This is my first story, and I hope that you all enjoy.

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters or Twilight they all belong to Stephenie Meyer, but everything Elsa is my original work.

Chapter One

I always thought of Edward as an arrogant asshole all of freshman year. So tell me now as a sophomore why, I can't stop thinking about him. He pops into my mind at the most random of times. Maybe it's just a little crush, what the hell is wrong with me I can't like Edward Cullen he is the biggest and most annoying asshole of all time. It just feels weird to like him considering the fact that I still kind of like my ex Jacob, he was the first boy I ever liked, but he dumped me after two weeks, claiming that I wasn't putting my all into our relationship, but what I heard out of all that was if you won't sleep with me then the door is right there. So now a month later I can't get Edward Fucking Cullen out of my mind. Every time I close my eyes I just see those deep green eyes, with flicks of honey brown tinted in them, his incredibly long eye lashes, bronze colored hair, and his drop dead gorgeous, but at the same time incredible cocky smirk of his. Argggg why do I like him so much, wow I just admitted that I like Edward fuck in Cullen. God help me.