[Author's Note: Hello! This fanfic is originally posted on my tumblr, but I finally relented and posted it here. This first chapter is based heavily on the movie script and the movie itself during the battle of Jotunheim, along with a few of my own quips thrown in. So I hope you guy's like it!)

Lost Daughter

Chapter One

Jotunheim was cold. Colder than she had expected, but not unbearable. Properly dressed or no, she was fairing much better than the others. She looked over to her brother and the other warriors. They were shivering, but stubbornly trying to fight it as they made a few careful steps forward. She smiled, pleased at the fact that she was stronger than them in this regard. Thor saw her smile and huffed. "What pleases you so, sister?" He asked through the soft clatter of his teeth.

She made a soft 'Hm' sound. "The mighty Thor is brave, but shivers in Jotunheim's cold," She saw her brothers jaw tighten, she was hitting a nerve. "Or... are you quivering with fear?" She tsked.

"Silence, Loki!" Thor growled. "I will not hear such trickery from you today."

"Hmph!" Though she appeared thoroughly chastised, her heart swelled with pride. She always enjoyed getting under her brother's skin, ever since childhood when she discovered her silver tongue. Silence settled in the group, until Hogun spoke up as they traveled through the dark, ice covered world.

"We shouldn't be here." Loki would normally roll her eyes at his pessimism, but he was right. If the Jotun didn't kill them father would when they returned.

"Too late now." Thor replied. Then Loki did roll her eyes, of course he wouldn't turn back now. Not that she expected him too.

Sif looked around, nervous. "Where are they?"

"Hiding, as cowards always do." Thor huffed.

"Or waiting in ambush..." Loki muttered under her breath. She would have preferred to wait and observe the enemy from a distance, but that was an impossible option for Thor, she knew. He never thought of strategy. Always too eager to charge into battle, or any situation for that matter, without a second thought. Loki's green eyes watched Thor carefully as they walked, she tried to convince herself that this is why she let her brother drag her all over the nine realms, someone had to look out for the brute.

"What is your business here, Asgardians." A Jotun sentry called out, appearing from somewhere in the ice. Loki can't help but jump a little, where in Helheim did he come from? Sif and the Warriors Three had hands on their weapons, ready for any sign of hostility. The Frost Giant was imposing, towering above them all and gazing down at them with a mixture of hatred and disgust.

"I will speak only to your King. Not to his foot soldiers." Thor snapped, seeming unafraid. Loki watched him carefully, trying to judge whether or not he really was fearless or just putting on a show of bravado. She decided that he either hid his fear well or he was a fool. She would bet on the latter.

"Speak then." A deep voice boomed all around them. Loki could feel the ice shudder beneath her feet at that voice. The six of them looked up to see King Laufey sitting in a balcony. He was veiled in shadow, but was still a sight to behold, a noble king in his own right. His blood red eyes gazed down at each of them in turn. His gaze sent shivers though all of them. A shiver that didn't have anything to do with the cold. When his gaze finally rested upon Loki, she could feel it stir something inside. She gasped at the sudden feeling within her. She reached a hand up to clutch at the fabric of her shirt where her heart pounded hard against her ribs.

"I am Laufey, King of this realm." His low voice rumbled, Loki resisted the urge to shiver again.

Thor raised his hammer halfway. "And I am Thor Od-"

"We know who you are, Odinson." He spoke the last word as if it left a fowl taste in his mouth. She could vaguely make out the wrinkles in his face as he grimaced. "You have come a long way to die, Aesir. Why have you brought the stench of your blood to my world?" His tone suggested that he already knew the answer to his own question, and was merely asking for his own amusement.

"I demand answers!"

King Laufey stood up then, sizing Thor up. Her brother looked tiny and frail in comparison to this giant. "You demand?" Loki flinched, silently scolding Thor for his choice of words with a glare.

Thor ignored her. "How did your people get into Asgard?"

"The house of Odin is full of traitors." Laufey drawled, pleased with the surprised expressions on their faces. Sif and the Warriors Three exchanged puzzled glances at one another.

"Do not dishonor my father's name with your lies!" Thor bellowed, fist shaking in rage. This caused Mjolnir to vibrate in his grip. The hammer desired bloodshed as much as he did.

"Your father is a murderer and a thief!" Loki could almost feel the anger of King Laufey's words as he spat them out. "He stole what was ours, and left our world in ruins!" He opened his strong arms wide, as if gesturing to the world about them. "And why have you come? To make peace? You long for battle, you crave it! I see you for what you are, Thor Odinson." He smiled then, teeth sharp like a wolf's fangs, "Nothing but a boy trying to prove himself a man."

Oh no, now they were doomed. Loki pinched the bridge of her nose, visibly embarrassed by her brother's actions thus far. Laufey was baiting him and Thor was falling right into his trap. He would make a horrible king. Thor took a step towards Laufey, and the other Jotun moved swiftly to block his way. Loki noticed then that they were surrounded. The Jotuns moved silently despite their size, she marveled. Ice ghosted over their bodies and down their arms, extending their arms as weapons.

"Thor!" Loki finally spoke up and rushed to her brothers side, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. "I know it's hard, but stop and think, look around. We are outnumbered here."

"Know your place, sister!" He barked back, not taking his eyes off Laufey. Loki was not deterred, pulling close to her brothers side and gripping his arm, the arm holding Mjolnir. She physically lacked the strength to drag him away, but perhaps this way it would stop him from attacking the nearest frost giant, or worse.

Laufey stepped out of the shadows, watching them curiously, though his eyes lingered more on Loki than Thor. "You should listen to her council, you know not what your actions would unleash . . ." He growled, seeming almost eager for Thor to try something. "I do. Go now, while I still allow it."

Thor growled low, but Loki spoke up before he could. "We will accept your most gracious offer." She looked to Thor imploringly, "Come on, brother." She let go of her brother's arm, and turned to walk away. The others gave him this same look before turning to follow Loki's lead. Thor stayed for half a moment longer, glaring at Laufey before finally relenting. They made about three steps before she heard a nearby Jotun mutter something.

"Run back home little princess." It was a taunt directed at Thor. Loki paled.

"Damn." Was all she said. Now they've done it.

Thor swung Mjolnir and sent the Jotun flying, crashing into the ice a ways away. "Next?" He called up to Laufey, confident as always. He swung and hit another with his hammer. Loki cursed silently and readied a spell, the others reluctantly drew their weapons. The jotun came at them like a swarm, and Thor charged them head on, putting himself right in the middle of the action. Loki and the others split up, attacking the giants from all sides. Loki had no impressive weapons to speak of, but her daggers and skill with magic were more than enough. She hurled her daggers into her larger targets, as well as creating duplicates of herself, tricking the giants long enough to stab them from behind. She managed to look up in the midst of the battle to see Laufey watching her curiously, speaking in hushed tones to another Jotun beside him. It distracted her enough to get tackled to the ground, but she knocked her attacker off easily again, stabbing him. She tsked as she looked down at her clothing, now covered in Jotun blood.

"Come on! At least make it a challenge for me!" She heard her brother call out, before getting knocked down. Oh the idiot.

Loki had to consider the fact that they were doing quite well, despite the odds, which pleased her. Perhaps they would survive this day after all. Things didn't seem too serious until Volstagg called out, "Don't let them touch you!" His arm now bore black frost bite in the shape of a hand print. A Jotun's touch had burned him. If only she had listened.

She charged a nearby Jotun head on, a rather daring move on her part, and prepared to stab him with her dagger. She managed to hit him but it wasn't a lethal blow and the giant fell to his knees, grabbing her forearm in the process. She struggled in vain as her armor fell away in pieces to the Jotun's touch. She was prepared for pain, but not what came next. She watched in horror as her skin turned blue, and her hand felt warmer, the Jotun's touch didn't hurt at all. Loki and the Jotun made eye contact for a moment before she stabbed him again, this time in the heart. She stared at her hand while the giant slumped to the ground, the skin slowly turned back to it's normal pale color. Then she remembered where she was. Oh yes, battle, could get killed at any time, right. She ran back to the others. She didn't have much time to think about what had transpired, and perhaps that was a good thing, but now she felt that something was horribly wrong as she felled giants left and right. What was going on? They are the enemy, same as any other. Right?

Fandral's sudden cry of anguish ripped through the cold air. All but Thor turned to see him impaled upon a spike of ice. Loki growled and threw a dagger at the Jotun who caused the spikes to form from the ground. Volstagg and Hogun rushed to his aid, pulling him off of the spike. Sif called out, "THOR!" trying in vain to get his attention. Time to get going.

"WE. MUST. GO!" Loki added, trying to emphasize the direness of their situation.

"THEN GO!" Thor threw Mjolnir and the hammer carved a path through a good number of Jotun. It was apparent that Thor wasn't going to move any time soon as he continued attacking the giants. Loki then felt the ice crack under their feet and watched as it made a trail to what looked to be a statue of some creature made out of ice, until the ice began cracking away to reveal the large red eyes of some Jotunheim creature. They all gazed at it in horror. Volstagg hefted Fandral over his shoulder, "RUN!" he yelled.

They all began to run back to the bifrost as the large creature shook itself free of the ice, letting out a roar into the open air. Loki turned back to see Thor still attacking the Jotun, he better catch up she thought. "Thor!" She called out, expressing her worry.

The creature was gaining on them with impressive speed, but it's heavy movements caused pillars of ice to fall around it, at first Loki thought this would slow the creature down. No such luck as it barreled though the ice effortlessly, almost killing Sif with it's club-like tail. Loki was beginning to wonder where Thor was until she saw the flash of lightning behind her eyes, the ground began to collapse beneath them, they all ran as fast as their legs could carry them, looking back to see the creature fall into the collapsed earth.

They ran to the bifrost, stopping at the edge of the cliff. "Heimdall! Open the bridge!" Vostagg called out, but there was only silence.

A large paw reached up to grasp the edge of the cliff, and then they came face to face with the same fearsome creature, who climbed up the edge of the cliff and looked down at them from its full height on it's back legs. It roared again, spitting ice cold breath in their faces. Loki had wondered what the face of death looked like, perhaps this was it.

Of course, then her darling brother came to save the day. He flew right into the beasts open mouth, using his whole body as a weapon and driving a massive hole into the back of its throat. How does he have such great timing anyhow? She tsked to herself, must be a first born thing. The creature fell to the ground heavily as Thor landed, before it slowly slipped off the cliff side. Thor turned to look at them, the smile on his face triumphant until he saw Laufey and a massive amount of Jotun behind them. They were surrounded yet again. Loki sighed to herself. What was that Midgardian saying? One step forward, two steps back.

The Jotun began to charge until the light of the bifrost stopped them. In the colorful radiance of the bifrost came Odin All-Father, riding the magnificent eight-limbed horse Sleipnir, Loki's firstborn son. Loki felt her stomach twist, the feeling was dread.

"Father! We'll finish them together!" Thor called out, happy to see their father.

"Silence!" Odin hissed, glaring at his son, Thor was quickly defeated, staring at his father with confusion.

Laufey used the ice to lift himself up next to Odin, he stared at him, eyes barely holding in their intensity. "All father..." he spoke softly, in mock reverence. "You look weary."

Odin ignored Laufey's statement. "Laufey, end this now."

Laufey's eyes narrowed, "Your boy sought this out."

"You are right, these are the actions of a boy, treat them as such." Odin paused as Laufey glared at him. "You and I can end this, here and now, before there is further bloodshed."

Loki and the other warriors looked around nervously, but Thor could not take his eyes off of Odin, anger and confusion boiling inside him. Laufey glared at Odin, and there was silence. Seconds seemed like minutes. Laufey leaned closer to the All-Father, speaking even softer than he was before, Loki and the others couldn't make out what he was saying. "Then I request an audience with you on Asgard, in three days time, to discuss the boy's punishment and... another matter." Laufey turned his head softly and looked pointedly at Loki, who shivered. Odin followed his line of sight.

The All-Father was silent for a moment, considering. In truth he did not have much of a choice, he feared that refusal would result in a war. "... Very well." Laufey huffed, satisfied. He retreated back to where he once stood.

Odin gestured to his children and the other warriors. "Come now."

"But Father-" Thor started to object.


They relented and stood next to the All-Father and Sleiphnir, Loki watched for a moment as the Jotun retreated. She and Laufey stared at each other for one long moment before Heimdall took them up through the bifrost. Laufey looked up into the sky where they disappeared. The Jotun he was speaking to earlier appeared beside him.

"She is the one, then?"

Laufey never took his eyes off the sky. "Yes... I believe she is."

"Why did you bring us back?" Thor accused.

"Do you realize what you have done, what you started?" Odin bellowed back.

"I was protecting my home!"

"You cannot even protect your friends, how can you hope to protect the kingdom! Get him to the healing room NOW!" Odin threw Heimdall's sword back at him. Hogun and Vostagg helped Fandral walk out onto the bifrost bridge. Sif accompanied them.

"There wont be a kingdom to protect if you are afraid to act!" Thor retorted. "The Jotuns must learn to fear me just as they once feared YOU." Loki let out a long sigh, this wasn't going to end well.

"That's pride and vanity talking, not leadership. You've forgotten everything I taught you about a warrior's patience."

"While you wait and be patient the nine realms laugh at us!" Thor bellowed, "The old ways are done. You would stand giving speeches while Asgard falls!"



There was silence between them now, just staring at each other intently, breathing hard. Loki scratched her palms nervously, she had seen Thor and Odin's fights before, but nothing quite like this. She looked back and forth between the two. Odin finally looked down at the ground, face full of emotion, Thor still glared at him.

"Yes... I was a fool. To think you were ready."

Loki tried to step in and calm the situation, taking a few steps closer. "Father-"

"HARRGH!" Odin roared, pointing a finger at her, wordlessly telling her to stay where she was and to stay out of it. Her back stiffened, eyes wide with fear, she was silenced.

Odin finally lowered his hand, "Out, my daughter."

"But!" She began to protest.

"OUT!" His voice vibrated throughout the bifrost chamber. "I will only tolerate one disobedient child today!" He paused, tone softening, "Take Sleipnir to the stables. Please."

Loki swallowed down the lump in her throat, and nodded. She paused long enough to look at Thor before turning on her heel. Heimdall was just outside, back at his post. Sleipnir was a ways away, looking at her curiously. She passed the all seeing one silently, calling her son too her. She stroked Sleipnir's long face and looked to Heimdall. "What is going to happen to him?"

"Although I see all in the present, the future slips from my grasp." Loki nodded silently, accepting this answer, she had no choice but to. She climbed up onto Sleipnir, taking his reins. "I wish we never went to Jotunheim."

"Everything happens for a reason, my princess." Was his only reply.