he asked cautiously, as he sensed her magic, uniquely different in all sense.

Illiannahha nodded, "In a way, you could call me that", she shrugged, "You are as well?" she asked. Harry nodded, "I've been fighting a battle to stay alive my whole life, you could call me a warrior. I can't quite place your accent, where are you from?" he asked. The girl smiled, "Ireland. Well I'm half Irish and Half French", she answered. "If I may", she paused her golden orbs shifted to stare out at the grounds, "Why did you help me? I am grateful, but you obviously are hiding, why risk yourself to help a stranger?" she asked cautiously. Surprised she turned around as Harry laughed, then sound not at all pleasant, in fact it held a faint trace of force behind it, she looked at the boy, no man as she watched his eyes glint dangerously void of any humor, anger, No, cold fury glittered in his eyes as he glared at the Castle, "Any person who is enemy to Dumbledore is a friend or an Ally to me", he answered. The reply shocked her, and she stayed silent. The man lowered himself onto the branch, as he sat down she watched him. In no way could it be considered he was relaxed, in fact she would go as far as to say he was coiled tighter than a rope, sighing she sat down in front of him. "Who are you?" she asked.

Harry looked up, taking in her expression, both curious and wary, an odd emotion raged in him, "I've already answered that question he said", and turning away he pulled his head back, and allowed the cool wind to caress his face, the breeze a gentle touch as it cooled his raging temper. A soft caress, an almost silent whisper, he smiled softly. The young woman sighed, the smile soft yet bitter, "NO, you told me your name, not who you are?" she asked a second time. Harry sighed, "A haunted man with a dangerous destiny", he answered cryptically. "Who are you?" he returned. The young woman exhaled, "A lost woman with a risky fate", she answered.

Harry smiled, his features softening, "It's late, and you may rest your head on my shoulder, sleep, for now if you wish. I'll stay watch tonight", he closed off, pulling his hood over his face. The woman watched as he sealed himself off, his red lips the only visible feature. Nodding she stood up and moved forward, however as she shifted forward, she tripped on one of the cracks in the trunk, and felt herself falling. Harry caught her, "Careful", he admonished her gently, lowering her he sighed a second time as she huffed, "I was being careful, it's not my fault I don't posses monkey DNA like you", she snapped angrily and flushed with mortification. Grinning, Harry replied, "I don't have monkey DNA, hell if I had I wouldn't have fallen out of this very same tree three times already", placating her he smiled gently, "Three days of hiding in the same tree, allows even the most clumsy of men, to gain their footing", he settled himself beside her, and using his robe, draped it around the both of them.

"Three days!" she yelped, her golden eyes widening as she silently asked several questions at once. Harry smirked, the same bitter smirk, "Yes, three days. I accidently found out a troublesome truth about my life, and in a fit of rage, I ran away", he laughed, the humor directed at himself, as he growled low, "Like a coward!" Illiannahha squeezed his hand, "Tell me what happened please", she begged an odd feeling of protectiveness boiled in her veins.

Harry turned away from her, "To tell you the truth, would be a burden, I'd rather not trouble your soul with", he said. Illiannahha groaned mentally his secrets were killing her, inhaling deeply she closed her eyes, "My name is Illiannahha Williams Black, I am a Princess and High Priestess of the Kingdom of Helia, half human and half heliopath, believe me when I say this, nothing you tell me could possibly me more of a burden, than realizing you are the key to creating an Army of Warriors, Lead by a man with untold Power to destroy the World's greatest Evil!" she scoffed bitterly. Harry turned to her, "Black? Your surname is Black?" he asked. Illiannahha raised her single brow, "I just told you that it is my destiny to locate a man with untold power to destroy evil, and you focus on my name?" she practically yelled.

Harry shrugged, "Yeah Yeah, Prophesy and Magic. Create an Army from scratch; meet a man called Harry Bloody Potter, Boy-Who-Just-Can't-DIE! Screw all that, Black? You're a Black?" he asked again. Lia blinked at him, "How do you know the man's name is Harry Potter, are you a psychic or just because you share his name, and yes I'm a Black, why is that so important?" she rolled her eyes exasperatedly.

Harry smirked, "I knew a man called Sirius Black he was a good man, my godfather", he whispered softly, voice oddly constricted. Lia concentrated on his words, "Sirius Orion Black, eldest son to the most Ancient and Noble House of Black?" she asked frantically. Harry nodded sharply, eyes narrowed beneath his hood. "What do you mean was?" she asked a second time, warily her voice slow and soft. Harry turned away, the pain of the memory still fresh, a single tear slid down his face, "I killed him", he murmured painfully.

Lia's eyes widened, reaching out cautiously she pulled his hood off, and with cold fingers she turned the man's chin towards her, her thumb grazed his cheek as she wiped away the lone tear, "You don't have the eyes of a murderer. How did my father die?" she asked. Harry's eyes widened as he stared at her, "Father", he mouthed. She nodded, silently urging him. Swallowing Harry launched into the explanation, turning away a second time, he swallowed the tears lodged in his throat, forcing himself to not cry, he did not think he deserved to die for the man, when he clearly stole a girl's father from her.

Illiannahha sighed, "I don't understand, how can you blame yourself, when you did nothing wrong?" she asked, Harry whipped around face her, "Were you not listening? I dragged him to his death when I clearly fell into Voldemort's trap! I should have listened to Hermione if I didn't suffer from my saving people's thing-affliction, I wouldn't have run to the ministry to save him, I wouldn't have led Sirius into the trap, and have caused his DEATH!" he yelled angrily.

Lia blinked at him, "I'd like to believe my father was a brave man, a man who would willingly risk he's life for his godson's, do you not agree?" she asked quietly, a soft tear slipped free from her moist eyes, as she continued, "I believe your friend, this Hermione is an idiot then. I never knew my father; I don't think he ever knew about me either. I was born the night he was imprisoned falsely. I remember my mother tell me about him, she used to say he was a goof-ball, a man who had the cocky swagger of a thug and a charming elegance of a court jester. My mother loved a man who was both foolish and brave. Would you begrudge him, his memory by accusing yourself of murder, when he willingly sacrificed his life for you?" she asked softly.

Harry shook his head, and swallowed a second time, "NO, I wouldn't want to insult his memory", he whispered. Lia smiled at him, "Thank you", she said. They sat in silence for minute, until, "You're welcome", Harry simply said.

"I wonder why Dumbledore insinuated my father was alive?" she bit her lip in contemplation, but was pulled back into reality by harsh laughter, "If I know that man, he probably wanted to bring you to him, and use your magic as a means to control you for some plot or the other, what was it he said, to kill Potter, right?" he scoffed, Lia noted the anger return, as he continued, "Dumbledead, has a plan for everything, what did you find out, that caused you to escape?" he asked. Lia sighed, "My familiars relayed a message that he wished to trap my magic and Distance me from befriending Harry Potter, the whole reason I came to Hogwarts was to ask for Potter's help", she sighed as she unconsciously laid her head on his shoulder.

"The reason you came to Hogwarts was to ask for the boy-who-lived's help?" he snorted, "Why on earth would you want his help, the boy's a magnet for trouble!" he sneered. Illiannahha narrowed her eyes, and frowning asked, "You really don't like Potter do you?" she wondered. As she bit her lip, peering at him cautiously, not entirely sure why she felt both safe in his arms, and yet felt he was a psychotic as they came. "Why not, has he harmed you in anyway?" she asked. Harry laughed, "You could say that, Harry Potter is my arch-nemesis!" he answered. Illiannahha sighed, "I'd hoped not, for a tiny fraction there, if he's your enemy I wouldn't want his help, not after you just saved my life", she sighed, "That would make me ungrateful", groaning she closed her eyes, "I'd ask you for your help, but you seem to be burdened by something a lot heavier than my problems", she muttered mostly to herself.

Harry turned to face her, his eyes squinted against the darkness, as he took off his glasses he groaned, "Another trick", he moaned. Anger seethed, exhaling he faced her, as he tossed away his glasses, the glass shattered dimly as it made contact with the ground, "Why do you need Potter's help?" he asked quietly. As he studied her features, her eyes were closed, she sat still and a soft smile graced her features, "Well", she drawled, "Several Centuries ago, when my kingdom was born, an old man, told of a prophesy. That is what my people call it, a prophesy; the story is of a young warrior born to the daughter of a ruling king, that child would reunite the form of all magic, and fight against an oppressive ruler, who sold his soul to the devil. This child would bond with another MALE child whose parents had stood against the leader of Darkness, the ruler; and he would be marked by the curse of death. This person would be known through the land, as the 'boy-who-lived'", scoffing she opened her eyes, her eyes a glow by the light of the moon, her voice was low, as it spun a story of destiny.

"As far as I have come to know, only one child is called by that name, a moniker of tainted fate. He is Harry Potter", smiling bitterly at the misery of a youth who had fame only because his parents were murdered, closing her eyes again she sighed as she continued, "My mother is the only daughter born to a ruling King, and I am the only child to her. Four centuries after the prophesy was told, the record room, in which the last known orb of prophesy was kept, shattered the night I was born into thousand pinpricks of absolutely white Light, and the night the fate of a little baby boy was marked", a single tear slid down her cheek, the moist trail startled Harry, and he opened his mouth to say something, but stopped as she continued unaware of the young man's emotional turmoil, "I blamed myself, had I not been born, maybe that boy would not have been marked, and he would not have been hunted till date. My caretaker, a lady Rose, she scolded me for my thought process", laughing she exhaled, "Lady Rose, told me or well advised me, had I not been born, my destiny to save the boy's fate from inevitable death, would have been fraught with nothing but guilt to an entire kingdom, and my selfish thoughts would ruin an entire kingdom, of innocent little children". She opened her eyes and looked straight into bright emerald eyes, startled she moved back.

Harry sighed, "I seem to be sighing a lot, since I've met you", he sniggered, Illiannahha frowned in confusion, "Uh...Okay, um… I'm sorry?" she asked in confusion. Harry snickered, "Potter is very lucky you were born. May I enquire as to what your destiny is?" he asked. Illiannahha nodded, still mostly confused with the man's mannerism.

Staring at nothing, she pulled the cloak tighter around her shoulders and shuffled closer to the man, as a gold gust of wind blew; Harry removed his robe from himself, and draped it completely over her, mumbling her gratitude. "My mother told me about my destiny when I was Ten years old. Believe me when I say, I was furious, I did not want to be responsible for finding peace in a war that was not mine. My mother slapped me, in my entire existence, my mother had never ever so much as raised her voice or scold me, so when she hit me, I was in shock. It hurt, not the beating, but as soon as she realized what she had done, she cried. For hours. When finally she stopped, she told me of my heritage. My half human heritage, explaining why I was so different from everyone else, it was both gratifying to finally understand why I was less animalistic than my friends. Less a creature, but at the same time it was—frustrating—I guess one could call it that", she paused shaking her head as if clearing away some misplaced preconceptions, she continued speaking her voice animated as she delved deeper into her past.

"I was neither a creature nor a human. A half-breed at best of two different classes of existent creatures—both magical creature and yet also human, frustrating seems almost mild, a word to use. My mother explained that if I chose not to help anyone, if I had the power to do so, then there was no difference between me and a deatheater; was the term she used, not entirely sure what those creatures are—" she stopped as harry explained, "A deatheater is a wizard", at her shocked expression he launched into an explanation.

"Death Eaters first existed 11 years before the events today, torturing and murdering Muggles (non-magical humans) as well as anyone who opposed them or was believed to have information which could aid in or harm their rise to power. They also did this to people who were blood traitors. While the Death Eaters practice "dark magic", illegal and dangerous spells, their ideology, such as it is, is a version of racial supremacy. They believe wizards are, as a genealogy book within the story phrases it, "Nature's Nobility"; other beings and races are inferior and should be subjugated", inhaling he continued, "Within the wizarding community, so they believe, only those who are born to wizard parents are worthy of magical power, despite the fact that parentage does not in fact determine who possess such powers. They categorize wizards according to blood purity; "pure bloods", or wizard borns, out-rank "half-bloods" (mixed parentage) and "mudbloods", a derogatory name for those born to non-magical parents (muggles); though mostly they seek complete power and control over the entire Wizarding world, wishing to restrict leadership to a small band of pure-bloods. The Death Eaters not only seek the restoration of pure-blood rule over the Wizarding community, but also the eventual subjugation of the Muggle community under Wizarding rule."

Illiannahha blinked, "B-But that's barbaric! Who gave them the right to do so?" she sputtered. Harry laughed, "You really have lived a sheltered life", he grinned as she scowled, "Voldemort he is their master. You do know about Voldemort?" gaping at her as she shook her head, he groaned, "You've got to be kidding me?" Harry's eyes widened, "Really, you have no idea who is?" Illiannahha shrugged, "My world is not entirely connected with the realm of your world, I live on a different plain of existence. The only reason I am alive, is because every once in awhile when a person of our world gets bored they can slip into your realm and satiate their hunger. My mother disguised herself as a human girl and met my father, forgive me if I simply say, I'd like to believe my parents are Asexual creatures, and a stork delivered me home, eh?" she smirked as Harry laughed, nodding he waved his hand, beckoning her to continue, "Well, I know of your world only through the library that we have in the castle's library, mostly read through scrolls and history books, I don't know about many leaders of war. I know of Hitler, and Gandhi and I have heard of Grindewald and his war with Dumbledore, but only of what is recorded. Not much is told about this Voldemort, except he was coward to attack a defenseless baby, you see, when my mother explained it was my destiny to learn all the magic in my world, I would have to enter your realm meet this Potter-boy and merge my magic with his magic. Together we'd create an Army of sorts and train the warriors into destroying Evil. The man who sold his soul and the man who let it happen. I assume Voldemort is the man who rules over evil, and well all I know is he disappeared after his attack on the baby failed?" she questioned.

Harry nodded, "Okay… well Moldywarts is Harry Potter's arch enemy, for obvious reasons. It's ironic he gave himself that name, 'Voldemort', the French translation being 'to flee from death'; because he didn't completely escape death, he just found a way to extend his life through unconventional means", at her raised eyebrow, he sneered, "Oh you know, killing innocent people, splitting his soul seven ways to Sunday and storing it away. Vessels called Horcruxes, and then when the killing curse rebounded on him, his body shattered but his soul managed to escape. So no he never cheated death because nothing destroyed his soul or well that tiny part of it, considering he had the foresight to hide six pieces of his soul all around the country, tying him down to Earth, it just let the vessel that carried the first part of his soul to blast into smithereens, destroying a house, where a baby cried for its mother", he drawled in a bored fashion.

Anger, venomous Anger, I'm going to kill Dumbledore!

Harry looked up as Illiannahha sighed, "So, a true coward, but an intelligent one. Interesting… What happened to him?" she asked. Harry sighed for the umpteenth time, "He hunted an innocent boy from the day he entered this school, since he was eleven till he was sixteen and now waits for the boy to fall into another well laid trap", and he scoffed. Illiannahha nodded, "Right, your hatred is still inexplicable, shouldn't you pity his disturbing destiny? Anyway my destiny is to unite with Harry Potter and you know create an army and well kill Voldemort", she groaned, "Lovely. To do that I'd have to be at the mercy of Dumbledore, even if I could use my magic to protect myself, I do not understand your magic, and mine is elemental. Not to mention the sole reason I asked Dumbledore was too use the library, and I'm not making much sense am I?" she paused in her ramblings and laughed.

Harry shook his head, "What do you mean by elemental and how is your magic; different to mine?" he asked. Illiannahha bit her lip, "I may not be able to explain this correctly, but I will try. Helia comprises of all inherent magic within a soul, borne whether as an elf, a goblin a fairy or a dragon, or a centaur or any creature, as long as your soul is borne with magic you belong in Helia, to understand this you have to understand what magic is", inhaling she began,

"Magic is the claimed art of manipulating aspects of reality either by supernatural means or through knowledge of occult laws unknown to science. It is in contrast to science, in that science does not accept anything not subject to either direct or indirect observation, and subject to logical analysis, whereas practitioners of magic claim it is an inexplicable force beyond logic", pausing she silently wished for water, and was quite shocked when Harry handed her a glass of the clear liquid. "What?" he asked, "You looked thirsty", and he shrugged. Blinking she thanked him. "Magic has been practiced in all cultures, and utilizes ways of understanding, experiencing and influencing the world somewhat akin to those offered by religion, though it is sometimes regarded as more focused on achieving results than religious worship. Magic is often viewed with suspicion by the wider community, and is commonly practiced in isolation and secrecy. Which probably explains the various witch hunts conducted in the 13th Century", pausing to take another sip the cool liquid quenched her dry throat.

"There are a few features of magical practice: Rituals, Magical Symbols, Magical Language...Incantations and such... Magic is entirely power, it isn't the magic that's different its magic users who are different. There are", she began counting on her fingers, "Conjurors/Summoners' - summons good/evil beings, possibly from other 'planes', Elementals' - works with the four common elements or more (additional elements include spirit, ether/nether, and the like). Necromancers - animates the dead / controls undead. Psionics - ESP and mental powers like telekinesis. Illusionists - creates illusions (visual, aural, etc). Shamans - stuff like knuckle bones, totem animals, and the ability to share animals' senses. Witches - arcane brews, cauldrons, eyes of newts and the like. Druids & Potioneer - wildlife and nature e.g. controls plants. Shape-shifters - assumes animal forms or faculties. In your world you call them Animagus. Sorcerers - a sort of catch-all category similar to battle mages, or in your world Wizards. Time mages (control time), Geomancers (similar to elementalists), red mages, white mages, black mages and blue mages (basically steal magic used against them, or borrowed Magic). Empaths (a person who can read emotions) unpleasant business if you ask me, I barely understand my own feelings, getting to register someone else's feeling, disturbing..." she shuddered.

"Then there are the MAGICKS, magic with a 'ck'... Death (destruction, pain), Blood (sacrifice and conjuration), Nature (animals and plants, spirits, healing), Elements (weather, earth, fire, water), and Planar (otherworld and Time), techno-kinesis, power enablers. Magick consists of Banishing, Purification, Consecration, Invocation, Evocation, Astral Travel, Divination, etc. There are way too many forms of magic and or of its users, it would take months to understand the different kinds".

Smiling wistfully she drank some more water, "My mother was an elemental, she could control and water". Harry paused as he watched her, her voice changing as she talked of her mother, "I on the other hand have magic of two kinds, I am a Flame Elemental, and can use your wand-shafting magic as well. Although the first time I used your kind, was through a sword, I accidently unleashed the power into the metal and as it slashed down on my attacker, I not only cut him, but the magic from within released and knocked him out. Mother explained, I used it almost as if it were a wand. Channeling my magic through a conductor, that worked well with the flow. Father had shown her his magic, by conjuring flowers, roses to be exact, by waving his wand; wands are made of wood, here. Right?" she asked.

Harry whistled, "Wow! So, in Hogwarts we learn the following, some of these are similar to your magic user's right? Just let me list them" and explained the subjects and the level of education, "Transfiguration is essentially the art of changing the properties of an object. Transfiguration is a theory-based subject, including topics such as "Switching Spells" (altering only a part of some object, such as giving a human rabbit's ears); Vanishing Spells (causing an object to completely disappear); and Conjuring Spells (creating objects out of thin air). Sirius always was good at Transfiguration" he grinned at Illiannahha who laughed, "It is possible to change inanimate objects into animate ones and vice versa, besides Siri was an Animagus, a dog to be exact", he paused remembering Sirius, smiling he continued.

"Defense Against the Dark Arts commonly shortened to D.A.D.A., is the class that teaches students defensive techniques to defend against the Dark Arts, and to be protected from Dark creatures. It's mostly done with using our wands, and incantations. Charms the class that teaches how to develop incantations for the uses of bewitchment, It has been described that, Charms is a type of magic spell concerned with giving an object new and unexpected properties, or to change things like feelings, there' is a Cheering Charm to make people happy temporary; A tickling Charm, a Levitation Charm, etc. Potions described as the art of creating mixtures with magical effects. It requires the correct mixing and stirring of ingredients at the right times and temperatures. Astronomy looking at stars and watching constellations… Which are rather pointless to me, because I'd like to believe even if I have destiny, I don't want to find the answers in massive balls of fire? It's not really a comforting thought", he joked. Illiannahha smirked, "That was pathetic, mate", she laughed.

"History of Magic [sigh] History of Magic is the study of magical history. Cuthbert Binns' lessons are depicted as some of the most boring at Hogwarts. They are only lectures, given without pause, about significant events in wizarding history. Topics have included goblin rebellions, giant wars, and the origins of wizarding secrecy. Believe me when I say I am not lying about this, It's the only class at Hogwarts that is taught by a ghost, as the professor never noticed he'd died and simply continued teaching as if nothing had changed". Lia laughed, "You're joking!" at Harry's shake of the head she dissolved into giggles, "Oh God!" she rasped, "That's unbelievable!" Harry smiled, she had a beautiful laugh.

"Herbology is the study of magical plants and how to take care of, utilize and combat them. There are at least three greenhouses here, holding a variety of magical plants of varying degrees of lethality. Arithmancy is a branch of magic concerned with the magical properties of numbers, a bit like physics I suppose, I've never studied it. Ancient Runes, is a generally theoretical subject that studies the ancient runic scripts, I'd have liked to learn it, but I'm not sure why I never took it". Anger washed through him as he recalled the reasons.

Till Now

"Divination is the art of predicting the future. Various methods are described, including tea leaves, fire omens, crystal balls, palmistry, cartomancy (including the reading of conventional playing cards and the tarot), astrology, and dream interpretations... I'm not a fan of it, especially since the hag teaching it, enjoys predicting my death every ten minutes. Care of Magical Creatures is the class which instructs students on how to care for magical beasts. Classes are held outside the castle. Muggle Studies is a class taught by Charity Burbage which involves the study of the Muggle (non-magical) culture "from a wizarding point of view." The only need for witches and wizards to learn about Muggle ways and means is to ensure they can blend in with Muggles while needing to do so... Flying is the class that teaches the use of broomsticks made for the use of flying and is taught only to Hogwarts first years by Rolanda Hooch. The subject is the only one that requires physicality. Not much of it, but I will deny it vehemently if you told anyone, I said that—", he grinned at her, "—and then there is Apparition the magical form of teleportation", he finished.

Illiannahha nodded, "Most of it matches, or is at least a condensed version of everything, compiled into 14 subjects. My magic is frankly speaking, basic elemental. I can conjure fire, flames, and my familiars are flame beasts, entirely made of fire", Harry smirked, "That's how you snuck up on Dumbledead, the fire, you let your familiars in through candles or fireplaces, Bloody Wicked", he crowed. Illiannahha blushed, "Yeah, and a good thing to, he was planning in putting me in a Slytherin. I'm still unsure what that is, but it explained Potter hates Slytherins, if I was put there and changed into one of them things, I –why are you laughing?" she asked confused.

"I'm sorry", Harry wiped away tears of laughter, and "The school is divided into four houses. Gryffindor – the house of the Brave, Hufflepuff – the house of the Loyal, Ravenclaw – the house of the Intelligent and Slytherin – the House of Sneakiness & stealth", he explained sniggering between words. "Being turned into a Slytherin is not an affliction, true most of the students turn Dark, but it's not that bad a thing to consider", he explained pausing between bouts of laughter. Illiannahha raised a brow, "Then why would it be a good reason, that would separate me from Potter?" she asked mostly curious rather than confused.

Harry snorted, "Pureblood prejudice, and an ancient fight between the founders, not to mention Slytherins really don't like anyone else, but themselves", he briefly intoned, not completely explaining and not completely being mysterious. He simply left it hanging. Illiannahha opened her mouth to demand an explanation, but quickly shut it in mortification, a flush rising over her pale neck, as her stomach grumbled with hunger. Harry snickered, "I'm sorry", he apologized, "Obviously you're hungry, wait one second", smiling he put an arm round her waist, squeezing it gently, the action caused her to look up sharply. Harry ignored her as he called, "Dobby?" as the house-elf popped into existence, Illiannahha jumped and would have fallen off the branch had Harry not gripped her waist, pulling her flush against the side of his body. Hiding a smirk, he waited for her to calm down before he turned back to the elf "The great Master Potter, called for Dobby? Dobby is honored to serve you!" and reveled as he heard her stiffen against him.

Illiannahha gasped as she registered the surname used by the odd creature, he looked a bit like a cross between a hobgoblin and a brownie, the princess blinked as she registered his stature, he was 2–3 feet tall, with spindly arms and legs and oversized heads and eyes, with pointed, bat-like ears and it had a high, squeaky voice. "Dobby I was wondering if you could do me a favor?" Dobby bobbed his head continuously and hurriedly said, "Anything for the Great Harry Potter, Dobby has been so worried when he heard Master Potter disappeared from Hogwarts, what is it I's can dos for you?" he frantically asked wringing his hands. Though before harry could say anything Illiannahha's hysterical voice cut in, "You're Harry Potter? Potter, the man I was talking about, you're him? W-what? Why? What?" she sputtered. Harry smirked, and as if she hadn't spoken addressed the elf, "Dobby, I need you listen to me very carefully. Under no circumstances are you to tell anyone, I mean anyone where I am right now, no teacher, no ghost, no student, and no elf, no animal, and especially any human, or half animal. Not a single soul, and under no circumstances are you to tell Dumbledore where I am. Am I clear?" he ordered. The house-elf's eyes had widened but he took everything in stride and nodded, "Is promising you Master Harry", Dobby answered. "Excellent. Now, could you please bring us some dinner, I'm sure everyone has retired to bed, if anyone asks who the food is for, simply say, two students who're on a date. Oh and Dobby, did you get what I asked for, this afternoon?" Harry asked. Dobby nodded, "Yes, I's bring it's to you, now", he stated and with a pop disappeared from sight.

Harry turned to face Illiannahha who was staring at him in anger, seething fury, humiliation and gaping mortification, turning away from him, she stood up and with the grace of a dancer, walked on the branch, "You, you arrogant son of a bitch!" she yelled cursing. Harry smirked and, "I had my reasons to hide my identity", he shrugged. "Why? When I told you everything about myself, and everything about my destiny, everything, why? Why would you hide yourself from me?" she shouted, uncaring if her voice reached anyone. "I needed to know who you were. I don't trust easily and after the last week I've had, I never want to trust again, and then suddenly I had this urge to save you", somehow between all his explanation, he found himself standing, facing her down. Taking a step back, he controlled his anger, "You a complete and utter stranger, who could very well have been sent to find me, and I helped you", he paused, "I needed to make sure who you were, I recognized you, the minute your cloak was removed, but I have had my whole life manipulated and I just wanted to make sure you were real", he stopped voice breaking.

Illiannahha narrowed her eyes, she swallowed, "What would make you believe I was not real?" she asked softly. Harry sighed, "Not here, I won't tell you anything here. You've patient this far, even though you were brimming with curiosity. If you could satiate your palate for now, I swear to you, I will tell you everything about who I am. Until tomorrow morning, will you please be patient till then?" he begged in defeat. Illiannahha sighed, "Okay. Till tomorrow, after that you promise to come clean?" she requested softly, moving forward. Harry nodded and at the exact same moment Dobby returned with two plates of steaming Roast Chicken Breast, with Mashed Potato, Gravy in a bowl, and two goblets of Pumpkin Juice fixed on a tray, with two sets of silverware. Handing the two their food, Illiannahha stared at Dobby, "If I may enquire, what creature are you?" she asked the elf. Dobby's eyes blinked at her, "I am a house-elf", the elf answered in confusion. Harry thanked Dobby took the tray, and slipped a small box into his pocket. The house-elf nodded once, and popped away.

Lifting his goblet he handed the princess one, "A toast to new mates", Illiannahha grinned, "What is a house-elf? I've only ever actually met a normal forest elf. He looks nothing like the ones I've known my entire life?" she asked as she toasted to "New Comrades", and drank the juice, moaning in happiness at the taste of the odd concoction.

Harry started as her moan travelled all the way down to his groin, shifting he turned to her, as he handed her, her plate and took the goblet from her. Setting the two glasses on a lower branch, he focused on his food, as he answered her, "

House-elves are small elves that are used by wizards as slaves, although I saved Dobby from enslavement by tricking his previous master into freeing him, I treat him as a friend, though he bonded to me and proclaimed me his master. Hermione—", a brief pain flitted across his features as he spoke the name, and just as quickly disappeared, "—even tried to change his mind, but House-elves are unendingly loyal to their human families; so much so, that Dobby, who served the Malfoy family, attempted to punish himself each time he uttered a negative remark about his former masters even after I freed him". According to Kreacher, another House-elf, and I quote; a House-elf's highest law is his master's bidding, end quote",

Harry paused to take a bite of his chicken, chewing slowly he swallowed the mouthful before he continued, "However, while House-elves must obey their masters whatever their personal feelings may be, they are far from mindless automata. House-elves have been known to disobey the rules (usually by finding, when necessary, loopholes in orders that allow for unintended interpretations) to protect themselves or their friends", he laughed softly remembering the incident in his second Year.

"Because of their docile, obedient natures, some families abuse their house-elves. Dark wizard families in particular seem to make a habit of bullying and mistreating House-elves; the Malfoys forced Dobby to slam his own ears in the oven door or iron his hands if he attempted to disobey them; the Black family had a tradition of decapitating House-elves who were too old to carry a tea tray, then placing their stuffed and mounted heads on a wall. I hated that, I tried asking him not to call me master, and just Harry, but he burst into tears. I didn't have the heart to tell him it would be an honor to be a friend. I-It was Winky that told me, a house-elf needs to bond with a human to survive, and Dobby bonded with me, that night. So… whether I choose it or not. Dobby is now my house-elf", he explained as he finished his food and swallowed everything down with the help of his Pumpkin juice.

Illiannahha nodded, "I understand", she simply said as she too finished her food, as soon a she downed her drink Harry placed the plates aside and in the next instant Dobby returned, "Would Master Harry and his date, like a blanket?" he asked. Illiannahha and Harry flushed red, "N-No Thank you Dobby, that will be all", as the creature disappeared, he choked out, "I apologize for that, I think he misunderstood my excuse. It wouldn't be the first time", he mumbled the last part.

Harry stretched and with a bit of transfiguration, he transformed the branch into a makeshift cot, "Please get some sleep. We have a—difficult— day ahead of us", he paused over the adjective and shook his head. The young princess nodded and settled down to sleep; she crawled over to his side cautiously and sat next to him. Silence reigned over the two, as the two teens settled for the night.

Thirty minutes later Illiannahha smiled into the night, gripping Harry's Robe tighter around her lithe form, her musical voice carried over the window, and like a warm Blanket warmed Harry's frigid soul. "For the record Harry, I'm glad it's you who is my Destiny", she murmured softly. Resting her head against his shoulder she slipped into sleep. The Emerald-eyed youth smiled softly, "I'm glad I have the choice of Embracing my Destiny", he answered her, wrapping an arm around her, he pulled her closer.

This time, I will not let anyone control my Destiny.