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Tak had arrived at Dibs house. Gaz was was watching TV. She could careless that Dib was bringing an alien to their house. As long as she was left alone, nothing else mattered.

"So this is your place" asked Tak

"Yea it's not bad. Come upstairs, we have a master bedroom since, well, my dad never really shows up"

"Where is your dad" asked Tak. She had always seen parents and kids when observing the planet when she first arrived. However she never learned anymore then that.

"He's out working, again, won't be back for weeks, maybe months" said Dib

They continued upstairs. She passed by Dibs room. It would be the perfect place to set up operations. Dib lead her to the master bedroom. It was Hugh, large bed; the space was just so big.

"Dib if your father doesn't show up, why haven't you take this for yourself"

"Because then I have to move everything" he chuckled

An occur ward silence set in.

"I suppose we should see what Zim has planned" said Dib breaking the silence

"Yes, with his leaders here, he'll no doubt try to kill me"

"Yea but Zim isn't really the kind of person to actually be successful"

It then occurred to Dib as of why Zim hadn't taken over Earth. Tak almost did it in a few hours but Zim had failed for mouths. Dib continued to wonder. Was his enemy really that stupid? Did it really matter whether he was an alien? He was never successful anyway, so why was he caring? The pair went into Dibs room where he opened his laptop.

"I have spy cams planted into his house so we can monitor what he's doing"

The screen came up with Zims living room but no one was in, not even Gir.

"Strange" said Dib "Usually that robot is there"

While Dib was looking closely at the screen, Tak saw something gleam outside before it went through the window. It had the Irken insignia and it was beeping.

"What the-"

"GET DOWN!" yelled Tak shielding Dib from the blast. Dib was startled by this and went flying back. Thankfully Tak had shielded him.

"TAK, are you ok" asked Dib, panicked that she took the hit.

"I'm find" she uttered before coughing up green blood. Her back was hurt badly but her Pak was still in one piece.

"DIB-STICK, you will bow down to Zim"

Dib looked outside seeing Zim completely without his disguise and standing proudly at his front door.

"Beat it Zim, althou I have to say a bomb is the closest thing you'll get to kill me with"

"SILENCE IM NOT DONE. Now Dib, you and Tak will die, COME MY PETS, TEAR THE BIG KIDS HEAD OFF" order Zim

From the bushes came three cyborg dogs all having a devilish look in their eyes. One jumped up to the window attempting to pounce Dib only for Tak to jump in its way and taser him.

"Ummm, thanks" Everything happened so fast that Dib didn't realize that he could of been killed.

"TAK, you dare go against the Tallests?"

"Zim are you really that much of an idiot, YOUR MISSION ISN'T REAL! The Tallests lied to you to-"

"SILENCE, I refuse to hear traitor's words. The Tallests have personally asked me to handle you, and I WILL. Go my pets"

The dogs brushed into the door and ran amok through the house. As they ran Zim could hear fighting, then necks snapping, and whimpers before all was silent.

"Eh, dogs?" Zim was uneasy hearing nothing. Gaz then approached the doorway with a dead dog in her left hand. It was still gripping its neck. Zim was shocked by this.

"GIR PLAN B!" he shouted

"Yes sir" said the robot and the voot cursor popped out with a red eye Gir.

"What happen to the dogs? POOOR DOGGIES, THEIR DEAD!"

Gir started to cry (How a robot crys is beyond anyone's guess)

"Yes, yes, yes, what a shame, now ATTACK"

"But they were my friends. I gave them so many tacos. Now they gone"

Gir cried harder and the voot cursor started to twist and turn before ist was randomly shooting rockets and lasers.

"GIR what are you doing, your attracting to much attention, I order you to-" before Zim could finish a rocket hit him straight on. The ship twisted and turned before flying off in the air. Zim was on the ground. His left leg was beyond recognition. His right hand was broken. His sqeeukyspooch felt pierced. And he couldn't see on of his left eye. He was bruised and bleeding all over.

"Did I fail?" wondered Zim. How would he be able to face his Tallests?

Zim noticed the injuries he sustained

"I CAN'T SEE OUT OF MY LEFT EYE" he shouted before realizing his right arm felt limb and couldn't move his hand. He looked at his shattered left leg that would be beyond repair. Dib came out looking pitiful at him

"This has to be your biggest failure" said Dib

Zim then remembered his Tallests and remembered what Red had said but he couldn't fight Dib. However he couldn't face his leaders, so the job would have to be carried on.

"No Dib, I haven't failed yet" he muttered before four spider like legs shot out from his Pak, picking himself up and facing Dib. He attempted to strike Dib only for him to dodge.

"I have to kill you" said Zim trying to strike Dib faster and faster

Dib was getting scared. Zim wasn't like himself moments ago. Zim looked desperate and seemed like he was forgetting his injuries. Tak then appeared in front of him using her own robot legs and gripping Zims top two.

"Listen to me, the tallest lied to you, your not on a mission, they sent you here hoping to get rid of you. You're not an invader AT ALL. They are using you"

"LIES" was the response she got back.

Seeing that talking wasn't going to work, she twisted her robot legs and ripped Zims top ones of. Losing his balance, he tumbled onto the ground shouting in pain.

"Gir, come get me" he ordered before his robot shot up from nowhere and grabbed him.

"So Zim isn't here to enslave us. He was just rejected by his leaders?" asked a bewildered Dib

"Yes but Zim doesn't see it that way, the truth, when it does get through to him, will hurt him dearly"

They pair walked back in. They saw Gaz watching TV with two dead dogs near her. A warning not to disturb her. Tak went to the master bedroom to heal her wounds whilst Dib went to fix his window, threw out the burnt clothes, and fixed the door. He was still getting over the fact that Zim wasn't even here to enslave him. All that time wasted trying to stop him for nothing? What a big waste of his time.

Meanwhile Tak was contacting Tenn

"unfortunately Tak, we cannot stop the hacking if it happened again. We need the source code Red is using to hack the system. Without it, he can hack it any day, anytime"

"Ok thank you Tenn. I ran into some trouble but I'm find"

The screen went black and went back into Taks Pak. She was exhausted. Who knew what, or where the Tallests could be by now. She went to lie on the master bed. It was very comfortable, the sheets felt so fluffy. While admiring the sheets she went into a daze and was thinking about today's events.

"What will I do" she muttered

"GIR, put me down" he shouted

They had arrived at his house. Zim was feeling the pain beating through his leg, arm, and eye.

"COMPUTER, take me to the lab" he muttered. His voice was becoming harder and harder to use. The floor beneath him opened and he was carried into his lab. The keyboard turned into a deal with many tools used for surgery. He pulled his right glove off. It stung as he pulled it off. His three fingers were crushed and crooked.

"Computer, fix my hand and leg, and eye" he muttered trying to fight the daze that was coming over him.

About an hour passed. His right hand up to his wrist was in a cast. His left leg, or what used to be a left leg, was replaced with an robotic one.

"Zim, unfortunately I am unable to repair your left eye. Doing so might increase the risk of infection. Also I am unable to replace the eye. Doing so might risk hurting your brain. I suggest you put this eye patch on. Inside it, it will reduce the risk of infection however I'm afraid it will be impossible to see through it again. Keep it away from light and water, you know just keep the patch on"

The computer finished leaving the room the room silent. Zim proceed to put on the eye patch. For the most part his skin was healing fast and it almost didn't look like it got hit with fire.

"Computer contact the Tallests" he ordered

Red and Purple were at Mcmeaties, stuffing themselves with fires and chicken.

"Who knew Earth had such great snacks" muffled Red

"I know right. When we enslave this planet, I want every human making me these fires. Their so salty and good" muffled Purple

The two Tallests had been shoving themselves with Earths snacks for hours on end.

"Ah crap Zims calling" said Red

"Just ignore him, why do we need him?"

"Because he has the technology to get the whole empire under control. I'm just worried that Tak may show up and his security isn't the best so yeah"

Red hit a button on his wrist and a watch with Zim opened up.

"My Tallests, forgive my appearance" he said

"Judging from you look, you failed" said Purple

"Well I, um, you see, I eh"

"That's a yes, how disappointing Zim. However we do require one more piece of your help"

"YES YES I'LL DO ANYTHING" he yelled hopinh to redeem himself for his failure

"Including killing yourself" thought Purple before chuckling to himself

"We just need to use your base. We plan on retaking the empire, we just need a stronger computer, we'll see you their" said Red before turning off the mini screen

"God he's annoying" mumbled Red

"So I'm guessing when we take control we can leave him here" asked Purple

"What? Did you honestly think I was going to let him travel with us" Red and Purple laughed while stuffing their months with fires and chicken seeing everything go smoothly.