A/N: Scott/Shelby quick one-shot set in the middle of Episode 16 when Scott goes to visit Shelby's campsite. Rated for mild language and implied themes from the show. I just started watching this show and I'm only on episode 17, so I don't know how this couple actually ends, sorry if this bothers anyone.

This is so stupid, like sitting here, thinking for three damn days about my past and all of the mistakes is really what I need. Truth be told, I'm not even thinking much about my own past except the last few days since Scott found out my secrets. I was there for him when he unloaded all the skeletons in his closet and now he was reacting just as I was so scared he would.


No, it couldn't be him, I was supposed to be alone for three days. Can't he just go away?

"Shelb, I think we need to talk." Scott Barringer, the cause of my most recent inner turmoil was walking up the hill to my campsite. Great. Just great.

"I've told you, there are two words I want to hear from you before we talk about anything else." Couldn't he get the hint? She needed him to be there for her. It takes a lot to trust someone with everything you have and he screwed it up.

"How many?"


"How many men?"

"Wow, not the words you were supposed to say. Look, we're not supposed to be talking to anyone, can't you just go back to your campsite before we're both on shuns for the next two weeks?"

"Okay, that was the wrong thing to joke about, I get it. What am I apologizing for? I know I've been kind of a jerk since we found out what happened to you, but I've been processing it, ya know? It takes a little while to wrap your head around the fact that your girl used to be a freaking prostitute!"

"Wow, really? You just don't get it; I needed you to be there for me. You told me everything about Elaine, and I was there for you. I didn't judge you and even when you were pushing me away, I still fought to be there for you. What have you done since you found out? Oh, that's right, treated me like a pariah and ridiculed me for what I had to do to get by! If you can't understand why I'm angry with you, I probably shouldn't be 'your girl' anymore"

"No. Shelby, no. I'm not going to lose you over this. I do get it. I shouldn't have pulled my hand away when you tried to take it and I should have been there for you before, but I'm trying to understand and I'm here now." He walked closer and lifted his hand to my face. It was just like I had told Daisy, one look into those eyes and I wanted to spill everything. "Talk to me. I'm here for you now."

"Don't touch me!" I slapped his hand away and backed up "You think you can just walk up here, say a few charming words from your pretty-boy face and everything will be okay? Do you have any idea how much you hurt me?"

"Shelby, I tried to talk to you, I did fight for you to open up to me, remember? You've been pushing me away every day that we've been together and I've been fighting for you to open up. And then you spill what's been troubling you the most to mess with that reporter chick? I was angry that you told her, when you wouldn't tell me a thing this entire time we've been together. But I want you to talk to me about it. I want to be here for you. I want to be the one you can turn to."

Damn it, he was moving toward me again, why can't he just leave? It hurts too much to open up again. He put his hands on either side of my face and coaxed me into looking at him.

"I'm sorry."

"What?" I half-smiled, well how about it, the boy might not be so dumb after all. We might be able to make this work.

"I'm sorry. We've all got baggage here, but it doesn't mean you're damaged, of all people, I should know that. I'm sorry." And with that he leaned down and kissed me.