Welcome back readers! I'm glad you enjoyed Fury Within Her! And now here's the sequel you've been waiting for! A Warrior's Journey! Get ready for some Drama! Romance! And suspense!

How's Leonardo going to cope with Raphael and Mona's relationship? Will he accept the couple or will he go mad with holding his real emotions in? Well, read the story to find out!

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A Warrior's Journey

Chapter One


Leonardo didn't know how long he had been sitting there, and right now he didn't care. His mask was soaked with the tears he had cried and his body was so numb he felt he couldn't feel anything anymore.

He was sitting on the bank of the river staring at the reflection of the moon as it shimmered on the ripples of the water.

"What didn't I do?" he thought as he wiped the tears from his eyes, "I did what I could to show you...why you didn't see it? Is that all I am to you? Just a friend?"

Leonardo looked up at the moon and the stars as they shone down on him, but he could hardly see their beauty due to the tears than stung his eyes.

He began to think back to when he saw the woman he loved and tried to court in the arms of his younger brother, and it was when he was going to find her and finally tell her how he really felt about her.


Leonardo had been walking through the woods deciding to take some time out to collect his thoughts, he had been so happy Mona had passed her tests and was now an official member of the team.

Since she had come to live with them after he and his brothers had brought her off the streets and since he had gotten to know her more, he had started to feel a strong liking towards the Lizard Lady, he had felt so sorry for her after what had happened to her, and he wanted to make her happy again.

He thought about the times they spent together, he thought about when Mona first arrived he took her to one of the highest buildings in the city and they looked at the stars together.

"I told her she was beautiful then" he thought "and she said it was one of the first nice things said to her since being mutated"

Leonardo then thought about the time they went swimming on Coney Island Beach and they saw the fireworks, "I'll never forget that night" he thought "I tried to court her in the water...but I forgot...being a turtle that's my nature, she was human...thought I was playing, but I'm not playing now, I'll tell her! I want to tell her what I really feel!"

As Leonardo was thinking he came to a stop by the river and sat down for a few minutes, as he did, he looked at the shimmering water and at the ripples, the full moon was shining high in the sky and the stars were shining so bright, because of the zero light pollution and it was a clear night he could see the milky way's and groups of stars.

Leonardo remembered when Mona and he were on the highest building looking at the stars and Mona had mentioned she used to stargaze with her father in Wisconson when she was human.

He couldn't tell what groups of stars were up there, he knew Donatello would be able to point out many stars and their groups with one look, but he thought it looked so beautiful, even if he wasn't an expert stargazer.

"This looks so amazing" he thought, "one of the most amazing things I've seen!" he stood up.

"I have to sow Mona this!" he began to walk back into the woods hoping to find Mona. As he walked back into the woods he reached into a pouch he had on his belt and pulled out a box.

He opened it and inside was a bracelet with lotus flower beads and white pearls.

He admired the bracelet feeling pleased with himself, he had made that bracelet himself, he had hoped he could win Mona's heart by giving her something personal. He closed the box and put it back in his pouch.

Leonardo then walked on into the woods wondering what to say to Mona when he found her, "Erm...Mona..." he said softly to himself, "I wish to...no no...I mean...I wanna...what I'm trying to say is..."

He shook his head and cleared his throat. "Mona..." he said again, "I've got something I want to tell you..." he paused as he tried to think of what else to say.

"Dammit Leo!" Leonardo scolded himself, "You're a fearless leader of the Ninja Turtles but you can't even find the right words to talk to the woman you love?" he bit his lip and kept walking looking for Mona, muttering to himself as he tried to think of the right words to say to her.

As he walked further into the woods he saw someone sitting on the ground ahead, he squinted as he tried to see more clearly who it was, he wasn't sure if it was two people or not, but he could see one of them was green with long dark hair and wearing a black and pink ninja outfit.

"Mona!" he thought as he quickened his pace and walked closer.

Leonardo got closer and his eyes narrowed in puzzlement as he thought he saw someone else there with Mona, he got closer then pushed a branch out of the way so he could see properly, but as he did, his heart stopped beating and his stomach lurched.

There, sitting against a large tree trunk was Mona and she was locked in a passionate embrace with Raphael who was nuzzling her and kissing her, Mona in turn was kissing him back and had her arms wrapped around him.

Leonardo blinked several times and pinched his arm hoping this was just a bad dream, but it wasn't!

"No..." he whispered as he watched the two humanoid reptiles nuzzle and kiss. "No...No way" he whispered to himself again, but it was no mistake, Raphael had succeeded in courting Mona and winning her as his mate!

Leonardo stepped back as he watched the whole scene play before him, the more he looked at them, he felt his heart start to crack as it began to break, and his stomach felt like it was going to fall off his back and tears started to come to his eyes.

He shook his head as the realization ran through him, the realization that the heart of woman he loved now belonged to Raphael.

Unable to watch any longer Leonardo turned around and ran as back to the river, running as fast as he could as if trying to escape the situation, as he did, the tears began to fall, he couldn't hold them in. They began to blur his vision as he ran, then they fell like rivers from his eyes.

Leonardo lifted his hand to his eyes as he tried to wipe away the tears, but they kept coming, unable to stop them, he gave up and let them flow from his eyes and down his cheeks as he continued to run away.

End Flashback

Leonardo opened the box again and looked at the bracelet, the tears continued to fall rapidly and they fell on the bracelet.

"I had all this planned" he thought "even though I didn't know what to say, I wanted to show you..."

He closed the box and placed it back in his pouch, "why didn't I let her know sooner?" Leonardo scolded himself "Why? I should have said something! I should have told her my feelings! But I was scared to! I was scared I'd scare her away! Scared she'd think I was being too forward"

Leonardo looked back at the shimmering water of the river, he thought about Mona and her beauty, he then touched his cheek, even though it was soaked with his tears, it was the very cheek she kissed after they had returned from Coney Island Beach.

"I'll never forget that kiss" he thought "I thought it meant I had won you...but you said I was a friend...just a friend..."

The tears came again as he saw the image of Mona and Raphael kissing. He clawed his hands and placed them on his head as if trying to claw the image out.

Leonardo looked up at the moon and stars again, then decided to head back to the Farmhouse, he knew he would have to face the couple again, he would have to keep his feelings hidden, even though he had not won Mona, he wanted to retain his friendship with her.

He slowly picked himself up and looked at the stars one last time, then wiping his tears, he began to make his way back to the farmhouse, as he walked he felt like he was a condemned victim and walking to execution, he felt so low and feeling his life was over.

Poor Leonardo, seeing Mona and Raphael kiss, I wonder how he's gonna cope?