note: This is… short. But it came to me last night and I wrote it and I figured I should post it. It's set kind of… now. Just pretending everyone was perfectly fine after that explosion (counting down until season 10, seriously), more or less. I was going to write something like this for the token-Palmer's-wedding fic, but I forgot. :D So you get this instead, ha.
I don't really say where it's set. I'll let you imagine your own little paradise.

disclaimer: You know you're obsessed with NCIS when your Dad works with some Americans for a few days, and comes back with chocolate and a cup for you. :D (Also, he met many Marines.)

listening to: Sound of Silence by Kina Grannis.

Day 14

"It will be... hard, to leave this behind, yes?"

They're both not really sure whether she's talking about the case or their current situation, but his blood rushes and her heart pounds regardless.
For a moment, there is complete, still silence, but then a wave rises lazily up the sand and the world clicks into motion again.

Birds call from the trees behind him, sitting on flora that blooms like the large orange flower tucked behind her ear.
Their skin has turned tan and sun kissed due to the beating sun, with freckles having broken out all over the bridge of her nose.
The sea is breathing in a lulling way, sounding like a faint breeze on a humid day.

They have not contacted their boss in 36 hours, their hotel is exclusive and fairly isolated; its rooms back straight out onto the beach and it is only occupied by a few people at a time.
Their suspect- or charged murderer now- is handcuffed and sitting in a local cell, negotiations over jurisdiction and rights taking place as they sunbathe.

"It has been nice, though."

He laughs. "Yeah, it's been real nice. Fancy hotel, great view, hardly any work, awesome food, movie selections, poolside cocktail bar. Giant beach with... green water. You."

She turns her head quickly, eyes meeting his, but he merely challenges her in a wordless reply and she huffs in mock-irritation.
They work this way.

"Like I said- it has been nice. And the company... has not been awful, either."

"Heh, thanks for that." His sarcasm is blatant. "You're not bad, yourself."

"Actually, I was talking about Sam."
Right on cue, their waiter turns up with a tall pink drink, cocktail umbrella bouncing on the surface, and she grins at her partner.

More noisy silence descends upon them- the sea, the birds- as she takes many lengthy sips through a curly plastic straw, neither of them willing to voice what's on both their minds.
And yet it quickly gets unbearable.

"How are we gonna tell him?"

"Who? And about what?"

He has none of her pretending. "Gibbs. And the team, I guess. About... y'know, us?"

She smiles and his heart skips a beat. "We should just tell him. Together. I think that we can both agree, we won't change or stop this, no matter what he says."

He leans over and kisses her there and then, and they're both smiling as they pull apart. Because even though their suspect's caught, and they have no reason to maintain their cover, it suddenly hits them both that this is happening.

She stands and his eyes take in her bikini-clad figure for the sixtieth time in two weeks, then beckons him closer only to walk away again, and he follows her like a lost puppy until they reach their room.

Their lips are on each other's within a second of the door shutting, and their hot skin sparks against everything it touches. Her skin is still wet from the pool- still cold at the waistband of her swim outfit-, and rivulets of water still remain on his shoulders from their trek through the sea.

The bikini hits the floor with a satisfyingly loud thwomp, and they indulge themselves in their secluded haven for the final time before they must leave.


When they get home, everyone comments on their fair hair and tan skin, but nobody seems to notice the brighter smiles and more genuine laughter, and they can cope with that.
Everyone except Gibbs, that is. He eyes them affectionately but knowingly, and they make a silent agreement.

They head down the steps hand-in-hand, and face him together, and emerge victorious.
And their smiles are wider still.

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