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Hurt flashed across the taller teen's hazel orbs as he glanced up into Gokudera's anxiety filled eyes.

"Huh?" Yamamoto asked in complete surprise towards his lover's question. "Of course everything's alright. Why wouldn't it be? Did I do something wrong?"

The taller teen wanted nothing more than to comfort his anxious boyfriend, but with the other's hand still placed firmly on his arm, it felt like Gokudera was holding him at bay; not wanting him to touch him in anyway. Disheartened by this quick turn of events, Yamamoto hung his head sadly, completely hurt by the other's actions and ashamed for whatever he had done to make the other doubt him. Gokudera had mentioned a couple minutes ago that he could trust him, but that didn't seem to be the case anymore.

"Does…Does this mean you want me to leave?" Yamamoto whispered out hoarsely, his voice wavering with shame and hurt. "I…I thought…"

But the young jock couldn't finish his sentence. He had wanted to say, 'I thought you said you trusted me', but he couldn't bring himself too. He would hate himself even more if he made Gokudera feel guilty; especially if the reason he was being stopped was because of his own fault. But it was hard not to feel confused and hurt over the fact that Gokudera had seemed so into the idea of fully sharing themselves beforehand, but now seemed to be having second thoughts. Was he not good enough? He didn't get it. What had he done to make Gokudera doubtful about them? Was he going too fast?

When hurt flashed in Yamamoto's eyes, the Italian was taken aback. Something was totally wrong here, but he couldn't figure out quite what it was. His boyfriend seemed very surprised that he even asked if something was wrong.

"But...But you said..." He started out, wavering slightly as the tight grip on the jock's arm lessened a bit after he was cut off. "L-leave? I never said...I...I never thought..."

Total confusion swamped Gokudera. What the fuck was going on? Although there was a very bad feeling in the pit of his stomach, he needed to know. Firmly pushing the hand away then, he sat up. Trying his utmost to stay calm and hope all Yamamoto wanted to tell him later was that his blow-job had sucked, his gaze fixed on the other.

"You...you said you wanted to tell me something later," he started, his voice thick with emotion. Maybe the other had a reason for it. Gokudera wanted to trust his judgment, but he needed some reassurance. "Just...Just tell me it's not something...bad...T-Tell me we're okay." As he heard his own brittle voice, the little bomber felt utterly pathetic. He had lost his heart to this stupid baseball-idiot. The fear to have it crushed was still with him, no matter how hard he had worked on himself over the last two months.

Yamamoto heard the other stutter out in confusion, which only sent more confusion coursing through the taller teen's head, too. Just what was going on? Were they having a misunderstanding again?

Apparently they were, if Gokudera's next words were anything to go by. Yamamoto felt his heart clench painfully in his chest at his lover's misgivings, and because the other was jumping to conclusions again. Sometimes he wondered if Gokudera even listened to him, but he couldn't exactly blame the other, either. His past had been so horrible that it took forever just to trust someone again. But that didn't stop the taller teen from being hurt by the other's mistrust.

"Of course it's nothing bad..." Yamamoto answered with sadness still wavering in his voice. "Why would I mention something negative like that right before we're about to get more intimate then we've ever been? Were you even listening to my tone of voice when I said those words?"

The young jock tried to suppress the anger he felt inside of him then. He thought they had gotten past these kinds of misunderstandings, but it wasn't too surprising that they would pop up again just when they were about to go all the way. He had said those words with a loving tone, he had been certain! How could Gokudera take those words the wrong way?

Not caring what the other thought of him then, he quickly grabbed onto Gokudera and brought him into a tight hug. Burying his face into his lover's neck, Yamamoto felt the anger slightly leave him at feeling his loved one in his arms.

"I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong idea," Yamamoto apologized, even though he had been certain that he had done nothing wrong. "But you should know that I would never hurt you like that, Hayato. You mean too much to me."

Again pain flashed in the jock's eyes. Gokudera had a plummeting feeling in his stomach. He had hurt the one person he wanted to protect (the Tenth didn't count, he was something else entirely). When Yamamoto spoke and asked him, the little bomber felt ashamed. He hadn't listened too much to the other's voice; caught up as he was in the words and the questions to what they might mean.

He should have known that whatever they meant, it wouldn't be something hurtful. He should have known. Only his past had caught up to him once again. Gokudera fought it, he really did, but it wasn't as easy as it sounded; not if you lived with it for as long as he had. He wasn't looking for an excuse; that just wasn't his nature. He knew his failure, and he very well understood the anger he saw flashing in Yamamoto's eyes for a second.

When he was grabbed, the little bomber resignedly awaited to be shouted at; even being shaken. What happened, though, was that he was embraced; held tightly in strong arms, and pressed against the heat he so loved. He couldn't help but tremble against Yamamoto. His soft spoken words made Gokudera swallow audibly around the lump in his throat. He felt awful.

"I'm sorry," he whispered so low, it was barely audible. Tentatively his hands touched Yamamoto before they snaked around him. "I'm so sorry...I try...I really do..." This time his voice rose a little. "I didn't...I don't ever want to hurt you. It's just...this...us...it seems too good to be true. Things like this...they don't happen to me..."

Jade eyes were shimmering with the pain at having hurt his beloved. "I just can't help this fear...I can't stop the fear of losing you..." he admitted. Gokudera was glad then that Yamamoto's face was buried against him. He thought he wouldn't be able to say this to the other's face. His voice straining with emotion, he softly spoke into the other's ear. "It would destroy me more surely than getting caught in my own triple bomb rain."

Yamamoto stiffened due to shock after what he had just heard. Gokudera was actually apologizing to him! Never expecting such a reaction from the feisty Italian, all Yamamoto could do was stay in his hunched over position with his face buried into the crook of his lover's neck. There were so many things he wanted to say to the other as he continued to explain himself, but as he felt those strong, yet delicate arms wrap around him, the taller teen knew that this was a rare moment that shouldn't be interrupted. It wasn't every day that Gokudera was willing to open himself up and speak his mind.

As he heard out his lover's fears and desires, Yamamoto held the other to him tighter, slightly conscious of how his lubed fingers were digging into Gokudera's side. Gathering the nerve to finally look up, Yamamoto withdrew from the safety of his lover's neck to see the pain etched into every green fleck of the other's eyes; the pain that reflected his own.

"And you pushing me away would destroy me more than getting caught in your triple bomb rain too," Yamamoto joked lightly with a sincere smile, as it was common knowledge to the both of them that Gokudera tended to throw dynamite at him whenever he pissed the little bomber off (which was a lot, might he add; and usually well deserved. It wasn't his fault that the other was adorable when he was irritated).

"I mean it, Hayato," the taller teen continued as his clean hand came up to stroke Gokudera's face. "If I ever lost you in anyway…it would so utterly destroy me, I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I always think that being with you is too good to be true too, and how lucky I am to know that you're willing and trying your best to be with me; to trust me."

The young jock's features turned completely serious then as he stared directly into his lover's eyes, making sure his next message hit home, so that there wouldn't be any more doubts.

"As for good things never happening to you; that's what I'm here for. I'm here to completely change that attitude, Hayato, and show you that good things can happen to you. There is nothing I want more then to give you the happiness that you deserve. Sharing this moment with you means everything to me."

Laying a sweet, chaste kiss against Gokudera's lips, Yamamoto's eyes turned pleading then. He wanted nothing more than to prove himself to his lover.

"So please, Hayato. Let me strengthen this bond that we've been working so hard at," the taller teen whispered out hoarsely as his hazel eyes shook with deep emotion. "I want to strengthen it to the point where we'll never doubt each other again. So please…"

And with that, Yamamoto left his sentence hanging as his lubed fingers trailed down to rest on Gokudera's hips.

"Hayato…I…" Yamamoto choked out as his eyes shimmered with all the love in the world for his precious bomber. "…I still want to tell you something later; something important and close to my heart. But give me the chance to prove myself to you first. Can you trust me with that at least?"

The strong arms around Gokudera tightened their hold on him. It gave the little bomber hope that his words helped, and that he might assuage the pain he had caused Yamamoto. When the other one looked up, the pain was still there, though, and it turned his stomach. How could he have done this to his boyfriend?

Nonetheless, the stupid jock was able to joke and smile. How? Gokudera would never understand that, but still, he couldn't help but smile back no matter how awful he still felt. It was just that kind of smile. He trembled again at the gentle touch to his face. His eyes widened in shock when Yamamoto repeated his same fears and desperate thoughts.

The hazel eyes burned into his jade with renewed intensity, then. What his beloved told him then, made his eyes shimmer again. "Ta-Takeshi..." Gokudera felt overwhelmed by the deep feelings displayed in the desires Yamamoto had just declared. The feisty Italian had feared the depth of his own feelings for the jock, unsure how much would be returned, and knowing he would never get up again if the other one left him. He had survived knowing the truth about his heritage, survived without a family or friends to fall back on, and even survived alone in the streets. No matter what the world had thrown at him, he had pulled through as the tough, resilient Smoking Bomb, but he knew if he lost Yamamoto, there would be no getting up anymore. That would be the blow that got him and got him good.

As these thoughts turned in his head, he was kissed softly. His boyfriend again looked him deep in the eyes. Gokudera swallowed around all the emotions caught in his throat that threatened to choke him. Only now he realized the wet fingers against his skin.

The little bomber couldn't guarantee that his fears would never overtake him again; they were still too much a part of him. But there was something that he could say honestly. Keeping his gaze locked with the hazel orbs he loved so much, he tried to pour as much feeling into them as he could. "You don't need to prove anything, I trust you more than anyone else, Takeshi," he declared softly. Then he lay back down onto the mattress; spreading his legs as wide as still was comfortable. Even though the position left him open and vulnerable, he didn't feel it. All he felt was the need for Yamamoto.

To the taller teen's complete surprise, he felt Gokudera disentangle himself from him and lay back down on the mattress; the smaller teen's words filled with complete trust. Yamamoto could only stare in wide-eyed wonder as his lover displayed himself before him, spreading his legs and staring up at him with need.

Yamamoto was completely speechless and practically moved to tears at the other's willingness to continue, and his ability to give his complete trust to him. The young Japanese's face beamed with unbridled happiness and devotion as he ignored the thoughts of penetration for the moment to concentrate on kissing his beloved. After pleadingly sucking on Gokudera's lower lip, the feisty Italian finally granted him access to his mouth. And with that, the next couple of minutes were a complete blur as Yamamoto released every ounce of passion he held for the other. The two teens were so lost in the movement of their mouths that they lost all semblance of time as they licked, sucked, and nipped in a deep, slow kiss.

The Rain Guardian felt overjoyed when he parted from his lover for air. He could only stare passionately down into his Gokudera's shimmering orbs as they both breathed heavily for much needed air. Yamamoto was certain that every kiss they had shared hadn't held as much meaning as the one they had experienced now. It was because of this kiss that Yamamoto was able to gain the confidence boost he needed for what he was about to do, and for what he wanted to tell his lover later. He was very certain that telling Gokudera that he loved him would only end in happiness, because everything Gokudera had told him up until now, and the feelings he had felt from their last shared kiss, showed him that his little lover cared as deeply for him as the tall athlete did for the feisty bomber.

"I promise you won't regret this, Hayato," Yamamoto whispered out meaningfully as his eyes shook with every emotion he held for the other. "I promise that I'll do everything within my power to make you feel amazing."

And with that, the young jock took precaution by applying more lube to his fingers (after all, a good portion had been rubbed off against Gokudera's skin during their hug). After one more look for affirmation from his lover, Yamamoto traced his slick fingers lightly over his lover's body until he reached the other's entrance. There, he gently, and slowly, circled the ring muscle a couple of times with his pointer finger before he glanced up towards Gokudera again.

"I'm going to insert the finger now," Yamamoto mentioned out of respect to his boyfriend. "Try to relax as much as you can, Hayato. Okay?"

After giving his companion a moment to try and relax, Yamamoto pushed the tip of his finger into Gokudera; where he was immediately assaulted with new, wonderful feelings. Even with just the tip of a single finger, the raven-haired teen was able to feel how amazingly warm the other was, and how unbearably tight as well. A shiver of delight traveled down Yamamoto's spine as he felt Gokudera's inner walls twitch at the intrusion, the electric vibrations coursing all the way up his arm in a pleasant tingle. "Wow…" He unconsciously whispered out as he stared down at his finger in amazement. "…Amazing, Hayato…" If it felt this good to just have his finger inside the other, what on Earth would it feel like once he fully joined with the other?!

Trying to suppress his excitement and keep his lover's comfort in mind, Yamamoto placed soft kisses along the inside of Gokudera's thigh while his free hand massaged gentle circles along his inner leg. As he did this, Yamamoto sucked on the sensitive skin, leaving a new love bite to admire as he slowly tried to push his finger into his lover even deeper.

Their kiss was full of passion and desire, but full of meaning, too. It wasn't just an expression of their bodily needs; it was an expression of their feelings for each other, and their reluctance for it to end, that was the best proof of this. Even for a long moment after the kiss ended, they looked into each other's eyes.

"You better do, Baseball-Freak," Gokudera joked this time, smiling softly. Even if it would hurt a bit, how could it be anything but amazing if he did it with Yamamoto?

After the jock had lubed his fingers once again, he looked at him questioningly. With a look he hoped conveyed his feelings for the other, he nodded. A slight hiss escaped him as the cool gel once more touched his heated skin. Soft moans poured forth when the calloused finger circled his entrance. Damn, it felt so much better than when he did it himself!

"Yeah...hm...Do it..." The little bomber was as relaxed as he was going to get in the situation.

Utterly careful, Yamamoto pushed the tip of his finger into him, making him moan. The first intrusion usually just felt a bit awkward, but this time, it was his boyfriend and so much more to come. The excitement alone was enough to make it feel better.

Sweet kisses were placed on the sensitive skin of his inner thighs. Gokudera moaned deeper. "It...It will feel...even better...Give...Give me more..." He breathed between soft pants, hissing a moment later at the sucking on his thigh.

"Mm, as you wish," Yamamoto hummed huskily, completely turned on by the noises that Gokudera was making. And just like his little lover asked, the taller teen slowly pushed his finger in deeper, taking time to kiss and lick along the inside of the feisty Italian's other leg. Yamamoto let out a low groan as he felt Gokudera's inner walls spasm and practically suck his finger in deeper into his hot cavern.

After leaving a matching love bite inside his lover's other inner thigh, Yamamoto gave another little push and his finger became fully encased within Gokudera's tight heat. The young jock let out a soft moan at the feeling as he waited for his lover to fully adjust to the intrusion. After a short wait, and an indication from Gokudera to continue, Yamamoto moved his finger around inside of the other; curling it occasionally at different angles, and trying to find his lover's sweet spot. Yamamoto sighed in frustration when he couldn't find the hard to reach spot after a minute of searching, and decided that maybe he needed to go in deeper. With his other hand lightly massaging Gokudera's hip, Yamamoto started moving his finger slowly in and out of the other, trying to push his long finger in deeper with every thrust, and curling it occasionally again in search for the other's prostate.

Slowly and carefully, Yamamoto did as he was asked, but almost too slowly. The little bomber wanted to feel more; so much more of the other one. As another love bite was sucked into the second thigh, Gokudera groaned in pleasure as he lifted his hips slightly, trying to get more of the jock's finger until it was finally fully sheathed.

Panting, he looked at his boyfriend and nodded again as the other gazed at him questioningly. As the finger turned and curled inside of him, it felt totally odd. Soft hisses and sighs tumbled from his lips. The little bomber started to move his hips a bit, trying to somehow guide Yamamoto to the right spot. Only then the finger began to move out and push back in.

"Aah...hm...Takeshi...yeah," Gokudera moaned at the rhythm, lifting his hips into the soft thrusts. As one hand grabbed the sheets, the other buried itself in the dark hair of his lover. "Hm...good..." Again, he lifted his hip just as Yamamoto, once again, curled his finger in his desperate search, and finally hit the mark. Arching his back, an ecstatic scream left the feisty Italian's lips as he clawed at the sheets. "Ah...that's…that's it!" Gokudera panted hard, looking at his boyfriend with lust darkened eyes. "More...please...Takeshi," he begged.

Yamamoto moaned slightly as he felt Gokudera move back against his finger, loving the way the other moaned back in response to their movements. The taller teen kissed his lover's arm in contentment when he felt the other dig his fingers into his scalp again. He would always love that possessiveness in Gokudera's grasp when he did that.

Before he could revel in the other's touch, though, it seemed his finger finally hit the spot he was looking for. Gokudera's back arched deliciously before him as his inner walls twitched around his finger. Hearing the plead in his boyfriend's voice, Yamamoto nodded and concentrated where his finger was positioned before drawing it out and thrusting it back in. Feeling his finger hit a small bundle of nerves, and hearing his lover cry out in pleasure, excitement coursed through Yamamoto's body. He had finally found it! With a little more confidence, Yamamoto started thrusting his finger into the other faster, hitting the other's prostate directly a couple of times before the taller teen decided to stop. He didn't want Gokudera coming; not yet.

"I'm going to add another finger, okay, Hayato?" Yamamoto murmured huskily as he stared hungrily into his lover's eyes. He waited for the other's consent as he completely pulled out of the other and placed both of his fingers against Gokudera's entrance; rubbing erotic circles along the smaller teen's inner thigh with his other hand.

Again Yamamoto's fingertip brushed his sweet spot. The smaller teen gave another shout. Moments later, he was panting and writhing in pleasure. "Ah...ah...Takeshi...so good," he moaned, moving with this lover's hand.

The little bomber felt that tension rise; felt that coil beneath his stomach tighten. Wow, this was fast, he thought as he reacted so much more intensely to his boyfriend doing it to him. So it was that a sad mewl left his lips when his boyfriend suddenly stopped any motion. Wh-why now?

A shiver went through him at the gaze he received. He felt like some piece of Kobe Prime Beef (or more like a juicy piece of fatty tuna in this special case) under that hungry gaze, but he loved it. Yamamoto's voice made his hard member shed a pearly tear of pure desire. "Yes...do it, Takeshi...Please...hurry...I...I need it," he breathed, lifting his hips shamelessly.

Yamamoto forgot how to breathe at Gokudera's wanton display of desire, his own erection beginning to shed pre-cum, too, from the very sight of the other.

"Damn, Hayato..." The taller teen strained out lustfully as he growled possessively before pushing his two fingers in a little faster than he did the one. He stopped pushing them in about halfway, catching himself at the last moment. Yamamoto took in a deep breath and proceeded more slowly, not wanting to hurt the other more than he probably had. To distract his lover from any discomfort, the young jock traced his other hand to his companion's neglected shaft. Taking the stiff member in hand, he started slowly pumping it, occasionally swirling his thumb over the head and spreading the pearly beads of lust dribbling from the other's length.

Continuing this slow and steady motion, Yamamoto found his two fingers fully sheathed within his lover's tight heat. Getting down to business, the taller teen spent the next minute or so scissoring Gokudera's entrance while he gently pumped his shaft. Occasionally, while he was stretching his lover's ring-muscle, Yamamoto would thrust his fingers deep into Gokudera and hit his prostate again, making sure he didn't do it consecutively so that the other wouldn't cum quite yet. After another minute or so of this went by, Yamamoto felt it was time for a third finger.

"Do you want me to add the last finger, Hayato?" The lusting Rain Guardian questioned as he completely pulled out of the other and positioned three fingers against Gokudera's entrance, waiting for the other's response.

Yamamoto's lustful growl sent erotic electricity through the little bomber, exploding right in his groin. As the two fingers then thrust into him more forcefully, the smaller teen hissed at the slight burning sensation at the suddenness of the intrusion. He was panting as the other stopped to allow him to adjust.

The second hand of his boyfriend that wrapped around his weeping length, helped to distract him from the slight pain. Concentrating on the slow, exciting movement of said hand, the pain subsided. A moment later, Gokudera was moaning again; going with the movement. Soft whimpers poured from his lips as the thumb teased the head of his member. He raised his hips in need, trying to push himself into the slow moving hand, and making it easier for Yamamoto to sheath his fingers fully.

"Ah!" Again he arched his back as the fingers first scissored inside of him. It felt so different from when he had done it himself. Once more, the fingers delved deep into him then and hit his prostate. The feisty bomber screamed and whispered his beloved's name again and again as he moved with the other's motions.

Breathless and slightly dazed, he looked at Yamamoto when the fingers had left him. He wanted...no he needed to be filled. He needed to feel his boyfriend; needed to become one with him. "D-do it...Need you...so much..." Gokudera was barely able to string his lust-filled thoughts into words that made sense. His gaze full of the desire and feelings he held for the other, he moved his hand in the thick hair, massaging the jock's scalp. "Takeshi..." There was no way he could put his feelings into words then. With a sigh, his head sank back into the pillow then, waiting for those three fingers to take him.

The taller teen's breath ceased once again when he heard Gokudera's erotic answer. More pre-cum leaked from his erection's head as a pleasurable shudder traveled down his spine and to his groin as he felt the smaller teen massage his head. The way Gokudera was staring at him only made Yamamoto want to take him more, but he had to suppress the urge. He had to fully prepare his lover first.

Overcome with his feelings for his companion, Yamamoto leaned down for a passionate kiss, his tongue easily prying Gokudera's lips apart to gain entrance. As his tongue wrestled lovingly with Gokudera's, the young jock started pushing the three fingers in at an agonizingly slow pace. Since the position was a little awkward to elongate the kiss, Yamamoto whined as he separated himself from his lover to concentrate on his hands. Continuously pushing his fingers into his lover at his slow pace, Yamamoto's other hand traveled down from the smaller teen's erection to massage his sac; occasionally squeezing it. The taller teen's fingers were almost halfway in when his eyes focused on the other's erection, noticing the mess at the tip. Subconsciously licking his lips at the sight, Yamamoto realized that he had never tasted Gokudera yet. Too curious at the moment to deny his sudden urge, Yamamoto bent down to tentatively lick at the head, taking note of the salty taste and another distinctive flavor he couldn't quite describe; he didn't find the taste too bad at all.

Placing his other hand on Gokudera's hip for support, Yamamoto started licking along his lover's length as he started to try pushing in his fingers a little deeper.

His boyfriend had come up then, unexpectedly, for a hot, passion-filled kiss. Sighing contentedly, the smaller Italian's lips had given way under the tender assault, letting himself be possessed fully as the fingers entered him the way the tongue did.

Only, the entrance of the tongue felt utterly better. As the three fingertips had entered, Gokudera finally, painfully, realized that his hands were smaller than Yamamoto's; the girth of their fingers differing. The first hiss at the burning sensation was lost in the kiss.

The jock then retreated with a whine as he didn't seem to be able to concentrate on both actions at the same time too well. As the fingers pushed in deeper, a groan escaped the little bomber. "Nngh..." He bit his lower lip to keep himself from making more sounds of discomfort. The three fingers were stretching his muscle more than it was used to by now. It burned. It hurt!

As he was trying to bite back another groan, Yamamoto suddenly licked at his leaking length. Gokudera bet it would have felt like heaven if he just could have concentrated on it! All it did was break his will and make him groan again. "Ngh!" Fucking shit! He should be stronger than this. If he whined on like that, he would scare the jock off, and that would be that! Yamamoto would get all anxious at hurting him and not keep going. They both wanted this so bad. He needed to bear with it. Gokudera knew it would get better!

Trying so hard to not make another sound tensed him up even more and made that next move only more painful. Just as his wonderful boyfriend licked more intently on his throbbing member, the fingers burrowed deeper into him, making him arch slightly and hiss in pain. Fuck! He bit his lip again to shut himself up, and clawed at the sheet almost desperately, unconsciously clenching his hand in Yamamoto's hair, too, like he wanted to pull him away from himself; to just not keep going.

Licking intensely at Gokudera's length, Yamamoto almost didn't realize the lack of noise his lover was making until he pushed his fingers in deeper. The immediate reaction that followed woke the young jock up from his lust-filled haze as he heard a loud hiss of pain and felt Gokudera grip his hair and practically pull it out of his head.

Letting out his own hiss of pain, Yamamoto winced and glanced up towards his lover, wondering what was going on. The taller teen's eyes widened exponentially at the sight that met him. Gokudera's face was contorted in pain! Yamamoto could only stare on in shock until he realized that the death grip around his hair wasn't relenting. It was here that the Rain Guardian noticed how tense the other looked and felt around his fingers. Shit! He had been hurting Gokudera this whole time without even noticing it!

"H-Hayato! I…" Yamamoto exclaimed with worry before he fell silent out of the shame that consumed him then. Just how could he have been so ignorant?!

He sent an apologetic look up towards Gokudera then as his hazel eyes continued to shimmer with absolute worry for his lover's well being.

"D-Does it hurt too much? Do you want me to stop?" He asked hurriedly, halfway intent on pulling his fingers out of the other right then and there, but he soon realized that it would still hurt the other if he tried to pull out.

"Shit!" Yamamoto cursed under his breath as he was consumed by shame, doubt, and fear for what he was doing to Gokudera. "H-Hayato, you need to relax at least, okay? I'll wait a little more and see if you can adjust better. Just try to take deep breaths in the meantime."

And with that, all Yamamoto could do was wait for his lover's response, both vocally and physically, as he tried to sooth the other by gently massaging small circles into his hip.

Damn fucking shit! Gokudera realized too late what he had done. He couldn't have helped it anyway. The pain had made him cramp up; even his hands! And now his fears were coming true. His eyes shut tight as he shook his head.

"No, don't...Please don't! It's...It's not that bad..." His strained voice belied his own words.

The little bomber knew he should relax. It was the only thing that could help now, but knowing and doing were two very different things. As much as he tried, he just couldn't relax against the burning and stretching.

"I'm...I'm trying...Give...Give me a moment more."

Even taking deep breaths just didn't seem to work. Nonetheless, he opened his eyes and tried to look normal. "Just...Just keep on..." He heard how strained his voice still sounded, and he hated it. He should be tougher than this!

To the taller teen's amazement, Gokudera begged him to not pull out! All Yamamoto could do was gawk at the other like he was crazy. How could the smaller teen want him to continue when he looked like it was taking everything he had not to scream?! And then, to top it all off, Gokudera was unable to relax. Even as he heard the other ask for some time (which Yamamoto was only too willing to give, no matter how long it took), and saw and felt the other take deep breaths, he was unable to relax his muscles. But even then, Gokudera insisted that Yamamoto continue.

"H-How can you expect me to continue in good conscience when you look like you're in so much pain?!" Yamamoto exclaimed incredulously as he racked his brain for any other solution to their problem. If he continued to push his fingers in, he would hurt Gokudera even more, but if he started to pull out, he would still be hurting the other regardless! What could he do?!

Feeling himself becoming too frantic, Yamamoto took deep calming breaths of his own then. But unlike Gokudera, the young jock was able to calm himself down. The taller teen wondered if it had to do with his flame affinity. It had always been easy to calm himself down (and others if need be), and that skill had only increased with the knowledge he had about rain flames now.

…Wait! That was it! Rain flames!

"Hayato!" Yamamoto exclaimed in excitement, his eyes shimmering with happiness at having figured out on how to get out of their predicament. "I just had an idea! I'm going to use my rain flames to help calm you down. Tell me if it works, okay?"

And after hearing Gokudera's response, Yamamoto closed his eyes, took another deep breath, and concentrated his rain flames to travel down to his fingertips and into Gokudera. Now all the other teen could do was wait and see.

Gokudera hated that he was right. Yamamoto was anxious about having hurt him, and even more anxious about further doing so.

"Yes...Yes, I do," he answered, still strained and a little impatient. "It will get better...later." At least that was what he thought and hoped. Anyway, if they stopped now, he was sure they would not try again this weekend, because he himself wouldn't gather the nerve to do so.

Nonetheless, Yamamoto didn't go on, but it wasn't like this was any better. It still hurt. In a way, Gokudera just wanted to get this over with. He wanted to be one with his boyfriend, and if it hurt, so be it. There should come a point when it would feel good. At least, he would have shared everything with Yamamoto.

Just when he was about to give up and just let the jock retreat, the other seemed excited about an idea. At first, Gokudera thought it was stupid and half-assed, but then cool waves streamed from the fingers into him. The cool soothed the burning almost instantly, relieving the pain. A sigh left him. As the cooling rain flames spread through him, all tension left his body.

"It's...It's working...I feel better," with the calming, cool feeling flooding his body, all desperate thoughts of going all the way with Yamamoto left him, too. His hard flesh slowly softened as well.

Warm relief flooded through Yamamoto at Gokudera's words. He was finally able to get the other to relax! But the taller teen's excitement slowly left him when he opened his eyes to see that his lover's erection was becoming relaxed along with the other's whole body.

Surprised with himself for not taking that possibility into account, Yamamoto grasped the softening member with his free hand as if to stop it from regressing.

"I'm going to push my fingers in the whole way and then stop the flames, okay Hayato?" Yamamoto stated as he pumped the other's softening length to try and keep it somewhat hard.

With more focus, Yamamoto began to push his fingers into Gokudera deeper as he rubbed up and down the other's member; rain flames continuously entering his boyfriend's body in the process. Once his fingers were fully sheathed, and after he felt that Gokudera's inner walls had adjusted to the girth, Yamamoto cut off the rain flames. Quickly, before his lover could feel pain again, the taller teen brought his fingers back and then thrust them in, hitting Gokudera's prostate.

The silver-haired Italian melted into the mattress all relaxed, and just feeling a deep, cool calm. Although he felt the calloused hand wrap around his flesh, no passion arose, and no desire heated his blood. At least his body acted naturally to the stimulus; his member becoming harder again from the jock's ministrations.

"Yeah...you just do that..." Gokudera answered in an indifferent way. He really didn't care much what happened right then. Taking any action himself was far from his mind at the moment, and his boyfriend's activities were of no interest to him.

He did feel the fingers burrow into him deeper, and felt his muscle stretch around them, but there was no pain involved as his relaxed body just accommodated them. Having all three, thick fingers buried inside of him fully, didn't even feel odd anymore. The little bomber just didn't care. That was, until the flames stopped.

The fingers almost left him, only to delve back and strike his sweet spot. It was like a switch was hit, turning his body's passions back on, and igniting a firework in his groin. With a lustful scream, he arched his back, digging his heels into the mattress.

"Ta-Takeshi," he panted breathless, his eyes lit with desire again. He felt like he was filled to bursting, but it just felt incredibly intimate and didn't hurt anymore. His hand that had left Yamamoto's hair after he had realized he had hurt him, went back to stroke the thick, black mass. "Please...more, Takeshi...I want...I need to feel you," he whispered softly. Looking into the hazel eyes, he tried to pour his feelings for the other into his gaze.

Yamamoto reveled in his lover's touch as the hand stroked through his hair, and when he met the other's pleading gaze, it took everything within Yamamoto's power to not heed Gokudera's words. His whole body ached to merge with the other, but the taller teen couldn't bring himself to until he accomplished his first goal. He had already cum once, so now it was Gokudera's turn before they both went all the way.

"I need you too," the young jock whispered sincerely with a note of apology in his voice, "but I can't fulfill your request just yet…"

As he said this, Yamamoto thrust his fingers back into the other again, curling his fingers at the last second to rub fully against Gokudera's good spot as he lowered his face to the other's erection; his breath ghosting over the hot flesh.

"…I want to taste you fully first," Yamamoto continued huskily before he licked from the base of Gokudera's length and all the way up to the tip.

After licking the other's slit, Yamamoto's lips parted and swallowed half of the other's erection (that's how far he could actually go). Tasting the other fully within his mouth, the young jock couldn't help but moan at the taste as his tongue curled around the pulsating member, loving the flavor that attacked his taste buds.

From there, Yamamoto sucked hard on the sensitive flesh in time to his finger's thrusts; the said fingers hitting and curling over the other's prostate with every movement. Placing his free hand against Gokudera's hip again, his fingers dug into the porcelain skin as he picked up the pace of his sucking and thrusting, wanting nothing more than to hear the other scream and taste his essence.

The hazel eyes kept him mesmerized with all the warmth and deep feelings they held. A soft mewl left the silver-haired bomber's lips at the denial of his request, but it turned into a wanton scream as his prostate was hit again.

When his gaze cleared enough to see his boyfriend's mouth just inches away from his heated flesh, warm breath hitting it already, a shiver went all through his body. "Aaah...Takeshi..." His voice was an unsteady, pleasured moan. He hadn't expected any reciprocation like this. He had done it to make Yamamoto feel good and show how deep his feelings ran. The jock's husky words dripped with desire though, which only served to turn Gokudera on like crazy.

When that hot mouth swallowed him, all sense left him. Torn between fingers that made lightning bolts shoot up his spine and lips that seemed like the wanted to suck out his very soul, the feisty Italian moaned and screamed in ecstasy. While one hand clawed at the sheets, the other massaged the back of his boyfriend's head.

The two-fronted, passionate attack was too much to take for Gokudera. Moaning the other's name over and over again, he became louder with every hit of his prostate, until he came hard in a scream, arching his body and filling Yamamoto's mouth with his essence.

Gokudera's screams of ecstasy were practically undoing Yamamoto as he bobbed his head up and down the other's pulsating length, his fingers picking up the pace and thrusting sporadically into the smaller teen's tight heat. The taller teen moaned in wanton pleasure as he felt his lover's hand massage the back of his scalp, the moan sending coursing vibrations down Gokudera's shaft, and causing the feisty Italian to scream his name all the more louder.

With one last thrust and desperate suck, Gokudera screamed and arched his whole body, his erection practically hitting the back of Yamamoto's throat since the Japanese teen wasn't holding him down properly. Before the young jock could even be surprised, his lover's hot essence was filling his mouth to the brim. It took every ounce of control to not choke then as Gokudera unleashed a heavy load into his mouth. After a few seconds to collect his bearings, Yamamoto eagerly swallowed his lover's seed, some dribbling past his lips and down his chin from the massive load.

When Gokudera was finally done with his release and flopping back down onto the mattress in exhaustion, Yamamoto swallowed the last of the little Italian's essence and licked the other's shaft clean before removing himself from his lover's wilting member. The taller teen licked his lips to get every last bit of flavor he could of the other, and swiped his thumb over the trail of semen dripping down his chin and licking it off hungrily. Damn, why did Gokudera have to taste so good!

Turning his lust-filled gaze down towards his panting lover, Yamamoto placed his hands down by the other's shoulders and leaned over him, his burning hot erection brushing suggestively up against Gokudera's leg. Two hot passions burned within the young athlete in that moment; one with the desire to fully become one with his lover, while the other yearned for the moment he could divulge his feelings towards the other. With his lustful gaze turning into a passionate simmer, the taller teen brought one of his hands up to stroke the side of Gokudera's face, his hazel orbs burning heatedly down into his lover's awaiting green. He would wait to see what Gokudera wanted him to do next.

The little Italian was seeing stars explode before his eyes as wave after wave of pure ecstasy shook him. He was whimpering when he felt his boyfriend swallow around him. Although he had done the very same thing just a short while before, it felt so much different on the other end. It was deliciously scandalous, incredibly intimate, and it made his heart clench around all the feelings he held for the other that threatened to burst from its fragile hold.

Gokudera dropped back down; panting hard, and trying to calm down after that incredible high. Again he whimpered then as he was lovingly licked clean, his breath hitching when the fingers finally left him. It was odd how empty he felt then. Any pain was forgotten; his thoughts dominated by the wish to be filled again, only this time for real.

Shivers ran over his body when he saw Yamamoto lick his lips; even catching the trail left on his chin, like he wouldn't allow even a drop to go to waste. The fucking hot, passionate gaze that hit him then, made the smaller bomber moan.

As the rock hard erection of the jock brushed his leg, Gokudera trembled, but not in fear; it was anticipation. He leaned into the hand that stroked his face. Lifting his head off the pillow, he pulled Yamamoto's head down at the same time. Growling softly, he bit the other's lower lip and licked the soft skin before his tongue sneaked into his boyfriend's mouth, tasting himself there.

Moving his hand in the thick raven hair, he moaned at the taste as he searched it out in the wet cavern. When he could no longer detect the flavor though, he lured Yamamoto's tongue into his mouth to suck at it. At the same time, his second hand possessively grabbed a firm, round back cheek and pulled the other down onto him as his head returned to the pillow.

Needing to feel the athlete as close as possible, Gokudera lifted his leg, wrapping it around Yamamoto. The hard, throbbing length touched his own flaccid one, making him moan and his member re-awaken with a twitch.

Before Yamamoto could even blink, he felt Gokudera bring his head down; their lips just inches apart. With a little growl, he felt the other's teeth knead his lips and lick the assaulted area afterward, sending a tingling sensation down the young athlete's spine in the process. Yamamoto moaned softly at the feeling before Gokudera took the chance to sneak his tongue into his mouth. Another throaty moan left the taller teen's lips as his tongue danced in time to Gokudera's, the wet appendages wrapping around each other in a desperate tussle of need. But all too soon, the young jock felt his lover's tongue receding back into its owner's mouth. Desperate to keep the intimate contact, Yamamoto pursued the wet appendage with his own. He quickly entered Gokudera's mouth, only for the little bomber to take him by surprise again, and suck at his tongue while grabbing his ass with a firm hand.

As the two teens fell back down against the mattress, Yamamoto was a moaning mess. The raven-haired swordsman could only gasp at the possessive hand groping his backside and the delicious mouth sucking on his tongue. But what sent Yamamoto's blood aflame was the feeling of one of Gokudera's sexy legs curling around his waist and bringing him in closer; their erections now touching. Yamamoto moaned loud and hard at the feeling of their members pressing together, and how Gokudera's length twitched in response to the heated touch.

Separating their mouths for some much needed air, Yamamoto panted heavily above his lover; staring deeply into those wanting eyes. With desire almost too much to handle, the taller teen let out a growl of need before he separated himself fully from the other and grabbed the bottle of lube sitting upon Gokudera's bedside table. Squirting a copious amount into his palm, Yamamoto quickly replaced the bottle from where it came as he slicked his burning erection up.

With that, Yamamoto crawled back over his lusting lover, placing the tip of his erection against Gokudera's heated entrance. He stared intensely down into his companion's jade-green orbs, wanting nothing more than to plunge himself deeply into the tight heat that awaited him, but he barely stopped himself from doing so. As much as Yamamoto wanted to fulfill both his and Gokudera's desires, it felt like he should do something else first. He couldn't just take the other then and there! This next step was big, and meant a lot to the both of them. He wanted to make sure that Gokudera knew that he was doing this because he wanted to love him, and not because he just wanted the pleasure.

With the lust he felt now in check, Yamamoto's gaze didn't even lessen in intensity as he stared meaningfully down into Gokudera's eyes.

"H-Hayato?" Yamamoto started out hesitantly, his nerves coming back in full force; even though he felt more confident in sharing his feelings. "There's something that I need to tell you first before we go further…"

Only the very real need for air kept Gokudera from growling and forcing Yamamoto back into their kiss. They stared into each other's eyes; the air sizzling with desire between them. His boyfriend's growl sent new shivers through him. He couldn't help but mewl dejectedly then when that hot body left him.

With slightly glazed eyes, the little bomber followed Yamamoto's movements. He hissed softly as he watched the other slick up that big, hard length that would take him in moments. His heart-beat picked up speed. Although a slight anxiety returned to him, Gokudera spread his thighs willingly as his boyfriend returned to him.

A new hiss left him when he felt the hard flesh touch him in that place. This was it. Now that it came to it, it was going so fast...but that was good, wasn't it? The smaller Italian felt a moment of hesitation, but tried to push that away. He wanted this. They both did.

Just about ready to wrap his arms around the other and pull him down again to get this started, and not let his nerves get the better of him, he was stopped. Something about Yamamoto's attitude changed. The unbridled lust left his eyes to be replaced by something more somber, yet deeper. Gokudera did not let himself get overwhelmed by his fears this time. Before anxiety could grip him, he reached out to bury his hand in the other's hair. "Tell me, Takeshi...Whatever it is."

Whatever it was, it must have been damn important to his boyfriend to need to say it right then. With as somber a mood as he could manage with that heated flesh between his legs, the eager head touching him most intimately, he looked up at Yamamoto and waited for him to speak.

Feeling the other comb his fingers through his hair again set Yamamoto more at ease as he basked in the familiar touch. Hearing Gokudera's willingness to hear him out after interrupting their moment, the taller teen swallowed hard as he prepared to speak. He had to make sure he said everything perfectly, so that no matter what, there was no way for Gokudera to take his words the wrong way. After all, the news he was about to share was supposed to be good for them and their relationship.

"H-Hayato…I…" Yamamoto started out before he swallowed thickly, his eyes shaking in deep thought as he figured out what he wanted to say. "…You mean everything to me. I couldn't ask for nothing more than this very moment that we're sharing. Knowing that you want this just as much as I do, makes me feel so happy…I…I can't even explain it."

The young athlete stared lovingly down into his little bomber's awaiting face as he stroked the side of the smaller teen's cheek once again.

"I can't imagine being in this same place with somebody else, and I don't want to. I can't even imagine wanting someone else here with me! I just want you, Hayato; only you. You've captured me heart and soul, and I never want to leave."

Nervousness overcame the taller teen then as he reached the end of his little speech. This was it. He was finally going to tell Gokudera that he loved him. He had researched extensively for this very moment to make sure he struck home with the other, so that he would never doubt how much he meant to him.

"W-What I'm trying to say is that…Hayato…I…" Yamamoto stuttered out, his voice turning into a breathless whispered as he gazed directly into Gokudera's eyes, his hazel orbs piercing the other's green gaze with determination, love, and devotion. "…I love you…Ti amo…"

There was a moment of silence after Yamamoto had begun to speak; like he needed to concentrate very hard. Gokudera tried to keep as calm as possible to give the other the time he needed, no matter the awkward situation and position they were in right then.

After those first words, it was the little bomber that was swallowing audibly. The warmth in those hazel eyes melted him to the core. He had no idea how or why, but his damn luck had turned for the better. After all the shit he had gone through in his short life, something finally had changed. Looking up and into those eyes, Gokudera even felt it was worth all that shit if this, if Yamamoto, was the reward he got for somehow pulling through.

The other one spoke again, making the Italian's eyes shimmer suddenly. His boyfriend addressed his fears directly; trying to lay them to rest. It meant a lot to him to see that the other listened to him and understood.

Yamamoto's gaze grew in intensity then. The utter determination in his face was making Gokudera's heart pound like crazy in his chest. A tension built up in his body as the anticipation of the conclusion to his boyfriend's speech grew. Unconsciously, he held his breath. Hearing Yamamoto say he loved him in Japanese was one thing. For a second there, he couldn't even believe it, and was sure he had heard or translated wrong, but hearing it said in his native tongue, there just was no mistake. It also meant so much more. For his Baseball-Idiot to actually have looked up and learned these two words was proof how serious he took it.

Gokudera started to tremble then. Biting his lower lip, he had to shut his eyes against the intense gaze of the other. With all those feelings poured into him, his heart burst right then and there. He had tried to deny the deep feelings he held, and had feared to name them. With Yamamoto saying those words, there was no denying it anymore. It was all he ever wanted, and secretly wished for, but not dared to hope for. Two tears fought their ways through his tightly shut eyes; running to the sides.

Taking a shaky breath into his burning lungs, the little bomber opened his eyes. They were swimming with more tears. His hand clenched slightly in Yamamoto's hair, just like he needed to make sure the other was here and stayed. His vision swam with the tears that were pooling. Right then, he didn't care how pathetic it was; he couldn't change a thing about it anyway. Blinking, he tried to clear his vision enough to look into those hazel orbs.

"Aishiteru...Takeshi...I...I love you, too," he rasped back, his voice rough and broken with the tears, but not lacking sincerity nor feeling.

Yamamoto waited on bated breath for Gokudera's answer, but what he saw sent worry coursing throughout his entire body. He could see the other's body trembling, and how Gokudera bit his lip and closed his eyes tightly. And when he saw two pearly tears fall down the sides of the feisty Italian's face, Yamamoto's worry escalated into complete fear. Had he scared the other? Or maybe Gokudera just felt awful because he couldn't return his feelings?

As Gokudera took in a shaky breath and opened his eyes, Yamamoto could see the unshed tears that pooled within them. The taller teen could feel his heart beginning to break as the hand in his hair clenched tightly at his black locks, keeping him from turning away. Yamamoto bit his lower lip then; trying to hold his tears of frustration and hurt back as Gokudera's mouth opened to speak the words he feared to hear the most. But to the young jock's surprise, the words that left his precious bomber's lips weren't heart breaking ones. In fact, they had to be the most beautiful words Yamamoto had ever heard anyone utter to him.

All too soon, the tears of hurt that had begun to pool around his eyes turned into tears of joy.

"R-Really..?" Yamamoto rasped out hopefully as a few tears he could no longer hold back fell from his eyes. "I…Hayato…I…"

Yamamoto was so overjoyed that he was rendered speechless in that moment. The taller teen cupped Gokudera's face between his hands then, his lips finding his lover's in a sweet, loving kiss. The kiss was long and deep. The ecstatic swordsman poured everything he felt into that very kiss as his tongue slowly roamed the contours of Gokudera's mouth in passionate need.

The taller teen didn't know how long they stayed like that, kissing with every bit of emotion they had for the other, but, eventually, they had to part for air. As Yamamoto stared down into Gokudera's teary green orbs with all the devotion in the world, the young jock couldn't help but remember some of the other Italian phrases he had learned for this occasion. The young jock decided to speak them from the bottom of his heart.

"Ti voglio…" Yamamoto panted out breathlessly, his eyes filling with one desire: to merge completely with his lover. "Ho bisogno di te Hayato…"

Gokudera had to swallow around a big lump in his throat when he felt tears drop down onto his face that weren't his own.

"Really," he rasped in answer, right before their lips met.

The hand in Yamamoto's hair massaged the skull again as he wrapped his other arm around the athlete's lean back, holding onto him and stroking there. He moaned at the sweetness of their kiss, the slow but passionate dance of their tongues. Gokudera held onto his love like he never wanted to let him go; which he did not intend.

Only the kiss had to end when they both were out of air and panting for oxygen. Again the hazel eyes were piercing him with their determined gaze, making him all hot. What Yamamoto whispered then was just turning him on like crazy. The other just had the cutest accent when he told him he wanted him and needed him. It was the work the baseball-freak must have put into it to learn those sentences that made them so special.

"I want you...and I need you, too. So much...So damn much," he whispered softly. In a show of absolute trust and deep desire, he lifted his leg, pulling up his knee almost to his chest, opening himself to his love.

His face held all the love he had for the other when he stroked the raven hair. "I'm yours."

Hearing those same words leave his beloved's lips, Yamamoto shuddered in pleasure and anticipation. But when he saw Gokudera lift up his leg and open himself up even more to him, Yamamoto's hazel eyes could only widen in surprise as he forgot how to breathe. The sight before him was so amazingly breathtaking that the taller teen wondered if he'd ever be able to use his lungs again as he stared hungrily down at the other. How was it humanly possible for someone to be so beautiful? Before the taller teen could think too long on this, Gokudera opened his mouth to speak again. And with those two final words from his lover, Yamamoto couldn't hold himself back any longer.

"Hayato…" Yamamoto whispered hoarsely as he gazed lovingly into those green orbs he cherished so much, and swooped in for a grateful kiss.

With one hand cupping his lover's cheek as he intensified their kiss, his other went down to position his shaft at his lover's entrance again. He wanted to make sure he went in correctly. With a push of his hips the tip of his erection was surrounded by his lover's inner walls, and with another push, a quarter of his length was engulfed more into Gokudera's tight heat. The young baseball player moaned deeply at the intensity of feeling himself enter the other, and the noises he heard emitting from his lover's lips. He could feel Gokudera's inner walls twitch and spasm around his aching member at the sudden intrusion, and feel the deep breaths the other took as he adjusted to his size.

Trying not to lose himself to the amazing feeling and cum prematurely, Yamamoto took his hand from his length and placed it upon Gokudera's hip, his fingers digging into the slightly bruised skin as he pushed himself in slowly. His other hand came down from his lover's face to grasp Gokudera's hardening member and pump it slowly, trying to distract his lover from any pain he might be feeling. Even with his actions, Yamamoto was still glad with the amount of lube he had used for his fingers and length, and the amount of time he took stretching Gokudera, because those actions definitely made his movements all the more easier; despite how tight the other still felt around his swollen member.

"H-Hayato!" Yamamoto gasped out through gritted teeth as he continued to push himself in. "So…warm…ah…a-and tight…hah…A-Amazing!"

And it was true. The young jock had never felt anything so amazing in his entire life. The feel of a new baseball and mitt in his hands didn't even compare to what he was feeling then. They weren't even on the same scale!

Panting and moaning, Yamamoto finally sheathed himself within his lover to the fullest extent. Taking a breather to let Gokudera adjust to the feeling, Yamamoto bent forward to place his forehead against Gokudera's, a soft sigh leaving his lips.

"We did it, Hayato…" Yamamoto breathed out in a loving whisper as he kissed the bomber's nose. "…We're finally one…"

Once more, they kissed lovingly before Gokudera felt the tip of his boyfriend's member at his entrance again. A hiss left his lips as he was finally breached. As his face leaned into Yamamoto's hand, his own gripped a little tighter on the jock's shoulder. The little bomber was ready to take whatever would come, but as the second push came, it didn't get any worse than the first burning and stretching he had felt.

He breathed against the slight pain, which was nothing compared to the new feelings flooding him. They were finally sharing each other fully. Yamamoto was inside of him, filling him, and it felt...incredible. Wide eyed and lost to the experience, he stared up at the other, moving his fingers in his hair and moaning softly at the next push.

His breath hitched as Yamamoto's hand wrapped around his flesh. He dug in the heel of the stretched leg and lifted his hip even against the hand gripping it to try and push himself into the pumping hand. This slight movement made his lover's way into him even easier.

"Ngh...aaah...so...big...so...full...ah," Gokudera groaned softly as the last inches pushed into him.

When the movement finally ceased, the feisty Italian felt like he was filled to bursting, but it didn't hurt. It wasn't bad; it felt amazing.

"Yeah...we did it," he agreed, a soft smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

His lifted leg wrapped around Yamamoto then, holding him tight like his arm. He combed through his lover's hair, looking up with all the feelings he held for the other. Gokudera touched his lips to the jocks' in a soft kiss. "Love me...Takeshi," he begged softly, his lips still brushing his lover's. His tight hold on Yamamoto lessened to let the other move.

It was then that the young jock felt Gokudera's leg wrap around his waist and bring him in even further. A soft moan left his lips at the feeling and when his lover started moving his fingers through his hair again. As he stared down into Gokudera's eyes, he could see the emotions he felt reflected within his lover's jade-green orbs; which made his heart swell until it felt like bursting. A light shudder of pleasure ran down his spine then as Gokudera leaned up to place a soft kiss on his lips; the kiss ending way too soon for his tastes.

"Of course…" Yamamoto whispered breathlessly in response to his lover's words, his lips mere centimeters from Gokudera's again as he gazed upon the other with love and desire. "…That has always been my intention….Always…"

And with that, the taller teen erased the distance between them to bring the other into another passionate kiss, his tongue snaking around its significant other in a slow, yet heated tangle as Yamamoto pumped Gokudera's erection a few more times to get it to harden even more.

After a moment, the two had to break apart for air again; the both of them panted heavily with their eyes filled with desire for the other. With his body aching to move against the tight heat encasing him, Yamamoto let go of Gokudera's member to place his hand on the other's hip. He knew that if he continuously pumped the other while he thrust into him, then the both of them would probably not last too long. And for this specific moment, Yamamoto wanted to make it last as long as possible. He wanted Gokudera to fully memorize what he felt this night, so that he would never forget how it felt to be made love to.

With both of his hands gripping his precious bomber's hips, Yamamoto pulled himself slowly out of the other until only the tip of his erection was left inside. The taller teen shuddered in delight at the intimate feeling before pushing back into his lover at a slow pace, brushing gently against Gokudera's prostate in the process. Yamamoto moaned at the feeling of moving himself within the other as he repeated the process, but with a little more force, hitting his lover's good spot directly.

With every thrust, Yamamoto picked up the pace until he was going at a steady, moderate speed, refusing to move faster in favor of making the pleasure they felt last all the more longer. His body started to sweat from the exertion as the sounds of their moans, the creaking of the bed, and the wet slapping of skin against skin emanated throughout the room. The young jock's fingers dug into his lover's creamy white hips, leaving little bruises in their wake as he moaned in ecstasy, moving with Gokudera in their love making, and never wanting it to end.

"H-Hah…Hah…Hayato…" Yamamoto gasped out between thrusts, his warm hazel orbs gazing lovingly down into his lover's pleasure hazed green. "…T-Ti amerò...per sempre...Vi prometto..."

Yamamoto's answer against his lips let a warmth spread through the little bomber's body. They kissed long, slow, and deep; the dance of their tongues foreshadowing the dance of their bodies to come.

When they parted for air, Gokudera mewled softly as the hand pumping his member left him. Only then, his hips were gripped, and Yamamoto moved. A shaky moan left the feisty Italian's lips, soon becoming more steady and deeper as his boyfriend entered him again, and brushing his prostate.

"Aaah...Takeshi...hm...So good..." Gokudera moaned and whispered lustfully. Nothing had ever felt quite the same, and nothing had ever felt as good as this. Soon, his lifted leg moved in time with Yamamoto, pulling the other to him to feel him as deep as possible.

They were looking into each other's eyes, seeing the passion, the love, and the wonder they felt reflected. A light film of sweat made their bodies gleam; making Gokudera's bangs cling to his forehead. Seeing the same happen to his boyfriend, he lovingly stroked the wet hair back.

He was whispering and screaming Yamamoto's name when his sweet spot was hit again and again, his hand clenching and unclenching on the jock's muscular shoulder.

When he heard the sweet, panted promises of never ending love from his boyfriend, Gokudera's eyes shimmered again. His leg pulled Yamamoto in deep as his hand on the shoulder gripped tight. "Takeshi...Love you...so much," he breathed before he claimed the other's lips with a passionate desperation. He would never find the words that were enough to tell the other how he felt for him, but he did everything he could to show him.

Yamamoto couldn't get enough.

The sound of his name leaving Gokudera's lips as he writhed in ecstasy below him, his lover's tender touches, the feeling of the smaller teen's hand clenching around his shoulder, the leg wrapped around him that pulled him deeper into his lover's tight heat, and the tender words of love that sent his heart soaring, promised to undo the taller teen at any second. So when Gokudera brought him into another searing kiss, his plans to try and prolong their activity flew out his mental window to be replaced by one desire: to make Gokudera cum harder than he ever had before.

With a passionate groan, the young jock kissed back just as desperately as he picked up the pace of his thrusts. The two teens' tongues battled heatedly, vibrations coursing down the wet appendages from their moans of pleasure.

Breaking away for much needed air, Yamamoto felt the incredible urge to go even deeper into his lover. Having read up on different positions for this very occasion, the taller teen decided to try one of them out.

"H-Hayato...?" The young jock questioned with a gasp of pleasure, his voice turning husky with need. "Do you...want me...hah...to go deeper?"

They kissed with wild abandon, the little bomber's desperation reflected in Yamamoto's needy groans. As much as possible in his position, Gokudera moved with the faster thrusts, craving to feel as much as he could of his beloved.

When they separated, he panted hard; his eyes were glazed with lust. It took a moment for the question to sink in. He was blinking up at Yamamoto. Deeper? How was that possible? The little bomber had no idea, but the suggestion alone was just super-hot.

"Want...Want to feel you...as deep as possible!" Gokudera gasped as his sweet spot was hit again. He was arching underneath the jock, gripping his shoulder, and just loving the feeling of being closer to him than he ever was to anyone else before.

Yamamoto was certain he had never heard anything as sexy as the words that had just left Gokudera's lips. With a low moan of excitement, the taller teen gently grabbed Gokudera's hand that was grasping his shoulder and easily pried it off. As much as he loved the other holding onto him like that, Gokudera's hand would just get in the way and make him feel uncomfortable with what the taller teen was about to do. Placing a loving kiss against the delicate skin, Yamamoto let go of Gokudera's hand and moved his own two hands until they were placed underneath Gokudera's knees. With one slick movement, the taller teen moved Gokudera's legs and placed them upon his shoulders, the smaller teen's legs folding over Yamamoto's shoulders at the junction of his knees.

Without missing a beat, the young jock continued to thrust into his lover as he placed his hands on Gokudera's hips again, his fingers winding around his lover's hip bones to raise the other's bottom off of the mattress. With the slightly new angle, Yamamoto was able to dive deeper into his lover's warmth, his hips picking up the pace as he thrust hard down into his lover's tight hole.

As his hand was removed from Yamamoto's shoulder, Gokudera just looked at him expectantly. He had no idea what the other had in mind.

The next thing he knew, his legs were lifted and hanging over the jock's shoulder, his butt leaving the mattress.

"Fuck!" Gokudera screamed at the top of his lungs as he felt his lover ram into him so deep, he thought he might taste him in the back of his throat.

In his new position there was absolutely no way of moving with or against Yamamoto anymore. He was totally at his lover's mercy. His hands over his head grabbed at the pillow he was resting on, clawing at it as his body arched and he shouted his boyfriend's name in pure ecstasy as the big, hard flesh drove into him again and again; making his own member throb and weep.

Hearing his name being screamed over and over again drove Yamamoto crazy with lust. The taller teen's body was completely slick with sweat from the excursion of holding his lover up by his hips and by his faster thrusts. Yamamoto was practically ramming himself into Gokudera as fast and as hard as he could while moaning loud and shouting out his lover's name in a constant mantra. His erection hit the feisty bomber's prostate perfectly with every thrust as his fingers dug deep into his lover's hips, his nails beginning to leave slight scratches against the other's skin.

Feeling his abdominal muscles begin to coil, and ready to release his load at any second, Yamamoto urged Gokudera on. He didn't want to cum first!

"T-Together, Hayato!" The taller teen called out desperately, wanting nothing more than to find release with his lover at the same time. "Cum with me! Please…"

His own name filled his ears as Yamamoto's sexy, raspy voice shouted it over and over again, just like he did with the other's name. The tension in his body grew as his prostate was hit every time his lover drove into him. The coil in his stomach was winding tighter and tighter.

When his boyfriend spoke, Gokudera tried to look up. The jock's face was so strained. They both needed the release desperately. Taking one hand away from the pillow, the little bomber wrapped it around his weeping, bobbing member.

His eyes on his beloved, it only took two tugs, timed with Yamamoto's slams into him, and his body arched.

"Takeshi!" The name sounded like it was torn from his very lungs. A shudder went through his whole body, and lightning raced up his spine, exploding in fireworks before his eyes as he arched in ecstasy. His explosive orgasm made his seed cream his stomach and chest; even some splashing on his chin because of his position. The spasms of his inner muscles gripped the impaling flesh even tighter, making Gokudera so much more aware of Yamamoto so very deep inside of him.

Through strained eyes, Yamamoto witnessed Gokudera reach up and start rubbing his leaking erection. With two fast pumps of his hand, the little bomber screamed out his name one final time in total ecstasy as he came. The young jock witnessed his lover arch as his hot semen exploded from his tip. But before Yamamoto could appreciate the view, the taller teen distinctly felt his lover's inner walls tighten and spasm around his hard member. Feeling the friction increase as he thrust into the extremely tight space, Yamamoto came a few seconds after Gokudera; hard.

"Hayato!" The Rain Guardian screamed at the top of his lungs as heavenly white clouded his vision. The taller teen felt like he was continuously being struck by lightning as he rode out his orgasm along with his lover, his hips slamming into Gokudera's backside for a full half minute.

After his high, Yamamoto collapsed onto the mattress, barely catching his head in time as it almost hit Gokudera's stomach. His muscles felt like lead bricks from the most desperate exertion he had ever put himself through, but it was worth every millisecond. The young jock looked up towards his lover from his position through bleary, half-lidded eyes, seeing how his lover's stomach and chest were covered completely in semen, with some even dripping from the tip of Gokudera's chin. When Yamamoto glanced up even further, he saw how heavily Gokudera was breathing, the smaller teen's breath matching in time to his own.

As the both of them panted heavily, Yamamoto peered up into Gokudera's exhausted green eyes with just as tired hazel. Staring fully into those endlessly deep irises, an equally exhausted smile slowly made its way onto Yamamoto's face. He was certain that Gokudera had to be the most beautiful creature ever placed upon the Earth, and no words could describe the happiness he felt in knowing that the other only wanted to share himself with him. Yamamoto swore that he had to be the luckiest man on the planet in that very moment.

The little bomber's name resounded through the small room as his boyfriend succumbed to ecstasy. A deep moan left Gokudera's lips when he felt himself flooded by the warm semen of the jock. It felt utterly odd and sexy at the same time.

Again and again, Yamamoto kept slamming into him, making after waves shake his body and making him moan in pleasure as colored specks danced before his eyes. A hiss turned into a saddened mewl when the slackening flesh left him suddenly. He had never felt so empty and so...open.

Gasping for breath after their incredible love making, Gokudera felt something trickling as the heavy load he had received was starting to leak. Moving his hips slightly, he tried to find a position to easier hold it in. Why the heck had he made his bed today? He should have anticipated something like this.

When he felt Yamamoto's hazel eyes on him, and looked into them, any such thoughts left him. He couldn't help but smile at what had happened between them. His lover looked just as happy, if not exhausted. Gokudera wanted to hold the other, to feel him and kiss him, but he was soiled all over with his own seed.

Turning around slightly, he fumbled for the wet wipes in his drawer. "Fuck..." He grumbled as he felt a new trickle leave him from the movement. With a fistful of the wet wipes, he started cleaning himself then, wanting nothing more than to be clean enough to get up close to Yamamoto. He would never admit to the term, "cuddle", but that was what he wanted most.

When he saw Gokudera return his smile, Yamamoto felt his heart melt as warmth spread all over his body. The taller teen's eyes widened the next moment, though, when he saw his lover shift uncertainly before he reached over to his bedside drawer, cursing all the while. A heavy blush marred Yamamoto's features as he watched his lover clean himself in a hurry. Feeling too exhausted at the moment to get turned on at the sight, Yamamoto dragged himself into a sitting position and reached over to the box of wet wipes. After cleaning the slight mess off of himself, and throwing the wipes away, the young jock noticed how his lover was just finishing up with his cleaning duties as well. Wanting nothing more than to lie down and hold his beloved close to him, Yamamoto flopped down beside his precious Italian, his head hitting one of the pillows covering the feisty bomber's bed as his arms wrapped protectively around his lover's hips.

Burrowing his face into Gokudera's side, Yamamoto breathed in the other's comforting scent. There were so many things he wanted to say, but no words could express how he felt at the moment for what had just transpired between the two of them.

"Thank you, Hayato," Yamamoto breathed out instead as he lovingly kissed the bomber's side. He truly was thankful for the chance that life had provided for him in that moment, and for Gokudera allowing him to be the one to trust himself fully to.

The drops of semen on his chin were the last to get wiped off. Yamamoto had cleaned himself, too, the little bomber saw when he looked at him. Next thing he knew, his boyfriend dropped down beside him and drew him into his arms. A deeply satisfied sigh left his lips.

His own arms snaked their way around the jock, his hands softly stroking. Gokudera felt incredibly good wrapped in the heat of his lover, and from being so close to him. Feeling so comfortable and satisfied in Yamamoto's hold, he didn't care about the wet feeling between his legs anymore.

When he heard the other's words, one hand came up to the back of his boyfriend's head to make him look up. Jade met hazel once again. "What the hell are you thanking me for, Baseball-Idiot?" His voice was soft, a warm smile playing on his lips.

"For existing," Yamamoto answered with great sincerity as he stared up into his lover's eyes, "and for choosing me to be the one you opened yourself fully to."

With another kiss to Gokudera's side, the taller teen peered up into his lover's jade-green orbs, a tired yet happy smile appearing on his face again.

"Why don't we get under the covers?" The taller teen suggested as he stroked Gokudera's hip with his thumb. "You should relax after everything we just did."

A look of concern crossed the young jock's features then as he realized how hard they had been going at it.

"D-Do you hurt anywhere, Hayato?" Yamamoto asked worriedly, hoping that he hadn't hurt his lover too badly.

A warm wave washed over Gokudera's body. Nonetheless he shook his head. "You're such an idiot," he said while he pressed himself closer to his lover's body, combing his hand through the other's hair. "There is no one but you," he answered then, his voice even softer as he elaborated, "and there never will be."

Just as Yamamoto mentioned it, the feisty Italian couldn't help but yawn. It had to be very early evening still, but after what they had done, he was pretty tired out he had to admit. So, he nodded. "Yeah, sounds good", he agreed.

His boyfriend's demeanor changed suddenly. Looking him in the eyes, Gokudera smiled softly. "Except for a little soreness, I'm fine, Takeshi. Although, I expect some more aching muscles tomorrow. At least, that's what I read, and I can see the sense in it." They definitely used some muscle groups he didn't usually strain as much.

As soon as Yamamoto had pulled up the blankets around them, Gokudera cuddled up to him again. All he wanted was to be as close to his boyfriend as possible. He even pushed one knee between the jocks'. "It's the least of what I feared, and it was definitely worth it," the little bomber admitted then, gently massaging the back of the jock's skull.

Yamamoto sighed in relief at hearing his boyfriend's answer. It would make sense that the other was a little sore after what they had just done, but he just wanted to make sure he hadn't actually hurt him. Knowing that would also help him with figuring out how hard they could go at it without having serious repercussions. From what the taller teen could tell, Gokudera had to be super resilient to only feel slightly sore after the amazing sex they just had.

Remembering that Gokudera looked tired and had agreed to going under the covers, Yamamoto pushed his inner musings to the side and decided to take the initiative. Pushing himself up from his lying position, the tired Rain Guardian grabbed the folded sheets at the end of Gokudera's bed and brought them forward to cover them. Once the covers were comfortably surrounding them, Yamamoto let out a sigh of contentment as his lover cuddled up next to him again. A low hum of approval left the taller teen's lips at feeling Gokudera partially intertwine their legs and massage the back of his head with those amazing hands of his.

"Mmm…yeah…it was worth every single instance…" Yamamoto practically purred out through half-lidded eyes of contentment as Gokudera rubbed up against a sensitive spot at the base of his skull. "Maybe we should try some role-reversal next time? I can't imagine you wanting to bottom for the rest of this relationship."

And with a slight chuckle at his words, Yamamoto waited for his lover's response. In truth, he was slightly nervous about Gokudera topping him, but he was excited about the idea as well. If Gokudera could bottom willingly, then so could he! After all, he wanted their relationship to be fair and open to change, because, like Gokudera had told him a few seconds ago, the both of them seemed to be dead certain about keeping their relationship until the very end of their lives. And really, Yamamoto wouldn't want it any other way.

It once again made the silver-haired Italian feel all warm and fuzzy inside with the way Yamamoto cared about him, and how relieved he was at hearing he wasn't hurt too bad. The soft purring noises the jock emitted had a very soothing effect on Gokudera. He smiled as his boyfriend agreed their first time had been amazing.

What he said after that, though, made the little bomber's heart skip a beat, and a new flood of the love he felt for the other wash over him. It felt very special to him that Yamamoto would offer himself without him having to say anything. It made him feel so much more secure in their growing relationship. It was another form of proof that he had chosen the right man to be with.

Gokudera's arm around the jock held him closer as he looked into those beloved hazel eyes. "You're dead on in that assessment, Baseball-Freak." The cool grin disappeared as he pulled in the other's head. "I want you to feel as incredibly good as I did, and I want to feel you all around me. I want to share it all with you," he whispered, their lips only inches apart. At last he closed even that distance for a slow, deep kiss; just feeling and tasting his lover.

Feeling Gokudera pull him closer in every way possible, a light shudder traveled down Yamamoto's spine at his lover's words. Gokudera's breath ghosted over his lips for a few seconds before he felt the other's lips pressed against his; the other's tongue slipping into his awaiting mouth for a deep, meaningful kiss. Yamamoto moaned in appreciation as wonderful warmth spread throughout his body. If it was physically possible at the moment, the young jock would have loved nothing more than for the feisty Italian to take him fully.

Pushing himself completely into the kiss, Yamamoto rubbed his tongue against his lover's lazily, appreciating everything he felt within that kiss. When they finally parted for air, he could see the passion that burned in Gokudera's eyes, and hoped that the other could see that he felt the same for him.

"I'll take your word for it then…" The taller teen whispered out breathlessly as he stared deeply into his lover's eyes before planting a short and sweet kiss against the other's lips. "I'll be ready whenever you are. As much as I want you right now, I think we're both too tired for that, haha…"

Their kiss was pure love; the both of them enjoying the feel of the other, and pouring as much emotion into it as possible. Even when they parted, their eyes were glued to each other.

"I'll show you," Gokudera whispered just in time before he was kissed gently again.

He shook his head a moment later, an exasperated smile gracing his lips. "Definitely not right now, Horn-Dog," the feisty bomber admonished. A gleam twinkled in his eyes then. "I happen to know, though, that you're pretty horny in the mornings, too. After a good night's sleep, I think I can give you just what you'll need." The hand, that had been stroking the small of Yamamoto's back, groped a firm back-cheek for emphasis then. A soft chuckle bubbled out of the slender Italian. He was truly happy. He was in love and was loved back. Gokudera hadn't believed it possible, and thought good things just didn't happen to him, but he had learned differently. The best thing possible was happening to him right now: Yamamoto Takeshi, baseball-ace and Vongola Rain Guardian, loved him. He was just the luckiest son of a bitch on this planet, he was sure.

The taller teen blinked a couple of times in surprise to Gokudera's new, yet fitting, nickname for him before giving out a good, heartfelt laugh.

"Haha! Horn-dog?" Yamamoto chuckled good-naturedly. "That's actually pretty accurate!"

But, before the young jock could even blink, Yamamoto felt the hand that was rubbing the small of his back trace its way down to his butt to grab firmly onto his backside. The surprised baseball player gasped at the feeling as his lover's word's reached his ears. Yamamoto was dead certain that if his body wasn't so exhausted at the moment, he would be rock hard in a matter of seconds. A shudder of delight coursed down Yamamoto's spine as he heard his lover chuckle then, a look of true happiness crossing his beautiful features.

"I'll hold you to that then," the excited Rain Guardian murmured huskily with desire as he held Gokudera closer to him, their groins pressing up against each other's suggestively. "That's a promise."

With another firm kiss against his lover's lips, Yamamoto relaxed against his pillow, his eyes drooping with exhaustion as a sweet and contented smile graced his face. He was truly a lucky man to have Gokudera's heart in his hands, and he swore that he'd do everything in his power to make sure his lover would always be happy; even in the toughest of times. Yamamoto loved Gokudera with his entire mind, body, and soul, and he would never let go of the other until it was time for the both of them to eternally rest. At the thought of such a respite, the able swordsman yawned tiredly before shutting his eyes due to fatigue.

The last thing he felt before losing consciousness was Gokudera curling up as close to him as possible; the smaller teen's breathing beginning to slow as he relaxed fully against him. That feeling alone caused the ends of Yamamoto's mouth to turn up into a small smile; that same smile staying on his face throughout the night as he slept next to his beloved. The next day looked to be very promising for the both of them, and so did the rest of their lives.