Title: The Aftermath

Authors Note: SPOILER ALERT for those who have not yet seen the Avengers or the end credits scene of the Avengers!

This is the first fan fiction I have written in a really long time, I'd love to receive feedback and comments, positive and negative! Constructive criticism is always the best! I will eventually be introducing an OC, and I even have an actor that I will note later on… He will not come into the story for awhile though. He will be part of the Asgardian universe.

Timeline for this falls towards the end of the Avengers, after the infamous ragdoll scene between Hulk and Loki.

Loki couldn't tell how long had passed since the beast had thrown him to the ground. He could hear the battle waging outside of Stark tower, but he was unable to move.

For what felt like an eternity he sat, staring into the ceiling. He could barely breathe, let alone get up. His chest burned, his head pounded, and the room was spinning.

Eventually he began to regain the feeling in his limbs and managed to sit up. This is when he realized that all the sound from outside had stopped. He no longer heard fighting and began to sense that he was not alone. As he turned around, he met up with the tip of Hawkeye's arrow. He looked up to see the Avengers in the flesh.

He watched helplessly as the Avengers moved closer, blocking any opportunity for a hasty exit. He thought about trying to use his magic, but the blow to the head proved too much. He could barely see straight let alone multiply or teleport.

"If it's all the same to you, I think I'll have that drink now," he croaked at Tony Stark, mimicking the conversation that had happened before.

Tony laughed. "That drink," he said and walked over to what remained of his bar area. "That drink, has been destroyed." He said and laughed. "But this one hasn't," he said as he poured himself a shot of scotch. "Cap? Hulk? Thor? Hell, Natasha? Let's have a party," he said as he passed the bottle to Captain America.

"Really Tony?" Cap said as if he was talking to a child. Cap passed the bottle to Hulk who in trying to take it broke it. "Hulk thirsty," he said looking down at the bottle.

Loki began to laugh; but stopped after realizing that laughing was painful "Loki, you will return to Asgard to face capital punishment in Asgardian prison," Thor exclaimed. "Do you have anything to say for your actions?"

Before Loki could answer, Jarvis interrupted the conversation.

"Sir, I have agent Nick Fury on the line, he is insisting you take the call,"

"Take a message Jarvis," Stark said as he stepped outside to remove the remnants of his suit. As he walked through the device that removed the charred armor, Nick Fury's voice came through the speakers.

"I know you didn't just try to drop my call," Fury barked out.

"And I know you didn't just lie about trying to make weapons out of the tesserect,"

"Those weapons were made as a defen-"

"Yeah Yeah… defense, blah blah earth in peril, blah blah… They were very helpful," Stark interrupted sarcastically. "As fun as this has been, we're hungry… so I'll talk to ya later, " he added, reaching to end the call with Fury.

"What the hell?" Fury replied. "I know you weren't about to blow me off to get dinner! We still need to discuss the issue of Loki,"

"Rock of ages is going back with Shakespeare to their … what do you folk call it, realm?" Stark quipped.

"He still should face punishment for his crimes on earth; SHIELD will be over to collect him shortly."

Loki rolled his eyes at the mention of his 'crime,' and the idea of facing Earthly punishment, or having to deal with more of Nick Fury's "SHIELD."

"Man of metal, do you think it smart to leave my brother with the Fury of Director?" Thor asked looking over at Loki.

"Yeah, I don't know if that's a good idea," Captain America added warily.

"It's either that or take him with us, which would you prefer?" he asked sarcastically. "Just tell Shield to 'babysit' him here, Jarvis will secure the building… or what's left of it. He's not going anywhere."

Hawkeye entered the conversation from his perch on a ledge above the other Avengers. "I say leave him here with Shield. From what I've seen, he will be secure here," he added, looking to Natasha for support. "I'm hungry."

"Yeah at this point he's too weak to do anything, and he is without his scepter." She added, as she placed a hand over her stomach to quiet it's growling.

"Well then it's settled, we'll just wait for the babysitter, and then it's time for Schwarma." Stark declared. "Besides, they won't allow animals in the restaurant… It's not a pet shop Thor, If you even know what that is…"

Thor glared at Tony, taking insult at his remark. He in fact had seen a pet shop with Jane in New Mexico. Thinking of Jane made his heart ache. His eyes glazed over a bit as he thought of her.

"Missing your earthling?" Loki asked snarkily, taking notice to the lost look in Thor's eyes.

"Jane is not of your concern," Thor snapped back as he came back to reality.

Thinking of that pet shop got his mind working. He remembered pets in that store being caged and at bay. "Do the animals in your world wear… things to bind the mouth? Or sit in boxes to keep them contained?" Thor asked, awkwardly as he fumbled for the right words.

"A muzzle?" Captain asked innocently.

"Or a crate," Clint added jokingly. "that would be a site to see…" he laughed.

"Great idea," Tony exclaimed as he studied Loki. "But how to create one that will resist Loki's magic… " Tony trailed off as if already thinking about how to create such a device.

Thor reached for Mjolnir and pointed it at Loki.

"What do you think you'r—"Loki began, but was unable to finish. He felt his mouth becoming stiff and being covered by something metal. He could no longer speak. He placed his fingers over his mouth and felt a metal piece, forbidding him to speak. Chains also bound his ankles together, preventing him from moving freely. He glared up at the Avengers, already planning his revenge…

~*~ Insert schwarma scene from movie ~*~

"Better than I expected," Steve said as he stood up from the table.

"It was alright," Stark mumbled as he reached for his wallet. He flipped past his credit cards and pulled out a wad of bills. He dropped a 100 dollar bill on the table and turned to Bruce who was also reaching for his wallet. "I got this," he said and patted the man's arm to stop him.

"Nah, it's –" Bruce began, but then stopped. "I just… umm… I feel bad," he said motioning to the rubble all around the shop. He ran his fingers through his hair sheepishly and added a few more smaller bills to the 100 Tony had put down for the food.

Hawkeye and Natasha still remained seated, intimately talking about something. Natasha's legs were propped up onto Hawkeye's lap, and his arm was around her waist. The two of them had not noticed that the other avengers had stood up and were getting ready to leave.

"Umm guys, are you coming?" Captain asked looking back at Natasha and Clint.

"Yeah," Natasha replied coolly, standing up and brushing off the crumbs Clint had got on her legs.

Clint stood up and crossed his arms. He tried to act manly as if the men had not seen his interactions with Natasha. He knew they did, as his cheeks were growing rosier by the minute.

"Woman of Schwarma, how may I go about taking food for my brother?" Thor asked as the waitress arrived at the table to collect their plates.

The waitress looked at Thor, a confused look upon her face.

"He wants a box," Tony said, rolling his eyes at Thor's use of old English. "I say we let Loki starve," he added as he put on his sunglasses.

"You know not the relationship between two brothers," Thor began, his eyes glazing over. "Loki was not always this way," he continued.

"Speaking of Loki, you are taking him back, correct?" Clint asked.

"Yes. Loki will return to face Asgardian justice tomorrow morning. We will be taking the tesserect as well." He said as he took the box of leftovers from the waitress.

"Thank you ma'am," Captain added and gave a salute to the waitress as he and the others left the restaurant.

With all the attention from the battle, getting around the city had proven to be a challenge. While Thor had returned to Asgard to discuss Loki's punishment with his father, the other Avengers felt that they should try to help rebuild portions of the city damaged during the rampage.

Tony had decided to help people clean up the rubble and was currently flying around in his suit. Bruce was helping at the various shelters that were set up all across the city. He was triaging patients and tending to the wounded. Natasha and Clint had returned to Shield headquarters to begin the laborious task of logging the events of the past few days.

While the others had hands on jobs helping citizens of New York City, Captain America was stuck with the most important job of all… babysitting duty. Cap had been eager to go out and help people, but everyone figured he'd be the best at handling Loki as he had a high level of understanding and patience.

He paced back and forth outside of Loki's cell, glancing over to check on his captor from time to time. He was waiting to hear back from Tony as to how long he would be on this duty and what time the others would be back. He was getting hungry…

Fin for now… chapter two will be more about Loki and what's going on in his head. And chapter 3 will probably bring the introduction of the new character.