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Chapter 1 of AT3. Posted both at the end of AT2 and as its own thing. You'll find the link on my profile page if you haven't already been following me.

Seems a third idea for this verse came to me and now here I am, writing it again. Something about it didn't end right with my head and apparently that warranted the third instalment. I have planned it out and hope like hell that it goes the way I intend it to. Sometimes we envision things (my mind works like a constant movie screen that I need to translate into written form), and those things look epic in our heads. Then we try to put it down into writing and sometimes... things get a little lost. So I've pictured something epic in my mind and I pray to Godstiel that it works out.

Note: This wasn't intended to be a full-fledged 30 chapter fic but we'll see how far it takes me. I never know how long they'll end up being ;)

Just for fun, an alternate summary:

AT3: Sam Winchester is Batman

"In the last three decades, all over the world, a new species had become known to mankind. Angels. One might think the biblical teachings would have us all praising them; however the teachingss weren't as strong as we'd have hoped. There had been only one way to deal with these new beings: Catch them. Train them. Make them our slaves. The angels hadn't seen it coming and didn't know what hit them when it happened. In a flock of wings and desperate struggles at escape, they were taken down in the first attempts. Humans managed to capture several angels before they drew back, most of them shocked and confused. Somehow, they had expected a warmer welcome."

Dean Winchester strolled across the stage at the front of the room in a building known as the United States Capitol. He looked over all the faces of the people watching him now, the room was full and he could see several rows of angels as well as humans. A smile crept onto his lips; things had been going very well. He crossed the floor again as he continued his story, nearly re-telling the report he'd given in his grade 12 English class. It was a decided act of repetition; Dean felt the need to remind himself what he'd done, how he'd changed himself from the bigoted asshole to who he was now. He went from calling angels things and believing their place in the world to be enslaved to mankind, to loving them, taking care of them where he could, he'd even married one.

Representatives of human and angel relations, symbols of peace and harmony between the two races; the names Dean and Castiel Winchester had not been forgotten, even ten years after their last tournament had ended. They stepped up to the plate, instead of allowing the world to shove them aside as mindless celebrities they pushed forward and now stood among the congressmen and government officials. Dean and Castiel were the names and faces of hope and order among the two coexisting species. They were revered over the last ten years, their names praised and cheered. They had the only known perfect bond, the only connection that was absolute.

The bonds between angels and humans had shifted over the decade; it had been seen as a right for the human to force the angel into submission at first but now? Now the bond was a sacred thing, a privilege for any human to be allowed to make the connection by an angel. And since it was sacred, combined with the nature of Dean and Castiel's, they were at the top of that food chain.

As much as the world knew their names, the names Sam and Gabriel also rang loudly among the public. Sam Winchester and his teammate Gabriel were the top law enforcement team in America. They were renowned for their team work, intelligence and confidence. Sam's leadership abilities were often sought after, his strength of mind and ability to keep his cool in just about any situation were bonuses to his character. Granted he would get as mad and pissed off as any other man of the law, the difference was he never abused his power or abilities. Sam would refuse to fatally harm someone outright, even if everything they'd done had called for it. He'd beat the shit out of them but he'd never kill them, a nice trait to have in his field of work, it made him tough but also a lot more approachable.

Dean wouldn't want anyone else on the streets, that was for damn sure. And he often worked alongside his brother in the court rooms. Sam was a lawyer for the equality battles as well, and as vicious and as strong as his reputation stood, he was also known for having a gentle heart, able to see truth in things that most others would miss. Dean couldn't be prouder and knew no better partners to have.

Though his mind had wandered during his speech, Dean never lost track of where he was or stumbled over any of his words. He'd done this kind of thing several times, he and Castiel still made plenty of public appearances and today was no different. They were summoned to give the reports on how angelic and human relations had been going, how the development had progressed. Dean always took the first half of it, he wasn't sure what it was about Castiel but his husband always seemed to capture and enchant everyone with his words. Best to let that kind of public speaker go last.

"Good morning, everyone." Castiel stepped forward once Dean graciously stepped down. He stood tall with an aged gaze, content and proud, and somehow knowledgeable. "We do this every year and the start of the story will always be the same, though Dean does a wonderful job of retelling it." The angel glanced over his shoulder at his husband, the wide smile spreading over the man's lips a good indication they were doing well. "You want to know where we stand right now. In comparison to thirty, twenty, even ten years ago, we are on top of this. We've managed to not only change the direction the world was heading in but also how it has been run. Equality is not an easy thing to achieve but at one point, I believe we did it. Angels and humans now stand as equals in society; they have been freed from their captivity and given the rightful chances they hadn't received the first time. All 'angel owning' equipment has since been outlawed, the only effective tranquilizing equipment left belongs to our law enforcement. I know it has been tough on the economy but I believe that-"

The entire room shook suddenly, a deafening explosion sounding in the surrounding rooms. Screams erupted and a massive flock of bodies and movement rushed about, everyone getting in everyone else's way and knocking one another over in their haste. Mass hysteria engulfed the room. In the split second between the first explosions and the panic, Castiel had the sense to spin toward Dean and tackle him down, one wing tearing through his brilliantly made suit and curling over top of them.

No sooner had he done it had another burst of flames blasted over the room. The sound was so loud Castiel wasn't even sure he could hear it, his heart pounded violently in his chest, drowning out all the other noises around him. He didn't dare lift his head as the detonations rumbled and tore the building apart; he could feel every tremor and felt every ripping tear in the foundation. Dean squirmed below him and he knew he had to look up, had to open his eyes to make sure his lover was alright. Wild and terrified green eyes stared back at him, Dean was no more aware of what was happening than himself and it scared the hell out of both of them.

A long and high pitched screech pierced everything Castiel was feeling, his heart nearly stopping from the sound. "We have to go!" He shouted though he couldn't even hear his own words, Dean could see his mouth moving but made no indication of understanding it. "NOW!"

Dean scrambled then, they both did. A rush of blood, adrenaline and horror struck them as they bolted toward a shattered window. They could feel the floor cracking and crumbling beneath them, could feel the gust of wind as another attack hurdled through the air. The sights of the room in shambles hit their retinas in their mad dash, blood painted the room, blood and fire, bodies and debris and it wasn't over yet. Castiel could feel it, a massive strike was headed straight for the building, this attack was meant to take out the entire assembly, angels and humans alike. The rumbling as the colossal onslaught bore down on them only grew louder and louder as the foundation started to snap and pop horrendously. The world felt like it was in slow motion as they ran, Castiel caught Dean's hand in the insanity and squeezed it, looking at one another swiftly just before the ceiling broke and the blast wave erased all vision from their eyes.