*The Irken Empire has stretched afar, conquering everything their is. All invaders of Operation Impending Doom Two have succeed in their mission doubling the size of the empire. Yet it was during this time that reform came. The Tallest Duo, ruled like spoiled brats. A revolutionary group was put together mostly of the shortest Irkens. Gaining support, they demanded an end to Society's view on who was the Tallest. Eventually those oppressed under the empire also started to support them and even the military, growing sick of their commanders, had lend their support. The Red and Purple Tallest were eventually disposed off. The head of the revolutionary group?*

*It was none other then Invader Tak. Frustrated at the Control brains decision to send her on Planet Dirt, and not even recognize the potential she had, she grew to loath the Tallest after realizing they cared only for themselves. However she also explored the darker side of the Irken Empire and what it did to millions of people everywhere and she slowly started to feel sorry. After many years she put together a revolutionary group and toppled the Tallest and even the Control Brains after they were hacked. The people of all races of the Irken Empire saw her as a savior and proclaimed her Queen of all Irkens. She is now starting a massive reform to rid the social chain that has existed for centuries. Yet trouble isn't over, for those tall do not want to lose their status and will do whatever it takes to ensure they stay in power, even if it's means calling in Zim*

"Hurry up"

"Your shoulder is in my neck"

"Stop complaining"

"I'm Hungary, I saw a donut shop a block that way, maybe we can-"

"NO, now keep moving"

"Eww, it's filthy"

"It's the sewers what did you expect, a red carpet?"

Both Red and Purple Tallest had broken out of there jail. It was simple really. They just went to the basement, and climbed into the sewers. The guards had figured, being spoiled for their entire life, would never risk escaping through the sewers. But they did and now the guards were drawing straws to see who would tell the queen.

"Come on Purple, where almost there"

"I really want some donuts now. Look there still open, bet we could-"

"SHUT UP you pig, I'm trying to restore us on the throne"

Purple looked at Red remembering his plan

"Yea Zim is just gonna fly out of nowhere and magically restore us upon the throne. That's BS"

"BS?" said a puzzled Red

"I get bored so I looked at Zims videos of Earth, they got some pretty cool stuff. Like theirs surfing, and football, and man you have to watch the wars they have, it's like an action movie with real people"

"I could careless for your habits. Look Zim may be a stupid wanna-be invader that may never have a chance for success but he does have blind unwavering loyalty to us" explained Red

"You know I guess we should of kept him around, he could of been a loyal lackey" said Purple "But then again he may accidentally kill us like he did to the other two"

"Alright I'm sending the distress call, whatever Zim will do, I'm sure he'll succeed in this."

"Sure while he blows up half the planet in the process. He's a ticking time bomb and everywhere he is, he'll destroy everything. But I do want my donuts and his destructive behavior may, oh wait now I get it" said Purple

"You're an idiot" was the last thing Red said before Irken Elite guards surrounded them.

"Oh ship, wait no, um slip, no ah dip, no what was that earth term again" thought Purple

"Presenting the Queen of the Irken Empire, her majesty Queen Tak" announced one of the guards.

Queen Tak came into their view wearing a silver crowd. In her right hand was a staff with the tip of it embedded with the Irken Empires battle flag. The staff was used to control all SIR units, and to battle the few remaining Tallest who opposed reform.

"You make me wonder sometimes why I had bothered to keep you alive. Wait I remember, because this is a time where change is needed, and killing you two idiots would of defeated my whole purpose, and eww, you smell like shit"

"BINGO, that's the earth term" yelled Purple

Red looked at him wondering how he was still with this idiot.

"Take them away and make sure to closely guard them this time" ordered Tak

As the Tallest where being hauled away, a guard approached the Queen.

"Your Majesty, these two sent a transmission to a unknown location. It's nowhere on our maps"

"Yes it is, it's that sticky note" said Purple


"It's Earth and I know only one who's in Earth, it's Zim" Taks eyes darken, angered by this. "He may be an idiot, but he is extremely dangerous when on a mission. We must act quickly before he destroys everything we believe in."

She hit the top of her staff and SIR units came to her.

"You will target this Irken, kill him at all costs" ordered Queen Tak and the SIR Units had departed.


"GIR, I have received a message from the Tallest. YES, SUCCESS. Perhaps they have finally considered giving me those plasma cannons I've asked for months ago."

"Doooooo, do, doooooooo, do, do, do, dooooooo, do"

"GIR, stop singing, that music sickens me"

"Aw, but I like it" said GIR

"Go watch scary monkey or something, and SWEET, this message is coded. The Tallests have never sent me a coded message. And...it's written in the old Irken language. GIR, GET ME THE TRANSLATOR"

GIR proceed to throw up a giant book. Zim looked at him preparing to say something but decided what would be the point.

"Ok, I can do this and...BORING, computer translate this message."

"Message Translated"

"That was fast and THE TALLEST ARE ASKING ME FOR HELP! YES. Finally my Tallest are starting to recognize my genius in this. I shall prove to them I can be of Service. I AM ZIM!"