Lost Daughter

Chapter 9

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She was having a dream again, that had to be it; it was to fantastical to be real. The dream, (or at least she was fairly certain it was a dream) started at her bed as if she awoke from slumber, but when she arose, her body did not. She tried to wake Thor, but he did not budge and continued to sleep, snoring softly. She felt compelled to get out of bed and wander the palace halls, but something was different. She could see the magick flowing through the ice from the frozen earth, like glowing veins carrying the lifeblood of the world. She could hear things too, half voiced murmurs and whispers that she couldn't make out. They beckoned her, cooed and coerced her into following them outside. She did, her bare feet making no sound nor imprint on the fresh snow; she followed the voices and 'veins' of magick in the ground to the heart, the temple.

"I know this place..." she said idly to herself.

"Of course you do child. You were brought here the day you were born. Cleansed in the holy waters of the spring, like all who are born here."

It was a collection of voices, all feminine, but merging as one until they condensed into a form rooted at the heart of the temple, where the Casket of Ancient Winters once rested. Ice and snow moved, shifted and molded itself into the form of a beautiful Jotun female. She stood as tall and proud as Loki, delicate in form. Her horns curved and twisted like the antlers of a gazelle, and her hair was white, wrapped in complicated braids that reached the ground behind her. She stood before Loki, nude but for a simple wrapping around her waist.

Loki looked her up and down, unsure of what to make of her. "Who were you, spirit?"

The maiden smiled. "I am your sister, your mother, your daughter, your friend, but most importantly I am you. Or an aspect of you, if you prefer."

Loki bit back her initial reaction of ire at this woman's riddles, but it didn't take her long to realize what the woman actually meant. "You represent those who came before..."

"Yes, I represent the collective conscious of the Ice Maiden spirits, and one day your voice will be added to that of the many; but for now let us focus on the present. We have called you here for a purpose."

"I hope this is important, I do not like my sleep interrupted." Loki quipped.

Loki heard the sound of gentle laughter echoing through the temples halls, but it did not come from the woman, who only smiled. "Follow me."

Loki did so, following in step beside her as the spirit took her down a particular corridor. "Where I am taking you does not exist in the Temple of the waking world, but is a place that all of Jotun blood can visit in their dreams. We have a duty in life, as well as in death."

"And that is?" Loki asked.

"To the Jontar, we are avatars of the great mother. In life we are their symbol of hope and prosperity, diplomats to other worlds, and advisers in the ways of spirit. In death we are helpful goddesses that live on by their prayers. Granting insight and enlightenment."

Loki said nothing, but walked beside the woman in quiet contemplation. She was led down to a circular room, with a pool of still water in the middle. As soon as the woman entered, she split into other women, each moving and taking a place around the wall of the room. Loki realized then that these must be all the Ice Maidens throughout history. The expressions on their faces were grim and stern, as if they were not pleased. Loki noticed that there was a space vacant among the women, and she raised an eyebrow quizzically.

"That, is where Bestla is supposed to reside."

"But she has left you," Loki concluded, not feeling the need to mention the Ice Maiden's betrayal that everyone talked about.

"No! She was taken from us, stolen. Her spirit violated!" The woman stared at her in alarm, but all Loki did was look back at her in surprise.

The woman sighed. "I see, such things have been twisted from the truth, and only the dead know otherwise. It was good that we called you here child, there is much to tell you."

Loki shifted her weight from one foot to the other and rested a hand on her hip. "I'm listening, as I must."

The woman tutted and gestured to the pool, which began to shimmer and shift, displaying images and places. Loki felt compelled to sit next to the warm waters and watch. She saw a younger Asgard and Jotunheim in all it's former glory, she saw faces of people both Jotun and Aesir that she didn't recognize. She saw her 'grandfather' Borr and then an Ice maiden; the pond froze on her image. Loki finally tore her eyes away from the pool and looked around, the woman pictured was not here.

"Why show me these things?" she asked.

"That is Bestla, whose spirit is missing. It is a crime to murder an Ice Maiden, a crime that is punishable by death, but her murderer has yet to be brought to justice."

Loki looked solemnly at the woman's image in the pool; the face was expressionless, but she sensed great sadness in her eyes. "When did she die?"

"Long before you were born."

Loki began to feel the pull back to the waking world, she decided to change the subject. "Alright, so she was murdered, what does that have to do with me?"

"A traitor to our kind ended her life, someone that desires power and fears death. You might be next if we don't intervene."

Loki's eyes widened considerably, "Someone is trying to kill me?"

"Not yet, but they will, we have no doubt. We have come to know this one intimately."

"Who?" Loki's voice trembled a little.

The woman smiled, "You need to figure that out for yourself. They go by many names, and have changed faces more than once. You will know when the time is right." She held out her hand out to Loki, who took it and stood up. The woman held both of her hands in her own. "We have called you here because we are angry, the cycle has been broken for the selfishness of another, and we cannot tolerate it for much longer. You are capable of renewing the cycle and bringing a murderer to justice. We have brought you here to be aware; to watch your back."

Loki woke up with a start, panic coursing through her veins. She struggled to sit up in bed until she noticed Thor's heavy arm across her chest, pinning her to the bed. She took a few moments to collect herself as her heart settled down again. She took a deep breath, snuggled closer to Thor's warm body, and groaned at the rising sun coming through the window.

Thor stirred and rolled over, pinning her beneath him completely. Loki squealed and tried to get away, wiggling underneath him, but it was all for show. She found Thor's weight to be quite comfortable and safe.

"Mmm, is the viperous Loki trying to slither away?" Thor mumbled sleepily.

"Only because you are heavy... and I cannot breathe!" she growled with a smile on her face.

"Bah! I see through your lies, dear Loki." He leaned down to nuzzle and kiss her neck, causing her to inhale sharply and squirm beneath him.

"Ah... then I suppose I am... out of practice.." Loki shuddered as she felt his teeth graze against her skin. "Thor... we shouldn't, the days here start early. Surely someone would-"

"I care not. I have missed you, and I intend to take full advantage of this reunion." He bit into her neck and her thoughts were no more.

Unfortunately someone did come to find her once they noticed she was missing. Helblindi opened the door only to leave quickly once he saw a tangle of naked limbs and arms upon the bed. The giant stuttered and mumbled something before escaping, which left Loki in a fit of giggles and Thor very frustrated. With the mood gone, they both reluctantly got out of bed and dressed.

Thor watched Loki as she brushed out and braided her long ebony hair, placing gold charms and rings into it. "So, what is the plan for me today?" he asked.

"I'll be taking you down into the city to work, before Laufey has another fit. I will be supervising, per se."

Thor chuckled darkly. "So you'll be watching and cracking the whip?"

"Ha! No, but the whip is a good idea. I will have to see if I can find one."

Thor groaned.

Loki did as promised; as soon as they reached the more damaged parts of the city she put him to work, using his strength to her advantage. He couldn't call the ice to do his bidding like she could, but his strength was exceptionally good at clearing away any unwanted rubble, and Loki did the rest. There were other Jontar near by, but most of them gave Thor a wide berth. They would occasionally mutter something in the Jotun language and point in his direction, laughing.

Thor growled, not liking the attention he was receiving. "What are they saying?"

Loki listened for a moment, having learned much of the native language in the past month for basic conversation. Loki made a face. "Best that you don't know."

Thor grumbled something and returned to his work. She knew him well enough to know that he desperately wished he had Mjolnir in his possession right now and that if he did, those frost giants would be dead. Loki patted him on the back in silent comfort.

Some of the Jontar couldn't leave enough alone as the day progressed, most of their heckling was kept at bay by Loki, who would simply glare at them or set their feet on fire. One Jotun got too close to Thor and tripped him, causing him and the stone he was carrying to land face first in the snow and ice. The Jontar nearby erupted with laughter, and the look on Thor's face as he fell cause Loki to giggle some. Thor picked himself up and Loki attempted to hide her laughter, but Thor had already heard it. His face was red with rage as he picked up what he had been carrying. Loki moved to place a hand on his shoulder. "Thor-"

"Save your breath." He shrugged off her hand violently, much to her shock. Any attempt to speak to him for the rest of the day was in vain.

"Thor..." Loki called out to him tentatively once the work was done for the day. Thor slowly turned to her, face hardened.

She offered him her best smile, hoping he wouldn't stay angry with her. Her hand found its way to his shoulder, but she was hesitant. She was pleased to see that he did not shrug her off this time, and only sighed. "Come, you must be tired from today. Relax with me in the hot springs, they may soothe tired muscles."

Thor let out a deep breath and leaned against her, letting her see just how tired he actually was. The temptation of a bath brought him around as she thought it would. "Lead on."

She led him to a more private bathing chamber where the waters were hottest. There she helped him shed his thick clothing and let him sink into the steaming pool. She heard his hiss at the sure heat of the water, and then a sigh of relief as it began to work at tired muscles and joints. If today was a day to prove himself, then he certainly did that and more. Yes, the Jontar pointed and made fun of him, but she could see that there were impressed by his strength and determination as well.

She quickly removed her own garments and slipped into the water also, gasping as the hot water shocked and hurt her skin. She would not be able to stand the water for long, so she had her skin slowly change back to its Aesir color. She sighed in relief as the waters became more tolerable; still hot, but less painful. Though her horns were still present, she looked more like her old self now. She knew that Thor noticed the change; he watched her as her skin slowly shifted with a contemplative expression. She had to wonder, did he prefer her like this? This form was a part of her as much as the other was, but what did he think? She sighed, dunked her her head beneath the water to get her hair wet, then returned to sit on the ledge carved into the pool.

She scooted closer to Thor, her movement unsure, ready to slink back if her closeness was unwelcome. "I am sorry for what happened today; I should have defended you."

Thor waved her apology away with a sigh. He never could stay mad at her for long. "It is no trouble. It is just..." he faltered a moment, the expression on his face told Loki he was trying to find the right words. "Is this how you always felt?"

She knew what he was referring to: the long days of being made fun of or picked on in some way by the Warriors Three, the adventures she was dragged on but was never really considered a valued part, the constant sneers and look-downs from Sif. Could it be that Thor actually noticed when such things happened? She sighed, taking too long to answer before Thor shook his head. "I'm sorr-"

Loki raised a hand, silencing him. "Do not bother. It is in the past, dear one."

There was silence between them now, but it was the silence she hated. That awkward silence that one was never sure how to break. She scooted closer still, until she was resting against Thor's side, cheek on his shoulder. Thor sighed and grasped for her hand beneath the water, entwining their fingers. The silence was better now, but there still seemed to be something bothering Thor. She looked up at him and watched him stare at the ceiling. "What is it?" she asked.

Thor was silent for a time, eyes never leaving the ceiling, watching the water reflect off it's rough surface. "I just..." he faltered, "I just cannot wait until all of this is over and we both can go home."

His muscles tensed as he spoke those words, and he said them a little louder than he otherwise would. Loki was glad now that she picked a more private area to relax. Still, the statement bothered her.

"... 'We'?" she asked softly.

He moved his head to look at her, perplexed. "Of course. I cannot imagine my life without you by my side."

She decided then that the water was too warm for her and quickly stepped out; her naked skin quickly turned back to Jotun blue. "Thor... I am not going back with you. My place is here now."

Thor's brows furrowed; she wasn't quite sure if he was angry or just confused. "But Loki... I.."

"No Thor, I am not going back, not to live anyway." She began to dress herself, avoiding his gaze.

"Loki... do not turn from me like that." His voice was almost pleading.

She sighed. "What did you expect, Thor? That I was some damsel in distress just waiting to be rescued by you? I have duties here, Thor. Responsibilities! I do not know if you have noticed, but I am going to be Queen one day! I am an heir now, much as you are. The Jontar love me, worship me even! I cannot go frolicking back to Asgard simply because you want me to."

She was met with silence, and when she finally turned to look at him, she was surprised to find him staring at the water. She expected to hear a brash burst of rage to come from his mouth, but there he sat, staring. After several tense moments he spoke, but his voice was soft, softer than she had heard in quite a while.

"I... I know. I just... I feel lost without you." Loki knew that it took a lot for Thor to admit that. He never admitted anything personal about himself, especially if it made him vulnerable. She finished dressing and sat behind him at the edge of the tub. Gently she ran her hands through his golden hair. She heard him purr with contentment.

"The mighty Thor, lost and alone without his once-sister?" Loki mumbled.

Thor growled, "Do not tease me..."

"Tis my job, or have you forgotten?"

Thor let out a wry chuckle, "No... I have not."

"Come," she patted his shoulder, "out of the water before you're bright red all over."

Weeks had passed with the same routine; Thor and Loki would work on rebuilding during the day, and enjoy each others' company by night. Loki spent most of the night studying, as she always did; but now instead of scoffing at the idea of magick or books, Thor was content to watch her and even listened as she read some things aloud. As long as he was by her side, he was happy. Today, however was the day of the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. The sun rose for mere moments, dancing across the sky before disappearing behind the mountains again. For the Jontar this was a day of ceremony, and a festival was being prepared. Loki's duties had easily doubled throughout the palace, and since no one was supposed to work today Thor was at a loss of what to do. Luckily, Helblindi and Bylister were going hunting and they invited Thor to come along with them. Loki was unsure of this adventure, but the brothers promised to bring him back safe and sound; so she finally let them go.

Once Thor was out of her sight, she was able to focus on her tasks. As an Ice Maiden, she was the face of her father's kingdom, and as different tribes and clans arrived for the festival, she greeted them; offered their children stories of wisdom or entertained them with magic, and provided insight and healing. Fenrir accompanied her most of the day as well, and was a great entertainment for the children, letting them ride upon his back.

When she had a moment to herself, Farbauti came to keep her company. She welcomed it and climbed into his lap as he reclined against a pile of furs and pillows. She rested and watched the vast numbers of people that walked past, comforted by the sound of Farbauti's large heartbeat beneath her.

"I have a question for you." Fárbauti's voice rumbled low; Loki felt it vibrate in his chest.

"Yes, sirá?" she answered off-handedly.

"You and Thor..." he trailed off, voice thoughtful.

Loki bit her lip and avoided his gaze, "Do you disapprove?" She wasn't even sure what she was asking; did he disapprove of them being around one another? Or did he disapprove of their budding relationship?

"No! No," he quickly responded, which allowed Loki to relax. "I am just curious, you said he was your brother, correct?"

"Yes, until recently that is." In many ways he was still her bother, but in others he was not. Definitely not.

"Tell me about that, and some of your adventures together."

Loki was happy to tell him a few stories, being the dramatic silver-tongued being that she was. She did her best to explain the complicated relationship she had with her 'brother' as best she could. Sometimes she could feel her cheeks darkening with embarrassment, but she continued all the same. She happily entertained him for a while on the stories of their adventures, and as she was telling of the tale even some children and other adults stopped to listen. Eventually she had to return to her duties, but she had hoped by then that she had painted Thor in a positive light; his warrior aspect at the very least. By the time everything was prepared, it was evening, not that it mattered to the world outside. Thor, Helblindi and Býleistr had returned earlier, and all three of them gave her an earful on what happened that day. Much to her surprise they had gotten along quite well (although Thor teased the brothers, saying they picked on him the whole trip); they seemed to make a great team, using Helblindi's cunning and Thor's and Býleistr's strength. Loki was happy to continue to let the boys occupy Thor's time; she silently escaped to get ready.

While not the complete center of attention tonight, per se, she had planned a form of entertainment with a combined show of magick and dancing. On Asgard she had participated in dance, but this was completely different. This was primal, sexual, and meant to set the blood on fire. The dance was also a ritual of sorts, on that an unmarried Ice Maiden could partake in if she so chose. She would dance in a circle surrounded by the Jontar and choose a mate, either for life, or just for the night. She debated with herself for most of the morning about whether she should, because if she did, she knew whom she would choose, for better or worse; and Asgard be damned.

With the help of magick, she braided different sections of her hair but left most of it down, allowing it to flow freely behind her as she prepared to dance around the feasting hall. She decorated her horns with numerous gold and silver rings and chains that dangled off and into her hair. She also had gold surface piercings around her collar bone and anklets on her feet that jingled as she walked. She wore metal bracers made of a green metal on her forearms and last, but not least, she wore a chest piece that barely covered her breasts and connected in the front by a chain.

Once she was ready to leave, she was greeted at her door by Fenrir, who got some decorations of his own. He had bracers on his forelegs and an armored faceplate on his head. He looked fearsome, but Loki still saw him as the adorable little puppy he once was, not that she would ever tell him that. "My, don't you look dashing," she cooed in her motherly way.

The wolf panted happily with a canine "smile", which caused Loki to chuckle. "Have you come to escort me o great one?" Fenrir "bowfed" in agreement.

Fenrir allowed Loki to ride on his back down to the dining hall; those who saw it considered it to be an impressive sight. Loki petted Fenrir's fur as he walked. It was certainly more comfortable to ride upon his back than the Debukar; perhaps she could use Fenrir as her steed from now on. It would be no different than Odin riding Sleipnir.

They entered the dining hall without much attention drawn to them. Loki wasn't surprised, the room was dim even with the sconces on the walls and candelabras placed in certain locations. All of the tables had been removed except one, which was where she and her parents usually sat. Instead of tables, there were comfortable cushions strewn about, providing a more casual atmosphere. Many people were gathered around listening to a group of musicians playing. She gracefully dropped down off Fenrir's back and looked about the room, spying Thor lounging with the brothers, a mug of wine in his hand. He was laughing merrily at a joke that Helblindi had just told. Loki smiled and drew her attention away to look at her parents, where she was surprised to also see... Frigga?!

Her adopted mother smiled the instant Loki noticed her and she rushed down to meet her. Loki gathered her up in a tight hug that caused the older woman to chuckle.

"Mmm, it is good to see you doing so well child." Frigga purred with contentment as Loki finally let her go.

"Mother? What in the nine realms are you doing here?" Loki was very confused, but pleased none-the-less.

Frigga shrugged. "Complications with a birthing; I was called to assist. Then, because of timing, I was invited to this festival."

Loki resisted the urge to slap herself upside the head. Of course! Loki forgot that among her mother's other duties, she was also the Goddess of Childbirth. She traveled to many worlds over the years helping when needed. "Oh! Of course! I forgot."

Frigga laughed softly, then looked her up and down; inspecting her Jotun form for the first time. "You are beautiful like this."

"Was I not in my other form?" Loki raised an eyebrow, slightly offended.

"You were – are – but I like you better this way. It is more... natural. You seem happier, too," Frigga smiled, but it was that sad maternal smile.

"I am, mother. Thank you."

Frigga grasped her hand a moment and squeezed it. "Go on now, I'd hate to keep you. There will be more chances to talk later."

Loki nodded, but not before escorting Frigga back to her seat next to Farbauti. Loki took this opportunity to greet her Jotun parents, giving them each a kiss on the cheek before silently escaping down the steps.

It was almost time for her dance, and many of the Jontar had moved and situated themselves in a large circle, and the band had quieted for a moment. Now was the time to make her entrance.

She touched two of the Jontar in the circle, fingertips grazing over their shoulders. They moved slightly and let her pass, and she slipped between them soundlessly into the circle. Everyone hushed then and all eyes were on her. Loki's heart thrummed with excitement as the musicians started to play. The drums began to pound in her ears as she started to move.

The dance was primal, something that came from her heart of hearts rather than practice and technique. Indeed, her graceful movement seemed effortless. Her body was a slinking serpent on the dance floor, coiling to and fro as the swivel of her hips brought hungry male eyes to her form. She closed her eyes and drank in the sexual energy surrounding her, but in reality she only wanted the attention of one man.

Her eyes opened and she spotted him, leaning against his pillow on the floor. His eyes were fixated on her; they almost glowed with an eerie light, and thunder rumbled softly in the distance. He looked at her differently now, seeing her in a different light. She liked to think that he saw her for the exotic Jotun sorceress that she was.

Loki curled and got down on her knees. The song was nearly over, but she still wanted to perform. She crawled over to him like a cat on the prowl, her lips twisting into a grin as she did so. She moved her body over him, legs straddling him as she continued to dance. She ground down on him, feeling the hardness there and the deep rumble in his chest. She leaned down to claim his lips in a bruising kiss as the song stopped.

There were hoots and hollers from about the room, and the sound of clapping hands and stomping feet vibrated to the very foundation. Loki finally released him and helped him up, a devious grin on her face. They both escaped the circle to a less populated area of the room.

"What..." Thor panted, his face red, "What in the realms was that?"

"That was a dance; what did you think it was?" Loki grinned.

"You... where did you learn to dance like like that?" Thor rasped, as if he were having trouble speaking, let alone thinking.

Loki only smirked and wiped the sweat from her brow. "You ask that as if I never knew how before." Loki was always the mischievous one, and Asgard had a reputation for throwing large parties. While it would be uncouth for a Princess to behave and dance in such a way, that didn't stop her. A simple spell of disguise worked best when she needed it. She often indulged in seedier things that a proper noble shouldn't.

Thor didn't reply, he probably couldn't. She leaned against him and began to lead him elsewhere. With the dance done, Loki's presence was no longer required and she could indulge in 'other pleasures'. She knew what she wanted now, Thor seemed to want it as well, but was too impatient. As soon as they were out of sight down one of the hallways he pushed her against the wall. Not hard enough to hurt her but assertive enough for her to realize his intent. He claimed her lips again and pressed himself against her; Loki thought she was going to melt. Finally he let her breathe and released her mouth, only to plunder the cold pillar that was her neck, biting and sucking.

"Need you..." he groaned softly, grinding his body against hers and pushing her further up the wall. Loki only grunted in reply and wrapped her strong legs around his waist to keep from falling. Sharp nails clawed their way into his hair, tangling themselves in golden locks. She made a fist in his hair and yanked his head back to kiss him, but it was rough and left Thor gasping for air. The taste of blood filled both their mouths as Loki bit down hard on Thor's bottom lip. He pulled back then, lightning flashing in his eyes as he licked the blood from his lip; Loki grinned, showing sharp teeth. Thor had finally had enough and hefted her from the wall and continued their walk to the bedroom. On the way there Loki couldn't help but bite and leave bruises on his neck. This only drove Thor to walk faster. If he didn't know Loki well enough, he might have just tried to ravage her in the hallway.

The door was kicked open and Loki tossed like a doll onto the bed; which caused her to growl. "Easy you brute! I will not be tossed about like one of your normal wenches."

"Oh believe me, I know that there is nothing about you that is normal, dear Loki," he said as he stalked towards the bed.

Loki snorted and sat up, carefully taking her jewelry off as she tried to appear indifferent."Beware Aesir prince, I could simply deny you." Not that she wanted to, but the temptation to tease Thor was too much.

"To deny me is to deny yourself," Thor snorted, he began to remove the layers of his outer clothing.

"So sure, are you?" Loki raised a delicate eyebrow. "What makes you think I wish to have a pink-skinned godling for a mate anyway?" She slithered over to the edge of the bed, cat-like eyes watching him.

Thor's lips slowly spread into a smile. "Something tells me that if you didn't, you wouldn't have danced on me like that."

Loki grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him close. "Your powers of deduction are astounding."

Thor leaned down some, his face hovering close to hers. "I had an excellent instructor."

She pulled him into a biting kiss, and thus began the battle for dominance. They clawed and growled at each other, making quick work of their clothing. Their 'dance' was rough, but not cruel in its intent. Where there were bites and scratches there were kisses to soothe the pain, harsh words replaced by the sounds of pleasure. Thor finally tore the last of her garments off, frustrated at their complexity. Loki growled in slight offense, but was distracted enough not to truly care.

"Lay with me Thunderer, I have a need of you," Loki murmured barely above a whisper, opening her arms to him.

Thor started to oblige, but apparently had other ideas. He began to explore her body with newfound curiosity. His hands roamed over her skin, his rough palms bringing forth goosebumps. His hands made their way to her breasts, kneading gently and pinching her nipples. Loki shuddered slightly and pushed his hands away, appearing irritated. Thor didn't seemed bothered and focused his attention further down her body. He pushed her legs apart and rested between them, but not with the intent to enter her, not yet. He took his time and began to kiss up each thigh, lazily following her markings before making his way to her core.

"Thor..." Loki squirmed a little, trying to get away. "Your beard tickles..."

"Hush woman, I wish to taste you," Thor growled, but there was no real venom behind his words.

Loki was silenced, but she glared daggers at him. Thor only smirked back as he licked at her clit which caused Loki to curse something in the Jotun tongue and let her head fall back onto the bed.

Thor hungrily began to devour her, exploring and tasting. He enjoyed discovering her and switched between licking and suckling to figure out what she liked best. Thor discovered that she trembled nicely when he took her clit into his mouth and suckled hard. She gasped and tangled her fingers in his hair, drawing him closer. She began to signal him this way, pulling him close when he did something she enjoyed, or pushing away when not.

Thor knew when she was getting close, her thighs trembled and squeezed around his head slightly. He smirked around her sex and thought of something. He shifted his arm and brought a hand to her entrance; he wiggled two fingers inside and made a pleased noise when he heard her cry out. She was tight, and he noticed that her inner temperature was cooler than what he could consider normal, but not unpleasantly so. He wasn't able to thrust his fingers well like this, but he wiggled and hooked his fingers inside until he found that bundle of nerves that finally brought her over the edge. Her sex convulsed around his fingers as she came, the rest of her body writhed on the bed and she gasped for air.

Thor smiled to himself as he sat up on his legs, gazing at Loki's flushed form panting on the bed. He traced a hand down her thigh and smirked as her muscles twitched and she moved her leg away. "Satisfied?" he asked, as if he didn't already know the answer.

Loki glared at him and nudged him with her foot. "For the moment, but you?" Her eyes trailed down to his erection,which was flushed and standing at attention; pulsing in time with his heart beat. Thor didn't answer quickly enough so she moved and crouched in between his legs and nuzzled at his length. Thor took in a sharp breath and placed his hand on her head between her horns. She wrapped a hand around the base and teased the tip, licking and wrapping her mouth around the head then parting her lips from it and blowing gently; the coldness of her breath causing him to shiver.

"No woman.." He pushed her onto her back and she landed on the mattress with a soft 'thud'. "I think I shall have you now." He moved to rest his weight on top of her.

"Oh of course, master, how could I ever be so silly as to-" as soon as he was comfortable she used her powerful legs to flip them, so that she now rested atop him and straddled his legs, "-not read your mind." She placed her hands on his shoulders and used her leg muscles to keep him pinned. Thor gazed up at her in surprise, staring into her wild red eyes.

"You're in my territory now, Odinson." She ground her hips down on him to emphasize her point, which caused Thor to curse softly. "You do as I say; and take me when I say you can."

"Tch, quit playing with me woman, I wi- ach!" Thor was silenced with a painful grunt as Loki bit down on his chest, sharp teeth drawing blood. She finally released him and licked at the wound before sitting back up.

"You are mine. I have claimed you, as it was my right of choosing a mate in the Solstice. You belong to me, and one day..." She grazed her fingers over the wound, casting a spell to make sure it was permanent. "... I will choose to belong to you."

Thor grunted and planted his feet on the bed and, drawing on hidden reserves of strength, surged upward, turning the tables once more in his favor, landing Loki on her back with one leg pinned between his shoulder and her body. "Oh, is that so dear sister...?" he thrust his pelvis once, nudging his cock at her wet entrance. "Then indulge me this one, for I have desired this for years."

Loki growled and tried to unpin her leg from between their bodies but Thor would have none of it. He shifted slightly and entered her, groaning at the feeling. Her cooler temperature made him shiver, but her sex was eager and welcomed his length. Loki gasped and cursed, one hand clawing at his arm, the other tangled in the furs. Her eyes slowly closed.

"Oh? Is my princess finally submitting?" Thor said with a smirk as he slowly pulled out and thrust back in.

"I -Achk-!" Loki trembled, she almost couldn't stand his heat. Was she melting? She couldn't tell. "Mark my words, I will punish you late- ah!" She was cut off as he thrust again at a new angle. Every time she would open her mouth to utter something nasty he would silence her with a sharp thrust.

His rough, almost cruel pace had her on the brink of orgasm faster than she would have thought possible, and when she came her back arched and her mouth lay slack in a silent scream. Thor grunted as her walls clenched around him, but he held back; slowing his thrusts as she began to calm down again. He paused a moment to let her catch her breath, moving her leg off his shoulder to rest on the bed.

"There, that wasn't so bad was it?" he said with a smug smirk.

Loki gazed at him with half-closed eyes, a dark indigo flush on her cheeks. Suddenly, she moved, using her strength to, again, flip him onto his back. She shifted and eased back down onto his length, sighing at the feeling.

"That was fun, but now it is my turn. Sit back and enjoy it."

She began to move atop him, rolling her hips up and then sinking back down onto his cock with a shaky moan. Her pace was far slower and more torturous than his, half of the reason was out of spite and the other was that she enjoyed seeing him writhe beneath her, almost begging her to move faster. Many times he tried to regain control, but she didn't comply, she only smirked and continued to deny him further. When he couldn't stand it anymore, he growled and thrust upward with his hips, trying to gain the extra friction that he desperately needed. Loki let out a shuddering gasp, a mixture of pleasure and surprise. With a shaky breath she uttered something under her breath and forced his hips down with a spell.

"Stay put Thor, or I will leave you here as you are."

"You wouldn't dare..." he rasped.

"Wouldn't I?" She rose a delicate eyebrow, completely serious.

Thor finally relaxed, but his eyes held promise, Loki tutted and leaned down to kiss his face and nuzzled against his beard. "Don't look so sullen, let me take care of you."

She didn't say it mockingly, and Thor knew that she meant it. Slowly, he let out a deep breath and relaxed.

"Good boy..."

She began to move on him again, this time at a pace they could both appreciate. Eventually Loki freed his hips so he could move freely, thrusting up inside her with gentle hands on her hips. As she began to lose her resolve she leaned forward, bracing her hands on his shoulders. Thor looked up at her then, and saw what he thought was the most beautiful being in the nine realms. Her skin was damp with sweat, and a dark indigo blush covered her cheeks and chest. Her long, unbound hair cascaded down her back and shoulders, tickling his chest and arms, the braids she'd put into it having come undone in their earlier 'struggle'. Her ample breasts bounced and jiggled with the sharp heaving of her chest; but the most beautiful thing of all was her eyes. Those fire-red eyes that glowed in the darkness of Jotunheim. Suddenly overwhelmed by her beauty he pulled her close to him, her chest pressed against his, and shifted his legs so he could thrust into her at a better angle. Loki gasped but did not resist, only mewled against his neck pitifully.

"You close?" he asked breathily, smiling into her hair.

Loki growled low into his ear, a growl that quickly turned into a shuddered cry of pleasure as a sharp thrust sent her over the edge. Her body clenched around his length with fervor, desperately trying to milk him of his seed. "T-t-thor..." she whimpered, clinging to him for dear life.

"Damn woman..." Thor grunted through clenched teeth, her body was squeezing him so tightly he could scarcely move, a few more sharp thrusts and he too found his own release grunting into her shoulder. Loki gasped softly in her post orgasmic state; as Thor came inside her she could actually feel the warmth of his seed. That was interesting; she had never experienced that before. She shivered at the feeling all the same.

"There, that wasn't so bad was it?" She smiled smugly as she sat up, repeating his words from earlier.

Thor chuckled in spite of himself. "No..."

Loki smiled and moved off him and the bed, walking on shaky legs to get some towels and a water basin. Once she returned, she proceeded to clean both of them up. "I am a rather jealous woman you know, you won't be able to return to your Aesir maidens after this," she said sternly, not looking at him.

"I know..."