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SUMMARY: THIS IS AN OOC STORY. It has been done a thousand times before, so why not one more time? Harry accidently discovers a sinister plot that has mapped out everything about his future, his past and his present. Now, he must fight against everything he believes in and has been taught, to embrace his destiny. In the process he discovers, new friends, magic and a chance to finally have the life he had always wanted. All he has to do is destroy Voldemort and kill the puppeteer controlling the strings of his life, and to finally understand; it's always for the greater good!

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Chapter Twenty

Forbearnan Flame Familiar

Theo sighed "Without Draco, those children may have suffered", he whispered.

"Suffered?" El asked.

Daphne and Theo exchanged a look but it was Ry who answered, "Draco acts a bit like a pompous git, actually he reminds me of you D'ley, back in the day when you were Big D", he started, "It's a very good front, to cover up his care for the Slytherins not corrupted by war and prejudice. Sort of like a Big brother, he watches out for the children", he elaborated.

"How does he know who is normal and whose is a future DE?" El asked.

"DE?" D'ley muttered, "What is it with you and your fetish for nicknames today?" he sighed.

"He baits them", Ry ignored D'ley, "As the git; he figures out which people want to get into his inner-circle, and who avoid him like the plague. Once he figures out whose alliance is with who, he torments the ones outside his circle, giving them tasks to so. General bullying… except he really just gives them tasks to do what they like, after he researches everything about that person. But when he's not there—", he broke off angrily.

"—his inner circle would torment them in a ruthless manner", Lia bit her lip finishing his sentence.

Daphne and Theo nodded, "It's how he kept us close, we automatically knew he wouldn't hurt us, if we just did as he asked. But he knew I liked studying Runes and Arithmancy so he always gave me chores relegating me to read more on those subjects, usually with a clipped, 'Daph be a doll and do my homework if you know what's good for you' he then sorta just tosses you a scrap of parchment filled with a list of books and things", she elucidated.

Ry nodded, "And with Theo, it was usually anything between potions and transfiguration", he stated, and Theo nodded his head, too used to Ry's sudden awareness to them.

"A very sneaky technique", Lia smiled.

"He's a very good Slytherin after all", Ry mumbled proud but still worriedly.

"Couldn't we send a letter to Miss Luna, and hope for an answer?" El asked.

Daphne shook her head vehemently, "No! Definitely not! The owls are being watched. Even if we could send anything to anyone, people are watching a lot of things ever since Po-er-I mean Ry—", she chuckled weakly over the name, "— disappeared from Hogwarts. Astoria my younger sister mentioned that any letter coming or going from these students were all being watched, so even if we did get to send them a letter, they'd be caught. A full search will be conducted, and they would be punished. Or expelled, which right now, is not a safe option, given Voldmuph—", she blinked at Ry's hand over her mouth.

"I can't believe I'm about to say this—but don't say his name", Ry hissed angrily, "There's a key to his name, when you say it will trigger a location launch. DE's will be all over us in seconds", he warned.

"For now use the many variations we have for him. Voldetwat, Voldy, Moldywart, etc", Lia said playfully, and tossed her daggers into the air.

Daphne nodded, "That actually explains a lot", she sighed wearily, "Oh the Irony", and she laughed. Theo nodded, "Of all the times to develop a backbone, the name actually is cursed", he said. The former Slytherins shared a look and burst out laughing.

Ry patiently waited as they laughed hysterically, leaning against each other and supporting each other. Falling against a tree, he pulled Lia to sit down next to him, El sat on her right and D'ley sat on his left. This was messed up, but it was all he had for now. Watching people his age fall apart and relentless try and pull themselves together to stay strong, this was nerve wracking.

Lia slipped her hand into his, the gesture hidden under their knees.

May I make a request?


Could we maybe keep our relationship a secret in front of these two, I'd like to keep it as mine, rather than share it with anyone else.

Of course. It's not like I wanted to tell anyone, I was panicking last time.

I know. So was I… But, we're okay now.

Yes. We'll be fine.

Ry shot D'ley a look and the taller teen moved forward, "Keep my relationship with Li, a secret", he ordered. D'ley nodded once sharply and moved back, idly returning to cleaning the guns spread out in front of him.

Lia repeated the same to El, who shrugged and nodded as she busily scribbled something down in her notebook, a few stray leaves sat idly in her lap.

A few minutes passed as each of them gave the two blondes some space. Finally Daphne wiped away a few tears and sighed, "—Okay", she coughed and cleared her throat flushing at the squeaky quality of her voice, and continued after a beat, "—Like I was saying, with the twat raging and the muggle war with the Demenza people are keeping their children in school. Durmstrang despite its reputation is still a fortress of protection so is Hogwarts. Children are being scattered across the continent. As schools generally have several kinds of protections, layered into their stones, breaking in and causing general havoc is downright impossible, and would require a lot of man-power. The Twat doesn't have that many men at his disposal, since the Demenza was launched. The woman controlling it, a what was her name again—", she turned to Theo who mouthed the name, "Ah—Yes Petunia Jane Lillian, is half mad, on a scale of Voldy mental! He's lost a lot of DE's to her hostility", she muttered.

Theo looked up as D'ley groaned and flushed and Ry shook his head, "Well—I can't really say I'm surprised all that much", the wizard said.

D'ley groaned louder, "Shut up Captain!" he hissed.

"What?" Daphne asked.

Lia shook her head, "Nothing. So let's wrap it up, to summarize; 1). We can't send a person in; we don't have a strong enough ally to enter the Castle, 2). Sending in a letter via owl, whatever the hell that is, is a no go, and 3). Non-magical humans can't see the building never mind entering it", she moaned, "Remember when I said I liked challenges?" she grumbled, "Yeah, I so loathe challenges", she hissed.

El who had remained quiet looked up, as the sky brightened slowly, "It will be dawn soon", she murmured.

Ry nodded, "We really have very little time to lose", he grumbled.

El sighed, "I take it you never took Runes and or Arithmancy at Hogwarts?" she asked Ry.

"No", he answered, "I read books on the subject recently, I'm still learning", he explained.

"Oh, well zat is a good enough reason Captain. I zink if you gave a stone to ze Luna girl, zer would be an option to trace a communication rune onto ze stone, allowing at least one of us to Contact her, like ze muggle feletone", she explained.

"Telephone", D'ley and Ry corrected in unison.

"Uh… zat", she nodded, "Zer is a rune—", she broke off as Daphne clapped her hands grinning broadly.

"You are a genius!" she cheered.

El blushed, "Um", she mumbled her thanks.

"There is a communicative Rune, it's called uh… SAMA, roughly translated as The Path. It's used to connect between two different points. Like if we used a Crystal, or a mirror, we could open a temporary gateway and talk to her. If you remember the Muggle Fairy Tale, 'Snow White', the witch talked to a mirror, the man in the mirror who often provided advise or told her she wasn't the fairest one of all, is considered at times, to be her brother or father; A man who would give her some kind of connection to her world. It's the said the mirror always had a carving on its edges, a set of runes in built into the magic of the mirror", Daphne stated.

"I don't know the Rune", Ry sighed, "And the only stones I have left on me, is an Emerald, and one Diamond", he said.

"You can't give a girl a diamond, unless she's your wife or betrothed". Theo interjected.

At Ry's quizzical look El nodded, "Ze magic disrupts, as a diamond is ze only stone zat is crystallized into something pure. It's not something one can use lightly. Other stones are tainted by ze colors given to zem, a diamond is born from Darkness and held to another as a symbolism of change and resurrection, also imbibed as revitalization. If you give a woman a diamond, it means you're proposing - to move forward", she agreed and elaborated.

Lia looked away.

You're not giving Luna a diamond!

Ry grinned, "Alright", he laughed, "No diamonds", he snorted as El and D'ley shook their heads and Daphne and Theo exchanged a confused glance.

"So will an Emerald work?" he asked after calming down from the high of the laughter they shared.

"Yes", Daphne answered. This is what the rune looks like, she sketched an image on the forest floor, and looked up at him, "I can transfigure the gem into a mirror, we can use a key word, or a touch reference allowing the gem to be transformed into the Mirror, as soon as Lovegood touches the gem", she said.

"That's brilliant!" Ry grinned at her, Daphne blinked at his boyish enthusiasm, watching as he moved to her, they started discussing the basics of the spell, that needed to be implemented.

Meanwhile Lia and D'ley started working on composing a message.

Theo smiled softly at Daphne's rapt gaze, turning to the girl El, he spied the leaves in her lap and grinned, "Hey, that's monkswood isn't it?" he asked peering at her lap curiously.

"Ah… yes", she answered softly.

"Okay", Theo bit his lip, and smiled nervously.

Taking pity on him El smiled, "Are you good at potions?" she asked.

"No. I recognized it from Herbology", he answered.

"Oh. Well I was zinking; zis is in its concentrated form, of Wolfsbane, when cooked it can keep ze Lycanthropy at bay. However if we can turn it into ash, we can keep it in its concentrated form. It could be applied to our weapons, and killing a werewolf would be very easy. Ze poison will travel very quickly to ze heart. Slow and Instant Death, painful but instant", she explained.

"Sweet Merlin!" Theo grinned at her, "That is awesome!" he said in admiration.

"Alright!" Ry cheered standing after a good twenty minutes of silence, "Daphne my darling friend, you are a Goddess among men", he praised. The Slytherin blushed and looked away.

"We have a message you can put it on the stone, it won't sound weird and it'll be something Luna will understand, easily", Lia said handing him a piece of paper.

Ry read the words and smirked, "Excellent", he grinned as Dawn broke over the tree line, an evil leer painted across his features, causing everyone except Lia to take a step back, in fear. Eyes glittering dangerously, Ry laughed joyously, "I am going to destroy everything he planned. Every single thing! Everything!" he grinned at Lia.

"You're looking a tad evil there Ry", Lia laughed.

"Really?" Ry paused, "Awesome!" he cheered, "Abso-fucking-lutely Awesome!" he repeated

Staring out at the sun rising over the horizon he grabbed Lia, and danced around the other four as he twirled her and laughed he smirked happily, at last he was one step closer to moving forward. The others slowly grinned as his happiness expanded and flowed through them infectiously. Tossing the Emerald into the sky he caught it, "It's time", he whispered and took one step forward, whistling low, he called a Flame familiar from deep within his heart.

"Forbearnan", he whispered out.

Flames of fire burst from his soul and spread out, spirals of heat twisted and twirled around his heart, torso, legs and arms. Pulsing and vibrating as he closed his eyes, smiling he let the magic of the flames entwine within his heart and bleed forth.

A messenger alighted from within his magic, and as the glow receded he heard soft, loud and wonder filled exclamations, and Lia's quiet yet proud voice, "Let her go Ry", she said.

Ry opened his eyes and smiled softly; a white flaming owl of fire, fluttered before him, eyes golden orbs of light, a Green set of wings and a Blue heart at its breast, soft red tips, of fire on her tail, and three Black tips on her head, set as a crown.

"Hedwig", he breathed in half happiness half sorrow. Daphne and Theo smiled softly, D'ley smirked he remembered the little owl, and El smiled at the

"Master Ry", Hedwig bowed greeting Ry. Tears of joy fell as Ry reached out and pet Hedwig's blazing head, "I've missed you Hedwig", he whispered

The owl chirped happily nuzzling against her master, her voice echoed into the clearing with an eternal promise. The others were agreeing in their own various ways while Lia grinned at him; their connection still strong.

"I've always been with you Prince Ry", Hedwig spoke, "I will always be with you Harry James Potter!"

It was a new dawn; Ry would remember it for eternity.


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