Chapter 2: Changing faces, new places.

Gumshoe's P.O.V

Date: 01/11/2019, Time: 05: 10am, Location: Miles Edgeworth's Apartment.

It had occurred to me the moment I woke up that something had seemed…. Off. I tended to automatically wake up early every morning in order to feed Missile and eat breakfast before heading off to work at the Precinct every morning. I kept noticing my hair kept getting in my eyes…. Time for a haircut… I noticed Maggey wasn't there…. I assumed that she had left early to go for a run or something… but then again…. I could hear someone else in the bathroom… a woman.

It was then I turned to get up…. Had I gotten shorter in my sleep?... As I got up I also noticed that there was a dog curled up at the bottom of the bed…. A massive, pedigree dog that was now looking at me with soulful brown eyes.

"Wait Pess?... what are you?... oh no….. this can't be…" I started to say putting two and two together. The room I was in I knew I could not afford on my salary which could only mean…. I had gotten drunk last night and was in Miles Edgeworth's bed!... oh boy… I knew I should have said no to that party…

It was then I noticed a cell phone on the bedside table ringing and glowing. I looked over making sure the woman was still in the bathroom and answered it:


"GUMSHOE?!... What the hell happened?!" The voice exclaimed on the other end, clearly furious. It was then it occurred to me. It was MY voice!"

"Hey, what are you doing mimicking me Pal!"…. that is not funny!" I snapped back.

"Good Lord are you really stupider than previously thought, it's ME detective!... Miles Edgeworth….. Just…. For the love of…. Just walk to the far end of the room and look in the mirror!" He exclaimed impatiently.

"Fine…." I huffed in no mood for some drunk's ramblings…

It was then I yelped. And spoke:

"I see….. sir…. You really need a haircut…." I began in shock.

"Is that all you can say?!... we swap bodies and all you can say is that I need a hair cut?! Are you out of your mind?!" Edgeworth howled.

"Sorry pal… I just…. Well, what are we going to do?... " I gasped.

"Meet me by the canal bridge in an hour…. We can work out a plan then" I agreed and then hung up. This was going to be an insane week….