Epilogue: Kate's Savior (definitely rated M ;)

Kate woke up to a sprinkling of light shining through Castle's blinds. She blinked rapidly to gain her bearings and smiled softly at the sight before her… Rick was sound asleep, faced towards her on his side, with his head lying on his right arm. He looked so young, so peaceful in sleep. His sandy hair was tousled and flopped over his forehead adorably. She watched his strong chest rise and fall rhythmically with each of his breaths.

God, she was amazed at how effortless they were together.

It had been a heavenly two weeks since Kate was kidnapped and Collins' men had been captured and put into custody. Two blissful weeks of waking up in Richard Castle's arms.

She craved him... She craved his attention, his little touches, his intense gazes, his frisky sword-play. She enjoyed coming home from the precinct with him. She loved having intimate breakfasts with him first thing in the morning and cooking dinner for him late at night. She loved the domesticity of it all and was stunned by how intrinsically he'd woven himself into every facet of her life, … into her heart, body and soul.

She was surprised by how natural it felt to be with him 24/7, and even more surprised that she wasn't scared shitless by their connection.

They'd only spent one night apart since their new-found relationship. She thought she needed some distance from him, but being alone in her apartment had had the opposite effect. They'd stayed up for an hour texting naughty, dirty things to one another and by the time they'd finally said 'good night,' she was just too wound up and couldn't sleep. She kept thinking about his sexy voice, the way he revered her name while exploring her body; the way his thick tongue felt on her small breasts, the way his breathing stuttered just before he climaxed... After that night, Kate determined not to deceive herself any longer and admitted to herself that she wanted to jump full throttle into this relationship with him.

Jesus, I'm in a relationship with Rick Castle, and she couldn't resist reaching out and running her fingers through his thick hair. She leaned into him and breathed in deeply his unique, 'Castle' scent, which sent a tug of arousal to her center. She brushed her lips over each of his closed eyelids.

"Mmmm," came his sleepy response. And his arm reached out, snaked around her and tugged her close, nestling her intimately against his large frame. "Why are you up so early, beautiful?" He kissed the top of her head. "Are you nervous about today?"

"No, I'm not nervous. Just a bit anxious for Katrina is all."

"Don't worry." He rubbed up and down her back reassuringly. "We both know the D.A. won't prosecute. She and her sister will go into the Witness Protection Program in exchange for her testifying against Collins' organization."

"I know; I shouldn't worry, but it's all based off our testimonies today."

"Yes, and Katrina is safe because the most extraordinary NYC detective and her plucky sidekick have her back."

He could feel her grin at his neck.

"Kate," he asked hesitatingly, "Are you worried about having to disclose what happened to you after being kidnapped?"

She sighed. "A little. I'm more worried about a nosy reporter getting a hold of our statements."

"Don't. Gates promised that both our testimonies would be sealed. We can trust her."

"I know." She couldn't resist the temptation of his delicious, lean neck any longer so she placed her lips at his pulse point and sucked eagerly.

It shocked her each and every time that all it took was one touch of her lips to have him at full-mast, ready and roarin' to go. His erection pressed eagerly into her hip bone making her feel deliciously desired, making her panties damp.

He growled. "Don't start something that we don't have time to finish."

"Ohhh," she purred hotly into his neck, "we both know that I love it immensely when Speedy Gonzales comes out to play." Her lips burned a trail up his neck, and over his stubbled jaw, to his manly chin and then finally attacked his anxiously awaiting lips.

Kate gave him an open-mouthed, curl-your-toes, drop-dead, tongue-to-tongue kiss while her hand plummeted daringly downwards to grab ahold of his member.


She continued to stroke him possessively through his boxers while her lips wreaked havoc over his.

Castle emitted a sexy, frustrated moan, which sent her heart into a frenzy. Her skin buzzed anew in anticipation.

He grudgingly drew back from her tempting mouth and said huskily, "What if I prefer," he paused, and before she could even blink, he'd moved from beneath her, flipped her onto her stomach and his large, warm hands slid down her silk bikini underwear, revealing her tempting tattoo, … "to play the Tazmanian Devil?"

Her panties were tossed aside before he placed a searing kiss to an angel wing.

She squirmed beneath his lips as his teeth took over, nibbling and marking the tattoo as his own.

"Mmmm, devil it is." She whispered, intoxicated by his mouth.

Her loins clenched in desire as his hands pulled her legs 8 inches apart… One rugged, writer hand dragged along her inner thigh, causing her breath to hitch, and her skin to quiver in need.

And then, then, his dexterous fingers lightly, teasingly, cascaded over her sensitive core, checking to see if she was ready for him. The sensation heightened the tingling awareness shooting through every nerve in her body; Shit, she already felt the first spark of a brilliant firework, signaling her pending orgasm.

"Your ass is perfect." And his hands molded and kneaded her butt cheeks, occasionally sliding down her long, luscious legs and then erotically moving them back up her inner thighs, skimming over her wet heat with just the perfect amount of pressure.

She gazed over her shoulder and leered at him with pure, unadulterated lust. "I need you inside me, Rick."

Shockingly, in a move he hadn't done before, he roughly pinned her wrists above her head with one hand and with his other, slid it beneath her hips and yanked her back towards him, forcing her on her knees.

When she realized his intention, Kate stifled a sob as he knew this position drove her over the edge into ecstasy faster than any other method.

And fuck, he was certainly the devil when he teased her mercilessly with the erratic pulsing of his hips, barely sinking into her wet folds and drawing back again, making her shudder beneath his teasing member.

He was a master in the art of consummation, bringing her to the brink of bliss, and then abruptly retreating, making her whimper at the sudden loss of his manhood… His fingers shimmied her lavender camisole up her sides so his lips had access to her bare, lithe back. His mouth found the divot of her spinal column and placed, lingering, seductive kisses along the ridge of her spine.

He picked up speed with his thrusts.

Kate crossed her arms and grabbed the headboard for leverage as his movements were slowly edging her forward.

He groaned when she tilted her hips for better traction; the new angle skyrocketing their passion.

His tongue swirled a path of volcanic heat down the center of her back; her spine automatically curved upward into his wet mouth. She gasped at the sensation of his early morning stubble scraping along the tender flesh.


And she knew immediately what he was telling her and asking her at the same time.

"I'm close. Just - -"

His fingernails dug into her pelvis as he gripped her from behind and pulled, angling her derriere so that it was perfectly adjacent to his hips.

"Fuck," he hissed at the new angle of entry as he penetrated her roughly, … completely, … filling her to the hilt.

And that was Kate's breaking point.

She arched backwards and her muscles tensed as the orgasm slammed into her with such ferocity that she couldn't breathe. She was blown away in an explosion of bright, hot light; the embers of the fire scorching her skin repeatedly as she screamed his name in ecstasy.

Castle toppled over the crest in the next instant, depositing his seed into her as wave after wave of euphoria slammed into him, - - so powerful, - - that he lost the ability to think or even speak. He could only feel.


Afterwards, they both held their positions for several seconds.

Kate tried to calm down her erratic breathing.

That was the most incredible sex of my life. She tried to grasp the enormity of what had just happened between them. This was new for her.

Rick tried to process the overwhelming rush of emotion flowing through his body. He had thought that his connection to Kate couldn't get any stronger, that he couldn't love her any more than he already did, but this experience showed him differently. She truly was the one woman who completed him, made him whole.

Both of them realized they had just shared an out-of-this-world, one-of-a-kind connection that neither one had experienced before during sex.

Kate moved first. She slipped away from him and immediately felt a sense-of-loss. She rolled onto her back and pulled him on top of her.

"Richard Castle," she breathed against his lips. "Do you have any idea what you do to me?" Her hands ran endearingly over his trapezius muscles.

He smiled cockily. "Well, if your screams are any indication, I certainly do have an idea."

She lightly swatted him and looked intensely into his beautiful, blue eyes.

"I love you, you know."

And there were the 3 words that he had longed to hear from her since he realized his own love for her over a year ago. His heart soared.

She didn't think it was possible, but his cocky grin spread even wider, reminding her of a haughty, Cheshire cat.

He couldn't help himself from saying, "I know, Kate… It's just about damn time that you admitted it to yourself."

She glared teasingly at him, shook her head, and then shoved him off her.

"Heeey," he said, snagging her around the waist and drawing him back to her. Castle searched her lovely, hazel eyes. He pushed a lock of hair back behind her ear before leaning in and whispering, "I love you too, - - so God damn much." He peppered kisses along her cheek. "More than you can imagine, Kate... There aren't words to describe how much I love you."

A smile tugged at the corner of her lips. "Yeah, well it's just a good thing then that I plan on keeping you around the precinct for a few more years… Come on, Partner, it's time to get ready for work."

And as her hand clasped his and drew him from the bed, Rick Castle had never felt more like her Partner in his entire life.