This story is on the darker side as it involves kidnapping, light torture, light bondage, & voyeurism. (No BDSM or rape) If you hang in there with me, I do promise a happy ending as I'm a Caskett shipper FOREVER.

Inspired by LJ Kink Meme's prompt where Castle/Beckett are not in a relationship yet, have been kidnapped and forced to continually have sex with one another.

Rated NC17. Set sometime during season 4 before 47 seconds.


Kate was standing in an eight by eight feet room, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. She inhaled deeply the crisp, clean air, grateful the air conditioning was on full blast, even though it sickened her to realize the sole reason for that was because the cold air pebbled the nipples of the teenage girls up for auction… It made their bodies more enticing to the buyers.

God, we live in a sick world.

She was grateful that the cool, ceramic tiles brought some relief to her ravaged feet. She could barely stand on them due to the pain but was thankful that they were no longer bleeding. She wouldn't be surprised though, if she made it out of this hell-hole alive, to find out her feet had been permanently scarred.

The speaker inside the room crackled as the auctioneer prepared to start the bidding.

Even though she had a black cloth covering her eyes, she knew the second the spotlight highlighted her cell and put her on full display. There was no hiding from her captors. There was no hiding from the buyers.

She wasn't going to give them the satisfaction of seeing her defeated or broken. She was a born fighter, a born survivor… She wouldn't give them the satisfaction of showing any fear.

Kate stood tall and proud, chin up, shoulders back; her muscles aching from the strain of having her hands behind her back in handcuffs for the last 6 hours.

She was having a little difficulty breathing due to the leather bustier they forced her to wear. The off-white number was excruciatingly tight along her ribs, shoving her breasts up to make them appear fuller. The underwire bra was digging into her flesh. She was extremely uncomfortable in the matching G-string that was a size too small for her as well. Her legs were adorned with black fishnet stockings and the garter belts, made of lace, had a tiny pink bow.

She inwardly smiled as she remembered how furious Mr. Collins had been when he found out she couldn't wear the 4 inch, hot-pink stilettos to complete her ensemble… He'd gone ballistic when he learned that Nico had gotten carried away with the surgical blade and most likely damaged a couple of nerves in her feet. She couldn't stand in the heels, let alone walk in them.

Collins had ranted and raved about how important it was for each girl he sold to portray a certain image; an image that would ensure him top dollar for the sale.

And her attire required 4 inch, hot pink heels to highlight her number one feature, - her gloriously long, model legs. She smirked, finding some sort of obscure joy in the knowledge that her torture had caused the sadistic man to be irate.

She shifted slightly to find a more comfortable spot to stand in, but it caused a burning sensation to shoot up her achilles heel. The pain triggered memories of her earlier torture. Her body instinctively cringed in remembrance of the first slice of the blade.

She had awoken from being drugged and found herself lying on a short, steel table; her hands and ankles bound by restraints; a blindfold secured around her eyes.

She knew immediately that she was wearing constricting lingerie but before she could think twice about it, a deep, cultured voice addressed her by name.

"Detective Beckett." She'd forever remember Mr. Collins' husky voice as it struck a chord of terror within her.

"Detective Beckett, you're going to tell me how much information your team has acquired concerning my operation." He leaned close to her face and whispered hotly in her ear, "I know that you're trying to think of every possible scenario to escape from here, but let me caution you…"

Kate gagged as he blew hot air into her mouth; his breath reeked of expensive Havana cigars.

"We have guards hidden throughout the complex."

She shivered in disgust when his lips suckled her ear. He took a deep whiff of her neck. "You certainly don't smell like a cop… Mmm" he hummed while he ran a finger along the ridge of the bustier, grazing the swell of her breasts. "I may not put you up on the market tonight, Detective. I may want to sample the goods first." He walked lazily around the steel table, openly admiring her beautiful, toned body.

Kate was revolted just thinking about the man ogling her.

"It's a shame you're not in Vice," he purred, "with a body like yours, you'd be the perfect choice to play a desperate prostitute." He dragged his index finger up along the fishnet stockings and played with the tantalizing pink bow. "You'd arrest more Johns in one day than I'd guess some of your fellow Officers would in 6 months."

She threw-up a tiny bit in her mouth.

She decided right then and there, that there was no way in hell, Mr. Collins was getting any information out of her.

He chuckled, "I know you won't willingly give me the information I'm seeking, so Nico's here to give you a little incentive." Kate instinctively tried to loosen the restraints. "Don't worry, Detective. We never damage the merchandise where it can be seen. . . Nico!" he snapped his fingers, and it was then that she felt the scalpel.

Sharp, intense, searing pain on the bottom of her right foot made her body shake. Mr. Collins droned on, telling her the pain would end as soon as she started talking, but Kate inherently knew that the bastard enjoyed getting-off watching others being tortured.

She let her mind take her away to an unknown destination. She was walking along the beach in a yellow sundress, ear buds in place, listening to Celine Dion belt out a beautiful ballad. She was strolling along, kicking the sand up into the air; the sand surprisingly hot between her toes. She was eagerly waiting for someone to join her, … Cas -tle.

"Cas – tle," she whispered. A soft smile graced her lips.

Surprisingly, the next cuts seemed dull, thick and slow; … the pain barely registered as she believed her body may have partially shut down and gone into a brief state-of-shock.

She was extremely proud of herself for not once screaming out in pain while Nico worked his 'surgical magic' on her feet. She didn't even moan when she realized the dripping sound she was hearing was coming from blood droplets falling off her heel and onto the floor below.

She didn't scream until, … until he brought out the cigarette lighter.

The intercom crackled once more and hatred filled her entire body as she recognized Mr. Collins' voice.

"Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome once more to 'The Auction'. Tonight we have a special piece of merchandise." The spotlight brightened, focusing solely on Kate.

"This alluring woman is not for the faint-of-heart. . . She's older than our usual inventory, but she's also one of the finest pieces we've ever offered. She would truly be your greatest possession, … if you were able to tame her." His chuckle sent hatred down her spine. "I must warn you though that she's dangerous. She's highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat as well as all manner of weaponry."

Collins must have given some sort of signal to Nico as at that time she felt thick fingers tugging at her blindfold. She blinked repeatedly, trying to remove the haze from her eyes so she could focus on her surroundings.

"So bid wisely, gentlemen, as she comes with a certain risk." Collins' suave voice continued darkly. "I'm positive she's highly proficient in all manners of, - - death." He motioned to Nico. "Now let's take a closer look at her, shall we?"

NIco pushed her forward towards the front of the glass. Her feet left blood spots on the tile.

Kate stumbled slightly but quickly regained her balance, praying for strength to get through this nightmare.

They will find me... Castle, Esposito, Ryan, Gates are looking for me. They will be here soon. All I have to do is be strong, hold on. They will find me.

Nico put his hand in the air and twirled his index finger around and around in a circle, indicating for Kate to turn around.

She knew that now was not the right time to fight… It was not the right time to try and break free and make her escape, especially with her feet torn to shreds. She would also never make it past the 300 pound man in the room with her. She decided to play it safe and obey Nico's instructions.

Stay alive, Kate. Stay alive. You can get through this, - - for Castle.

She turned around slowly, her ass fully exposed in the G-string. She clenched her teeth together in disgust, knowing that she was just a piece of meat on display for some horny, old rich men who got their jollies from kidnapped girls.

God, she was going to be ecstatic when she had Mr. Collins cornered, shoved down on the floor, knee in his back, reading him his Miranda rights while she slapped the cuffs on his wrists.

Better yet, she was going to be thrilled when she brought him down with her Glock 19, and just for the fun-of-it, stomped on his groin first before slamming the hand cuffs on his wrists.

And she wouldn't even bat an eye if the opportunity arose to kill the bastard outright.

"We'll start the bidding at $50,000."