Title: Reaching Childhood

Author: Seer M. Anno

Genre: AU, when the kids are adults.

Disclaimer: Kocchimuite Miiko (c) Ono Eriko

Summary: A 25-year-old Yamada Miiko has a great life. Following her father's footsteps, she becomes a journalist. She has a good boyfriend, and they will marry soon. She has great friends who have stayed with her since they were kids. She isn't as naïve as herself when she was a little girl. She lives a good life, until something messes it up.

Warning: Probably a bit OOC, since they are adults, and adults don't act like children. Depression and disability.

Pairing: Miiko/Yoshida, Miiko/Tappei, Mamoru/Yuka, Yukko/Kenta

Rating: PG-13

A/N: I love these comics since I was in the junior high, and since there's so few fics about it, I want to contribute one. At first I want to write in Indonesian, but turned out a bit odd, so here it goes! Flames are mocked, and reviews are accepted in both English and Indonesian. This is unbeta'd, and I don't know much about Japanese, and baseball, culture. Sorry for maybe some skipping here and there. ^^

Reaching Childhood

Kocchimuite Miiko

Seer M. Anno

Chapter One: Miiko Interviews People

Yamada Miiko smiled at her own reflection on the mirror as she combed her hair. She liked her wavy brown hair, and now she was proud when people told her that she resembled her father very much. As if she wasn't satisfied by only copying her father's appearances, she became a journalist as well. She totally became Yamada Kousuke's shadow, but she didn't mind it at all.

"There will be an interview," she reminded herself. "The Japanese National Baseball team. In 2. In 2. Mamo will be there. I can do this. I can do this."

She walked out her bedroom, now dressed formally in a maroon blazer, white blouse and black trousers. She then wore her black, shiny high heels. She hated those shoes, because they made her feet cramped, but apparently she had to wear it. Even though she was now slightly taller than her mother, she was considered short between her women colleagues, and high heels helped.

She combed her hair once again before adding some powder on her face. Now, she was ready. She walked out her apartment and huffed. Now wait, she told herself.

Almost immediately, a car stopped in front of her, and the window slipped down slowly. "Morning," the man in the car greeted her, smiling. He was as charming as he had been in their elementary school, and that probably was what made Miiko loved him.

Miiko smiled and went in. "Morning," she said, placing a kiss on her boyfriend's cheek. "You're early, Ikuya."

Yoshida Ikuya laughed as he drove the car down the street. "Probably I just want to spend a bit of my morning with you. You know how I love morning times. Heard you'll interview your brother's team?"

Miiko huffed. "Yeah. It's gonna be awkward."

"Darling, you won't fail. He will be professional, no worries."

"You told me that for the thousandth time." Miiko smiled at him. "And Mari asked me to come tonight."

"To celebrate her new comic? This one is quite a hit, isn't it?"

"You can say that." Miiko leant on her seat. "We probably will end up making another one. You know Mari."

Ikuya laughed. "I can see that."

They stopped in front of a building, Miiko's office, Yamada Kousuke's former office. He had retired several years ago, and many people liked having Miiko around. She knew that some of her older colleagues still saw her as her father's daughter, but she didn't mind. Her father had excelled in his job, and she intended to be as good as he, if not better.

"Will you be home on six?" Miiko asked.

"Maybe, why?"

"Probably you want to join me to Mari's party tonight."

"Don't make me, darling," Ikuya answered, smiling. "I don't want to fall asleep in class, again, just because you two made me colouring this and that. My students laughed at me, you know."

Miiko smiled. Her boyfriend was a math teacher in an elementary school, and sometimes she didn't understand why people could love math. Those things could only make her brain cramped as bad as her feet. "Okay then. See you later."

They shared a kiss and Miiko went out the car.

"Hey, little brother," Miiko patted Mamoru's back. "Odd interview, eh?"

Mamoru rolled his eyes. He was giving his sister a lift tonight, since he was going to his girlfriend's house. Kobayashi Yuka shared the same building with Miiko, with only a floor distance.

"I can't imagine interviewing you again like that!" Miiko put her hands up. "'Mr. Yamada, can you explain how it feels to play in the National Team?'"

"Yes, that was awkward." Mamoru agreed. "When will you buy a car, Miiko? You know you can. Ikuya, Kenta, and I can't always be there to take you home."

His sister merely stared out the window. "I don't like driving. Besides, there are taxis around, don't bother."

Mamoru sighed. "Fine."

"How's Yuka?"

"Just like the old days," Mamoru said. "We got into another fight."


"Yeah. She complained about how long my practice hours were. And she still does."

"Can you talk to her? Or should I talk to her? I can drop by and..."

"No, don't bother," Mamoru hurriedly said. "I can manage this, Miiko. She's my girlfriend and we can work this out. Sad enough we're not roses and fireworks like you and Ikuya."

"I see." Miiko said indignantly, and there was silence.

"I'm sorry, sis," Mamoru said. "To be honest I envy you. Ikuya's a good man, and I can be nothing near him. You're lucky."

Miiko sighed. "I know, Mamo. And you're a great man too! Yuka knows that, but she needs to be reminded! She loves you and you love her and you two are just as lucky as Ikuya and I and..."

Her baby brother bit his lip. "You always know how to cheer me up, eh, Miiko?"

Miiko laughed. "Well... thanks. Knock some sense into her mind and she will be head over heels for you in no time."

A week later, Miiko walked towards her table and saw a small letter on it. She picked it up and opened the envelope. Her eyes widened as she read it. Why she had to do many awkward interviews? First Mamoru and now this?

The letter was about the interview task she had to do. There was a good swimmer in America, who was going to his hometown (yes, he was a Japanese) in his break. He had won some world swimming championship, and Miiko was given the opportunity to interview him. The time, date, and venue were already scheduled, and Miiko knew she had no escape.

Miiko held no problems with speaking English with this guy. Her English was quite fluent and she was proud of it. She thanked her mother for being a 'great' teacher with her scolds and threats.

The problem was the swimmer himself.

"Eguchi Tappei."

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