The simplest moments can be the most life changing. Sitting in the hospital waiting room Jess Mariano couldn't help to think about that. His wife was sitting a crossed the room sound asleep covered up with his coat. He thought about that moment when he was seventeen and new in town. That moment when he walked into the diner to see her big blue eyes looking up at him. That moment changed his life forever. Then there was that moment when she introduced him to her little girl. That baby would never remember that moment. But, he held on to it forever. The way she smiled at him as he held her close. That was the moment that he became a father. He would never be genetically linked to that little girl, but she owned his heart forever. Yet, those all faded away as he took in this moment.

The man that was about to become his son-in-law walked towards him. He couldn't exactly say that he was thrilled with the keeper that his baby girl chose. He definitely had trouble getting over the fact that he had gotten her pregnant. Yet, his eyes lit up when he said "It's a very healthy little girl." He was so happy he actually hugged the punk.

"Congratulations." He mumbled.

"She is asking for you. Don't worry I will wake up Mrs. M." Those words caused him to almost run down the hall to room 4427. He had peaked in there before the baby came, but now it felt different as he opened the door. There was his little girl sitting in that bed holding a little pink bundle.

A tear fell down his face as she looked up at him. She had her mother's same big blue eyes and bright smile. "Would you like to hold your granddaughter?" She asked him softly. He just walked closer and looked at the little baby. Before he knew it she was letting him hold her.

"What's her name?" He asked softly as he looked at the child asleep in his arms. He just kept thinking about when he used to hold his little girl like that.

"Lorelai Jessa Gilmore-Banks." She replied.

"We can't let the Lorelai's die out." He replied with a laugh as he looked at the fifth Lorelai in his arms and then at the fourth sitting next to him.

"Never." She replied.

"You did good." He replied as he thought back to that first life changing moment. He let his mind travel back to his first day in this sleepy little town. He couldn't get over how much he wanted to leave this place. If he did he would have missed all of this.