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Pairings wise I definitely intend to slip in some SoMa and if I can I want to try some Blackstar and Tsubaki, not quite sure about Kid because he's kind of hard to write in character romance for things that aren't pyramids.

I also might end up taking this plot bunny to an RP sometime, spent a good few weeks trying to figure out the best way to have the character stuck together but also have them be able to function.

The book to the head was the final straw for the already irritated Scythe.

"What the hell is wrong with you Maka? That hurt!"

"What the hell is wrong with you? You're the one that can't just listen to me."

"You're the one not listening here."

"I hate you so much!"

"I hate you more!"

"I hate you most!"

"I hated you first!"


"Die? You die!"

Usually Blair could piece together the cause of a Maka and Soul argument but this time the feline wasn't sure and could only assume that the assignment from Professor Stein had to be at least the underlying cause, only two days in and already spelling disaster. Blair decided it was time to make her escape from the noisy apartment if she couldn't get her nap at least she could go see about getting some treats from her admirers.

Perhaps it would be best to start at the beginning.

Maka Albarn was usually never one to complain about new assignments, she enjoyed her course work and considered the challenging lessons to be the most fun ones even if they did have her somewhat frustrated for an hour or two. However; even Maka had objections to the lesson Professor Stein had just announced.

"But this is a major privacy invasion to those of us who have partners with opposite genders."

The Professor shrugged "If you've resonated souls before, and I know you two have; then you should reconsider your definition of privacy."

"but..." she was flustered and stumbling over her words "But what about doing stuff like taking a shower and getting dressed? I can't do that with Soul around."

A few voices called out in agreement with her but the Professor knew how to quell her argument, Maka was a fairly simple girl to bargain with if someone knew what motivated her.

"Well if you don't want to participate in the assignment then that's fine; I'm sure your grade can take the hit. A "B" isn't a bad grade by any means really."

Ox-Ford and his partner had already accepted the assignment, Maka saying no would mean losing her spot at the top of the class to him and she wouldn't have that, she'd sooner die. She didn't hesitate to clasp Soul's hand in her own and thrust their now joined hands towards Stein.

The assignment, a resonance strengthening technique was fairly simple, a meister and weapon were to have to stay within three feet of one another for five days in a row. It could easily make or break partnerships if so many teams hadn't been able to cheat on it in the past. Stein had been one of the cheating students when he was Spirit's meister and while even with cheating their resonance was better he wanted to see what the effects of the students being forced to complete the assignment would be.

In the past students would be given a length of rope or something along those lines, some teachers would have them handcuffed to one another, of course there was no way to monitor them when they weren't on campus and simple things such as changing clothes were a problem. Franken Stein enjoyed his opportunity to reinvent the wheel on this assignment.

Using his own soul wavelength the professor was able to thread a small bridge between each pair, not enough to hold them firmly enough to one another, but since it was his Soul he would know when a pair had split up. They would be able to function mostly normally this way and still be forced to complete the assignment. He had to fight to contain his excitement about how good or bad this would go for his students.

"Alright students, your five days start now. Separation within the first 24 hours means an automatic grade of F, within 48 hours a D, 72 a C 96, a B and an A for any pair that makes it to 120 hours. Class dismissed, have fun!"

Before the students were all able to exit the classroom one pair had already accidentally split up when they tried to walk in opposite directions.

"And that's an F."

Maka was determined not to let that happen to her. Her first mission upon leaving the classroom (whist holding on to Soul to ensure he didn't end up too far from her) was to confiscate Soul's ear buds to help keep the two tied together.

"You're going to ruin them Maka."

"You have tons anyway and this is important."

"We can manage to stay within three feet of each other without the need for this."

"I can't take that risk. If it really bothers you that much I promise I'll buy you new ones if these get messed up."

"This is the most uncool assignment ever. You realize you're going to have to just trust me to stay close and untie me for the drive home right?"

Maka shrugged, "We have to set some ground rules if this is going to work."

"This isn't going to work."

"Soul! I can't let us get beat by Ox and Harver. We at least have to outlast them. Now let's get down to ground rules."

He rolled his eyes; this was going to be a long five days.

"One: don't talk when I'm studying. You don't have to study but you at least have to be quiet. Two: I have to get at least seven hours of sleep a night so you might have to go to bed earlier than normal. Deal with it. Three: we're sleeping in your room because your bed is bigger. Four: I take morning showers and that isn't going to change. Five: you still aren't allowed to copy my homework. Six: neither of us can cop out of this."


"I'm not done. Seven: no interrupting me! Eight: No listening to one another's phone calls or reading each others' texts without permission."


"Soul stop! Nine: no peeking at my journal. Ten if you get a-"


"What the hell do you want Soul?" she growled, suppressing the urge to hit Soul with a book and potentially accidently end up separating.

"I have to piss!"

"Oh." And with that statement Maka finally realized that she'd never wanted it to be Friday so badly in her life.

Tsubaki was slightly hesitant about being stuck so closely to Blackstar for so long of course his only request to her was "Just try not to slow me down too much." Naturally she was busy formulating several requests for him but she hasn't quite worked out how to explain to him that she was currently in the midst of the worst cramps of her lifetime and that she would likely want to cause physical harm to the boy if his antics were up to their usual level. This assignment just had to fall during the middle of the month didn't it? She could only hope her friends were in a better position than she was right now.

But could anyone really be okay if they knew they were going to have to listen to five days full of "But this can never be even somewhat symmetrical!"

Death The Kidd was at it again, this time trying to convince Liz and Patty that spending five days in weapon form was the best way to pass the assignment.

"Kidd there is no way in hell I am going to stay in weapon form for five days you are out of your mind."

He had to be, there was no way spending five days in weapon form was healthy. How would she and Patty eat or function if they had to be guns for five days in a row? Of course Patty wasn't offering much help when it came to convincing the young Shinigami to suck up a little asymmetry for a few days. He had chosen the sisters as his weapons first and for most for their symmetry but with them in human form they weren't perfectly symmetrical which Kidd could deal with for the most part but give days in a row would be hard for him.

"Asymmetry! Asymmetry! Eh, see a tree?" The younger of the Thompson sisters pranced around cackling and singing while Liz tried to handle the situation.

"You're just going to have to suck it up Kidd."

"But Liz! Please don't make me!"

"You're the one trying to make me do stuff."

"Please Liz, I'm begging you!"


"Liz!" His voice was reduced to a pitiful wine and his lips were forming a very unmanly pout, she couldn't stand it when he did this. For one thing it was very unbecoming of a Shinigami and for another it didn't always make saying no easy.


Except for this time, this time it was still easy to say no.

He was crying, he was seriously crying, Patty was cackling even louder and Liz decided that she somewhat understood the appeal of hardcore drugs.

It was going to be a long five days.

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