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Bellas pov: "Are you ready for a date you will never forget?" Edward asked as he opened the passenger door for me.

"I sure am so where are we off to?" I ask while buckling my seat belt.

"Well I thought we could go grab a bite to eat at that burger place I was telling you about and there is a mini golf course down the street from it so we could go check that out if you want to." He says while shifting the gear into reverse and backing out of the driveway.

"Wow that is the most cliche date ever. You just want to put your arms around me don't you?" I question him while laughing.

"Damn you figured out my secret move chicks usually fall for that whole golfing bit, but they also usually want the fancy Italian restraunt." he says

"Well I'm not like most chicks I don't want a tiny portion of under cooked pasta, I want a big, fat, greasy bacon cheese burger and fries and I want to go laser tagging I know the perfect place." I state.

"Well alright then but I must warn you I've never been laser tagging before in my life." he says as he merges onto the expressway.

"Good then be prepared to get your ass kicked!" I say while laughing.

"I doubt that I'm a very quick learner and I'm very competitive." he says before flashing me that heart stopping smirk.

"We shall see. " I say while flashing him a little smirk of my own.

The rest of the ride to the burger place we played a round of twenty questions. I actually found out a lot about him like how he has been playing football and baseball since he was three, he is planning on going into the army after high school for two years, and then planning on going to law school to become a criminal defense attorney which is what I am planning on going to school for. It takes us an hour to get to the burger place. My hair is a wild mess from riding with window down and my ass is numb from sitting for to long. While we make our way into the burger place I pull a hair tie from my purse and throw my hair up into a high pony tail.

"Damn why'd you do that I liked the way your hair looked down?" Edward asked.

"Because it looked like a hot mess due to the wind." I say back as the waitress leads us to our booth.

"It looked like sex hair to me." he says nonchalantly while looking over his menu.

"Can I get you two kids anything to drink?" The waitress asks us politely.

"I will have a butter pecan milk shake and a glass of water." I say.

"I'll have the mint chocolate chip shake please." Edward says while sporting that amazing smirk of his.

"Sure thing I'll be rite back with those milk shakes." she says and I see how flustered she gets by Edward. I wait until she turns and then I let my laugh escape my lips.

"What is so funny?" Edward asks.

"That lady was getting so flustered by you it was hilarious." I tell him while trying to get my laughter under control because she is walking towards us with our milk shakes.

"Hear you go kids." She says while placing our milk shakes and my water on the table.

"Are you two ready to order or do you need a little time?" The waitress asks.

"I think we are ready I'll have the triple bacon and cheese burger and instead of fries can I have onion rings?" Edward asks the waitress.

"You sure can cutie." she says while scribbling his order down on her little pad of paper.

"And for you hun?" she says while finally tearing her eyes from Edward.

"I'll have the double jalapeƱo bacon cheese burger with fries please." I say.

"Okay your order will be up shortly." she says while taking our menus and tucking them under her arm as she heads back to the kitchen.

"Bella I have no idea what you are talking about." He says with a small smile while shaking his head.

"When she comes back with our food smirk at her and then watch her reaction." I whisper to him.

"What does my smirk have to do with anything?" he asks with a slight confused look on his face.

"Are you fucking kidding me how can you not know that your smirk is one of the sexiest things ever." I accidentally blurt that last part out.

He flashes his smirk before saying "Wow that's a little forward for a first date Bella."

"Says the boy who said my hair looked like sex hair." I say while smiling.

"Im not a boy I'm a man a strong, irresistible, and sexy man. " he states while puffing out his chest and pounding on it with his fist.

"Yes you are." The waitress says while placing our burgers on the table. Then looks up realizing we heard her loud and clear when she sees our shocked faces.

"Um I'm so sorry here's your food." She says frantically before rushing back to the kitchen.

"I told you!" I say to Edward before we both burst out laughing.

"I feel so violated." Edward says while popping an onion ring into his mouth. "Fuck this is hot."

"No shit you idiot they just came out of the fryer." I tell him while taking a sip of water. He then leans over and grabs my milk shake and takes a huge drink of it.

"What the hell Edward drink your own milk shake for all i know you could have mono!"I say as I swat at his hand when he tries to snatch one of my fries.

"I'm offended that you would think that I would have mono." he says with mock offense.

"Hey I don't know what you do on the weekends" I say before taking a huge bite of my burger.

"Relax I'm going to kiss you before our date is over so either way we will be swapping spit by the end of the night." He says nonchalantly while munching on another onion ring.

"Wow and you said I was being forward." I mutter to my self before making a big show of swapping out my milk shake straw for a clean one. Edward glares at me before taking my clean straw and liking the whole damn thing before plopping it back into my glass.

"You fucking asshole." I say trying so hard to contain my laughter.

"Alright let's make it interesting if I win laser tag you have to let me plan our next date and let me finish this one the way I intended to." he says while taking a bit of his burger.

"And what if I win" I say around a mouth full of my burger.

"You get me duh." he says.

"What the hell kind of a bet is that?" I say before taking a sip of my milk shake.

"Fine if you win you get to plan our next four dates." He says back.

"Deal." I say

"Shall we spit shake on it?" he says.

"What is with you and spit?" I say while taking another bite of my burger.

"Here's the check." the waitress says while sliding it on the table before running back to the kitchen.

"Damn we only took two bites of are burger and she is already kicking us out." Edward says while reaching for the check.

"How much was my food?" I ask while shuffling threw my purse trying to locate my wallet.

"Why do you need to know?" He says while snatching a fifty dollar bill from his wallet.

"So I can pay for my food." I say while finally locating my wallet

"It's fine I got it." He says while sliding the fifty under the bill holder and continuing to eat his food.

"Are you sure Edward?" I question.

"Bella this is a first date i'm paying the bill. and even if it wasn't I will always pay the bill. Don't even bother to bring your wallet when we go out because I don't want to see it again." Edward said firmly.

"Edward I can't let you pay for me every time we go out that's not fair to you." I try and reason with him.

"Bella I've waited to long for this just please let me spoil you, for the time being." He said while slurping down the rest of his milk shake.

"Fine but not all the time." I say while trying to contain my giddiness, because I can't believe that he has been waiting for this as long as I have.

As soon as we finished our last bites of our delicious, giant hamburgers we left for laser tagging. It took another thirty minutes in the damn car just to reach the place, another fifteen to get tickets and dressed for battle, then just five more to be in battle.

It was on like Donkey Kong! We went hard on this game, I was fast but he was cunning able to spot me from every angle. As soon as the game started I set my eyes on him and shot then ran away at full speed. He looked so surprised.

I yelled out just loud enough for him to hear, "GAME ON!"

At that moment I turned around to see him pointing straight at me. He shot me once, so I ran off but not quick enough because on my flee he got me two more times.

"DIE, DIE!" I heard coming straight for me. So I turned around right in time to see his smirk. But all I saw was him charging at me guns blaring.

I decided to go up a level to out smart him. From way up high I took my revenge and shot him five times in a row, "no giving up now," I thought to myself. Just then he spotted me and I was forced to flee my golden spot, Damn! I guess I'm going to have to get him from down here, from the down and dirty.

Then as i lined up to take my kill shot suddenly everything changed, I felt too "in love" to hit him. The moment he got a chance I was sure he would laser gun me and I wasn't apposed to taking that gun shot. But as the moment approached he didn't, instead he just stood there with this look in his eyes and began to walk towards me. Staring at his lucius smile I felt paralyzed in his gaze.

"I've got you now," he said charmingly.

"No I've got you right where I want you ," I said with my signature half smirk.

He still leaned in and planted the sweetest kiss I've ever had right on my lips. Nothing huge just a small peck. As we both pulled away I finally pulled the trigger and shot him, nothing dramatic, but just enough to beat him.

The game was over, I had won, and I was looking forward to planning these next FOUR dates.

So I teased him, just a little, on our way home" looks like your gonna need extra army because you suck in combat."

"Shut up you knew I was a virgin at laser tagging!"

We pulled up to my house a little too quickly because I wasn't done teasing him yet, especially about his word choice. Anyways we insisted on walking me to my front door, and just to make it cliche after all he planted another kiss on me right before I went in. But this one was a lot better because we werent in battle, and it was a more full contact kind of mouth kiss.

As I opened the door, all five of the girls fell out.

" You bitches are still here! Don't you have homes?" I exclaimed embarrassed by them having seen Edward in the driveway.

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