You're Hired

Chapter 1

Author's Notes: This is my third fanfiction and also my first non-parody fanfiction. It was supposed to be a one-shot fanfiction but I don't like proofreading lengthy word documents so I decided to split it into three chapters instead. The story for "You're Hired" was actually inspired by my job-hunting experience for the past few months. Have fun reading and don't forget to review! Thanks!

Disclaimer: I do not own Haruka and Michiru of Sailor Moon, iPhone, and Temple Run. Some names mentioned in the story are entirely fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

"Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT'S relativity." – Albert Einstein

"Please be seated first. We'll call your name."

The receptionist, a woman in her late 20s, points at the seats in the reception area. A tall handsome blonde woman, wearing a black suit and carrying a small brown leather briefcase, scans the reception area. She sees a beautiful woman with wavy aquamarine hair, who's wearing a white dress and white high heels, sitting on the second row of stainless steel seats in the reception area. The woman's hair is tied in a ponytail and has her legs crossed. Beside her is her black purse. The blonde woman decides to approach the aquamarine-haired woman.

"Is this seat taken?"

The aqua-haired woman turns her attention to the blonde woman. "No."

"Is it okay if I sit next to you?"

"Sure. Go ahead." The aqua-haired woman replies with a smile on her face. She gets her purse and puts it on her lap.

The blonde woman smiles back at the aqua-haired woman. "Thanks."

The blonde woman sits beside the aqua-haired woman. She puts down her briefcase. There is an awkward silence between the two women. The blonde woman decides to break the ice.

"So… what position are you applying for?"

The aqua-haired woman, once again, turns her attention to the blonde woman. "Call center agent. How about you?"

"Same. What's your name by the way?"

"Michiru. You?"


"Nice to meet you, Haruka."

"Same here. Are you a fresh graduate, Michiru?"

"Yeah. How about you?"

"I could say that. But I graduated two years ago."

"Really? Having tough luck finding a job eh? What's your course?"


"Interesting. I never knew men are interested in nursing."

"Actually… I'm a woman."


"I get that a lot."

"But I admit, Haruka, you are good-looking."

Haruka chuckles. "Thanks. How about you Michiru, what's your course?"

"Fine Arts."

"What are you doing here in a call center? You're supposed to be drawing and stuff like that, right?"

"Well, my friends found their luck here and advised me to try my luck in the call center industry. They said the salary is really good. So here I am."

"Is this your first application?"

"Yes. I'm kinda nervous, honestly."

Michiru, out of the blue, grabs Haruka's left hand and holds it. Haruka blushes. She could feel the coldness in Michiru's hand.



"What are you nervous about, Michiru?"

"Well, I'm nervous about the job interview. It's my first time, you know."

Haruka tightens her grip on Michiru's hand. Michiru could feel Haruka's warm hand. Haruka looks at Michiru straight in the eyes.

"Heh. Trust me. The more you apply, the more confident you become."

Michiru zones out thanks to Haruka's mesmerizing look. She sees imaginary rose petals falling on Haruka's background. Before she finds herself further allured by Haruka's charms, Michiru lets go of Haruka's hand.

"Oh… speaking of which, what are you doing here Haruka? Aren't you supposed to be working in a hospital?"

Haruka laughs. "That's what I thought too. But competition is rough in the nursing job. Almost everyone I know took up nursing. I'm thankful for jobs like these, actually."

"Are you a registered nurse?"

"Yeah. I got my license a year ago."

"How long have you been looking for a job?"

"For a year now, I guess?"

"I see…" Michiru nods. She touches Haruka's shoulder and smiles at Haruka. "Don't worry Haruka. It's never too late. You'll find a job eventually."

"Yeah I'm not giving up on that." Haruka smiles back at Michiru.

Michiru pats Haruka's shoulder. "Glad to hear that." She then removes her hand from Haruka's shoulder.

There is an awkward silence again between Haruka and Michiru. An HR recruiter, a woman with long black hair, wearing yellow T-shirt, jeans, and rubber shoes, and holding pieces of papers, arrives at the reception area.

"Michiru Kaioh, Kevin Delos Santos, and Margaret Ching, please come forward."

Michiru stands up and gets her purse.

"Haruka, I'll be back."


Haruka watches Michiru and two other applicants as they come forward and follow the HR recruiter. She gets her iPhone and plays Temple Run. Suddenly, another HR recruiter, a woman with long red hair tied in a ponytail, wearing a black dress and high heels, and holding pieces of papers, arrives at the reception area.

"Jacob Charles Cruz, Haruka Tenoh, and Claire Montalban, please come forward."

Haruka cancels her Temple Run game, stands up, puts her iPhone in her pocket, and grabs her briefcase. She comes forward with two other applicants and follows the HR recruiter to a room.

Haruka opens the door for the two other applicants and walks out of the room last. She walks on a hallway and into the reception area where she sees Michiru sitting on the front row. Michiru sees Haruka from afar and smiles at her. Haruka smiles back and sits beside Michiru.

"So, how did the interview go, Haruka?"

"Hmm… it was okay. How 'bout your interview? How did it go?"

"Well, at first, I was nervous but then the interviewer was very casual so I answered as naturally as possible."

Haruka smirks. "That's great. So you're not nervous anymore?"

"Yeah. I guess. Thanks to you."

Michiru's words hit Haruka's heart like Cupid's arrows. Haruka could feel her heart throb. However, she suppresses her emotions before it gets the best of her.

"Okay. Great to hear that. Keep it up!"

Haruka gives Michiru a thumbs up. Michiru smiles at Haruka. Haruka blushes and looks away. There is another awkward silence between the two. Haruka decides to get her iPhone and resumes her Temple Run game. Michiru decides to draw herself close to Haruka. Their arms and shoulders are now against each other.

Michiru takes a peek at Haruka's iPhone. "What's that game?"

"It's called Temple Run. Have you played this before?"

"No. I don't really play games…"

"You don't? Heh. You should try this."

Haruka pauses her game and hands her iPhone over to Michiru.

"Hey wait, Haruka… I don't know how to operate this thing."

"That is why I'm going to teach you. Hold that thing like this."

Haruka puts her iPhone in Michiru's hand. She demonstrates the gameplay while Michiru is holding the iPhone. Michiru watches Haruka's demonstration carefully.

"Michiru, your objective in this game is to get a high score. In order to get a high score, you have to collect coins and other power-ups while running away from those evil monkeys who are chasing your character. Make sure the character runs along the path and make sure to avoid obstacles such as the water, ledges, and even the branches and roots of trees. Also, the longer your character survives, the more points you get. Swipe the screen to the left to turn left and swipe the screen to the right to turn right. To jump, just swipe the screen upwards and to slide, just swipe the screen downwards. As simple as that."

"Okay. I'll try."

Haruka lets go of her iPhone and lets Michiru play Temple Run. Michiru plays the game and her character ends up falling on the water.

"Awww I'm dead."

"Heh. You can still try again."

Michiru tries again and plays. This time, she manages to get a score of 50,000.

"50,000 points. Not bad Michiru. I'll show you how to play."

Michiru hands over the iPhone to Haruka. Michiru watches Haruka play. She is wide-eyed at Haruka's gameplay. With Haruka playing, the Temple Run character flawlessly evades every twist and turns there is on the game, even at high speed. A few minutes later, the Temple Run character hits the root of a giant tree. Haruka scores around 3,000,000 points.

"Wow. You're really good at that huh, Haruka?"

"Well, I've been playing this for a long time so yeah…"

"What's your top score?"

"So far it's 27,000,000 points."

"No way! You're an addict."

Haruka smiles. "I'm not!"

Haruka and Michiru both laugh out loud.

The HR recruiter with long black hair, wearing yellow T-shirt, jeans, and rubber shoes, comes back to the reception area. She is holding pieces of folded papers. One by one, she announces the names of the applicants and hands them their papers.

"Michiru Kaioh."

Michiru stands up and gets the paper from the HR recruiter. Haruka keeps her iPhone in her pocket. Michiru goes back to her seat.

"What's this piece of paper, Haruka?"

"I think it's the results."

"Oh. Okay."

"Why don't you open it?"

"Not now. Let's open our papers together."

"Fine with me."

Seconds later, the HR recruiter with red hair tied in a ponytail and wearing a black dress, arrives at the reception area. She is also holding pieces of folded papers. One by one, she announces the names of the applicants and hands them their papers.

"Haruka Tenoh."

Haruka stands up and gets the paper from the HR recruiter. She goes back to her seat.

"Here it is, Michiru."

"Let's open our papers then."

Haruka and Michiru remove the staples from the paper they are holding. They unfold the papers and scan its contents. Both of them have a smile on their faces.

"So what did you get, Michiru?"

"I passed the first interview! How about you, Haruka?"

"I passed too."


"Yeah, you too. Congrats!"

"I wonder what's next."

"The paper said wait for further announcements so I guess we have to stay here."

Haruka keeps her paper in her briefcase, gets her iPhone, and plays Temple Run. Michiru puts her paper in her purse and draws herself close to Haruka. This time, she leans on Haruka's shoulder. Haruka feels a jolt of energy flowing through her veins and blushes.

"I'm bored." Michiru says.

Haruka continues to play Temple Run.

"Haruka, do you have a girlfriend?"

Haruka is caught off-guard. Her Temple Run character bashes its head on a low-hanging branch. "I don't. Why do you ask?"

"Hmm… nothing. I'm really sorry to invade your privacy like that."

Haruka restarts her Temple Run game. "It's alright. How about you? Do you have a boyfriend?"

"I don't."



"I find that hard to believe."

"I'm still looking for that right person..."

"That makes sense."

Haruka cancels her Temple Run game and keeps her iPhone in her pocket. She slouches in the chair, crosses her arms, and leans her head on Michiru's head.

"I'm bored." Haruka says.

"Me too. I never thought job applications are boring."

"You better get used to it. This will be your life for the first few months of your unemployed life."

"Yeah I guess you're right."

Haruka and Michiru both close their eyes while leaning on each other.

"We're strangers and yet… what is this familiar feeling?" Haruka thinks to herself.

After a few minutes, another HR recruiter, who has a green bob-style hair and is wearing a pink dress, comes by and calls both Haruka and Michiru's name. The HR recruiter calls upon 10 other applicants as well. Haruka, Michiru, and the 10 other applicants come forward. They follow the HR recruiter to a room. The room is huge and it is filled with rows of computer workstations.

"Hey Haruka. Let's sit beside each other."


Michiru settles on a computer workstation at the middle of the fourth row of computer workstations. She puts her purse under the computer workstation and sits on a computer chair. Haruka chooses to sit at a computer workstation beside Michiru. She puts her briefcase under the computer workstation and sits on a computer chair. The HR recruiter distributes pieces of papers to each of the applicants.

"The first paper is the answer sheet and the second paper is the questionnaire. Kindly write all answers on the answer sheet. You may use the back portion of the answer sheet for computations. Do not write anything on the questionnaire. You have 15 minutes to finish the exam. You may begin answering. Good luck." The HR recruiter says.

Haruka taps Michiru's shoulder.

"Good luck Michiru."

"You too Haruka. Let's do our best!" Michiru winks at Haruka.

"Yeah." Haruka smiles.

Haruka and Michiru begin answering the exam papers. After 15 minutes, the HR recruiter collects the papers. Haruka stretches her arms and catches Michiru looking at her.

"What? Is there something weird on my face?"


Michiru giggles and blushes. Haruka just smirks. The HR recruiter distributes another piece of paper to the applicants.

"This is your application form. Kindly fill in the necessary details and make sure the information you write here are true and correct. After you've finished filling out the application form, you can leave this room and go on a lunch break. Just make sure to be back around 2PM for the examination results."

Haruka and Michiru start filling out their application forms.

Haruka finishes filling out her application form. She stands up and submits it to the HR recruiter, who's sitting at a desk in front of the computer workstations. She then goes back to her seat and grabs her briefcase.

"You're done already, Haruka?"


"Wait for me."


Minutes later, Michiru finishes filling out her application form. She stands up and submits it to the HR recruiter. She grabs her purse and leaves the room together with Haruka.

"2PM right?" Michiru asks Haruka.

"Yeah. Let's have lunch first. I know a nearby mall here. It's just walking distance. Would you like to join me?" Haruka asks Michiru.

"I would love to." Michiru replies.

To be continued…