It's the first chapter of Yugioh Robin hood!

I'd like to give you a quick overview of the chatacter roles; Yami is Robin hood, full name Yami Atem in this story. Yugi is maid Marrion. Dartz is Prince John. The Fria is Seto (High Priest version). And the other Characters and roles will be introduced along the way.

Because there are more Yugioh characters than Robin hood characters there will be some more characters used in this so roles like 'little John' will be spilt between two or three characters.

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People cheered and clapped and whooped and threw flowers up at a statue of a proud Pharaoh with star shaped hair with lightning strikes following the spikes, the hero Pharaoh Yami Atem. He was carved out of stone and at his side was a younger looking star haired youth minus the lightning strikes with wide gentle eye. He had a gentle smile and he clung to his husbands arm, the Pharaoh's arm, he was Prince Yugi. The people celebrated the holiday and danced, people celebrating from the Palace to the very boarders of Kehmet.

One old woman sat on a chair at the edge of the crowd and nodded up at the two statues warmly "Hello my hero's" she greeted warmly. She was just over one hundred years old, very stooped and withered, having witnessed joy, pain, sorrow, bliss and a lifetime of knowledge lay behind her eyes. Her sight was failing and her strength for getting around was slipping.

Her children, grand children and great grandchildren all played around her as they celebrated the anniversary day when they ended the rein of the Phoney Pharaoh Dartz. The old woman sat quietly in thought of days long ago as the village celebrated around her.

One child rushed up to her and blinked up at her with wide eyes "Granny? Why are you so quiet? Are you well?"

The old woman patted the blue head of the boy, very gently and tenderly, and smiled at him "I'm thinking Syrus. Just thinking, I'm alright"

The boy tilted his head and was soon joined by his older brother Zane came and stood by him "What are you thinking about Granny?" he asked, concerned "Everyone in Kehmet is celebrating but you, are you missing Great Grandpa?" he and his little brother looked worried for their oldest relative and oldest village resident.

The old woman shook her head with a chuckle "I miss him all the time, my dears, but no. I was thinking about our brave hero's over there" she nodded at the statues. The boys followed her gaze. "Ah, how much I miss them"

Syrus's mouth dropped open "You knew them Granny?"

The elderly woman nodded her blue eyes serious and yet dulled with old age. "I did. I knew them… ah, those were the younger years of my life" she sighed, a hand against her heart.

Jaden, Syrus and Zane's cousin had overheard and stared with wide eyes too "How? How you know them Granny?" Jesse, his best friend stood by him and listened eagerly too. They were like two sides of the same coin and often appeared to blush around the other more than normal… Jaden had brown hair and brown eyes while Jesse had blue hair with blue and paler skin.

The elderly woman groaned as she sat up a little more. "I'll tell you what my dears, you gather all your family and sit around old Granny and I'll tell you the story of our hero's" Syrus was just about to rush of and gather people when a snort was heard.

Alex, Jaden's older friend, scoffed as she overheard "But we all know the story Granny, everyone in upper and lower Kehmet does!" she gestured with pale arms all around her to show how silly this idea was.

The old woman chuckled deeply and bowed her head, both hands on her stick as she shook her head "The story you all know and retell over and over in this day appears like a myth to me now, how much people have changed it to make our hero's appear more heroic, the end flickering between tragic or dramatic, no. The hero's were brave, but they were men, humans. I'll tell you the real story of what happened to the brave Pharaoh and the Prince, as only I can tell you"

Alex was hushed into silence at her words and obediently went off and gathered all her friends and family to hear the story as it would be, the entire village gathered around to listen to her words, she the eldest and most wise of them all.

Syrus, Zane, Jaden and Jesse sat at her feet with wide eyes and the old woman sighed contentedly "I have lived a long time my dears, and I believe that soon I will walk with Anubis to the afterlife and be with my dearest Leon once again" she put a hand to her chest "But before I go, I will tell you the true story of our brave hero's, there aren't that many who can tell you the true story anymore so treasure and remember this well" she nodded with a small bang of her cane. "I know the truth"

Jesse blinked "But how do you know it's true, Granny Rebecca?" he asked politely.

Rebecca raised her elderly eyes and smiled with a dry chuckle "Well, you see… I was there…"

The entire party hushed and Rebecca cleared her withered throat and leaned back with a sigh. "That Brave Pharaoh saved my life. I was eight years old when this happened, now I am over one hundred, so you know that this story is such a long while ago" people murmured in awe. Rebecca smiled and closed her eyes before beginning her tale, her memories going back to the life of a young girl living in the Kehmet desert in a village close to the Palace. Almost a lifetime ago when she was young, her hair was blond, she was a young girl with lively blue eyes and a teddy she refused to put down for a moment.

Rebecca opened her eyes and smiled when she saw Syrus holding her ancient teddy bear. "Well, the story begins so very long ago, before even I was born. And it starts with a promise between the King of Atlantis and the Pharaoh Aknamkanon, Atem's Father…"

Once there was an evil and horrible Pharaoh. He ruled by fear, becoming a tyrant to his own people and a god of evil, using the army to terrorise his own people and killing all who stood against him, waging many wars against his boarding countries.

Yet his son was different.

Aknamkanon was wise and just and wanted only peace and not war. He saw that if his father kept up his madness the country of Kehmet would be brought to its knees and the people would both starve and be killed by his Father's wicked ways.

Aknamkanon knew he had to help his people so he prayed to the gods for guidance and Ra, the most powerful god of all, showed him a vision of Atlantis, a country surrounded by sea and about three weeks journey away from the Palace he was kept locked up inside of. With faith that the gods were on his side he escaped from the Palace with two trusted friends and rode on horseback to the sea and hired a boat to go to visit the King of Atlantis.

Prince Aknamkanon approached the King, Ironheart, and begged for his help in defeating his Father. Ironheart listened to his pleas and wanted nothing more than to help but found that there wouldn't be any profit for his people if he spent money on this war, it would leave two countries ruined. Aknamkanon was desperate so promised the Atlantian King control of the upper part of Kehmet in return for his help.

The two leaders made an agreement and the armies of Atlantis rode out with Ironheart and Aknamkanon at the lead. After a year of bitter war the Pharaoh was slain and Prince Aknamkanon took the throne and the crown, and, just as he promised, let the Atlantian King have control of upper Kehmet. Ironheart was impressed that Aknamkanon kept his promises, and that he wasn't the spitting image of his Father so lessened his control so that both leaders had an equal say of what happened in upper Kehmet.

Both were very fair and agreed on compromise easily, so there was peace and good times for both countries.

During one of these discussions the two leaders came up with another idea that their children would marry to permanently join the Kingdoms of Atlantis and Kehmet forever. Ironheart already had a son called Dartz and he had promised Dartz the freedom to choose his own life partner (both countries being very tolerant of same sex relationships) and so Aknamkanon's firstborn child would marry Ironheart's second born. Ironheart assured Aknamkanon that his child would be able to bare an heir no matter what gender it was because the scientists, healers and magicians of Atlantis were close to perfecting an operation that would allow a male to bare children as a female would.

A few years later Pharaoh Aknamkanon married a noble woman called Amara who was gentle and caring yet fiery too, a very beautiful woman who was loved by all who met her. She gave birth to a very healthy son called Yami Atem, who would one day be the Pharaoh of Kehmet. Less than three months later Ironheart's wife also gave birth to a son, she died during childbirth and only lived long enough to name him Yugi before she passed away just like Amara had before her.

Yugi and Yami were betrothed from their births and were raised by their Father's. They were to meet every few months from the age of three to get to know each other. Every four months the two boys would meet and spend three weeks together in Kehmet before Yugi was taken back to Atlantis. To the delight of many the two boys got along better than anyone would have hoped, they were best friends by the time they were eight and had developed slight crushes on each other by the time they turned twelve. Both boys looked rather similar but that was just simply fate their Father's decided, and the issue was not questioned.

For a time there was only happiness and light in the Kingdoms and there were no problems with either Kingdom. The people of Kehmet loved Yugi and couldn't wait for the marriage of the young Prince's so that Kehmet would be whole again. Yugi in turn loved the country he was destined to live in, he eagerly learnt their legends, language and how to write in hieroglyphics so that he'd be able to live comfortably with his future husband.

But when Yugi and Yami turned fourteen Ironheart, the elderly king of Atlantis, passed away and Dartz was crowned King, as he was the crowned Prince. Dartz was very protective and possessive of his younger brother and as now he was the one in charge Yugi's frequent visits lessened and shortened until they stopped altogether.

Yet Dartz still visited Pharaoh Aknamkanon to talk about business in upper Kehmet that they both controlled until Yugi married Yami and Kehmet returned, in it's entirety, to the lineage of the Pharaoh's. But during those meetings Dartz secretly dosed the Pharaoh with poison from the Orichalcos stones that could only be found in Atlantis, it slowly turned the Pharaoh darker and more evil.

It was Dartz's plan to have the people of Kehmet turn against their Pharaoh and Prince so he could take over without a war; he was very crafty and very cunning, but evil. Very evil, in fact, there was a second reason why he didn't want Yugi near Yami, and it wasn't just because he was worried his brother knew and would tell or attempt to cure the poisoned Pharaoh. It was because Dartz lusted after his younger brother and wanted to have Yugi as his husband and not Yami's.

The Pharaoh Aknamkanon was slowly becoming more affected with the evil of the Orichalcos and one evil thing he ordered was the creation of the Millennium items, by having the people of Kul Elna slaughtered and their souls used to create the golden items. Ninety-nine souls were used in that one day. Yet, the Pharaoh was good inside and as soon was able to fight off the affects of the poison and he was filled with guilt and grief for his evil actions. He took his son down to the Pharaoh's private temple and gave up his own godly protection to spare his son of sharing any punishment for his own crimes. This meant that no magic would be able to protect the Pharaoh anymore, but because the Pharaoh managed to fight of the effects of the poison the Pharaoh was now immune to the evil influence of the Orichalcos.

Dartz saw this in a magical mirror and was furious that his plan was foiled, he smashed the mirror in his rage and sent on a new plan that would give him complete control of Kehmet for certain.

He met up with the Pharaoh, and killed him with more poison, only it was a slow killing one that wouldn't end his life for another two months. Pharaoh Aknamkanon passed his blessing onto his son and told him to be a good Pharaoh and apologised for all his mistakes and passed away. Yami Atem would become Pharaoh Atem at only the age of seventeen. After the necessary mummification and mourning period, Yami stood before the throne ready to be crowned the new Pharaoh.

But it was that day… when Dartz attacked with his armies.

Dartz's -mostly Orichalcos brainwashed- forces overthrew the armies of Kehmet and nearly killed Yami so he had no choice but to flee into the desert. He wasn't the only one to escape though, his cousin Seto and his little brother Mokuba escaped, Seto put Mokuba in an orphanage to protect his identity as his little brother so he wouldn't be in any danger, then he went into hiding himself. Priestess Isis managed to escape with her two children; Ishizu and Malik and they took refuge in the 'Valley of the Kings' with the current tomb keeper Marik. Joey who was a Palace guard managed to escape from jail and his execution when he was left alone a few days later.

But many were killed; Shimon, Shada, Karim, Aknadin, Honda and Teana. And Mahad was captured for his uses as a Magician but no one heard from him since that night.

Yami wandered for days, lost in the desert dunes when he was found by the Thief King Bakura who was just about to kill him in revenge for what happened to his family, he was the soul survivor of Kul Elna, but he put Yami under a small truth spell and questioned him about why his family was murdered. Yami revealed to him that the former Pharaoh had been possessed by something evil at the time of the slaughter so Bakura let Yami live, realizing that the former Pharaoh wasn't his enemy.

Yami told Bakura of Dartz's betrayal and slaughter of his Palace friends and Bakura shared his pain as he knew from experience what losing your entire family and friends felt like. So he took Yami to his hideout called; the "infinite city". It was called this because it was under the desert for miles and was a labyrinth of tunnels and levels that a stranger could lose themselves forever in.

Bakura and Yami made a pact that they would work together to overthrow Dartz and restore Kehmet.

Yami found Joey beat up and hurt in the middle of the desert a few days after the slaughter and Joey told him the horrible tale of what Dartz had done in such a short space of time; he had renamed the country 'Egypt' and had already become a tyrant; he ordered many temples to the gods be destroyed and deity statues be torn down and replaced with ones of himself. Dartz had begun hunting down all priests and priestesses who were loyal to the gods and the Pharaoh and was executing them faster than flies could get swatted just because they refused to worship him as a god. Dartz was also starting to put heavy taxes in place and have his army go around ensuring his new laws.

Yami and Bakura were outraged and dismayed that their wonderful country had come to this and they went underground for a few weeks to recover from the attack and then began their plan of getting back at Dartz and helping the people restore Kehmet from the horrible country of Egypt…

And that's my twist. Robin hood, in Ancient Egypt. I've called it Kehmet because it was another name for Egypt at the time and... it just made Dartz more evil to change the name of the country just because he could.

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