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A girl around the age of 7 walked into the office. She had long thick brown hair way past the showers. She was carrying a black notebook in her arms. She walked into the detective's office and said. "Mum told me to bring this to you."

"Thank you Lily. Give this to your Mother for me?" The Detective asked handing her a file.

"Do I have to? I was on my way to Mrs Brackenrieds. She's waiting for me outside! Please take it yourself." Lily begged.

"Okay on your way. Me and your mum will pick you up at six okay?" William stated.

Lily sighed. "Okay six"

Lily skipped out of his office and her hair followed behind her. William rolled his eyes and went over to the inceptor's office. "You know Lily's on her way to see Mrs Brackenried?" The Detective said. The inceptor laughed. "Ah don't worry she's always welcome in our house. The boys love seeing her."

With that the Detective left and went to the morgue. Julia was sat at her desk filling in paper work when she heard the door go. She smiled and said. "Did Lily give you it then? Is she now on her way to Mrs Brackenrieds?" Julia asked worried.

"Julia she's fine. Stop worrying." William said to her.

"William, she's only seven years old!" Julia stated.

"Yes and she's with Mrs Brackenried, I made sure of it." William said.

"Thank you William." She said.

They then realised it was almost five thirty they realised they had to pick Lily up from the Inceptor's house. They arrived at the Inceptor's house and ten to six William's arm was locked with Julia's. William knocked on the door and Thomas answered. He brought Lily to them and she hugged her mother and Julia whispered. "Now get your coat." Lily nodded and went to get her coat. They walked through the park and Lily ran off chasing birds. "Why do you think she chases birds, Julia?" William asked.

Julia laughed. "William she's only seven. Let her live a little."

William rolled his eyes and stated. "I want her to live her life but what did birds ever do to her?" William laughed.

"You aren't serious... They're birds they haven't done anything to her, she just finds it fun." Julia said trying to keep a straight face. Lily came back running and William grabbed her arms pulling her into a hug. "Did you catch any?" William asked.

"No! They flew away!" Lily said sadly snuggling into her dad's neck as he picked her up. "Please could we go home now?" Julia asked tiredly.

"Yes could we?" Lily agreed. William nodded. He put Lily down and she walked ahead.

"Stay close!" Julia shouted. Lily turned and nodded. William and Julia linked arms and walked down the path following Lily.

Lily ran ahead and disappeared around the corner, Julia and William speeded up to catch up with her but when they got there she was nowhere to be seen.


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