It's been so long since I've bothered to update this that if so many people hadn't shown an interest in it I wouldn't have bothered.

It didn't take long for the young Shinigami to realize that even with the help of Liz and Patty he still wasn't capable of doing something underhanded all alone.
He'd need help.

He'd need someone that lacked a high level of empathy

He'd need Blackstar.

Too bad there was an obstacle in his way blocking the entrances of Blackstar's apartment; a tall, dark haired obstacle that usually didn't put her foot down for any of the idiotic things usually thrown her way.

"You really can't do that to Maka, it's not fair at all."

"She'll have a C; it won't even hurt her overall grade at this point to make a C." in her eagerness to assume Kidd wouldn't have to have whatever horrible symmetry fit the punishment would mean Liz had taken the time to do a little mental math. She didn't want to involve Blackstar and Tsubaki but after Kidd proposed it she knew she'd need to plead their case to Tsubaki.

"All we have to do it cause Maka's sleep to get interrupted and her to think Soul did it; they'll argue and probably accidentally split so it'll really be their fault not ours." Kidd couldn't believe the words that were easily slipping from his lips, this was so wrong but he couldn't bear the thought of dealing with asymmetry.

"You could end up messing up their soul resonance." Tsubaki was still unconvinced

"They argued for twenty minutes this afternoon over if it was morally ethical to sneak snacks into a movie theater and they were fine. They always argue and they're always fine."

Meanwhile Patty had gotten bored of the back and fourth debate; she shoved Blackstar out of his bed- he was a rather deep sleeper. "Get up we're going to sabotage Soul and Maka on this bet!"

"We're what?" The assassin rubbed his eyes groggily

After a short bargaining session in which Liz convinced Blackstar that helping Soul and Maka to lose the bet and playing it off as if she Kid and Patty had won would mean they'd go easy on the punishment they were supposed to assign him. If Maka and Soul were allowed to win he knew this wouldn't be the case. Aside from all that Maka needed to stop taking school so seriously and this assignment was ridiculous; getting her and Soul to separate would be doing them a favor.

"I'm in."

Tsubaki's earlier arguments were now all invalid with those two words.

Soul and Maka were blissfully unaware of the plotting against them; Maka was sound asleep while Soul was fiddling with his cell phone in the dark. This had become a coping ritual for him since he was such a night owl and Maka insisted on going to bed so early.

It was nearing midnight when Soul decided he'd become too bored with looking at random images of cats (memes are cool); he was just about to turn off his phone and go to sleep for the night when he heard something at his window.

He groaned and rolled over; it was probably the wind.

Once again a light knocking on the window.

Damn it Blair must have lost her key again or something.

"Maka, cat's at the window."

"Mmm soul resonance, witch hunter…"

"Maka stop hunting kishin in your sleep and wake up."

Soul had learned during the first night of the assignment that Maka was a rather vocal sleeper who often had dreams of hunting kishin; how boring.

He nudged her a few times "I think Blair wants in and unless you want to fail this assignment I need you to get up with me so I can let her in."

She groaned and sat up; Soul didn't need anymore light than what was seeping in through the curtains from the streetlights to know she was glaring at him.

"You suck." There was a reason Maka was usually in charge of waking Soul up aside from the fact that Soul usually slept later.

"Not my damn fault." Soul took Maka's hand and tugged her up with him; all the while she vocally protested with various sounds of disagreement; he would remember this the next time she had to make a bathroom trip in the middle of the night.

If Maka had been in her right-alert mind she would have noticed a familiar soul that didn't belong to Blair perched right underneath the window. If Soul had thought a little longer he would have remembered Blair hadn't left the apartment to begin with that night.

"Wake up!" The voice of Blackstar boomed as his fist (which was only intended to knock loudly on the window) crashed through the window.

And into Soul's face.

If Maka had kept caution over comfort and kept the two tied together while they slept she would have been tugged back with Soul when he was punched; and they wouldn't have accidentally split up when Maka; suddenly very alert kicked Blackstar sending him into a free fall to the ground below.

"You idiot what the hell are you doing here at this time of-" Maka stopped yelling down to the boy who sat on the ground (somehow mostly unharmed) mid sentence… realization at hit her.

"You can't be serious." This meant they'd made a C.

She looked to Soul, who looked back at her; he wasn't sure who was going to die first for this, surly Blackstar deserved it but he was the closest target. Two punches to the face in 24 hours from Blackstar really should excuse him from his impending doom right?

"Maka, can I go stop my nosebleed?" Maybe pointing out his injury would get her to stay on his side.

"Oh wow aren't you two kinky! But I knew it was only a matter of time, with you two having to sleep together." Blair pranced into the room in her cat form "Wow Soul I've never seen you get a nosebleed like that. Maka whatever you're doing; I'll need you to teach me."

Before either the weapon or meister could formulate a vocal response to Blair's comment she'd pranced out of the room leaving the two with a wink. During this Blackstar had climbed back up to the window and perched himself sitting half inside of the apartment.

"What's up guys?"

Soul could swear he saw fire in Maka's eyes "What's up? What's up?" She took a hasty breath "You want to know what's up?"

Blackstar nodded, Soul wondered if it was possible for him to look anymore innocent about the situation.

Maka yanked the ninja by his shirt collar "Don't play innocent with me! You just made me get a freaking C, give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you!"

Soul used this opportunity to tend to his- once again wounded nose.

Upon his, now full-of-friend room Soul couldn't help but think his friends were reaching angry mob mentality.

"I just couldn't handle the threat of asymmetry!" So apparently this was all planned by Death The Kid of all people; Soul didn't bother pretending he wasn't a bit surprised by the reaper stooping to such a level.

"But now Ox is going to have the top place in class. You're so selfish sometimes." If only Maka understood how ironic her words were as she pouted over her C grade.

"I tried to talk them out of it Maka." Of course she did, but no one listens to poor Tsubaki.

"I knew this bet was a stupid idea." Liz sighed.

Among the scattered apologies and groaning over how stupid everything had become Soul decided to cut in with an idea of his own- destined to complicate things even further.

"Do we know for sure Ox and Harver haven't split yet?"

Maka smirked "You're not thinking about-"

Soul couldn't help but grin "I think we can all agree that if anyone in our class makes an A, it can't be Ox. After all you guys remember how he lorded his grade over everyone that week Maka had the flu and he beat her by a few points."

Of course Maka couldn't forget his stupid grin, hell everyone had been annoyed by him that week; Kim even threatened to castrate him.

"Soul this went bad enough, I think we've learned enough about how wrong sabotage is…" Good thing no one was going to listen to Tsubaki.

Sorry my return after so long is such a short chapter, I do plan to spend much of today working on this; but this seemed like a good stopping point. I'm also going to try and fit more SoMa into this because I've been lacking in that department through this story and I know a lot of people are reading this for the potential pairings as well so I should probably do more than just hints right?