"Mum... Dad, what are we going to do?" Lily asked William looked at Julia. Julia whispered. "Go around the back?" William looked around and sighed. "We can't get there... Wait I'm a police officer."

"Also I own this place as well as them." Alwin added. Julia looked at him and smiled. "Thank you. You turned against them to help us get Lily. I can't thank you enough." She said.

Darcy and Enid spotted them and Enid said. "Well done Alwin you caught them before they left." Alwin stepped in front of them and said. "Leave them along. Let them go!" Enid rolled her eyes and stepped forward. Julia grabbed Lily and lifted her up. Her and William had hold of her. "You will not take her." Julia stated. "But why Darcy, Enid, what did we do to deserve Lily to be taken away from us?" Enid looked surprised at her question, she looked at Darcy. He spoke first. "What didn't you do? When William was with Enid, William still had feeling for you. When you and I were married you still had feelings for him. You two left each of us to be together." Julia looked confused at their answer and said. "Yes that is true but it was other 13 years ago for Enid and William and 11 years for us. Also Lily has nothing to do with this she's innocent in this so leave her alone!" Enid went to say something but Alwin stopped her by saying. "Mother, Darcy, really you're mad about something that happened other 13 years ago!" Enid yelled at him and went to hit him but William stopped her and said. "Don't hit your son! I remember when he was most important person in your life!" Enid pulled back and looked at Darcy. "I'm taking you to the station. Julia please take Lily home." Enid looked shocked and said. "Wait what about Sammy? Alwin collect Sammy." Alwin nodded and went into the other room and brought out a little 2 year old. William looked shocked to see the 2 year old. He looked hurt. Julia handed Lily to William; she went to see how he was. He didn't seem hurt but she needed to see if there were any broken bones. "There seems to be some breakage in the ribs and right arm." William nodded. He walked into the interview room. "Is he alright?" Enid demanded. William raised an eyebrow.

"Some breaks in his ribs." His answer was to the point. Enid knew he didn't want to be there. Then again nor did she. "Where's Darcy?" He asked, Enid looked at him confused, and said. "He's not here?" William raised an eyebrow.

"You don't know where he is?" William asked. Enid shook her head. There was a knock at the door and it was the inspector. "Darcy left town. He's leaving it to Enid to take the blame." The Inspector said. William nodded "I gathered that. Could you tell her I really have to get home?" He asked. The Inspector nodded. He signalled him to leave.

He got home and went in Julia signalled him to go in to the kitchen. He went in to the kitchen and asked. "Julia, are you alright? What is it?" Julia handed him a note and a lily flower. "This was outside when Lily, Ruby and I got home." She said. The note said...

'Until the next time detective...


"He got away didn't he?" Julia asked. William nodded and said. "Enid doesn't know where he is either. Julia sighed and said. "You got her back William. That's all that matters." A smile came on both their faces. William kissed Julia. When William broke the kiss he said. "I told you I would, didn't I?"

"I didn't doubt you..." Julia said smiling.

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