Dear Followers,

I have been gone for quite some time and have left a couple of stories unfinished. I apologize, but I cannot return to them. The ideas are far long gone and I cannot summon those inspirations to the forefront again.

What I can do is tell you about a new story that I have begun writing and actually hope to publish. So if you enjoy the story and know anyone in the publishing industry, hint hint. lol. The story is called Against The Odds.

My life has taken so many twists and turns the past four years. I cannot believe how much I have grown and what I have triumphed through. What I can tell you is that I was blessed to fall in love but ultimately lost that love. It's like every heroine that we have every read about and our hearts have broken for her. The loss was unfathomable and my culpability in it was large. But, things always happen for a reason, even on purpose. I think I needed and deserved to experience such an amazing relationship and I also think I needed to experience it's demise to get my butt on track and prioritize my life. I learned a very valuable life lesson.

So, I hope you enjoy my story and continue to follow and alert it. I also hope that if you find a love in your life that is anything like what I had, be grateful for it. Hold him a little tighter and don't sweat the small stuff. Life is too damned short to spend it asking a "what if".

Much Love,