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Summary: Liz have always loved Avan, Avan have always loved Liz. They're both afraid of telling their feelings for eachother. How will they both get together?

Rated : T (Might change)

Liz's POV

"Hey there!" Avan greeted and came in my dressing room where I was sitting on the couch with my laptop .

"Hi!" I replied and gave him a peck on the lips.

"SO...you know our movie night we were having tonight?" I nodded "I have to help my mom with something important...so we can cancel it for now?" He finished.

I raised my eyebrow at him..."You always Cancel it." I told him and shut my computer screen.

"I know." He sighed. "See you later...Maybe." What was that 'Maybe' about?

Right after Avan left and closed the door, I heard noises coming from there. I got up and went to stand by the door, I put my ear on the door so I can hear what was going on.

"So you got rid of her now, which means WE can be together." Zoey deutch's VOICE SAID. Avan likes Zoey...

"We'll be together, Zoey. Forever!" Avan told her.

I shot up in my bed, knowing it was just a dream. I know that Avan and I never dated and we are NOT. I do LOVE Avan but i'm too afraid to tell him, what if he doesn't like me back? What if he likes Zoey Deutch? Because I have noticed that they have been hanging out a lot this month. Avan and I used to have a lot of Movie nights and we used to hang out way too much, but ever since Avan met Zoey, we never hung out like before.

Sometimes I even wished that we were Beck and Jade, so I can hold, kiss, touch, hug and do everything with him. BUT that was just TV.

I looked at my clock and it was 6:30 am! which I had only 30 minutes to get to set. How did I forgot to turn on my clock Alarm!

Without even fixing my bed, I entered the bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush, I started scrubbing on my teeth very fast and washed my face. I got to my closet and grabbed see-through black button up shirt and a dark wash blue jeans. I threw on my clothes and took a pair of black flat shoes and wore them on. I fixed my hair really fast cause they were going to curl it on set after the table read anyways. I put on mascara and lip gloss, grabbed my keys, phone and purse, and rushed to my car. I looked at my phone and it was 6:48, It usually takes 20 minutes to get to set...WITHOUT freeway, SO i decided to take a short cut and entered the freeway.

It was very hard. I didn't even know what number exit to get out from, and if I call someone from set they'll start asking a lot of questions on where I was. I decided to take exit 25. After I was out, I didn't even recognized the place, I don't think i'm going the right way. I'm lost. I looked for the freeway and entered it once again, this time I took exit 26...and still lost.

Avan's POV

It was now 7:09 and still no Liz Gillies. We can start the table read for now, but we still have to wait for everyone. Liz was very beautiful , sweet , great body and voice. She was so funny that every time we get bored on set, she makes us laugh with her jokes, she never fails. I loved how she was always in a good mood. The first time I saw her here in victorious, I had a tiny crush on her but when time passes by the crush got bigger and bigger. Sure thing there was a lot of Los Angeles girls, but not like Liz.

I was too afraid to ask her out, if she doesn't like me back, I brought my self down.

"shhh" The director Steve said. "She's here." HE whispered. Dan had his camera on and was filming the whole thing.

"Be quite when she comes in." Dan whispered.

"Be awkward quite." Matt stated which I heard tiny giggles from Ariana.

"Don't be awkward. That's mean." Dan whispered. He cleared his throat when she came in.

"Hi" she greeted and looked around at everyone who was in the room.

"Hi Liz" Dan was the only one that was supposed to say hi back.

She looked at us again knowing that we want to know the reason she was late.

"I tried taking freeway...It didn't go well." She said softly and took a seat next to me while every one in the room was laughing. This is what I mean by her being in a good mood everytime, she got lost in freeway and she's still smiling.

"Let's get started" The director called and we all grabbed our scripts.

"Scene one! Tori having a conversation with Sikowitz!" The director reminded us what scene.

Tori: Hey sikowitz!

SikoWitz: Heloo TORO

Tori: It's ToRI!

Sinjin: (Walks in) Hey guys.

Sikowitz: (sits in a low chair) yes, what is it boy?

Sinjin: Did you know about the plays that were happening in school next Friday?

Tori: (Rolls Her Eyes) Yes Sinjin, we know.

Sinjin: (walks Out)

Sikowitz: (Drinks coconut milk) What do you want ToRI?

Tori: I needed your help with my play.

Sikowitz: Meet me at the black box theater tomorrow after school and I'll bring my coconut (looks at his coconut)

Tori: OOOkay ( Walks out)

"AND SCENE!" The director calls.

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